In MemoriamIn Memoriam

AKA Missing: Since January

Game Details:  Mystery, 2003

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Walkthrough Updated:  6/5/2009

Suggested Listening:  Give Up Now (Ash 25)

In Memoriam is an alternate reality game, released in the US under the name "Missing: Since January". After a reporter and his girlfriend go missing, the kidnapper releases a CD containing clues to their whereabouts. You must solve the provided puzzles, which involves some online research, and send and receive emails from other members of your team to thwart the kidnapper's plans. You may struggle to get this game working now, due to lack of availability of the online services. The story continues in the sequel, Evidence: The Last Ritual.


After you have created a username and been given a password, the first challenge is shown. Simply drag the knife into the open hand to continue.

Door of the Initiates

To open the Door of the Initiates you must first pass 3 tests. Click on each of the three moving orange symbols to access the tests.


You must type in the password that is shown. Each key on your keyboard will actually generate a different letter of the alphabet, so it is just a matter of trial and error until you have correctly copied the password that is shown (corpus).


There is a password box and a razor blade. Drag the razor blade over the screen to scratch away the surface and reveal a picture and a website address. Click on the website address to go to a secret page on the website. At that page, zoom around the 3D image until you spot the secret word. Type this word (anima) into the password box back in the game.


Letters will be bouncing all around the screen evading your mouse. Click on the sun that appears in the middle and another website will be shown. Scroll around the 3D image to see a large word (spiritus). Back in the game, move your mouse near each of the appropriate letters and carefully drag them to the spaces to complete the word.

Aqua Stage 1

You are now let into the main interface of the game, where you can access email, the SKL website and video clips using the pop-out menu on the left. There are also a series of challenges to now access by clicking on the moving circles. Each challenge will provide you with a new video clip. The order in which you complete the challenges is not important.


Click on this circle to view a new clip showing the original murder. After this, you will see a series of photographs cut into grids - run your mouse over every square in the grid to switch to the next photo. Eventually you will reveal one showing multiple faces, and there will be several numbers and names to match up. Try any combination of names, and you will get a message from Phoenix saying that the key is on the internet. Find a website about the Volker Institut, and on the history page is a photograph giving you the answer:

  • 1 = Berthold
  • 2 = Babureck
  • 3 = Volker
  • 4 = Reinhart
  • 5 = Wagner
  • 6 = Wichman

You may want to check your email about now, because you should have several messages. One important one has arrived from Fe256, and if you follow the link you will be able to make a Super-8 Analyser appear within your game.


The puzzle you are shown here involves dragging the circle slowly around the course from start to finish. You can stop in each of the circle areas. When the timer runs out you will be returned to the last circle you visited. If you collide with the wall or a star, you will also be returned. Each time you complete the course, more letters of the password will be revealed. Once you have the whole password (Vassili Tsirkas) type it into the box and hit enter.


A word will be displayed in the middle of the screen, along with two plus signs and a blue circle. You must keep clicking on the blue circle to display the next word. Don't click to quickly, or Phoenix will get angry and kick you out of the program.

The next challenge involves revealing 3 photographs of Greece. Move the water tray down slightly so you can get to more of it, then lift the rock to reveal a series of pieces of photographs. You can either drop the individual pieces into the water to develop them, or piece them together based on shape and then develop the whole photographs.

Examine the video using the Super-8 Analyser, and you will be able to pause the footage at a street sign on the side of a building. Perform a search for this street (Odos Epicharmou) on the internet, and you will find a few pages about Rhodes. One of these even has a photo of a medieval well matching one of the photographs you have just developed. The answer you are therefore looking for is Rodos - to get the pronunciation correct, the first o must have an accent.


This challenge sees you placing various still shots from the Super-8 video footage in their correct order. Simply watch through the footage carefully and this will be easy, but the correct order is:

  • Girl by herself on boat
  • View of empty sea off right side of boat
  • Woman and girl together on boat
  • Woman leaning over left side of boat
  • Woman standing on left side of boat near land
  • Shot of hill with buildings and trees
  • Mainly water with small amount of land on right
  • Woman lying on beach with girl walking towards water
  • Woman and girl both lying on beach
  • Mainly water with large island in the middle
  • Coastline to right, water on left
  • Coastline to left, water on right with another island
  • Some water on left, large hill to right (just before murder)

Place the shots in this order, then press the button to view the whole video. If the order is correct you get to see some more footage.


You start off with one moving object that you can click on to create more. These strange creatures recreate a blank space in the image. Keep clicking on them until a button appears near the bottom of this image - click it to get a message from Phoenix, then click again.

