Jack Orlando: Director's CutJack Orlando: Director's Cut

Year:  2001

Genre:  Mystery

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

Jack Orlando: Director's Cut is a re-released version of the original Jack Orlando: A Cinematic Adventure. You play as the titular character, a private detective who has turned to alcohol. After stumbling upon a murder and getting knocked unconscious, you are given 48 hours to clear your name and solve the case. The graphics and interface have been updated, and there are some plot changes compared with the original game. This walkthrough assumes you are playing on Normal difficulty.

Police Station

After you are interrogated by the police, you will end up in the police station.

Talk to Bernardo, then hit him to learn the name Don Scaletti. Pick up the spoon from the table, then you will be taken to see Inspector Rogers. Talk to him, and you will end up back at your apartment, with 48 hours to clear your name.

Jack's House

Look under the mat on the right, then use the key on your door. Talk to your neighbor Alice before heading into your apartment. Enter the bathroom on the left to wash up. Back in the main room, pick up the wallet on the yellow couch to get some bills. Pick up the duster from the left of the bookshelf. Search the bottom left drawer to get a key. Use the key on the drawer to the far right, then take your gun from inside.

Leave your apartment and go across into Alice's apartment. After talking to her, give her the duster and the spoon. While she is distracted in the other room, steal the boxing gloves hanging on the left wall. Leave her apartment and pick up the broom leaning against the wall before heading outside.

Go into the left alley to return to the scene of the crime. Take the newspaper from the ground on the left. Pick up the cigar butt from the ground, and examine the pools of blood. Leave here and enter the right alley, then continue around the corner. Examine the crank in the front of the old car. Talk to the woman here to learn the old car belongs to her neighbor Biff.

Leave the alley, cross the street, and go down the road next to the shoe shiner. Use your broom to get the horseshoe from beneath the horse. Put the horseshoe inside your boxing gloves. Return to the alley with the old car and take the crank from under its bonnet. Talk to Biff, and you will knock him out. Go to the other alley and use the crank on the ladder to lower it, then climb up to the roof. Pick up a box of matches from just right of the hatch that you can't open.

Climb back down the ladder and Inspector Rogers will return your car key. Leave the alley and Biff will beat you up. After you wake up, go out and use the car key on your car.


Go around the corner to the left and talk to the suspicious-looking man standing here. Hit him to find out about a casino at the back of the restaurant. Go back around the corner, then go left down the street to the Hotel Paradise, left again to an abandoned green building, then across the street to find Charlie's Shop. Go inside and talk to Charlie to receive 5 dollars. While you are here, pick up a copy of Today News.

Go back outside, then left once and across the street to the Hotel Paradise. Head inside and talk to the bellboy, then give him the newspaper you picked up back in the alley - he will tell you about the Chinese Laundry. Pick up the pack of cigarettes from the floor near the lobby desk to the right, then leave the hotel. Talk to the doorman, then give him the pack of cigarettes to learn about the Small Talk Bar.

Cross the street and go right twice, then enter the Small Talk Bar. Pick up the vase from on the floor next to the piano on the far right. Leave the bar, go left 3 times, then cross the street. Give the vase to the flower lady here, and she will give you a Chinese manuscript. Next go left and cross the street, then enter the alley here. Pick up the Chinese fan, then leave the alley again. Talk to the man outside the Chinese Laundry, then give him the Chinese fan for some information. Also give him the Chinese manuscript to receive the Book of Wisdom.

Head right 3 times and across the street to find Night O'Granis. Talk to the taxi driver outside, who will mention a mechanic by the name of Frank. Talk to the girl at the entrance, and to the bouncer to get punched.

Head right up the street, then into the alley on the left. Walk slightly to the right, then climb over the ladder. Go through the back entrance on the left, then through the door with the star, and continue through the dressing room to be inside the club. Talk to the girl at the bar and pay her 5 dollars to tell you about a man who smokes Davidoff cigars. You can now leave the club by going left (and the bouncer will now be gone).

Walk right up the street twice, then enter the hotel. Talk to the receptionist to find out that Bellinger is staying in room 101. Go right and take the room key that is hanging on the door here. Return to the left and use the elevator to go up. Use the key on the room immediately to the right, then go inside. Save your game, as you have to be quick or you will be caught inside the room. Look at the case beneath the bed, and look at the notebook on the nightstand. Climb out the window to leave.

Talk to the vagrant in the alley here, to learn you can get cheap whiskey at the old distillery. Head down the alley behind him to return out to the street. Break the wooden board on the door of the abandoned green building, then head inside. Enter the room on the right and take the baseball bat, then leave this room. Enter the second room on the left. Use the baseball bat on the sleeping man, then pick up the rope from the floor. Leave this room, and head down the stairs opposite into the catacombs.

Use the matches to light the torch on the wall here, then continue up the stairs. Go through the room with the fountain, and press the stone in the next room to reveal another staircase. Go through the next doorway into a larger room. Head over to the right, and press another stone beneath the lit torch on the wall here. Go through the doorway into a library. Look at the bookshelf to the right of the large Egyptian statue to notice that a book is missing. Use your Book of Wisdom here, then go through the secret door that opens.

In the next room, pick up the casino chip from the low stone ledge on the left. Take the skull, and place it on the stone ledge to the right of where you found the casino chip. Now exit through the doorway here. Go right 5 times to emerge back on the street near Charlie's Shop.

