Jolly Rover

Jolly Rover

Year:  2010

Genre:  Comedy

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

Jolly Rover is a comedic 3rd person point-and-click adventure set in a world of anthropomorphic dogs. You play as Gaius James Rover. After setting off on a chartered ship to deliver your cargo of Jolly Rover rum, your vessel is commandeered by pirates. You must think like a pirate yourself if you are to escape their clutches and recover your stolen cargo.

Howell's Ship

2 coins, 1 flag, 6 crackers

When talking to Captain Howell, say "I'll never join your crew!". Search the brig for a coin (in the treasure chest) and a piece of flag (under the cannon). Search all the crates, then click on the painting to leave. In the next room, tell Melvin "I have no idea...". Pick up the red scarf, the crackers, and the keys hanging on the far wall. Try to use the keys on the parrot cage's lock, but it is too rusty. Use the keys on the brig door and head back into the brig. Pick up the lamp and combine it with your scarf. Go back to the hold and use the oily scarf on the rusty lock. Use the keys on the lock and you will get the parrot. Talk to the parrot, then talk to Melvin and answer "Port Sickle", "10 Days" and "Swabbin' the decks in silk dresses". Head up the stairs to the lower deck.

Talk to Melvin about the hatch and watch how he knocks on it. Go up and knock in the same way, then ask to switch places with Bobby - he tells you to find Pete instead. Head back down the stairs, and go left into the galley. Try to open the left window but it is rusty. Use your oily scarf on it, then open it. Now pick up the dried fish and peppercorns, and look in the top cupboard to find some more crackers. Hang the fish on the hook near the window, and the chef will spill some rum on the floor. Put the peppercorns in the rum, then open the window again. Pick up the bottle of rum, then return to the lower deck.

Continue right to the sleeping quarters. Pick up the coin from the pirate boots, then talk to Pete who wants some rum. Give him the bottle of rum. Return to the lower decks and knock on the hatch again. Tell Bobby "Pete's drunk".

Groggy Island

6 coins, 3 flags, 18 crackers

From the fort, head left to Town Street. Look in the barrels outside the Stumble Inn to get crackers and a coin, then go inside. Talk to Howell and agree to join his crew, but first you must make him Salamagundi. Talk to Puggy and the insane pirate, and get some crackers from each of them. Take some more crackers from the bucket on the bar, and talk to Davey about his hat - tell him it is a family heirloom, then offer to buy him a new one to get a coin. Enter the kitchen and look in the bucket for a coin and the stove for some crackers. Now pick up the cook book from the shelves on the left. Leave the Inn.

Walk left and around to Turtle Beach. Dig at the sand mount twice to get some eggs and then a piece of flag. Head up the path to the cliff shack, then go left and talk to Ron, who isn't very helpful. Go back down to the beach and pick up the fishing net. Use this with the trees to make a hammock, then use the hammock and you will end up next to Ron. Talk to him until you get the book and cheat sheet. Look at the cannons to find another flag piece. Use the book on yourself to read it. Go back down to the beach and take your hammock, then search the palm trees for another coin.

Head back into town and talk to Scruffy at the store. Trade him his net for a fish. Go back up to the cliff shack and use the voodoo cheat sheet on Rover - press the symbols in the order indicated by the "Scare Animals" voodoo in the book (numbering the symbols 1-15, across the top row then down the others, hit symbols 1, 11, 14, 8). While the voodoo is working (you are red and tingly) use the pickled herring on the birds on the roof and you will scare them away. Talk to Ron to receive the recipe. Use the recipe on yourself to read it, then talk to Ron to get the secret spices. Go right and you will see a monkey performing a spell. Knock on the tree, then use the voodoo cheat sheet on yourself and hit symbols 10, 3, 9, 15. Pick up the mango.

Go back to town and into the Stumble Inn. Go into the kitchen out the back. Use your peppercorns in the mortar and pestle to make pepper. Use the pepper on the chef, then pick up the ham. Look in the cupboard behind the chef for some more crackers. Leave town and head to the fort. Knock on the tree just to the right of the guard, then use the voodoo cheat sheet on yourself and cast the drop fruit spell. Enter the fort.