There are now three of these creatures to start with, so click on them to create more and start filling in the blank space in the newspaper article. After a short time, enemies will start appearing to undo their work - click on them to make them disappear. Keep clicking on both the creatures working for you and the enemies, and you will eventually reveal the entire word from the newspaper. Enter this word (Solingen) to complete the challenge.


In this challenge there is a scrolling picture. Click on it and you will be given crosshairs to move around the image. If you scroll around you will see two numbers displayed in large type; just move your crosshair to this position and you complete the first part of this challenge.

The next screen shows a young girl with her arms up the air. Move the discs to the far corners of the screen very quickly - there are several to get out of the way. When the girl's belly button is clear, quickly click on it to get rid of those discs. You now need to work out this girl's name, and are told that the portrait came off the internet. If you do a quick search on the internet, you will find Karen Gijman's website, and easily locate the painting, simply called "Sanne". Enter this name to continue.

Aqua Stage 2

A new and harder set of challenges is now presented to you. Several emails at this stage will also let you know that you're a genius. Once again, each completed challenge will give you some new video footage as a reward.


You are advised to converge the lights above Agia Sophia. You can gently move the light sources around use your mouse cursor, so just make them all gather towards the middle of the screen and the correct words will light up. You will now get a top-down view of the church of Saint Sophia. Search the web and you will find pictures of the 8 "levhas" displayed within the church, and you can easily work out the correct locations of these images within the game. If the symbols are numbered 1-8 from left to right, then the left symbols from top to bottom are 4, 5, 3, 2 and the right symbols from top to bottom are 6, 7, 1, 8.


Click on the bottle to shoot red ink on to the page, then move the red ink down on to the circle to gradually reveal an image with the words Sol Invictus. On the next screen, move your mouse over the letters to form these words. Avoid incorrect letters, and avoid the moving suns and you will complete the level.


If you perform a web search on any of the three names provided in this challenge (Victoria Baring, Maria Luiza Alves and Sato Mai) you will find a website of rare book collectors. A second clue will point you to Istanbul. Perform a further search on Kasim Sari, the member of the club from Turkey, and you will find the number you are looking for (185053) on the first page that comes up.

Terra Stage 1


The aim is to move the spider to the end of the stage. There are three different symbols you can move on to squares in front of or behind the spider, to make it move 1, 2 or 3 squares. It is relatively simple to make your way around the 3 stages avoiding the moving squares.


Drag the circular structure around and you will see the red lights come on as you get closer to the target. Drop it where all lights are on to reach the next stage. Here you must piece together two photographs to get the name of the victim of what appears to be a murder. Perform a search for the name you discover (Helena Whitford) and you will find her website. This will give you her date of birth (09/07/1981).


Move the two photographs to reveal the hidden message "College OX1". Check your email for more details about Helena's murder and autopsy. You will receive a second message suggesting that you need to find latitude and longitude details of a place, and are given a website address to visit. Enter the coordinates for Oxford from this site.

Terra Stage 2


There are four spaces to place completed jigsaw puzzles, and 4 sets of pieces. The crucible on the right lets you increase or decrease the size of the pieces so that they all fit correctly (adjust whether you are increasing or decreasing by using the button on the side of the crucible). Simply place the four completed jigsaws in the correct order to finish the puzzle.


This is a game of mini-golf, when you just have to get the ball in the hole with as few shots as possible. You must complete each course twice, and the more shots you use the first time, the fewer you have at your disposal the second time. You will gradually reveal the following words: Napoli, Genova, Geneva, Toulouse.


Move the map, photograph and postcard around a bit if you like, then drag out the business card that is hidden beneath the metal tray. Go to the website displayed on the card, but you probably won't find anything too interesting. Instead, try a search on the web for murders and the surname "Maggioli". You will find out that his first name was Gianni.


Using the clues on the screen, you will be able to perform a web search and discover that the church being referred to is Chiesa di Santa Maria di Castello. This was built in the year 658, so that is the number that needs to be entered on the screen. To turn the numbers over, you need to place capsules of various colors on the screen.

Red always kills the bugs, and various combinations of yellow, green and blue make the bugs turn the different wheels. In general, yellow+blue moves the left wheel, blue+green moves the middle wheel, and green+yellow moves the right wheel. It is turned over by either 1 or 2 depending on the order you places the capsules. Once the number you want is reached, you can click on the bug to make it run away. A bit of trial and error is required, but you will eventually get the correct combination.


