Jack KeaneJack Keane

Game Details:  Adventure, 2007

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  2/12/2020

Suggested Listening:  Where There's Smoke (Ash 25)

Jack Keane is a 3rd person adventure game starring British secret agent Jack Keane, tasked with defeating the evil Dr T's plans of destroying the British Empire's tea plantations. During the game you control Jack himself, as well as American operative Amanda. The series continues with Jack Keane 2: The Fire Within.

Chapter 1

In a Bind

Talk to the thugs and insult them so you are knocked backward. Repeat this a second time, then pick up your knife. Once you are outside on the ledge, go over to the small platform on the left, and untie the rope to lower yourself down. Pick up the broom and use it on the barrel, then pick up the rag. Go back along the ledge to the right and try to head back inside.

Continue around the corner and use your rag on the bucket of water to end up with a wet rag. Head back to the corner and climb down. Use the wet rag on the bird droppings to clean them up. Climb down again and try to take your knife, but the bird won't let you have it. Walk left along this level and take the sandbag from the railing. Drop this on to the thugs below. Now go and collect your knife. Climb back up twice, then return to the small platform. Use your knife on the safety line.

Chapter 2

The Voyage

Go left and enter the Adventure Shop. Look at the mailbox. Pull back the curtain, then talk to the adventurer who enters the shop, continually asking him to prove himself until he offers you a bottle of rum - accept his offer. Return outside and give the bottle of rum to Eric or Lawrence. While you are here, use the white plank on the side of the ship to get 30 shillings and a rotten plank. Head further right and look at the rowboat to see that it is leaking but not sinking.

Talk to the bizarre Mexican man just to the left, who turns out to be Montgomery. He will eventually give you a parcel. Next talk to Amanda, slightly further to the left, who gives you a letter. Now talk to Captain Cookster, who is standing outside the shop. Give him your rotten plank, then take the pipe from the barrel in front of him.

Continue past the shop entrance and climb up on the crates, then on to the balcony above. Walk around to the left, then climb down on to the other crates. Look at the wasps guarding the blue bowl of cereal. Use your pipe on the wasps, then take the cereal bowl. Climb down to the ground. Pick up all 3 old empty tea containers and stack them on the others to form a pyramid to unlock a bonus feature (1/10). Climb back over the crates and ledge to return to the pier.

Use the blue cereal bowl on the rowboat to fill it with water. Use this on Amanda's letter to remove the stamp, then put the stamp on your parcel. Return to the shop and put your stamped parcel in the mailbox. Now talk to the shop owner and buy any 3 of the 4 available items (scissors, lighter, lubricating oil and compass).

Head to the far right and talk to Eric and Lawrence, who will agree to set sail after you tell them what you have purchased. Go and talk to Montgomery, and tell him you have mailed his parcel. Go to your ship and select to cast off.

Chapter 3


Go over towards Montgomery and pick up the starfish (1/5). Also pick up the elephant piggy-bank from behind him. Talk to Montgomery to receive some twine and a short fuse. Now go through the cave entrance. Look at the long-lost contraband. Pick up the old musket, then use it to get some gunpowder. Pick up another starfish (2/5) from the bottom left. Use your knife on the dense vegetation to the far left, then head through the exit. Pick up the starfish (3/5) from the ground right in front of you, then grab another starfish (4/5) from the rock ledge over to the left.

Climb up the stairs in the background, but the gap at the top is too far for you to jump. Combine the piggy-bank with the gunpowder, then add the fuse. Place the piggy-bank in the crevice to the left of the boulder.

If you purchased the lighter, use this on the piggy-bank. If you didn't purchase the lighter, use the knife on the old compass to get a lens, then use this on the piggy-bank.

Now you can go up the stairs again and jump over the gap. Walk down over the wooden walkway and use your knife on the ship's rigging. Go all the way back down the stairs to the rocky ledge below, and head over the fallen ship's mast. Pick up the fancy fishing rod, the giant woodworm, and your duffel bag. Go back over the mast and straight into the cave, then out the other side of the cave again.

Head left until you can see a wooden plank floating in the water. In your inventory, combine the twine with the fancy fishing rod, then add the woodworm. Now use this on the wooden plank to get it. Head back through the cave again, up the stairs and over the gap. Use the wooden plank on the fallen column in front of Montgomery. Climb up the rock behind you and jump on the wooden plank, but Montgomery is too heavy. Talk to him and convince him to jump on to the see-saw for you.

