Kelvin and the Infamous MachineKelvin and the Infamous Machine

Game Details:  Comedy, 2016

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Walkthrough Updated:  6/22/2021

Suggested Listening:  Where There's Smoke (Ash 25)

Kelvin and the Infamous Machine is a third-person comedy point-and-click adventure game. You play as Kelvin, research assistant to an out of control inventor who is rampaging through time taking credit for some of humanity's greatest achievements. You must travel through time to correct his misdeeds. There are 20 Steam Achievements, all documented in the walkthrough below.

Chapter 1: Fifth

Take the light ball from the left (the one that isn't lit), and the candle from beneath it. Now head into the alley on the right. Talk to the Lord of the Ring Toss and the soothsayer. Give the light ball to the soothsayer, and you will have your fortune read. Return to the front of the theater.

Search the trash can here twice Subito fortissimo. Talk to the bouncer on the left, who won't let you into the bar. Put your $1 sign on the parking sign to end up getting some coins. Now enter the theater lobby.

Take the hammer and use it on the emergency glass 3 times Frustrated fireman. Light your candle from the candlestick here. Put a coin in the gum-ball machine, then use the gum-ball on yourself to get some chewed gum. Talk to the impresario, who won't let you into the symphony without a ticket.

Go back out to the alley and give a coin to the Lord of the Ring Toss to get a ring. Throw this at the ring toss, but it is too small to fit over the targets. Pay for another ring, then leave the alley. Put the ring on either of the metal cones, then hit it with the hammer. Go into the alley and use your expanded ring with the ring toss - you will receive the symphony ticket.

Enter the theater lobby and give the symphony ticket to the impresario to be allowed inside. Talk to the lord and try to talk to the wealthy people. Go to the dark area on the left and put your lit candle inside the lamp. Now you can take part of the broken ladder (a slotted stick) and some strings from the mop. Return to the lobby and open the flute showcase, then use your slotted stick on the flute.

Back out in the alley, use the flute on the vase, then take the cobra. Return to the theater and use the cobra on the wealthy people, then pick up the clothing ticket. Give this to the impresario to receive a top hat. Combine this with the mop strings, then use the costume on yourself. Go outside and talk to the bouncer, then enter the bar.

Play in the RPS tournament, but you will always lose in the third round. Talk to the bartender and buy a needlessly elaborate cocktail. Try to buy the strongest drink but you need a prescription. Talk to the Shuffler and ask to borrow his cards - give him your cocktail, but he still won't give them to you. Return to the bartender and get another needlessly elaborate cocktail. Talk to the party, but you need a mug to be able to take part in the toast. Talk to Beethoven, then to the unbelievably chill guy in the corner. Take a peanut, then leave the bar.

Return to the theater and talk to the doctor, but he won't give you a prescription. Use the peanut on yourself and you will get one. Go to the alley and pour your cocktail into the drain beneath the water spout on the far right. Enter the bar and give the prescription to the bartender in exchange for a Melaskia - make sure you don't skip any of the disclaimers from the bartender Actually reading the terms and conditions. Use the Melaskia on your cocktail glass, then give the evil cocktail to the Shuffler. Take his cards.

Go to the alley and give the cards to the soothsayer. Now return to the theater and search the bulletin board to find an RPS flyer. Examine all of the symbols on this, then return to the bar. Play in the RPS tournament again, making sure to select Horns as your final move. You will receive a beer chip for winning. Give this to the bartender to receive a mug with a hole in it. Plug the hole with your chewed gum.

Return to the alley and use your mug in the water spout, choosing to fill the mug fully. Enter the bar and use your fully filled mug on the party, but it makes the wrong sound. Repeat this after filling the mug slightly. Finally, go and fill your mug halfway If it doesn't work this time I quit. Return to the bar and use the halfway filled mug on the party DUN-DUN-DUN-DUNNNNNN.

Chapter 2: Gravity

Open the drop box and take the letters from inside, then enter the library. Talk to Newton about everything. Take the horn from the suit of armor on the left. Take the mortar from the bookshelf, the trunk from the elephant statue, and the hand from the Lupin statue. Talk to the librarian about the magnet. Go back out to the village and walk to the right. Talk to both golfer, then continue right to the woods. Talk to the lumberjack. Pick up some wood chips, and take a coal from the smoldering charcoal.

Return left and go along the side street. Talk to the tea merchant and try the carbonated tea. Put your wood chips in the funnel on the side of the machine. Ask for another cup of tea, then steal the funnel. Go to the musicians to the left and talk to them. Use the funnel on the inlet pipe, and the trunk on the elbow pipe - Newton will now leave the library. Go left past the library and pick up the rake and some saltpeter. Ignore Newton for now.

Enter the library again and take some sulfur from the jar on Newton's table. Use your rake on the paper on top of the middle bookshelf Librus distractificus!. Go back outside and head right towards the woods. Talk to Robin Hood, then blow your horn. Repeat this twice more, so you hear 3 excerpts from Newton's fan fiction At least he's good at math.

Go left until you reach the meadow. Put some letters in the mailbox to the left, then talk to Newton so he enters his yard. Follow him in there and walk left until you are discovered. Put letters in the mailbox and get Newton to enter his yard again. Try hiding behind the flamingo. Repeat this again and try hiding behind the telescope World's worst hider. Try one last time and hide behind the bushes. After Newton leaves, search the toolbox to get some tongs. Examine the blue whirly-gig to get a rusty gear, then use this in the buckets to clean it.

