Indiana Jones and the Last CrusadeIndiana Jones and the Last Crusade

Game Details:  Adventure, 1989

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Walkthrough Updated:  9/3/2002

Suggested Listening:  Give Up Now (Ash 25)

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade is a classic 3rd person licensed adventure game by LucaArts, using their SCUMM engine. The game follows the events of the movie by the same name. You take the role of renowned archaeologist, Indiana Jones, teaming up with your father to thwart Adolf Hitler's plans to recover the Holy Grail. The next game featuring Indiana Jones, also from LucasArts, is Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis.


You are presented with several options for getting past many of the situations in the game (for example, when getting past most Nazis, you can talk, fight or bribe). Each different method will earn you IQ points - to get the maximum IQ points, you will need to play the game at least 3 times and use different methods for getting past each situation.

New York

Barnett College

Go through the door into the hallway, then open the nearest door and go through. Irene is being swamped by students looking for you. Talk to them (options 3, 3, 3) and you will get safetly into your office. Take a look around your office at all sorts of interesting artifacts. Pick up all the junk mail on your desk, then the letters, then the papers, and finally a package. Open the package to discover your father's grail diary. Now open the window and go outside. You will be escorted elsewhere.

Donovan's Pad

You will meet Walter Donovan, and he will tell you of your quest. He will also ask you to translate an ancient stone tablet (this is the copy protection in the floppy-disk version of the game). You will then be taken back to the college. Travel to Henry's house.

Henry's House

Walk through to the bedroom on the right and take the small painting from the wall. Back in the main room, pull the bookcase over, then take the sticky tape from its back. Walk out through the front door to return to college.

Barnett College

You could just climb through the window here, but just for fun - and extra points - open the front door and go inside. Talk to Marcus, who is wearing a blue suit (3, 1). Go back to Irene's office, and talk to the students again (4, 4, 4). In your office, use the sticky tape with the jar of solvent on the shelves to the right of your desk, and you will discover a small key. Now leave your office via the window and travel back to Henry's house.

Henry's House

Pick up the plant from the table near the door. Next pick up the table cloth and you will reveal a locked chest. Open the chest with the small key and you will get an old book (a fake grail diary). Go back outside and travel to Venice.



After you meet Elsa and she escorts you to the library, you can find 3 books. From the entrance, walk to the shelves on the lower left. You can find a manual on biplanes on the second row from the bottom, far left. Walk to the left, to the first of the areas with stained glass windows. There will be some posts here with a red cordon tied around them. Pick up the cordon, then take the central metal post. Continue to the next lower left set of shelves. The book Mein Kampf is the brown book that is leaning on the right. Go left and once again follow the lower left shelves. The third and final book containing some useful maps is here, on the far right, 3rd row from the bottom.

Look at the grail diary and note the design of a window, and a quotation. Walk through the rooms with stained glass windows until you find the one that exactly matches the picture from the book. Now the quotation will mention a number and a direction, which indicate which roman numeral to read. If it says, for example, "the first on the right", look on the inscription to your right (on the large stone pillars) and read the first numeral. Once you have the numeral, use the metal post to smash the indicated slab on the floor. You will jump down to escape a man with a big gun.


Look at the book of maps you stole from the library - the top picture give the map of this first area. It doesn't matter which of the doors you go through to start with, but make sure you explore every part of the catacombs here to find all the important areas. The first room you find has some dead pirates, and a hook that you can pick up. Keep going to find a torch that is so caked in dried mud that you cannot get free. Leave it here for now and keep going. The next room has a large stone slab, and the following one is filled with water - you can't pass here, but note the plug in the floor.

Go back and to the north and you will find a room with a manhole cover in the ceiling. Open the manhole and go up to reach the restaurant from the being of this section of the game. Take the bottle of wine, then go to the fountain outside the library and fill the bottle with water. Return to the catacombs, and head to the room that held the torch. Use the water on the torch to loosen it, then pull the torch.

You are now in the lower level of the catacombs (also the lower picture from the book of maps). Follow the passage and head right at the fork. Ignore the plug for now and cross the bridge to read the inscriptions - write down both of these, as you will need them at the end of the game. Go back to the plug and push the hook into the plug, then use your whip on it. Go back to the fork and take the other path, then climb the ladder to go up through that stone slab from the upper catacombs.

Head right to the room that used to be filled with water. Go through here and out the right exit. Turn northwest to find a room with some old machinery. Tie the red cordon to the machine, then use the wheel - you will lower a drawbridge in the catacombs below. Leave the room and follow the passages to find a room with 3 statues. Look in the grail diary again for more clues - there is one combination which is good, and one which is very bad. Push the middle plaque until it shows the good image. Now push the right plaque until it is correct, and finally the left one. Now go down the stairs into the lower catacombs again. Head generally west and cross over the drawbridge that you lowered earlier with the old machinery.