Use the razor blade to scrape away at the page, avoiding the moving stars or you will have to start again. You will reveal the letters "OESPG". Perform a web search for this and you will find a website about the St Paul's Scouts Association of Geneva. This was founded by Father Malard, so just enter this surname into the page to complete the challenge.


Connect the dots from the first red circle to the last red circle. Use trial and error to make your way around the screen in a clock-wise manner, selecting 1 of each of the groups of 3 circles for each step. For the second part of this challenge, you need to find out what Jose Cortado inscribed on his engraving. Just do a quick search on the web and you will find the answer (manus domini).

Aer Stage 1


Simply click and drag your mouse to the right to reveal the following words: est impuri separatio a substantia puriore. Search for this on the web and you will find the missing word "alchimia".


The clue from the Phoenix tells you that there are seven of them, and one is missing. If you move your mouse cursor on to the moving orange circle when it stops on a cross, you will get the symbol of an element appearing. The six elements that are displayed are Sn, Pb, Au, Ag, Cu, Fe. If you perform a web search you will find that these are all linked to planets in metallurgy, and the one that is missing is Hg (mercury, latin name hydrargyrum). Enter this name to continue.


This puzzle involves using the bellows on either side of the table to blow the ball around until you get it into the hole in the middle. At this stage the message "Inkdesign ((not found)-327)" will pop up. This is not an error message in the game, but instead is giving you the address of a website (, because a not found error on the internet is a 404, minus 327 is 77). Go there and have a look at the webcam page to see a photograph similar to the one in the puzzle. Enter the location of the photo, Lucciola Bella, to complete the challenge.

Aer Stage 2


This puzzle is a simple magic square. Make all of the squares in the rows and columns add up to the same number (111). The second challenge is to make the square reach the target at the end of 5 consecutive obstacle courses. You move the square by anchoring it with elastic ties to up to 4 markers around the outside, and lose energy when you bounce hard off walls, or when you pass through the enemies. Persistence and being careful to balance your forces will eventually pay off.


A device is shown on the screen that appears to have a speaker in its middle. Moving the discs and handles around it changes the nature of the sounds it is producing. Check your email, and Fe256 will have another tool for you to download. Follow the instructions to make the audio device appear on your toolbar.

By now a second email will definitely be there, giving you the answer to the first part of this challenge (umbra profunda sumus). Enter this to reach the next section. You are again given the same audio device, and the aim is to create silence. Adjust each of the handles and discs to remove the background noises. Next you must enter the order of the cities along the Holy Path. They are being read out, but you cannot understand the words. Use the Audio tool provided by Fe256 to get the answer: Naples, Genova, Geneva, Toulouse, Oxford, Paris, Marburg, Wittenberg, Prague, Frankfurt, Venice, Rome. Simply run your mouse over these cities in the correct order.


The first challenge here is to place 10 sound clips in their correct order. Click the bottom button to hear the entire recording, and then on the individual clips to place them in an order. Once you have placed all ten, you will hear your combined effort, and will proceed if it matches the prerecorded sound. The correct order changes each time, so just listen carefully and write things down if you have to.

The second challenge involves dragging a scalpel blade through a moving intestine to the other end (to cut a string). It is only the tip of the scalpel that must not cut the intestine, and in general it is easiest just to move quickly through (there is a section in the middle where you can pause).


Run your mouse slowly from left to right across the middle of the screen to display the words in order and unlock the main puzzle. You are asked to name the sixth planet. Try a web search for the first password in Vari "umbra profunda sumus" and you will find a website about Giordano Bruno. Look at his magic page, and you will see a list of planetary names and principles. Try these as possible passwords for this challenge, and you will find the correct answer (Asclepius).


The first puzzle here gives you a symbol as discovered at the most recent murder site. The two input boxes allow you to enter two 4-digit numbers. Once again, that site you found about Giordano Bruno ( will come in handy. The title of every page actually gives you the answer, which are his birth and death dates - 1548 and 1600.

The Second puzzle displays a dragonfly on the screen and spaces for 13 letters of a name. To create the letters, you must click on one of the dragonfly's wings or its tail, and then on either the left or right antenna. The left antenna creates the letters A-M, and the right one creates N-Z. Drag the letters down to their finishing places near the bottom of the screen to lock them in place. Use this method to enter the name that has come up so many times recently - Giordano Bruno.


For the first part, you must create astral images. Using the information from the opening speech, search for Agrippa and astral images on the web, and you should come across Look for the page about Corneilles Agrippa, and find the astral images. You must create these images from start to finish using the circles you can drag around the screen. As you place a circle correctly, note that the music will change slightly. First create the image of the sun, then Venus and finally Jupiter.

