Iron RosesIron Roses

Game Details:  Adventure, 2009

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  11/13/2013

Suggested Listening:  Where There's Smoke (Ash 25)

Iron Roses is a hybrid adventure and hidden object game that also has timed music-based sequences. You play as Alex, a woman who is behind on her rent and needs to reform her band, the Iron Roses, in order to win a Battle of the Bands competition and get her life back on track.

Act 1

My Place

Pick up your guitar, then look at the amplifier and poster before entering the bathroom. Take the make-up and newspaper, then read the newspaper in your inventory. Return through the living room to the kitchen. Look at the fruit and take some change from the jar on the counter, then leave again. Head to the hall and talk to Lynn about everything. Take the guitar pick from the right and talk to Lynn again. Win the guitar minigame. Look at the bookcase and take the apartment key from the bottom left, then try to leave the apartment. Go back to the living room and climb out the window. Head left to the street, then left again to the street corner.

"Lethal Dose" Club

Use your change to get a newspaper from the machine, then also read this one. Continue left and talk to the bouncer outside Lethal Dose. Go left again and into the alley, and talk to Martin. Head deeper into the alley and pick up the 9 scraps of paper. Look at one of these in your inventory, then complete the jigsaw minigame. Return to Martin and talk to him, then win the guitar minigame. Talk again and you will be allowed inside. Open the door to get into the tap-room. Look at the broom here, then continue through the right door. Head towards the tables and talk to the bartender (Bomb). Go back and pick up the broom, then come out to the tables and talk to the manager. Go left to the stage and use the broom on the floor to clean it up. Return to the tables and talk to Bomb again, who will give you the manager's lunch. Go and talk to the manager about everything. Return to the stage and pick up the garbage bag, then look at it and collect 9 business cards. Talk to the manager again and you will give him the cards. Leave the bar through the tap-room. Head further into the alley again and put the garbage bag in the dumpster. Return out of the alley and head right down the street until you are in the alley outside your apartment.

My Place

Search the small pile of trash to the right of the dumpster here to find a rotten tomato. Throw this at the window above you, then head into the building. Try to open your apartment door, but it is locked, so unlock it with the key from your inventory and head inside. Head right to the living room and pick up the amplifier. Next enter the kitchen and take a banana and some more change from the jar. Leave the apartment and head outside.

"Lethal Dose" Club

Go down the street again and this time you can enter through the front of the Lethal Dose club. Go and talk to the manager twice and you will get another pick as well as a gig for your band.

Act 2

My Place

After talking to Lynn, pick up 3 study sheets from this room. Head right to the living room and pick up 3 more study sheets. Now go to the kitchen and collect the last 3 study sheets. Return to the hall and talk to Lynn again. Now look in the drawer here and find 6 scraps of paper making up a phone number. Look at one of these in your inventory and solve the jigsaw minigame. Go to the living room and approach the telephone, then dial 425-555-7859. Talk to Toby, then exit the apartment and talk to the scary landlady. Head back inside and go to the kitchen. Pick up the flour and sugar, then look in the fridge and take the milk, eggs and chocolate. Go back out and talk to the scary landlady again to give her the ingredients. Go downstairs and out to the street.

"Lethal Dose" Club

Go to the club and head to the bar. Talk to Bomb about his lucky sticks, and he agrees to email you some pictures. Leave the club and head left until you see a taxi. Get in to see a map of the city.

Internet Cafe

Head inside and talk to Bomb, who will give you a USB drive. Go over to the computers and use this on the 3 computers whose screens you can see - win the virus minigame on each of them. Go and talk to Bomb, who will give you some money and let you use the computers. Go over and use one, but the power will cut out. Talk to Bomb again, then enter the back room. Pick up 8 fuses, some scissors and a printer cartridge. Look at the fuse box, then insert the fuses with matching colors. Go to the back alley through the right door and take a printer cable from the trash can.

Head back inside and talk to Bomb again, then use a computer to find out the printer doesn't work. Use your printer cartridges on it (you must have the scissors for this to work) then use your printer cable on it. Use a computer again, then take the paper from the printer. Leave the cafe and return to the map.