Move the candle holder on the wall to unlock the small cabinet on the far wall, and look in the cabinet to get a piece of flag and a coin. Take a bottle of wine from the wine rack. Now when you hear someone coming, get in the blue cupboard. After they leave, look in the blue cupboard again to find another coin. Leave the fort and go all the way back to the cliff shack. Use the bottle of wine on the skull (right next to the cannons) to uncork it.

Head back into town and enter the Stumble Inn, then go into the kitchen. Put the turtle eggs in the cauldron to boil them. Now put the mango, ham, pickled herring, wine, eggs and spices into the mixing bowl to make the Salamagundi.

Cannibal Island

5 coins, 3 flags, 24 crackers

Pick up the skull. Pick up the note from the sand and you will also find some crackers. Look at the skeleton with the blue hat and the mound in the sand to find 2 coins. Try to take the conch, then use the skull on the conch and pick it up. Head right into the jungle. On the next screen, pick up the crackers, mango and barrel. Continue right and use the voodoo cheat sheet on yourself, then hit symbols 8, 14, 1 and 11. Use the mango on the pig and it will fall through the leaves.

Walk left twice to return to the beach, and pick up the sign. Return right twice and use the sign on the hole to make a bridge. Cross the bridge and pick up the crackers and the rum. Go right again and use the voodoo cheat sheet on yourself, then cast the scare beast spell. Use the mango on the pig to scare it away. Walk across the trap, then after the dogs come and go, take the piece of flag from the trap, and the crackers from the tree. Head left 3 times and look in the jug on the beach for some more crackers, then walk right 4 times to reach a cannibal camp.

Get the crackers from behind the bars and more crackers from the cauldron. Search the volleyball net twice to get a coin. Pick up the charcoal from beneath the cauldron. Head west to the waterfall. Pick up the dried corn from the bird feeder. Click on the two plants over on the left to get a coin and reveal another cauldron. Look at the cauldron to see 4 symbols that you will use as voodoo shortly. Put the mango and rum in the cauldron. Use the voodoo cheat sheet on yourself, and hit symbols 7, 13, 4 and 11. Take the jam from the cauldron and put it on the bird feeder. Leave this screen and come back, then pick up the feathers from the feeder.

Return right to the camp. Watch the dogs knock on the door and remember how they do it. Now use your charcoal on the barrel, and use the feathers on the barrel to finish your mask. Wear the mask, then knock on the door (using the pattern you just saw). Say your name is "Julie Rover" and that you just went out to make the mask. Inside, there will be a long cutscene and you will end up in a cave.

Walk around until you end up outside again, then click on the sign twice for a coin. Return to the camp and talk to Howell through the bars. Put the dried corn in the cauldron here, then use the voodoo cheat sheet to cast the heat iron spell. Knock on the tree, then cast drop fruit. You will automatically take the keys from Rufus and free the captains. Look through the bars to get a flag piece. Return to the beach and get another flag piece from the water. Go back to the bird feeder and get some more dried corn to find more crackers. Now return to the area outside the cave.

Combine the rum with the conch, then use the gunpowder on the stump, then put the conch on the stump. Use the voodoo cheat sheet on yourself, and hit symbols 15, 7, 4 and 12. This will cast the voices of the dead spell, and you will end up with a magic conch. Enter the cave. Use the conch on each of the exits until you hear part of a song, then go through that exit. Keep doing this (each time you should hear a longer segment) to make it through the maze.

The Red Herring

3 coins, 1 flag, 3 crackers

Enter the cabin and look in the wardrobe for some crackers and in the jar on the desk for a coin. Also take the jar. Look under the pillow to find a small key. Use this to unlock the cupboard, and you will get another coin and a large key. Use this large key on the left chest to get yet another coin and a cutlass. Combine the two keys to make a super key, and use to unlock the other chest - you will get a compass (called "compass 1") and an old book.

Get off the ship and go back to the waterfall. Use the jar with the cauldron to find a flag piece. Use the jar with the waterfall to fill it with water. Return to the boat and give the jar to Clara - you will get some of her blood. Now add the gunpowder and the rum to the jar, then use the jar on the hatch. Use the voodoo cheat sheet on yourself, then hit symbols 6, 5, 2 and 13.