Return past the library to the right. Open the panel on the side of the Par 2 wooden golf structure, then use your gear in the mechanism. Pick up the ball, then head right to the woods. Throw the ball for the grouchy old dog, and he will jump over the broken fence and bring it back to you. Give the wooden hand to the lumberjack, then pick up the wooden finger. Use this to mend the broken fence, then throw the ball for the dog once more. Pick up the scissors. While you are here, use your tongs on the smoldering charcoal. Go back to Newton's yard and use the scissors on the water well to get the plumb-bob.

Go to the base of the tower next to the library and try to open the door, but it is locked. In your inventory, add the coal, sulfur and saltpeter to the mortar. Use the gunpowder on the tower door, then use the hot coal on it. Go up the stairs and talk to the sculptor. Use the rake on the metal contraption. Try to take the metal disc, then go downstairs and pick it up. Enter the library and try to take the magnet. Talk to the librarian, then pick it up. Use the metal disc on the magnet, then return the magnet to the pedestal again. Go outside and climb the tower. Put the magnetized disc in the bowl of the middle statue. Use the plumb-bob on the statue, then talk to the sculptor again. Go back to Robin Hood and use your horn one last time On the shoulders of nitwits.

Chapter 3: Smile

Examine the mysterious door and the mysterious sign, then watch as someone enters. Go left to the river, and take a pepper from the pepper bush. Return to the town and enter the store. Talk to the alchemist, then take some incense. Also take a page from the recipe book (and read it). Leave the store and head right to the cemetery. Examine the plant, then give it the pepper and take the key.

Return to the left and examine the mysterious sign again. Insert your key, then set the discs to show the smiling face with sunglasses and robot hands Did you seriously just GUESS that?.

Leave town and head right to the cemetery again. Talk to the gravedigger, then enter the shack behind him. Pick up the hoe and the sheet. Search the shoes to get a cheesy sock. Look at the paintings on the wall, and the note on the door (which is how you should work out the combination for the mysterious sign). Return to the mysterious door now, and use the sheet on the cart, so you are taken inside.

Move the conspicuously inconspicuous book to reveal a secret passage, then go through to a studio. Grab the extendable arm, helicopter and painting. Read the to-do list on the door, then take the blueprints. While you are here, examine the paints. Return outside, then go left to the river, and enter the large gallery.

Talk to Da Vinci and Mona about everything. Enter the kitchen to the left and mention a pigeon to get the chef to leave. Put the hoe in the kitchen door to keep it shut, then steal some eggs, a bottle and some meat from the pot. Retrieve your hoe and open the door again.

Return to the cemetery and give the painting to the gravedigger in exchange for a leg bone. Head to the castle in the background and talk to the guard, then mention the blueprints. Combine the formula with the blueprints, then knock on the door and get the blueprints signed. Just to the left, try to use the incense on the bees. Combine the incense with the extendable arm, then use this on the bees. Now use your helicopter on the beehive, then take some honey. Go left to the rear of the castle. Talk to the prisoner and the jesters, then pick up the grappling hook. Combine your cheesy sock and empty bottle, then use this on the hole in the wall to catch the rat. Talk to the sleeping guard about his dreams, then when you get stuck, use the grappling hook on him Dream wrangler.

Return to the cemetery and use your honey on the headstone, then take the feather. Go back to town and enter the store. Give the trapped rat to the alchemist, then talk to him to get some plant pills. Combine these with the meat, then return to the cemetery. Give the pill-covered meat to the plant, so you can take the tentabell root. While you are here, use your hoe on the plant Plumbing the depths.

Go left and enter the store once more. Give the feather, tentabell root and bone to the alchemist - you will receive a tincture. Go to the gallery and try to use this on Mona. Return outside and use your grappling hook on the facade of the gallery, then climb up. Use the tincture on the hole. Go back inside and talk to Da Vinci and Mona. Pick up the mirror and use it on yourself If it looks like a duck....

Return around to the rear of the castle again and talk to the jesters. Open the manhole and try to look down. Use the mirror on the manhole to get a file. Search the manhole again You didn't hear it from me, but.... Give the file to the jesters and they will escape. Since Mona is not too impressed, talk to the jesters and ask them to change up their routine. Offer them the eggs, but they will refuse to use them. Leave here and go back through the basement to the studio. Use the eggs with the paints here. Return to the gallery and use the painted eggs with the jesters' bag, then ask them to change up their routine again :).

Chapter 4: End

Just wait and Lupin will arrive and send you diving to teleport to the next area - he will do this 8 times before running out of one-liners Blasts from the past.

Theater Lobby

Go left and take a cane from the bucket near the cloak room.


Grab the diamond from the central bookshelf, and take the magnet from the right.


Search the desk drawer A (semi) private moment. Pick up the compass from the desk. Use your cane on the wheel, and you will take the wheel.

Theater Lobby

Combine the compass and diamond, then use this on the horn A meeting of the minds.

Extra Achievements

After completing any chapter, reset it and start it again Let's do the time warp again!. Change your system time to the year 1992 and start up the game Real-life time traveler.