Martha's Restaurant

Head into the restaurant. Talk to the head waiter, then head down towards the office. Talk to Martha about everything. Look in the filing cabinet and find 6 pieces of broken drumsticks. Go back and talk to the head waiter again, then complete the restaurant minigame. Talk to the head waiter once more, and return to Martha's office. Collect 9 coffee cups from around the office. Talk to Martha while you are here, then return to the head waiter to get paid. Leave the restaurant and walk down to reach a square.

Music Shop

Enter the music shop. Talk to Zvone and he will give you some blank stickers. Use your printer paper in the decal machine on the right. Use the stickers in the machine as well. Now you will talk to Zvone again and pay him $50 to get the sticks.

Act 3

My Place

After automatically talking to Lynn and Toby, leave the room and talk to Lynn again. Leave your apartment and head out to the street.

"Lethal Dose" Club

Head through the main entrance and pick up the broken jewelry from the floor. Leave the club and walk left until you can hail the taxi.

Jewelry Shop

Go inside and talk to Mr Jameson. Leave again and head right to the parking lot. Put flyers on each of the green cars, then head back into the shop. Talk to Mr Jameson again and you will get your repaired necklace. Leave and enter the taxi again.

Crash's Hotel

Head through the doors and talk to the receptionist, then talk to the guard. Go back outside and around the right to the back of the hotel. Examine the courtyard and pick up 6 pieces of the broken glasses. Look at one piece in your inventory and solve the jigsaw minigame. Go and talk to the guard inside and he will escort you around the back. Go through the back entrance to reach Crash's room. Talk to the bodyguard, who won't let you inside. Walk right twice and climb into the baggage cart for room 208 to get inside. Talk to Crash, then take the guitar. Go outside and Crash will tell the bodyguard to let you in. Back inside, talk to Crash again and agree to go shopping.

Fashion Store

Enter the store and talk to Crash, then pick up some shoes, a shirt and some jeans. Talk to crash and solve the dressing minigame, then talk to Tammy. Leave the store and return to the taxi.

Music Shop

Go inside and talk to Zvone. Look at the broken guitars and solve the guitar minigame. Head back outside and into the taxi.

Toby's Office

Enter the building, then use the right elevator and enter the office. Talk to Toby, then go back to the lobby and use the left elevator. Talk to Walter, then look at the monitors on the right wall. Complete the monitors minigame. Talk to Walter again, then look at the monitor on his desk and solve a differences minigame. Talk to Walter once more to get his garage keys, then head outside to meet up with Toby.

Walter's Garage

Go outside and talk to Toby and Crash, then get in the taxi.

"Lethal Dose" Club

Head into the club and talk to Bomb at the bar. Pick up the garbage bag on the left and look at it in your inventory; find 9 bottle caps. Go to the stage and get another garbage bag. Look in this one as well, but there is nothing there to find. Head to the lobby and pick up 2 more garbage bags, then go out to the back alley and put all 4 bags in the dumpster. Walk back inside and talk to Bomb again to get him to leave. Go outside and get in the taxi.

Knight Publishing

Enter the building and walk forward to the office, then talk to the businessman. Head right to the storage area and take both amplifiers. Leave the building and return to the cab.

Walter's Garage

Talk to Bomb, who needs a drum kit - get back in the cab again.

Music Shop

Go inside and talk to Zvone, who rents you a drum kit. Head back outside and into the taxi.

Walter's Garage

Head inside and place the two amplifiers, two guitars and drum kit in their correct positions. Go back out and talk to Crash, who still needs a microphone. Get into the cab.

Father's Place

Walk into the house and talk to your father. Head upstairs to the attic. Pick up the 5 reference books from around the room, then go back downstairs and talk to your father again. Next go to the basement and take the iron rose and your dad's old microphone. Head upstairs and outside into the taxi.

Toby's Place

Use Toby's key on the door and head inside. Look at the painting to see the date "August 5th, 1845". Now move the bookcase to find a safe. Enter the code 851845 (turn the dial either way for each number and press the middle each time). You will automatically take the bass and amplifier. Leave here and get back in the taxi.

Walter's Garage

Go inside and place the bass and amp, microphone and iron rose in position. Go back outside and talk to Toby about the missing mask. Get back in the taxi once more.

Toby's Office

Go inside and use the right elevator. Enter Toby's office and take the tribal mask from the wall. Go back outside and into the cab.

Walter's Garage

Go inside and put the mask on the wall.