Shipwreck Island

7 coins, 4 flags, 27 crackers

Pick up the block, rope and crank, and take the crackers from the barrel. Go left to the cove, and right to lookout point. Get the coin from the cannon balls and the crackers from the crate, then pick up the barrel (you won't actually take it, but will remember it is there for later).

Continue right to a forest, and use the cutlass to cut the vine on the left. Pick up the block, then get crackers from the left tree face, and more crackers from the top tree face. Use the 2 blocks on the rope, then use your block and tackle with the vines on the right tree branch. Next use the barrel on the block and tackle, then the vine with the barrel. Use the block and tackle to lift the barrel up.

Go left and take the flag piece from in the tree hollow. Go right twice to find Clara. Use the barrel with the blockage, then the cutlass with the barrel. Wait for Clara to leave, then use the voodoo cheat sheet on yourself and cast the heat iron spell.

Pick up the large jug, then use the crank on the well. Use the well to get "compass 2", then use the well again for a coin. Read Silvereye's journal - you need to learn the birthdays of the 3 people on the last page. Go up and look at the gravestone to see Mary was born in June (6). Talk to Clara and ask her about her birthday, which is in May (5). Now read the journal again to see Alexander was born in August (8). Use the wheel - rotate it clockwise 5 times, anti-clockwise 8 times, clockwise 6 times and finally anti-clockwise 3 times (to return it to north).

Look under the rug for a flag piece, and in the wardrobe for a coin. Use the super key on the chest to get another coin and a wooden banana. Take the small jug from the cabinet, then open the drawers of the cabinet to find a coin and two sets of crackers. Use the wooden banana in the fruit bowl on the table. Take "compass 3" from the hidden compartment you discover. Go down out of the treehouse.

Head back to the grave, and you will see Silvereye is now there - talk to him. Use the voodoo cheat sheet on yourself, and hit symbols 13, 2, 5 and 6 to cast the lower the dead spell on him and get a flag piece. Return to the base of the treehouse and look at the right tree face to find some crackers. Continue right into the forest.

Look at the stumps on the ground on each screen and find the matching compass, then turn the compass to match the holes, and go in the direction indicated. You may need to put more than one compass on some of the stumps to match up the holes. You will eventually reach a totem pole. Put each of your compasses in a slot, then take the ugly mug from the top. Take all 4 compasses, then look in the top slot to find a coin. Click on the left tree carving's arm and mouth for some crackers. Look at the bag on the tree. Use the voodoo cheat sheet on yourself and cast the heat iron spell, then pick up the bag to see it is a flag piece.

Return left to the forest. Use the other stump on the first screen and keep using your compasses to find a new path through the forest until you reach the cove.

Look in the hole in the tree for some crackers. Put the ugly mug on the capstan. Look at the ugly mug to see it has the symbol of 1 drop of water on it - you need to fill it with 1 unit of water. Use the small jug on the waterfall to fill it, then pour the water from small to large jug. Fill the small jug from the waterfall again, and again pour it into the large jug. Now pour the remaining single unit into the ugly mug. Use the capstan twice to move the rock and get a coin. Enter the cave.

Spit Island

1 coin, 0 flags, 3 crackers

Take the crackers from the barrel, then pick up the noose and the boot. Use the voodoo cheat sheet on yourself and cast the lure beasts spell; while you are glowing, use the boot on the sea and a turtle will arrive. Use the boot on yourself to find a coin, then use the noose on the turtle. Use the voodoo cheat sheet on yourself and cast scare beasts, then click on the barrel.

Groggy Island

0 coins, 0 flags, 9 crackers

Head right to town and into the Stumble Inn. Look in the bucket for some crackers, then head to the fort. Use the voodoo cheat sheet on yourself and cast the heat iron spell - Rufus will take the saucepan off his head. Knock on the palm tree, then cast the drop fruit spell, and you can head inside.

Look at the bowl of fruit and you will take some. Pull the secret lever here, then go through the secret passage. Use the wooden fruit on DeSilver, then say "Think fast!". Pick up the cutlass, canvas and bag, and find some crackers in the cauldron and bookshelf. Now use the crane to move the basket around to safety. Use the bag with the vent and it will fly up out of the volcano. Next use the canvas with the basket. Grab a rock from near the entrance and use it on the vent. Take the rock off the vent again. Get in the basket and use the cutlass on the basket to escape.