Take the wedge from the ground here, and the prayer wheel from next to the large statue head. Try to use the old chest. Climb up the stairs to the left and pick up the hair wax sample. Continue further left and pick up 2 pieces of a stone head. Go out to the wooden platform and pick up the fishhook and the last starfish (5/5), which unlocks another bonus feature (2/10). Try to use the winch here, but it is too rusty.

If you purchased the lubricating oil, use this on the winch. If you didn't purchase the lubricating oil, use the scissors on the hair wax sample, then use this on the winch.

Use the winch, then climb down the rope. Pick up another piece of a stone head. Climb back up the rope, then go around and talk to Montgomery, convincing him to remove his clothes. Put all 3 stone heads into the old chest, and Montgomery will end up joining you.

Head right and look at the vine, then talk to Shari. Head up the stairs to the left and use the fishhook on the former temple entrance to open the door. Go through and pick up the hot Indian spice, then head left and pick up the brooch (currently missing its gemstones). Go back through the entrance, then left to the wooden platform, climbing down the rope again. Use the hot Indian spice on the oysters, then pick up the pearl. Use this on the brooch. Climb up the rope again.

Return right and down the stairs, then show the brooch to Shari. Pick up the vine. Talk to Montgomery again, then climb back up the steps and go through the temple entrance. Head left and use the vine with the flagpole.

Chapter 4

Payment and the Voyage Home

Head along the path towards the village. Climb up to the shrine on the right and take the burnt-down stick of incense. Continue towards the village and talk to the British soldiers. Next go up the road to the left and enter the hotel. Look at the turpentine and cleaning agent on the cart. Use the bell on the reception desk, then talk to the hotel manager until you get a glass of water. Use this on the fireplace; while the manager is distracted, you can now take the turpentine and cleaning agent. Put the turpentine back on the upper shelf and the cleaning agent on the lower shelf. Now use the stick of incense on the star. Pick up the bronze star after it falls to the ground. Talk to the hotel manager and ask to get into Montgomery's room - you will receive a key in exchange for the star.

Go upstairs and use the key on the first door, then go inside to unlock the next bonus feature (3/10). Head right and take the secret parcel from the small table. Look at this in your inventory to end up with a deed and ID. Pick up the red sock from the floor further to the right.

Leave the hotel and show the ID to the British soldiers. Answer the first question with "Crows" and the second with the answer about how miraculous trains are. Go around the barrier and look at the caged plant on the left. Turn right and talk to Mr Gopesh, who is standing outside Pop's. Return to the main path and go right towards the marketplace.

Take the leaflet, then try to go up the stairs. Talk to Rupiah. Give her your deed and you will receive a house key. Go down the road and down some wooden stairs to the Green Quarter. Head towards the swamp in the background. Pick up the candle from in front of the old grave. Try to go through the swamp door, but it is locked.

Return towards the village. In the Green Quarter, head right over the plank and up the stairs. Use your key on the green door, and the door will fall off. Head back into the marketplace and talk to Rupiah, who will buy back the house. Leave the marketplace again, heading back to the street.

Talk to Pandu, who is near the British soldiers. Give your 10 pounds to the soldiers. Return up to the marketplace and talk to Louise until she talks to the guards. Talk to her again until you receive some jam. Next talk to Shari, then give "Granny's Best" jam to her and you will end up with an empty jam jar. Now combine the candle and empty jam jar, then add the red sock. Go back to the street and use this on the broken rear light on the elephant. Talk to the British soldiers again and convince them to let the elephant out to unlock another bonus feature (4/10). Talk to Pandu, who will take you to the jungle.

Head left up the slope to reach a crossroads. Go down to the right to the upper path. Look at the trunks and the rope, then return to the fork in the road and talk to Pandu. Use the tool box, then take the tools from inside it (spade shaft, spade blade and prod). Combine the spade shaft with the spade blade. Return left to the crossroads again, then go towards a tiled area in the background. Try to continue over a fallen tree trunk, but a snake will block your path. Return to the crossroads and head right over the large orange tree root. Climb up twice on to the foot of a large stone statue. Pick up the huge nut from the small stone platform to the left - looking down here you will see the snake far below.