Cross the street to return to the abandoned building. Go down the alley to the left, then over the ladder and into the back of the club again. Smith will be waiting by himself at one of the tables. Save your game, as you will be killed by Smith if you are too slow out in the alley. Show him Today News, then when he turns his back, quickly use your gun on him. Tie him up with the rope, then go back inside again. Bellinger will now be waiting by himself. Save your game, as if you are too slow outside the Cotton Club, you will end up in prison. Show him Today News, and he will end up getting shot outside the Cotton Club.

After you are left alone, immediately go left down the street, then across the street, then left 3 times to reach Frank's Garage.

Frank's Garage

Go through the main gate, then head right. Remove the sheet from the blue car, then search it to get a casino ticket. Return left, enter the garage and talk to Frank about fixing your car. Pick up the monkey wrench lying next to the tire on the left side of your car. Now leave the garage and return out to the street, heading right.


Go all the way to the right, then enter the restaurant. Show your casino ticket to the guard to be allowed into the casino. Keep talking to the girl on the right and you will eventually be taken through to Scaletti. After talking to him, you will be locked up in a back room. Wait for a while, and Elizabeth will come and give you a crowbar to help you escape.

Pick up the crowbar and use it on the door. Leave this room, then go through the door on the right. Take your gun and Scaletti's file from his desk. Leave to the left again, then exit through the doors at the end of the hall. Turn the valve just to the left to get rid of the guard above you. Pick up the bullets from the ground next to the guard. Head slightly to the right, then examine the door to see it is locked. Use your gun to shoot the lock, then head through the door to return to the street.

Cross the street, then head right 3 times to return to the Cotton Club. Head right from here, then go through the door into an alley between the buildings. Pick up the crank from on top of the crate and use it to start the truck so the workers will leave. Now head inside through the doors on the side of the building. Pick up the bottle of whiskey, then return outside. Leave the alley, then go left down the street twice.

Frank's Garage

Enter the garage and give the whiskey to Frank. Go back outside and use your car.


Enter the alley here and pick up the change from the sidewalk. Return out of the alley, then head left and into the Bloody Shark. Talk to the sailor and the bartender, then give the change to the bartender and he will serve you a beer. Give this to the sailor, then take his sausage. Go back outside and cross the street, then enter the alley here. Head around the corner, where a dog will start barking at you. Give the sausage to the dog, then pick up the metal cutters. Go back to the first alley and use the metal cutters on the chain around the door handles.

Try to head through the doors, but they are stuck. Return to the opposite alley and pick up the can of grease from the left. Go back and use this on the hinges on the right side of the doors, then you can go through. Immediately go back out of the harbor and into the opposite alley. The vagrant here will be asleep, so you can steal his bottle of rum. Leave the alley, cross the street, and go through the doors into the harbor again.

Save your game, as there is a guard you need to avoid here. Wait until you see him come around the front of the building in the background, then go over there. Again wait for him to walk left, then go left as well. Wait for him to go around the side of the building, then head left. Go through the gap between the stacks of crates at the top left, then continue around the corner. Now find a gap between the crates near the top right. Save your game, then walk into the open area, where 3 guards will stop you. After a brief chat, quickly use your gun on them and they will run away. Pick up the crowbar that one of them drops. Use this on the bottom crate on the left, then take the loose board.

Return left, then go around the corner at the end of this screen to find a boat. Use the board on the boat so you can get inside. Use your monkey wrench to get the anchor from the left wall. Leave the boat and return left twice and right, then go left to find a fisherman. Talk to him, then give him the bottle of rum and take his rope. Combine the rope with your anchor. Return to the right.

Save your game, as you don't know where the guard is yet. Go right, open the door and head inside. Pick up the hammer from the ground here. Climb the ladder, then go through the door on the right and watch the meeting. Pull the lever for the ventilator here, then climb the ladder on the right. Use your gun on the guard here. Wait for the patrolling guard on the ground to go past, then quickly use your anchor and rope on the side of the building and climb down to the roof of the truck.

Military Base

Take a hatchet from the box beneath the truck, and use it to open the door. Go through the door, then head left and pick up the wire from the middle of the street. Return right and back into warehouse 2. Use the wire on the workbench to make a skeleton key. Go back outside again. Head left and use your skeleton key on the door here, then go inside. Take the uniform from the bench, and you will automatically get changed. Go back outside.

Head right twice. Pick up the ladle from the sidewalk, then enter the building here. Talk to the cook, then give him the ladle and you will receive a door key. Go back outside, then go left twice and use the door key to get back inside. Head behind the partition on the right to retrieve your belongings. Also pick up the dog tags from the crate here, then go back outside again.

Walk down then left. Talk to the patrolling soldier to learn about 3 trucks ordered off base by Major Stewart. Go left 3 times to reach a large building with a cannon out the front.

Talk to the soldier at the door, but you don't have a pass to get inside. Go right 4 times, and enter the Officers' Canteen. Talk to the officer at the table, then give him the dog tags and you will receive a pass. Return outside and go left 4 times.

Talk to the soldier at the door about Major Stewart, then go inside. Enter the first door on the left and talk to the soldier until he leaves. Pick up the plug from the end of the phone and use it on the phone board. Try to use the phone, then pick up the phone book from the books to the right. Use the phone to call Inspector Rogers, pretending to be Max and telling him to come to the base. Leave this room, then go through the door at the far end of the hallway. Talk to Major Stewart, asking him about Colonel Williams. Return right, then go through the last door on the left.

Talk to the woman at the desk, telling her there has been a break-in to Warehouse 2. Leave this office, and go through the door at the far end of the hallway again. Continue through the next door on the left. Talk to the Colonel.