Insomnia: Theater in the HeadInsomnia: Theater in the Head

Game Details:  Fantasy, 2022

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  3/5/2023

Suggested Listening:  Where There's Smoke (Ash 25)

Insomnia: Theater in the Head is a fantasy adventure depicting the troubled mind of a woman who cannot get to sleep. You must solve puzzles and have conversations with the parts of the brain that are keeping you awake. There are 16 Steam Achievements, all documented in the walkthrough below.


Roll on the Show!

Once the elf is jumping on the trampoline, click on the chain above the light I Know What to Do. Watch the remainder of the prologue A Bunch of New Ideas.

Act 1

The Tune of Time

Click on the large sheep and pop the small sheep repeatedly Does Sheep-Counting Help?. Open the curtains and click on the gears outside to create a cat. Click on the 3 clocks to create a bird, a dog, and a frog. Click on the hourglass repeatedly until it tips onto the plant. Wait for the animals to all climb into the tree.

Take the rolled up sheet of music, then click on the animals in the right order t o produce the notes that are shown:

  • Frog, frog, dog
  • Frog, frog, dog
  • Frog, dog, bird, cat, cat, dog

Watch as the elf conducts the music Beautiful Tune of Time.

Act 2

The Nerve-Wracking News

Click on all 8 heart symbols on the mirror and you scroll the images upwards Do It for Yourself. Click on the circle at the bottom of the mirror, then swipe the program away. Close all the windows on the computer screen.

Change the channel on the TV, and click on the floating symbols across the top of the screen. Change the channel again and you will be able to click on a different color of symbols. Repeat this until they are all gone Fall Asleep When Burnt Out.

Act 3

The Tossin' and Turnin'

Click on the large sheep until it pops, then click on all the other objects to make them disappear. Click to turn the lights out in the room, then click on the eyes to make them close Been Tossing and Turning.

Act 4

The Converging Course

Click on the bottle repeatedly until the ball falls out. Cut the string so the ball falls down into the room. Click on the fish 3 times to make the yellow ball roll to the left People Will Forget. Now click on the following objects in this order:

  • Sheep
  • Blue bucket
  • Blue teapot
  • Curtains
  • Yellow ball
  • Window
  • Both statues
  • Drawers
  • Yellow ball
  • School bag (timed)
  • Yellow book
  • Plant (timed)

In the second room, click on the following objects in this order:

  • Left escalator arrow
  • Right triangle hook
  • Yellow ball
  • Elevator button (timed)
  • Drinks cupboard
  • Chair lever (timed)

Once the yellow ball falls down again, click on it until it disappears Start All Over Again.

Act 5

The Mingled Memories

Click on the tangled objects to reveal a tile puzzle, then click on the tiles to swap them to complete the string of lights. Click on the tangled objects again, then solve another tile puzzle; this one requires clicking to rotate the tiles to complete a chain. Click to see a sliding tile puzzle where you need to complete a snake. There is an achievement for solving this with 6 moves Say Goodbye to the Past, so click on the tiles in these positions:

  1. Bottom
  2. Bottom-right
  3. Right
  4. Middle
  5. Top
  6. Top-left

Click to get the hardest puzzle, where you need to put the tiles in place and rotate them to complete a rope. Now drag the 4 photo pieces over the hanging jacket. Drag the photo left and right to reveal memories Let Go of Some Memories.

Act 6

The Emerging Emotions

Move the fish around by clicking on new objects to fill with water:

  1. Picture frame on the left
  2. Water bottle
  3. Drinking glass
  4. Cushion on the sofa
  5. Aquarium

Now click on the aquarium until it breaks. Once the fish is all alone, click on it again Can't Hide the Emotions. Pick up the pills and the water. Look to the far left so you can see the mirror, and click on the drinking glass again.

Act 7

Stray and Searching

Click on each of these objects, then drag them off the screen:

  • Large sheep
  • Aquarium
  • Sofa
  • Mirror
  • Plant
  • Door

Click on the clock and the decorations, and they will slide upwards. Now drag the whole scene away. Once you see the tall glass buildings, drag the segments up and down to create a cohesive picture. Click on the yellow window pane, then drag the curtains open. Crumple up each of the hand-drawn objects from top to bottom:

  1. Tree
  2. Mossy rock
  3. Dark water
  4. Fish and seaweed
  5. Light water
  6. Jellyfish
  7. Right tree
  8. Pot-plant
  9. Left tree
  10. Clouds
  11. Moon
  12. Yellow ball

Open the cupboard, then drag this scene away. Click on each of the colored balls to start them moving, then click on each of them again when the colors align correctly. Click on the scene and it will walk away Where to Go?.

Act 8

The Show Goes On!

You need to drag small objects over their paired larger objects:

  • Small sheep to large sheep
  • Small fish to large jellyfish
  • Musical note to sheet music
  • Yellow ball to blue ball pit
  • Red document to mirror
  • Torn photo to tangled objects

Drag each of the colored paint splats over yourself. Now drag each of the abstract shapes over the canvas on the right, then turn on the light. Turn the light off again Something Left Behind. Watch the credits, then click on your phone Good Night.

The final achievement is given when you have all other achievements Let t he Show Go On.