Continue up the steps and enter the stone arm to come out on the other side. Walk to the right behind a waterfall and you will emerge on a grassy path. Go left up the path and take the old screwdriver. Use the fence to realize it is electrified. Go right down the path now and pick up a flat piece of wood. Return over the stone arm, but don't go through the opening - instead walk around to the left in front of the stone head. Use the huge nut in the stone mouth. Continue left and place your flat piece of wood in the small hole, then climb up. Go left slightly and climb up into the treetop.

Head up to the hut. Use your screwdriver on the grating, then take the grating. Use the prod with the bell to see that the monkey comes outside to check who is there. Now go back down to the small stone platform where you got the nut, and drop the grating down into the gorge to trap the snake. Return to the crossroads and go to the tiled area, then over the fallen tree trunk. Go left and use your knife on the vine. Continue left and look at the elephant shrine, then use the lever (elephant's trunk) and you will crack open the huge nut.

Go left further until you find some dense vegetation - use your knife on this, then continue along the path. Make your way along the winding path until you reach the meat-eating plant. Use the vine on it, followed by the spade, and you will end up with an unearthed meat-eating plant. Head all the way back to the crossroads, then up to the large statue. Pick up the bottom half of the huge nut that has been cracked by the stone mouth. Combine this with your plant, then continue up to the left to eventually reach the monkey's hut. Put the potted plant on the veranda. Use your knife on it to free it from the vine, then use your prod on the bell.

After the monkey is gone, go back down past the stone mouth, and keep going behind the waterfall. Head up the grassy path and use the fence to climb over it. Talk to Miss Gristle.

Chapter 5

Put to the Test

Head right to the lookout platform and use the spyglass. Now follow the path to the left and use your rifle to shoot the rope and clear the roadblock. Head down to the crossroads. Go left and talk to Pandu, who will realize that his prod is missing. Walk right behind the elephant to approach the village.

Shoot the clothesline with your rifle, then walk forward and pick up the garter belt and umbrella. Now enter the hotel and talk to the hotel manager. Leave and talk to the British soldiers, but they will not let you past. Walk down and right, then climb up to the shrine and take the unused stick of incense. Return to the jungle and give the umbrella to Pandu.

Go left to the crossroads and down to the lookout platform. Approach the spyglass again and use your new bottle opener on the base so that you end up taking the spyglass. Now combine the garter belt with your rifle, and add the spyglass. Mount this on the base, then use it. Shoot at a vase or barrel so the hotel manager comes outside. Now shoot at the hanging vase to make him move away from the door, then quickly shoot the wedge holding the door open so that he is trapped outside. Back out, and you will automatically retrieve your rifle. From here, go left and down to the crossroads, then around to the village once more.

Enter the hotel. Take the turpentine from the cart, and the letter with the Queen's seal from the right end of the counter. Use your unused stick of incense on the fireplace to light it. Next go upstairs and into the open room. Pour your turpentine into the oil lamp by the window, then light it with your incense stick. Look at the letter in your inventory to open it, then use it on the oil lamp. Now use the bait for Jack on the table and leave the room.

Chapter 6

Jack's Past

Head right to the lookout platform, then down to the crossroads, where you will hear someone calling out for help. Head right and up towards the statue, then talk to Murphy. Use your knife to cut him free. Climb back down to the crossroads, and walk towards the tiled area. Talk to Murphy here, and you will end up outside the hotel.

Pick up the chunk of tar from the ground to the right. Enter the hotel and go upstairs to your room. Pick up the partially burnt piece of paper from the table and look at it in your inventory. Now take the 3 nails from the wall to the right. Leave the hotel and ask the British soldiers about what happened in November 1871. Look at the chronicle in your inventory, then tell the soldiers that there is a page missing.

Head up to the street behind the soldiers, then take a right and enter Pop's. Talk to Mr Gopesh - he says he returned the chronicle in mint condition. Next go to the marketplace and talk to Rupiah, at the base of the stairs - she says she returned the chronicle in perfect condition. Talk to Lawrence and Eric here, then go just to the left and talk to Louise until she eventually gives you the lost pages. Examine these in your inventory. Return to the street and talk to Murphy, who is outside the caged plant.

