Investi-Gator: The Case of the Big CrimeInvesti-Gator: The Case of the Big Crime

Game Details:  Comedy, 2019

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  3/17/2022

Suggested Listening:  Where There's Smoke (Ash 25)

Investi-Gator: The Case of the Big Crime is a short comedy adventure. You play as Investi-Gator, a bumbling detective in the business of solving crimes, that someone always seem to involve your brother Insti-Gator. There are 8 Steam Achievements, all documented in the walkthrough below.

Case 1: The Mystery of Crime Manor

Look at the mace and pick it up. Look at the crime gelatin and the footprints. Look at the painting on the wall, then open the door to see your brother Insti-Gator - talk to him about everything. Grab the blueprints and use them on the footprints. Pick up the scale that was left behind. Also look at the pedestal and use the blueprints on the crime droplets here. Read the plaque on the pedestal.

Go back and talk to Insti-Gator and tell him you cleaned up all the ketchup Gold Star!. Put the mace into the trash can, then pick up the photograph that is revealed. Talk to Insti-Gator once more and tell him you figured it out Case Cracked.

Case 2: The Vanishing of Grizzelda Crime

Act 1

After the introduction, go through the doorway and talk to Red Herring, then look at the ketchup next to him. Go around the corner and pick up the broom handle. Ring the bell on the desk, then talk to the secretary about the notebook. Use the broom handle on the statue in the corner of the room, then pick up the notebook.

Return to the interrogation room and talk to Mr Crime. After finishing here, return to the corridor and enter the chief's office. Talk to the Police Chief about everything. Go back out and talk to Red Herring, then leave the station.

Act 2

Talk to Polly, then find the elf (1/7) in the set of shelves. Go to the far end of the classroom and look at the doodle on the desk to see the number 158. Open the lock in the shelves now that you know the combination, and you will get Grizzelda's diary. Try to open the drawer next to Polly, but she won't let you. Talk to Polly, then talk to Red Herring, who will run distraction duty. Open the drawer and take out the apple.

Act 3

This act will play out automatically Case... Cracked?.

Case 3: The Case of the Elaborate Backstory

Act 1

Only one decision needs to be made during the opening court scene.

Act 2

Talk to Red Herring, then walk out of your cell and head right. Look at the mysterious objects to find the next elf (2/7).

Go left and use the red button. Talk to Polly, but she won't press it again. Look at the big blue wheel to the left, and the exit door along the corridor. Continue forward and talk to Insti-Gator through the window. Go back and talk to the exit door to receive a cake from the warden, then talk to Insti-Gator again. Talk to the warden through the exit door to learn about Jailbux. Talk to Polly again, and Red Herring will overhear this time. Leave through the secret passage in your cell.

Act 3

Search the plant to find a recording device. Try to head down the corridor, and the secretary will eventually let you go. Head into the interrogation room to find another elf (3/7). Go back out to the corridor, then into the evidence room at the end. Go left to find a yellow elf (4/7) in a box on the shelves. Also look at the business logo on the left wall Yeah, we can show that.

Look at the ketchup on the floor, then take Red Herring's rap sheet from the box on the left. Now walk towards the exit of the room.

Act 4

Look on top of a stone pillar in the background to find the next elf (5/7). Try to use the exit in the background, then as suggested type "win game" on your keyboard Congratulations!.

Examine the sliding puzzle, then use it again to put the tiles back. Use the vending machine that appears and you will get a quarter. Look at the turnstile, then insert your quarter and walk through.

Act 5

Go left and look in the closet to find an elf (6/7). Now examine the painting, then enter the tunnel behind it.

In the next area, try to use the keypad on the bunker, but you need a red keycard. Go through the passage to the left to reappear upstairs. Examine the server to discover the final elf (7/7) in the vent to the left. Go to the very left and turn off the TV, then head back down the ramp. Examine the broken TV on the ground and it will explode. Now you can take the keycard. Also take some loose change from where you got the keycard.

Pull the cord on the left to reveal a projector screen. Give the loose change to Red Herring. Use your blue keycard on the ketchup on the floor, then use your red keycard on the keypad.

There is one more decision to be made during the closing court scene Case Shattered.

Backer Museum

This area can be access from the Main Menu after completing all 3 cases. There is an achievement for entering this museum Friends of Bees. If you have collected all 7 elves, you can go through The Thousand Elf Door at the back of the museum. Continue to the far right and inspect the Dirt Elf artwork See You Next Grime.