Continue all the way west ignoring all southward passages to reach a room with some skulls. Look at the diary once more to get some clues. The top line indicates the left skull, the next the second skull, etc. Play the skulls in the order indicated by the music to open the door.

In this section of the catacombs, you are generally heading eastward, and you will eventually reach the knight's tomb. Open the casket and look inside. Now open the lock on the right and head up through the manhole. You will meet up with Elsa and Marcus, and travel to Castle Brunwald.


Castle Brunwald 1st Floor

Go through the obvious side door, and when you meet the butler, you can either talk (2, 1, 2) or fight. Head up the stairs in the back of the room, then go south and follow the corridor east. When you reach the long north-south corridor, enter the bottom door to the east. You will meet a drunk guard - talk to him (3, 2) then leave the room. Enter the next door to the north to find the kitchen. Use the stein with the spigot on the keg. Pour the stein over the coals in the fireplace, then take the roast boar once the smoke clears. Fill the stein again and return to the drunk soldier. Give him the stein, then talk to him, punch him and take it back. Fill it once more, then return to the first room.

Exit this room to the right, then go through another door here to reach a carpeted area. Go south to meet a patrolling guard. Talk to him (3, 2, 1) or fight him, then enter the closet to the east. Take the servant uniform (the officer's uniform is locked up at the moment), then return to the corridor and enter the opposite door. This is a secret exit you will use later, but for now push over the suit of armor to mark the floor. Return to the corridor and head north.

There is another guard in the corridor to the west, and there are 3 ways to deal with him. Dressed as Indy, you can talk to him (1, 2, 2) and get 15 Marks, or you can fight and also get the money. You can also return through the north door to the room with the green carpet and change into the servant's uniform, then talk to him (1, 1, 3, 2) but you won't get any money. Either way, get past him and head up the stairs.

Castle Brunwald 2nd Floor

Follow the corridor to the east, and take the door to the north. Open the chest in here and look inside to get 50 Marks. If you haven't changed to the servant's uniform yet, do so now. Leave the room the same way you came in, and go south to find a guard patrolling east-west. If you were still dressed as Indy you could talk (2, 2, 1, 1) or fight, but as a servant give him your painting. You will never see this guard again. Follow the corridor east, and when it turns north enter the door to the west. Open the chest and look inside to get a uniform. Look at it to find a brass key. Now head back downstairs to the closet you found earlier (make sure you are dressed the same as you were previously down here). Use the brass key on the lock, then take the uniform. Go back upstairs to the 2nd floor and get changed in the room with the 50 Marks chest.

Exit this room through the other door to meet a guard. You can either talk (3) or fight this guy (and get 20 Marks). Go out through the door on the left. Now head north and east, then through the north door. Dressed as an officer, talk to this guy (2, 2, 3) or as Indy talk to him (3, 1) or fight him for 20 Marks. If you were dressed as an officer, this conversation will help you later on. Return the same way you came in.

Head west to the end of the corridor and enter the door to the north. You can either give this guy your copy of Mein Kampf, or fight him for 70 Marks. Once done, pour your stein of ale into the grating on the side of the security console to disable the alarm system.

Go back outside and through the door to the east again, past the guard and through the door behind him. Open the window in the next room and climb out. Edge to the right along the ledge and open and climb in the window on the right. Look for a loose brick to the left of the window, and push it. Now climb back outside and use your whip with the brick to reach the lattice and climb up. Open the first window and go inside, then open a chest and look to find 75 Marks. Climb back outside and into the next 2 windows until you find your Dad. You can't free him yet, so go back outside, climb down to the ledge below and climb back in to the lower left window. Don't forget to put the officer's uniform back on.

Head out through the door to the left and continue through the next room, then go south to meet another guard. Talk to him (2, 1, 2, 1) or fight him. Go east and south, then into a room to the east, where you can get a first-aid kit to replenish your health. Go back outside and north up the stairs.

Castle Brunwald 3rd Floor

Go north and around to the west to meet a guard, where you can talk (1, 2, 1) or fight. Enter the first door to the west to find Vogel's office. Give the roast boar to the dog, then open the right drawer in the middle row and take the pass (look at it to find it unsigned, with a combination on the back). Also take the trophy from on top of the drawers. Go back downstairs and find a door in the far southwest of the floor to enter. This is a large art collection. Go to the far left to see a Mona Lisa painting - push this to reveal the vault. Open the vault (now that you have the combination), then walk inside and look at the painting. Note whether the grail is glowing or not. Now use this information, along with the 2 inscriptions from the catacombs and the manual that came with the game to discover what the true grail looks like.