Use the keyboard for the second part of this challenge, to move the letters of the word Nolain to the corners of the screen. From their starting random positions near the middle of the screen, pressing a letter on your keyboard blows all letters outwards in a circle from that letter. You will need to use at least 2 or 3 letters to move the desired letter towards the correct corner, and often it is better to press the second letter before letting go of the first one. Note that sometimes you will not be able to move letters to the correct spots (particularly getting N to 2 opposite corners!) so exit and restart the challenge until the letters are in more favourable positions (you don't lose progress you have already made).

Ignis Stage 1


Light the sun by clicking quickly on several of its ignition points, then drag the piece of paper over it to reveal the full text "Benatky 1599". Search for this and you will find a website about the castle. On a picture of the main tower you will see a clock with the four number 1864 written at its corners. Enter this number to proceed.


Click on the matchbox, then take a match and burn the doll until you are left with a skeleton. Note the position of the skeleton on the matchbox - you must move the joints of the doll's skeleton to match this. Start with the elbows and knees, then the hands and feet and finally the head. Each time you have reached the correct position, a noise will be heard.

The second challenge here is another arcade game. You must pilot a small craft around using your mouse, to destroy parasites and hence save some plants. To kill the parasites, flames from your craft must hit them. There are 3 levels of increasing difficulty to beat.


Start the fire by turning on the gas with the knob, and running the match over the various outlets. The aim is to keep the fire going, so just keep turning the knob every now and then, and run the match over any flames that decrease in size.

You are now provided with a rotating photograph. If you wait a while, the Phoenix will give you a clue that the man died of poisoning. Since you know you are in Prague, do a web search for poisoning and prague, and you will come across the name Tycho Brahe. Go to the website From here, you will find that he lived at Number 1 Novy Svet street. Enter these details to complete the challenge.


Drag the flame around the screen, avoiding the holes, until you can light the piece of paper at the end (the general path takes you down, right, up and then left). On the next screen, pause the video when it is displaying the five characters written in blood (you pause it by grabbing the white box at the desired moment). You have seen these symbols before - go back to the website and you will find that they correspond to the letters "nagha". Enter this word to continue.


Simply put together the jigsaw puzzle (the pieces are rotated when you click on them, then just drag them and they will snap into the right place if you are close).

For the second part, you must destroy each of the six planets. To destroy a planet you need to hit it twice with a laser, and the laser must be bounced off at least 2 other object before hitting the planet. Use the mirrors to bounce the laser. You can also click on the sun to temporarily halt the rotation of the laser. Perseverance will win through eventually.


On the screen you will find two burnt matches, one large red marble, six brown marbles and two small silver marbles. If you lie the matches right next to each other, you can read the words "cassiopeia 1572". Back on the Tycho Brahe website you can look at his observations to find a schematic drawing of the constellation Cassiopeia. You must arrange the marbles in this formation. Note that when you bounce the marbles off the sides of the tray you can see what letters they represent. Use this and the schematic diagram to get them to their correct positions.

The video shot outside Benatky Castle is very important - it contains a series of 5 symbols written in the snow that you need to read. You can either note them down at this stage, or view the video again later using the toolbar.

Ignis Stage 2


A videoclip of Karen is playing across the middle of the screen. You can zoom in by moving the mouse up and zoom out by moving the mouse down. The amount of zooming does not alter your ability to complete the puzzle. The aim is to show the video at the correct speed. You control acceleration and deceleration by moving your mouse right and left. To keep the video going at the current speed, leave your mouse just to the right of midline. Once you have it correct, you will automatically proceed.

The next challenge is an arcade game where you must pilot a spaceship through a maze filled with "space invaders". It is a relatively simple challenge to pass.


A simple game of pacman is provided, where you must guide your hero around to the exit on the right of the screen (into the middle).

Drag each of the slides over the central projector and you can read the following word along the bottom of the photos: mocenigo. Search for this and you will discover the Mocenigo Hotel, the website of which will give you the correct coat of arms.


Here you need to recall the full text written in blood. The first half was nagha, and the second half (which you can obtain from the video at Benatky Castle) is mmadi. Search for naghammadi and you will find The person who discovered the books of Nag Hammadi was Mohammed Ali Samman, and his name is the answer to this puzzle.

Final Game

Click on the circle in the middle of the screen to be taken to a website containing the final game. Beat the Phoenix here and you will save Jack and Karen (and get a collection of 13 more emails thanking you for your efforts!).