Go to the marketplace, then down the stairs towards the swamp. Look at the dinghy in the water to see that it has sprung a leak. Go to Pop's and try to take the paintbrush and hammer from the shelf near the door. Go and talk to Mr Gopesh, who wants you to do him a favor in order to obtain each item. Start by saying that you want the hammer. Leave Pop's, then go through the doorway to the right, and out the other side to reach the marketplace. Walk down towards the butcher's stall and talk to him to get some party sausages. Head down the street past the British soldiers and climb down the stone steps. Use your party sausages on the fishing spot in the water to catch a fish. Go back to the caged plant and take the wooden plank from just to the left. Now return to Pop's and give the fish to Mr Gopesh. Take the hammer.

Return to the damaged dinghy and use the hammer on it to fix it. Now go back to Pop's and talk to Mr Gopesh, saying that you want the paintbrush. Talk to Rupiah in the marketplace, asking about Loretta. Go to the small hatch next to the dinghy and use your new key to open it - you will automatically take Loretta from inside. Now go back to Pop's and give Loretta to Mr Gopesh. Take the paintbrush. Head to the street and climb the stone ledge behind the caged plant. Walk left on to the roof and climb up to the chimney, then drop your chunk of tar inside. Climb back down, then pick up the pot of tar just left of the caged plant. Return to the dinghy and use the paintbrush on it to unlock the next bonus feature (5/10). Cast off with your dinghy to set sail with Murphy.

Murphy will give you some salad oil once you reach your next destination. Use your knife on the fern to get some fern fronds. Now head up the path and enter the pumpkin patch. Use your knife on all 7 pumpkins to unlock another bonus feature (6/10). Now pick up the car jack, cart wheel and fresh soil from the middle of the pumpkin patch. Continue further along the path and pick up a green funnel from the ground to the left. Keep going along the path towards the laboratory in the distance. When you reach the large gate, try to open it with your rusty car jack. Pour the salad oil on the car jack, then use it on the gate. Now head inside.

Walk forward slightly and pick up some fertilizer from the ground on the right. Cut the dense vines here with your knife, then go through to a laboratory. Try using the power switch on the UV lamp, and try turning the faucet - there is no power or water. Go back outside, then head around to the left. Pick up the gardening manual and flower box, then read the gardening manual in your inventory.

Look at the broken windmill. Combine the cart wheel and fern fronds in your inventory, then use this on the pole - you have restored power.

Return to the front of the greenhouse, then continue around to the right. Keep going until you find some rusty pipes, then head over the bridge and into an elevator. Turn the valve just to the right, and water will start flowing, but will break the rusty pipes. Pick up the plumbers' tools from near the valve. Now head to the far left and look at the board hanging from the ceiling and another board on the wall to the right. Pull the lever beneath the right board to extend a large platform. Now go back over to the red area in front of the door and climb down the ladder into the shaft - this will take you back outside. Go over to the rusty pipes and climb on the boulder. Use your plumbers' tools on the broken pipe, then turn the small pipe you inserted and use your funnel on the left pipe. You have restored water.

Go back into the lab inside the greenhouse. Put your flower box on the desktop and fill it with soil. Open the chests along the back wall and take some seeds from each, then plant them in your soil. Use your fertilizer in the mixing machine, then turn the faucet. Pick up the mobile mutant plant-eating plant. Leave the lab and head right within the greenhouse until you find a chest covered with a massive vine. Use your plant-eating plant on it, then use your knife on the chest to open it. You will end up with a diary, family ring and Emerald 13 in your inventory.

Leave the greenhouse and you will talk to Murphy. Head around to the right, over the bridge and into the elevator. After the airship arrives, head around to the right and enter the cargo container.

Chapter 7

Hunting for Jack

Try to use the elevator, then examine the ladder heading down, but it is blocked by the cargo container. Open the back of the cargo container and a crate of nitroglycerine will partially fall out, still held by chains. Head to the far left and look at the board hanging from the ceiling again. Look at the unconscious monkeys, then take the duct tape, box of balloons, 2 pompoms and 2 punch-cards.

Look at the broken-off lever on the ground. Place the box of balloons on the shaft near the top edge of the platform you extended earlier (if you didn't do this, pull the lever beneath the right board to reveal the shaft). Pull the lever to close the platform, and you will break op en the box. Now go and take a balloon from the box.