Change back into whatever clothes you were wearing on the first floor, and head back to the kitchen. Fill the trophy with ale from the keg, then return to the 3rd floor (getting changed on the way). Walk past the first guard again, then head west to meet Biff. Give him the ale, then punch him once and he will fall down. Head south and either talk (3, 2, 3) or fight the officer (talking will only work if you talked to a specific guard on the 2nd floor rather than fighting). Follow the corridor west and north, then enter the door to the north. Take the silver key from the candelabra.

Return down the corridor and up to the north, then approach the doors to the north. One will have wires going in above the door - this is where Henry is being held. Use the silver key to unlock the door and head inside.

If you disabled the alarm, you have a chance to lead Henry outside; if you have knocked out all the guards along the way, head right down to the room with the suit of armor on the first floor. Push the stone statue on the left of the fireplace then enter it to escape. Use the motorbike.

If you didn't disable the alarm, or if you meet a guard on the way down through the castle, you will meet Donovan. Give him either the grail diary or the fake diary (the old book). You will be tied into chairs down in the room with the suit of armor. Pull the chairs until the join between the two lies over the mark you made on the carpet earlier, then push the statue to cut the ropes safely. Now push the stone statue on the left of the fireplace then enter it to escape. Use the motorbike. If you handed over the real grail diary, you are headed to Berlin, otherwise straight to the airport.


You will reach a road-block on the way. Either talk (3, 3, 1, 1) or fight him. Once you are face to face with Hitler, you can punch him (and get shot), or give him your copy of Mein Kampf (moderately useful) or the pass (very useful). Once this happens, you will go to the airport.


There are two distinct ways to leave the airport - zeppelin and bi-plane.


Get Indy to walk to the right of the guy in the blue suit, then ask him about his grandchildren. Quickly switch to Henry and take the tickets from his pocket while he continues to talk. Now leave the airport and walk right over to the zeppelin. Climb the stairs to enter. When the ticket taker asks for your tickets, either give them to him or fight him.

As Henry, walk left into the next room and put some coins in the bowl on the piano - the guy will play a tune for you. The man operating the radio will leave his room and come out to listen. Quickly switch to Indy and open the door and enter. Open the locker and take the wrench, then use the radio to destroy the radio. Go outside before you are caught. Now use the wrench on the socket outside the radio room, then push it and a ladder will drop from above. Climb up.

Keep moving through the 3 floors here to avoid the Nazis. Go north, then west at the fork and climb the ladder. Head south, then east all the way along a long passage. Turn north at the end, then east again, and climb 2 ladders to reach the third floor. At the top, go east and follow the passage, heading north as soon as you can. Follow this to go up, down and up again, then when you are heading west take the first south. Continue south when you can, then go east and turn south again. From here there aren't too many more turns before you will reach the exit. Once you reach the Bi-Plane, you will take the same flight as if you had just gone to the Bi-Plane to start with.


If you are going to steal the plane, read the manual you stole from the library earlier in the game, then follow its instructions to get started. Once in the air, control the plane with the arrow keys, keeping as steady as possible so Henry can aim, but being careful not to get shot down. The more planes you destroy, the fewer road-blocks you will have to deal with on the ground.

When you crash, walk right to find Henry, then steal the blue car and get driving.


If you have a signed pass from Hitler, you can show this at each block to pass. Otherwise, you can fight at every road-block, or do the following (displayed is the road-block number and color of dialogue shown):

  • 1-Blue: Talk (2, 3, 1)
  • 2-Violet: Bribe (50 Marks)
  • 3-Cyan: Talk (2, 1, 1, 1)
  • 4-Red: Talk (3, 3, 2)
  • 5-Turqoise: Talk (1, 2, 2, 3, 1)
  • 6-Purple: Bribe (225 Marks) or give Mein Kampf
  • 7-Grey: Talk (1, 2, 2, 2, 2, 2, 1)

You will eventually make it to the Canyon of the Crescent Moon.

Grail Temple

Walk over and read the stone on the right - save your game now because you can't save in the temple. Walk into the temple and go right. Your Dad will be shot, forcing you to go in and get the grail to save him. At the first test, click on to a light spot on the floor and you will automatically kneel at the right moment. In the second test, only step on the stones with the letters of the word shown at the top of the screen. As soon as you reach the third test, click on the right side of the screen to walk across - if you hesitate at all, you won't make it.

Now using the clues from earlier and your game manual, select the correct grail. Use the grail with the holy water to make sure it is the right one, and you will give it to your father to drink.

There are lots of possible endings here. You can pick up the grail and give it to the knight, give it to Elsa or run off with it yourself. If you give it to Elsa (or if she grabs it herself) she will fall to her death. Look down into the gap and use your whip to get the grail. You can now give it back to the knight or again run off with it yourself. You get the most points if everyone survives and the knight gets the grail.