Game Details:  Mystery, 2020

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  12/8/2020

Suggested Listening:  Caught Up in the Panic (Ash 25)

Jessika is an investigative game where you must use your company-provided laptop to explore the life of a recently deceased woman. You must uncover more and more information to put together a complete story of the final moments of her life. There are 8 Steam Achievements, all documented in the walkthrough below.


Log in to the system with any username and the password you have been given. Start by opening Wizzapp at the top left and read through all the messages. Send messages to Chad to find out about the new client, then search for his name within Wizzapp and send Glabisch messages as well. The specific messages that you send have no effect on the outcome of the game.

Now open up the Decrypter Tool and enter the details you have been given by Glabisch (IP, username and password). You now have the ability to search for files based on input of various tags. You can also check your email messages using the Mail app on the left.

Sequence of Events

Enter the first tag of "Jessika" and watch your first video Novice Hacker. You now need to open all other available files, then try searching for more tags. Keep an eye out for the prompt to send messages via Wizzapp, and look out for new messages and emails appearing directly.

The easiest way to keep track of locked files is to make them "favorites" by highlighting their star symbol. Keep an eye on your list of favorites, because they will automatically become unlocked from time to time. Your number of decrypted and opened files should always be the same if you have seen everything available.

After a while, your first corrupted file should become unlocked That escalated quickly!. You should also now start to see some of the blue files being unlocked, so you will need to go back and search for these as well.

A bit further into the game, you will receive an email containing Log_063 Amateur Hacker. You should also now start to see some of the green files being unlocked, so you will need to go back and search for these as well.

Once you have discovered more of the story, you will receive an error message Advanced Hacker. You should also now start to see some of the yellow files being unlocked, so you will need to go back and search for these as well.

Shortly after this, Glabisch will contact you once more Expert Hacker. You should also now start to see some of the yellow files being unlocked, so you will need to go back and search for these as well.

After opening Scan_046, search for the name Wolfsrudel#8834 on Wizzapp Secret Group and join the group.

A bit further on, your second corrupted file should become unlocked Jessika's Message. You will have to answer some Wizzapp messages, then receive an incoming video call.

Now you just need to search for the remaining files - there are 175 in total to open Perfectionist. Note that if some of the files have been deleted during the game, your final total may be slightly less than this.

Finding All Files

The following is a complete list of all files in the game, along with some tag(s) that can be used to reach them. Note that sometimes a single tag is all that is required, but for other items you will need to enter multiple tags and even wait until later in the game to be able to access them.

Novice (Gray)

  • Log_001: Jessika
  • Log_002: Jessika
  • Log_003: Jessika
  • Log_004: Jessika
  • Log_004_2: childhood, happy
  • Log_005: childhood, happy
  • Log_006: school
  • Log_007: German, subject
  • Log_008: holiday
  • Log_009: friend
  • Log_010: friend
  • Log_011: friend
  • Log_012: Doris, friend
  • Log_013: friend
  • Log_014: mother
  • Log_015: mother
  • Log_016: alcohol, drunk, mother
  • Log_017: alcohol, drunk, mother
  • Log_018: father
  • Log_019: sports
  • Log_020: diplomat, dog, father, Waldi
  • Log_021: diplomat, dog, Waldi
  • Log_022: sports, Waldi
  • Log_023: diplomat, dog, Waldi
  • Log_024: diplomat
  • Log_025: lemonade
  • Log_026: capacity, trust
  • Log_027: pregnant
  • Log_028: baby, kid
  • Log_029: sibling
  • Log_030: alcohol, drunk, sibling
  • Log_031: diplomat, sibling, Waldi
  • Log_032: alone, Waldi
  • Log_033: holiday, lemonade
  • Log_034: sibling
  • Log_035: it
  • Log_036: accident, diplomat, father, hospital, mother
  • Log_037: accident, diplomat, father, hospital, mother
  • Log_038: cheat, hospital, lie
  • Log_039: father, it, Jessika, sibling [corrupted]

  • Scan_001: baby, hospital
  • Scan_002: accident, hospital
  • Scan_004: diary, secret
  • Scan_005: Doris
  • Scan_006: diary, secret
  • Scan_007: Doris
  • Scan_008: castle, clouds, sky
  • Scan_009: Doris
  • Scan_010: alcohol, drunk
  • Scan_11: friend

  • Ulaubsgedicht.txt: poem

Novice (Blue)