Go all the way back past the cargo container and look at the rusty valve on the blue helium container. Shoot the valve with your rifle, then use the balloon with the helium leak. Use the 2 punch-cards on the narrow slots on the locks holding the chains to the crate of nitroglycerine - this will unload the crate from the cargo container (step I from the board). Now use your rifle to shoot out all 5 lamps hanging from the ceiling (step II from the board). Now stand on the platform with the X just to the left of the board. Combine the 2 pompoms in your inventory and use them. Now you can climb down into the shaft and capture Jack.

Chapter 8

Jack's Decision

Use the seeds of the purple Tooth Island shooting creeper on yourself to break free. Take the wick from the top of the kerosene. Use the wick to clean all of the windows surrounding you. Look around for the balcony and jump out to it. Outside, walk slightly right and talk to the little man in the distance until he throws you his belt. Return back to the left until you see a trapdoor. Attach the belt to the flagstaff extending out from here, then use the flagstaff to reach the level below.

Go right and pick up the purple trophy, then go to the far left and pick up the silver trophy. Now head inside and go right to find a blue trophy. Return left and place all 3 trophies on the 3 pedestals to unlock a bonus feature (7/10).

Pick up the big match (rod) just to the right of the pedestals. Look at the glass showcase to the right (just left of the flames). Use the Keane family ring to open it, and take the dip net from inside. Head back outside and use the dip net with the pelican, then pick up the rusty old can. Go back inside and use the rusty can on the Gordian knot attached to the ladder. Use the ladder and you will knock down a container. Pick up the container and use it in your inventory to find some fishing gear (dynamite). Put the fishing gear on the trapdoor. Use the rod on the flames to light it, then use the burning rod on the fishing gear. Climb down through the trapdoor.

Go and talk to the little man, then cross over the rubble.

Chapter 9

Jack's Training

Head right, through the arch and over the bridge. Enter the temple at the far end. Look at the case of liquor on the shelves, then talk to the priest about the ordeal of space. Climb the pedestal to the left, then press the Space bar on your keyboard. Climb back down from the pedestal, then climb on to the statue to the right. Take the cricket bat, parasol (sunshade) and flute. Climb down and go along the corridor.

Head right and talk to the next priest. Head up the short set of steps and take the dented pipe from the right. Return done and take the filthy pipe from the left, and the rusty pipe from the far right. On the right, use the filthy pipe on the green component with arrows pointing up. Return up the steps and use the rusty pipe on the worn valve on the left. Now use the dented pipe on the worn-out valve on the right.

Go back down and head right to look at the conveyor belt. Insert your sunshade into the hole in the middle of it. Return left to near the entry corridor and insert the flute between the scratched valve and the rust-eaten valve. Return up the steps and use the cricket bat on the bent valve. The priests will escort you to your next ordeal.

Go through the bridge to the left, then enter the Cave of the Sacred Tiger. Head to the right and take a bottle from the heap of bottles at the base of the first cobweb. Try to go over to the other cobweb, but the spider chases you away. Put the empty bottle in the left cobweb. Now go right and climb up to the ledge so you can look at the shopping cart. Climb back down, then go right until you reach a gap. Click on the hanging stalactite on the right until it falls. Now you can jump across.

Take the anti-vampire set (hammer and stake) and the liquor barrel next to it. Continue right to find a dead tiger and Montgomery, who has his leg stuck between some rocks. Pick up another liquor barrel from behind Montgomery, then return left to the cobwebs. Put a liquor barrel in the right cobweb, then put the other one in the left cobweb. Go and climb up next to it again, and place your shilling in the shopping cart - this will be enough to break it free of the web. Climb down twice and take the broken barrels, then climb back up and grab the shopping cart. Use the anti-vampire set on the broken barrels to turn them into discs. Go back to the tiger and use the shopping cart on it, then add the discs. Choose any of the roar options when prompted.

You will end up receiving a key from the priests. Pick up the major bug from beneath the bridge, then head up and right, through a gate. Continue left, through the arch and over the bridge, back into the temple again. Use your new key on the door to the left, then go through. Go over to the throne and talk to the little man, who turns out to be the high priest - he will give you a certificate and tell you about your final test. Leave by going left through the back door, then return to the village by going right.

Go left to find a locked door to the swamp. Use the old bar to open the door, then go through. Continue up the stairs into the village. Head out to the British soldiers and give them the major bug to unlock the next bonus feature (8/10).

