Journey: The Quest BeginsJourney: The Quest Begins

Game Details:  Adventure, 1989

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Walkthrough Updated:  3/31/2007

Suggested Listening:  Give Up Now (Ash 25)

Journey: The Quest Begins is an adventure game by Infocom, which is unlike most of their other adventures in that it requires no typing. You control a group of four characters through a puzzle-solving adventure to save the land from a mysterious spate of natural disasters.

Sunrise Mountain

Note: During the game, make sure you notice the color and consistency of the residue left on Praxix' or Tag's hands after casting spells.

Enter the shop and buy the map. Examine the map and reply to the shopkeeper to learn more about it. Go back outside and proceed down the road, then enter the tavern. Send Esher off to look around, then buy some drinks before leaving. As you leave you will be approached by Minar - accept his offer and he will join your party.

Proceed down the path into the mountains. Have Minar scout ahead, then go right. Get Minar to scout again, then have Praxix examine the bodies (to get some more essence). Proceed once more, then the next day, scout again, before following the smoke. Knock on the door of the hut, then tell the truth and look around. Exit the hut and proceed.

Get Esher to examine the stream. Find gold twice, then have Praxix cast elevation at Tag. When you reach the lake, don't enter it, just proceed. Get Esher to scout ahead, then get Praxix to cast glow on the staff. Enter the cave. Proceed once, then enter the pool and leave the tube.

When you awaken, hide. Examine Minar, then walk along the narrow path. Pick up the cover and dive into the pool, but you can't go very far. Go back, and take the wide path. Turn left and pick up the torch, then go back and right. Take the blue amulet from the treasury, then proceed. Pick up the cover and drop the amulet into the pool. Go to the junction, then to the smelly pool. Dive again and grab the blue amulet. Surface, then go back, and to the cave to meet up with your party.

Proceed to reach a river. Go upstream once, then build the raft and launch it. Go straight across the river. Now examine the map. You could cast glow on the map, then have Praxix examine the map to safely navigate Sunrise Mountain. Note that you can also get through by trial and error (combination of 6 moves, either left or right) and you may run out of fire essence later on if you cast glow here.

Search for 4 Stones

Get Minar to scout around. Look around yourself, then return to the party. Enter the gate, then proceed 3 times to meet some dwarves. Parley with them, tell the truth, and accept their offer. Proceed 5 more times (until you can't go forward any more), then go back. Cast tremor.

Proceed once more, then listen to all of Hurth's stories and Praxix' legends, and have Hurth examine the runes. Enter the door. Get Praxix to examine the bag so he can cast more spells. Now cast a flare, then cast elevation on Bergon. Go right, and have Hurth examine the orcs. Fight. Have Praxix cast mud at the orcs, then have Bergon flank them, and combat until you win (Hurth will die, but this cannot be avoided).

Return, then go back and up the stairs, then to the left. Cast elevation on Bergon, then cast wind. Leave Esher behind, and go up again. Look around, then pick up the spyglass. Go back down, then head right and exit.

Minar will be bitten by a Nightfang. Comb the area, then split up. Get Bergon to return straight away. Have Praxix proceed once, then cast tremor to split the stump. Go down, then back toward the camp. As Tag now, follow the stream path, then approach the elf woman (twice). Talk to her, and speak in Elvish. Say "Tag la", then "b'ran Agrith". Make sure you go to Praxix' route now. Go down and back, then have Esher and Praxix examine the walls to get some Hawkbane. Go in any direction now until your staff stops glowing, then go up. Go to the Elf home, and follow the elves to a large fire. Have Praxix cast rain.

Search for 2 Stones

Take the north route first. Enter the cave and confront the shadowy figure to meet up with Hurth again. Have him tell the stories of Agrith and Cedrith.

Go down, then proceed on this level and you will run into some orcs. Send Hurth off scouting, then go around the orcs. Head right at the fork to reach a gate. Have Hurth and Praxix read the runes, then say "lorem" to open the gate and find some more essences. Now go back and attempt to go past the orcs. Have Praxix cast tremor, then elevation on himself. Proceed twice, then cast tremor and combat the orcs until you fall.