  • Log_040: alcohol, drunk, escape, mother
  • Log_041: alone
  • Log_042: school
  • Log_043: fuck
  • Log_044: diplomat, father, fuck, Heinrich
  • Log_045: Heinrich
  • Log_046: escape, Heinrich, sad
  • Log_047: baby, Heinrich, kid, pregnant, sibling
  • Log_048: asshole, Heinrich
  • Log_049: Heinrich
  • Log_050: school, smoke
  • Log_051: disgrace
  • Log_052: race, run, sports
  • Log_053: race, run, sports
  • Log_054: coach
  • Log_055: Heinrich, mother
  • Log_056: coach
  • Log_057: gym, train, training
  • Log_058: gym
  • Log_059: coach, escape
  • Log_060: achievement
  • Log_061: achievement
  • Log_062: achievement, dead, doctor, vet

  • Scan_012: secret
  • Scan_013: secret
  • Scan_014: secret
  • Scan_015: secret
  • Scan_016: schedule, school
  • Scan_017: track
  • Scan_018: doctor, vet
  • Scan_019: schedule, training
  • Scan_020: dog, Labrador, Waldi

Moderate (Green)

  • Log_063: [emailed]
  • Log_064: coach, cops, gym, trainer
  • Log_065: coach, cops, gym, music, police
  • Log_066: smoke
  • Log_067: Sascha
  • Log_068: happy, visit
  • Log_069: love
  • Log_070: visit, wolf
  • Log_071: clan, family, fun, lake, music, weed
  • Log_072: beer, clan, family, fun
  • Log_073: powerful
  • Log_074: king, provoke
  • Log_075: camping, chainsaw
  • Log_076: chainsaw, cops, police
  • Log_077: king, school
  • Log_078: king, life
  • Log_079: fun, gang, king, system
  • Log_080: hate
  • Log_081: Germany, system
  • Log_082: system
  • Log_083: beer, clan, king
  • Log_084: friend, Sascha
  • Log_085: assault, attack, friend, Sascha
  • Log_086: argument, cops, friend, police
  • Log_087: school
  • Log_088: wolf
  • Log_089: argument, system
  • Log_090: interview, press
  • Log_091: fire, interview, pig, press
  • Log_092: fire, interview, pig, press, sports, train, training
  • Log_093: interview, press, sports, train, training
  • Log_094: interview, press, sports, train, training

  • EinladungGedenken.png: [emailed]
  • Flyer: [emailed]

  • Scan_021: lake
  • Scan_021(01): lake
  • Scan_022: picture, wolf
  • Scan_023: police
  • Scan_024: shoplifter
  • Scan_025: accident
  • Scan_026: escape
  • Scan_027: love
  • Scan_028: hate
  • Scan_029: chainsaw, cops, police
  • Scan_030: press
  • Scan_031: concert
  • Scan_032: concert
  • Scan_033: camping
  • Scan_034: rally, train
  • Scan_036: fire, pig

  • Snap_01: Sascha
  • Snap_02: music
  • Snap_03: concert, family, juze, music
  • Snap_04: concert, juze, music

Advanced (Yellow)

  • Log_095: rally
  • Log_096: train
  • Log_097: train
  • Log_098: cops, police
  • Log_099: cops, police
  • Log_100: platform, track
  • Log_101: gang, mob
  • Log_103: escape, gang, mob, race, run
  • Log_104: escape, kill, race, run
  • Log_105: escape, race, run
  • Log_106: broken, home
  • Log_107: broken, home
  • Log_108: broken, maze
  • Log_109: broken, maze

  • Snap_05: attack
  • Snap_06: clan, family, livestream
  • Snap_07: juice, livestream
  • Snap_08: clan, family, three

Extreme (Red)

  • Log_110: attack, dead, track
  • Log_111: attack, dead, money, system, track
  • Log_114: attack, dead, money, system, track
  • Log_115: church
  • Log_116: church, country
  • Log_117: country
  • Log_118: drinking, drunk
  • Log_119: clan, family
  • Log_120: clan, family, mission
  • Log_121: clan, family, mission
  • Log_122: kill, race
  • Log_123: German
  • Log_124: assault, attack, German, hate
  • Log_125: [corrupted]

  • Mov_885: rally

  • Scan_037: rally
  • Scan_038: fire
  • Scan_039: training
  • Scan_040: store
  • Scan_041: interview, press
  • Scan_042: family, kill, race
  • Scan_043: Doris
  • Scan_46: family, interview, kill, press, race, traitors, weed