Return to the marketplace and show your certificate to Rupiah, who will take you to the upper village. Go over the bridge and talk to Mr Gopesh, who will try talking to Vincent. Talk to him again after he fails. Now go left and up the stairs to talk to Vincent yourself. Pick up the bandage from next to him, then head right and through the second door to a veranda. Talk to Rupiah in here, then leave again. Return down the stairs to the plaza. Talk to Louise, who will tell you about a poem, the Kela Tara. Return past Mr Gopesh and down the stairs to the marketplace. Talk to the butcher, show him the leaflet, and keep talking until he gives you an authorization.

Make your way all the way back down the stairs, through the swamp, and into the back door of the temple. Enter the throne room and talk to the little man, then continue right to the reception area. Give the authorization to the priest, and you will receive the butcher's poem. Go all the way back up to Mr Gopesh. Keep going past him to talk to Montgomery, the crew and Murphy. Climb the stairs behind Murphy, then go left. Take the coconut from the coconut palm, then pick up the coconut halves.

Go back down the stairs here and over the bridge past Mr Gopesh, but then don't go down the spiral staircase - instead go further to the right to a plateau and talk to Shari. Give the butcher's poem to Shari. Combine the bandage and coconut halves in your inventory, then give this to Shari as well.

Grab the cup from the table where Mr Gopesh was sitting. Go towards the stairs on the left and pick up the wedding dress. Now head up the stairs behind Murphy, and enter the pharmacy. Talk to the pharmacist to learn that she has a love potion you need. Leave here and go left into the tower. Continue through the first door to the veranda and talk to Rupiah again. Give her the cup, then try to take the rare plant from the corner where she was standing, and it will fall down. Leave the veranda and go left towards Vincent, then pick up the rare plant from the ground. Go right to the plaza, then into the pharmacy again. Give the rare plant to her, then ask for the love potion. While you are here, use the wedding dress and the pharmacist will help you put it on.

Go to Vincent once more and give him the love potion. Return to the pharmacy and use the wedding dress again to return to your normal clothes. Leave and go down the stairs to the right. Talk to Murphy, then take his frying pan. Go over the bridge and out to the plateau opposite. Try to talk to Shari, then use the frying pan on her. You will automatically return to the temple.

Go inside and talk to the little man, who gives you another potion. Leave to the left through the back door, then head down to the right and enter the old lab.

As a child, open the left wardrobe door and take the green building block from inside. Pick up the red building block from the shelves to the right. Pick up the white jack-in-the-box just to the right, and the purple building block in front of that. Head over to the small stool on the left. Put the 3 building blocks and then the jack-in-the-box on the stool. Climb up twice to reach the window, but it is still locked, so climb down again. Walk over to the bed and take the 2 playpen rods. Also collect the lasso from the bottom shelf and the locked casket from the middle shelf. Pick up the book of fairy tales from the floor on the right. Climb up on the chair, then on the table. Pick up the toy gun from here.

Look at the missing coat hangers on the wall, and insert your 2 playpen rods. Add the book to create a platform, then climb up and take the pirate ship from the top of the wardrobe. Combine your lasso and pacifier, then add the gun and then the pirate ship. Now use this on a candlestick on the chandelier hanging from the ceiling. Push the pirate ship to break the window. Climb back down to the floor. Use the locked casket with the rocking horse, then push the rocking horse and pick up the pocket knife. Climb up towards the window. Use the pocket knife to cut the rope, then leave.

Chapter 10

Searching for Clues

Try to take the clay pigeon next to where you are standing. Head left and take some fresh soil from the end of the green bench. Now head inside to the gallery. Head to the right, where you will see double locked doors to Mr T's office. Go further right and into your room at the end of the corridor. Open the right door of the wardrobe, but the left door appears locked from the inside. Leave your room and come back along the corridor until you see a large clock. Use Jack's knife on the clock face, and you will lose the knife but get a clock hand. Return to your room and use the clock hand on the left wardrobe door. Open the wardrobe door.

Leave your room (you will see a short scene with Dr T), then talk to Miss Gristle outside Dr T's office. Ask her for lemonade and she will go to get some for you. Try to enter the office, but she will return too quickly with your lemonade. Talk to her again, then head downstairs to the library. Talk to the gorilla. Combine your lemonade and soil to make some mud, then put this on the gorilla's feet and talk to him again. Now you can go back upstairs and into the office.