Bergon will be injured in the fall. Remembering what Garlimon said earlier, mix the reagent with water essence, and use the mix on Bergon to heal him.

Proceed, then enter the tunnel. Head left, and enter the old mine. Have Hurth and Praxix examine the walls, then leave. Enter the new mine, then enter the cleft. Have Hurth examine the walls, then go back. Enter the cleft and examine the walls again to meet the miner. Get Bergon to ask the miner about the orcs and the mine, then pick up some red rocks. Go back twice, then head right to reach a vestibule.

Follow the crude path, then send Hurth down. Jump down further, and look around to find a key, then climb up. Next go back, and follow the ornate path. Open the door (with the key you just found). Have Hurth examine the vault and Esher examine the runes. Now mix the reagent with fire essence, and use the mix on the vault. Get Hurth to examine the coffin, then examine the white stone. Go back twice, then proceed until you are trapped. Cast a flare to escape, then proceed.

When you wake, examine the tree, then ask the tree about the paths and your location. Go first to the Milky Way. Examine the machinery, then try to go down. Cast glow on your staff, then go down again. Walk left, then go back to find a control room. Examine the device. Now go back again. Cast wind to discover a previously hidden rune next to a shallow pit - note which rune it corresponded to on the dials. Proceed, and cast wind a second time - again note the rune mentioned. Return to the control room. Turn the left dial to the rune from the second pit, and the right dial to the rune from the first pit. Push the button. Return to the pits, and go down into the first one. Pick up the pick axe, and mine the rock. Return to the control room again. Now turn the left dial to the rune from the first pit. Save your game, and turn the right dial to a random rune (since you cannot determine which rune corresponds to the final pit). Press the button, then return to the pits and go down. If you have the right rune, you will be able to follow a light, otherwise you will die - try again.

Once you are safely outside, cross the bridge and proceed. Approach the tower, then go up and accept Umber's help. Go back down and you will find a chest full of stones. Mix reagent with fire essence and use the mix on the stones to find the earth stone. Go back and up, and cast rain to get the attention of your party.

Proceed, then have Esher examine Hurth - assuming you got the Hawkbane earlier Hurth will be saved. Proceed again and Bergon will be trapped. Try to free him, then follow the orcs and try to enter their camp. Look at your inventory, then use the red rock. Once Bergon is free, run for it!

Search for the Anvil

Have Hurth examine the shadow, then hide. Mix air essence with water essence to make a Fog spell. Now proceed and you will reach a cave. Stay and listen to Umber, then ask him about the mudwargs and get more advice. Once he is asleep, examine his sack. Mix the black reagent with fire essence, and use the mix on the staff. Now you can leave safely.

The Emporium is closed for the night, so enter the Curio Shop. Have Hurth look around, then allow Praxix to reply to the proprietor. You will pick up a gray stone - Praxix should examine it further. Try to buy the stone, then trade the spyglass for it (if you don't have the spyglass, Praxix can just steal the stone).

Proceed further into town and enter the tavern. Have Hurth examine the other table, to discover you are being talked about. Order a meal, then cast invisibility (with the red rocks) and continue to eavesdrop until you must leave - note the name of the drunkard captain who is mentioned during the conversation. Exit the tavern and go to the wharf. Tell the name of the drunkard to the harbormaster, and he will tell you where to locate him. Go to the appropriate boat, then tell the truth and accept his offer. Now camp out overnight.

Relax on the ship, and you will end up calmed at sea. Try to climb the mask, then cast elevation on Tag, and cast wind. On Misty Isle, the Dread Lord will attack Praxix. Pick up the pouch, and you need to cast a lightning spell (mix water and fire essence, then add a pinch of earth essence). To determine which powders correspond to which essences, you need to recall the color and consistency of the residue on your hands after casting spells throughout the game (the residues are the mixtures of the two initial essences). For example a fine green residue is made from fine blue and fine yellow powder. A coarse violet residue is made from coarse red and coarse blue powder. Mix the appropriate powders to cast the spell and complete the game.