The Journeyman ProjectThe Journeyman Project

Game Details:  Sci-Fi, 1993

Links:  Moby Games, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  6/18/2012

Suggested Listening:  Give Up Now (Ash 25)

The Journeyman Project is the first in a series of games set primarily in the future, after development of the Pegasus time travel machine. As Agent 5, you are assigned to guard the machine, and then investigate how someone is adjusting history on the eve of a treaty between humans and an alien civilization called the Symbiotry. The series continues with The Journeyman Project 2: Buried in Time. In addition, the game has been remade as The Journeyman Project: Pegasus Prime.

Caldoria Heights Apartments

Turn left and walk toward your desk, picking up the transport card from the desk. Turn left and go through the left door into your living room, then exit through your front door. Walk around the 4th floor to find the elevator, and use this to go down to the first floor. Go out to the lobby and enter the transporter. Insert your transport card into the slot, then select the Temporal Security Annex.

Temporal Security Annex

Walk all the way forward to the door, then type in the code 6894895. Continue forward and turn left to find the Command Center, where you should approach the monitors. Select the top left monitor and enter code 0524133, then watch all 3 videos (press RTN after each to go back). Press RTN once more to back out of this monitor, and the temporal alarm will go off.

Leave this room and go over into the Ready Room. Walk forward and take the journeyman key from the large case, then open the drawer below and take the mapping biochip and pegasus biochip. Now go to the compartment on the left and you will receive a biosuit. Leave this room and go straight down the hall and into an elevator that will take you down. Walk straight ahead and enter the Pegasus. Click on the date on the left, then click the Activate button.

Prehistoric Era

Turn around and follow the canyon until you find the journeyman symbol. Click on it, then use your journey key and take the historical log. Use your pegasus biochip, and click on the Recall button to return to the TSA.

Temporal Security Annex

Head to the Command Center and go to the monitors again. Open the cover on the right and insert the historical log, then enter code 0291384. Now review all of the temporal distortions on the right monitor. Back out and go to the Pegasus again. Click on the date 2185, then click the Activate button.

Morimoto Colony

Turn around and head along the corridor. Follow the robot to the left and enter the door on the right, then board the maintenance transport cart. Pick up the wire cutters and maintenance key from in here, then move the big yellow lever. When the transport stops moving, exit to the new platform.

After going through the door, turn left and the robot will approach you. Quickly turn right and move forward to get out of its way. Pick up the oxygen mask and you should automatically fill it up. Turn around and go forward then right through the door to the shield generator. Use the console to return to last position, then lower the console and use your maintenance key to open the panel. Use the console to run diagnostics, then analyse the object and attempt a circuit link; win the game of "Mastermind" to achieve this. Now take the access card bomb and use the console to retract the platform.

Turn around and go towards an airlock. Open it and step inside, then use your oxygen mask. Click the pressurise button, then the spin button. Turn around and use your mapping biochip. Make your way quickly through the maze to the northeast corner and you will find a bin crusher; step on to it and quickly step off again as soon as you can to reach a new area. Walk forward and use another airlock, again pressing pressurise and then spin. Remove your oxygen mask now and turn around. Go through the door and you will see the robot walk past again.

Go forward and along the left corridor to find shuttle 3, then go through and get on board. Once you have located the robot's shuttle, shoot it repeatedly with your energy damping beam. When his power gauge turns bright red, use your tractor beam, then use the close range transporter. Open the door and wait for the robot to collapse, then open its head and take the trace biochip and optical memory biochip.

Temporal Security Annex

Select the date 2310, then click the Activate button.

World Science Center

As soon as you arrive, remove the dart with which you have been shot. Turn around and use the compound analyser. Click on the screen, then insert the dart when prompted. Now turn around, walk forward and turn right to find the molecular synthesiser. Click on this screen and use it to create 3 stable molecules (just keep trying to drag the smaller molecules on to the structure in different orders until you find the correct order, and repeat this 3 times). Once successful, turn around and take the antidote from the synthesiser; you should use it on yourself automatically.

Turn right and go through the green door. Activate your mapping biochip and head west, then north and then west again to find a purple door marked Auditorium Electrical Access. Open this and go through. Use your wire cutters on the fire control access panel, then quickly click on the test option. Open the robot's head and take the retinal biochip, shield biochip and another optical memory biochip. Also pick up the stun gun.

Temporal Security Annex

Select the date 2112, then click the Activate button.

Norad VI

Immediately use your oxygen mask, then activate your shield biochip. Open the door and turn left, and the robot will shoot you. Walk forward and look through the door on the left to see the robot, then go through the door straight ahead. Approach the next door, which is an airlock, and hold the down button until the pressures are equal. Go through this airlock door and the next one to reach a control room. Turn left and go through another door.

Keep going forward through one more door, then approach a door to the left heading towards Alpha Sector, and you will see a retinal scanner; use your retinal biochip, then open the door. Walk through and use the monitor. You need to use the trackball to highlight the appropriate launch silo on the world map 10 times:

  • Honolulu, Hawaii
  • Dublin, Ireland
  • Adis Ababa, Ethiopia
  • San Antonio, Texas
  • Bangkok, Thailand
  • Bonn, Germany
  • Seoul, Korea
  • Reykjavik, Iceland
  • Svortalsk, Siberia
  • Madrid, Spain

Turn around and go back to the control room, and turn right to see two monitors. The robot will approach you through the window - as soon as you can, use the right monitor, and select Programmed, then Activate. Open the robot's head and take another optical memory biochip.

Temporal Security Annex

Exit the Pegasus and go back to the transporter. Insert your transport card into the slot, then select the Caldoria Heights Apts.

Caldoria Heights Apartments

Enter the elevator and go up to the roof. Use your access card bomb on the slot next to the door, then use your stun gun on Dr Elliot.