Pick up the gorilla portrait on the right. Talk to Dr T about everything, then leave the office. Go out to the entry hall and use the gorilla portrait on the picture of Miss Gristle. Return down to the library and tell Miss Gristle about the portrait. Pick up the medical kit from the right here, then walk down to the base of the stairs and pick up the empty bucket.

Return upstairs and outside to the veranda. Fill the bucket using the faucet on the left. While you are out here, shoot the clay pigeon with your rifle. Put the medical kit on the pedestal and shoot that as well, then take the medical kit again to get a stethoscope. Go back inside and down to the library. Use the bucket of water on the red hot coals in the fireplace, then take the cold coals. Go upstairs and use the charcoal on the picture of Miss Gristle. Go back downstairs and tell her about this. Now you can go up and enter Dr T's office alone.

Take the classical LP (Wagner record) from the shelves to the right of the meat-eating plant. Open the globe next to the desk and take the ouzo from inside. Use the Wagner record on the gramophone and turn the crank, then immediately use the ouzo on the flower pot of the meat-eating plant. Now use the stethoscope on the safe door, then open the safe. Take the employee files and you will automatically read them.

Chapter 11

In the Lion's Den

Go to the far right end of the awning and use the faucet to make Dr T switch seats. You can now sneak past and go inside. Head down to the library and use the bell pull to the left of the fireplace - Miss Gristle will come downstairs. Head up the left stairs and try to get to Amanda's room, but you will end up hiding behind the grandfather clock. Look at the clock to see your knife, then enter the door here to find the gorilla's room. Head left and close the venetian blind, then you will be able to climb outside. Climb into Amanda's room.

Try to pick up your clothes from the floor here, but you want some privacy. Open the wardrobe drawer then the left door, and pick up your clothes to get dressed. Climb back outside and go left to enter the gorilla's room again. Take the gorilla statue and headache tablets from the shelves on the right, then leave via the door. Head around and outside to the veranda.

Pick up the watering can and fill it from the faucet to the left. Also pick up the gardener's saw from the left end of the green bench. Climb out to the awning and go left until you find an old umbrella you can take. Go back to the veranda and use the umbrella to steal the keys from the chair next to Dr T. Head inside once more.

Go downstairs and down to the right to the foyer. Climb up on the left side of the shelves twice, then use the gardener's saw with the loose floorboard and pick up your knife. Climb back down again, then head upstairs. Use the bunch of keys on the door to Dr T's office, then go inside. Pick up the office paraphernalia (fountain pen) from the floor behind the desk. Use this with your pre-phrased letter of notice. Use the bunch of keys on all 4 desk drawers. Take heads from the top right, bottom right and top left drawers. Use your knife on the bottom left drawer, then take its contents (3 letters) to unlock another bonus feature (9/10). Put the 3 heads you found on the 3 left statuettes - the one for Dr T is missing.

Go over to the drunk meat-eating plant. Combine the headache tablets and watering can, then use this on the flower pot. Now give the gorilla statue to the plant, and you will end up with a gorilla head. Go and put this on the final statuette on the desk. Turn all 4 heads sideways, and the other half of the room will transform.

Look at the panels on either side of the telephone booth. Use your knife to cut the power cable in the telephone booth - you will end up taking the phone and the cable. When Miss Gristle comes in, give her the letter of notice. Now head downstairs. Be nice to the gorilla and he will let you leave.

On the plane, climb up to the top and use your knife to release the 2 tank mounts. Climb back down and try to open both hatches - one will open. Take its contents to find a jerry can with gasoline and a hand-written user manual. Next open the hood behind Amanda and look at the thick green tube. Climb up to the top again and take the monkey flight suit. Cut this with your knife to find a tube. Climb back down and look at the engine again. Use your new tube on it, then use your jerry can.

Once Jerry the monkey arrives, take the broken strut from the right wing and hit Jerry with it. Next pull Jerry's ripcord to get rid of him. Go to the back of the plane and retrieve the red screwdriver. Use this to remove the landing-gear rod from beneath the strut you are standing on. Use your telephone cable on the pitch elevator at the back of the plane, then use the landing-gear rod on it as well.

Chapter 12

The Decision

Talk to Amanda and she will give you her broken rifle. Walk out over the narrow land bridge where you will be stopped by huge man-eating plants. Pick up the skeleton here, then go back to the plane. Head up to the left now and follow the upper path so you can talk to Vincent. Go over the bridge and keep following the water until you see a monkey in a tree. Talk to him, then pick up the coconut he throws at you. Keep going along the water, and take the bamboo rod, causing an avalanche and bringing Montgomery down to the beach.

Talk to Montgomery, who wants a cold beer. Grab a warm beer from the crate behind him. Head left to the balloon wreckage, then continue left until you find some dense vegetation - cut this with your knife. Pick up the signpost stone. Return right to see another sign, and use it to return to the narrow land bridge. Use your signpost stone with the broken sign here to repair it and unlock the final bonus feature (10/10).

Head up to the left and follow the lower path to find some more plane wreckage. Use your bamboo rod on the rear part of the aircraft, then pull it once it is attached, and the water will be diverted to the far side of the steps. Put the skeleton in the dried-up riverbed, then put the warm beer in the skeleton. Pull the bamboo rod again, then go and get the chilled beer. Go over Vincent's bridge and return to Montgomery to give him the beer - you will end up getting a sawing comb and a "Hide-That-Belly" belt. Return to the plane wreckage and use your sawing comb on the tree to bring it down.

Take the hollow branch from the right end of the small bridge here. Go up towards Vincent's bridge and talk to the little man. Go back to Montgomery, then continue past him to the left and head up the ramp towards the statues. Climb up to the left and follow the boardwalk until you see Dr T. Go a little further and use your "Hide-That-Belly" belt with the crown chevrons to make a catapult. Go further around to the left and place your hollow branch on the rocks. Return to the catapult and use your coconut on it to reveal to the villagers that Dr T is the villain.

Go and talk to the little man again, who will give you a ritual bone-shaped mold to help deal with the meat-eating plants. Use your knife on the rubber tree to the left, then use the mold on the rubber ooze to make 3 ritual rubber bones. Head back towards the narrow land bridge and pick up the crank from the ground near the wreckage. Now you can head out on to the narrow land bridge and give a ritual rubber bone to each of the 3 plants.

It is now safe to cross the bridge. Look at the 2 keyholes here, then try to use the crank in each of them. Return to Amanda (at the plane wreckage), asking for her help. While Amanda works on the locks, climb up the ledge on the left and enter the small hatch. Dr T will escape again, and will throw a bomb into the room with you and Amanda.

Pick up the teapot, then use it on the loose wires to short-circuit them. Pick up the cane and use it on the hatch in the door, then leave the room.

Head through the doorway to the left to reach the upper platform. Pick up the door handle from the ground. Open the hatch with your knife, then take the blown fuse. Next go through the right doorway, to reach the platform near the barracks. After talking to Amanda, pick up the brake pad from the ground. Go back through the doorway and insert the brake pad into the fuse socket. Return to the platform near the barracks, then follow the top right pathway to enter the barracks.

Pick up the spindle with twine, then look at Jerry. Open the far right green locker and take the clothes hanger (clothes peg) from inside. Try to use the door on the right, but you need to know a code to open it. Press the large green button on the far left of the room. Head out through the opened door. Look at the defective magnetic coil on the ground. Combine your clothes peg and spindle with twine, then use this on the fuse box that Amanda is investigating. Now use Amanda's broken rifle.

Chapter 13

The Last Stand

Go left and open the cabin door, then go inside. Take the horseshoe and put it into the oven. Pick up the corkscrew and use it on the mini bar, then open the mini bar and take the bucket of ice from inside. Return outside and go further around to the left. Take the hawser and the emergency paddle. Enter the cabin again and use the paddle to get the horseshoe. Now put this into your bucket of ice, then combine it with the hawser to create a grappling hook.

Go outside and around to the right. Use your grappling hook on the ship's helm (in front of Dr T). Climb up on to the red sofa above you and use the ship's helm. Use your knife on the blue bag above you, then pick up the rocket flares and give them to Amanda.

Jump over to the platform on the right, then jump further around to the right so you are behind Dr T. Walk over to the red door, then climb right up next to Dr T, but the arm of the chimp will break off and you will fall back down. Take the wooden arm, then jump back around to the red sofa. Standing on the left side of the sofa, try to open the left door, but it won't stay open. Use the wooden arm on it to keep it still. Now jump over the platforms to the right, and eventually up to this new door you are holding open with the wooden arm. Use your knife on the rope.