I Have No Mouth, and I Must ScreamI Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream

Game Details:  Horror, 1995

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  2/26/2014

Suggested Listening:  Where There's Smoke (Ash 25)

I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream is a 3rd person adventure game based on a collection of science fiction short stories by Harlan Ellison. After the human race is essentially wiped out by an AI-controlled war, the Allied Mastercomputer (AM) holds the last 5 humans as prisoners to study the effects of torture. You take the role of each of these prisoners in virtual worlds created by AM, confronting your worst fears.

Pillar of Hate

From the pillar, you can select to play with the 5 humans in any order. Once you complete all 5 of their challenges you will proceed to the endgame.


Take the note and you will read it. Leave your room and use the door just to the right, then go inside. Look in the mirror and look at the book on the table, then pick up the sheet. Leave this room and go to the room just left of your starting room. Pick up another sheet from here and combine the two sheets in your inventory to make a rope. Leave this room and go to the corridor on the left. Enter the nearest door. Take the pillow and you will find a gun. Go back out to the corridor and enter the other door here.

In the dining room, look a the debris on the floor, then look at the tablecloth. Use the other door and go through to find a kitchen. Take the knife and fork. Use the knife to scare away the rats, then take the bread from the table and eat it. Use the cookbook in the shelves to see a recipe, then look at the bottle. Go back through the dining room to the corridor.

Continue left to reach an engine, and use your fork to short-circuit it. Now over at the control panel, take the milky liquid. Use the lever, then take the bloody key. Return through the door and into the dining room. Use the tablecloth to clean your hands, then exit the dining room again and head upstairs.

Walk to the end of the walkway, and use your knife on the stitching, then use the tear to reach the outside of the Zeppelin. Use your rope on the mooring ring, then you can safely take your heart from the end of the platform. Use your knife on the rope to cut it free. Head back inside and use your knife to deflate the 2 largest air bags. Walk down the stairs, and you should have landed outside a bar. Use the hatch to get outside, then open the front door and enter the bar.

Use the jukebox, but only listen to the first two songs. Take the whiskey from behind the bar, then head out through the back door. Talk to the jackal, then give him your heart when the option arises. Go back inside and talk to Harry; pour him a drink and he will answer your questions. Next head into the restroom and take the magnifying glass from the urinal. Read the graffiti on the wall, then go back out of the bar and into the Zeppelin. Go to the dining room and use the magnifying glass on the debris. Leave the room and go back down the hatch and into the bar. Talk to Harry again, then enter the restroom. Use the stall 3 times and you will end up in a meat locker.

Try to talk to Glynis, then talk to Edna; do not kill her or give her the milk, just keep talking until you can tie her up. Pick up the key she drops, then leave again. Go out the back of the bar and talk to the Jackal again; give Edna's heart to the jackal to get yours back. Head back to the Zeppelin.

Walk around to the first corridor and use Edna's key to open the door on the left. Use the logbook and read each entry. Go back to the bar and into the restroom to return to the meat locker. Give the milky fluid to Glynis, then talk to her and you will take her body. Use your magnifying glass on the beef, then use your knife on it to get its heart. Leave here and go out the back of the bar. Talk to the jackal again and give it the beef heart. Next pick up the shovel from next to the trash cans and use it on the ground to make a grave. Put Glynis' body in the grave. Talk to the jackal again.

Head back into the Zeppelin and go to the engine room. Continue to the right and use Edna's body in the harness. Go upstairs and use the switch to reinflate the air bags. Use the tear to go outside, and use your gun to shoot the bar.


Use the door to enter the pyramid. Try to drink the water, then head right. Look at the 4th screen, then push it and look at it again. Use the wiring beneath the 1st screen to fix it, then return left to the fountain. Use the electronic bricks where the screen showed you a secret passage, then walk down the passage.

Head to the right and try to take the yellow fabric. Go right again and pick it up successfully this time. Also take the forceps from near the table. Go back left twice, then to the room with the screens. Try to go down the next passage but you have to leave. Use the yellow fabric as a blindfold, then go down the passage again - you will automatically take the cup and leave again. Use the fabric again to remove the blindfold. Return to the left and use the cup twice in the fountain and drink the water from it. Fill the cup from the fountain a third time.

Go down the secret passage again. Look at the sarcophagus and try to use it. Look at the keypad and try to use it too. Talk to Anubis, then use your cup of water on him. Use the forceps on Anubis to remove his ROM chip, then walk right twice. Use your blindfold again and take the blue gem from the statue here. Remove your blindfold and continue right.

Use your gem and ROM chip in the left workstation, then use this workstation to reprogram the chip - set HUMANITY as the new master. Take the chip out using the forceps and return left 3 times. Put the chip back into Anubis. Talk to him to get the password. Use the keypad and enter 666, then go over and use the sarcophagus twice to find an elevator. Use the elevator controls to journey through the years in order. Talk to the repairman, then fight back when you can.

At the large open platform, look at the logo and component to the left, and the wiring to the right. Head along the passage, then go right to the workstations again. Use the right workstation - enter 2012, then ask about each item on the list. Go back to the fountain and take the speaker from the wall on the left. Go back down to the open platform and look at the wiring again. Use your speaker with the wiring. Talk to the computer about everything then go back along the passage. Take the compact disc from the statue. Go to the workstations again and use the compact disc in the middle workstation. Use this workstation and activate the CHAOS TREBLER. Go back and talk to Anubis again, then use the sarcophagus twice.


Try to walk up the stairs and you will fall; instead walk toward the caves, then enter the 2nd cave. Talk to the elder, then use the video screen and look at the bag on the ground. Leave this cave and head to the top right. Take a fruit from the tree and try to eat it. Leave the screen and come back to get another fruit. Return left and enter the 3rd cave. Give the fruit to the boy, and he will talk to you. Leave the cave and get another fruit from the tree, then come back to the 3rd cave and give the fruit to the mother. Talk to the boy, then use the bed to go to sleep.

When you wake up, talk to the boy. Leave the cave and take the bottom right path to reach the altar. Talk to the elder until the sacrifice has occurred, then look at the debris on the ground. Go back to the caves, then left to the bottom of the stairs, and continue to the bottom right to reach a cemetery. Talk to each of the gravestones, then go back to the caves and enter the 3rd cave again. Talk to the boy, then leave this cave and enter the 2nd cave. Take the lottery bag, then enter the 3rd cave and try to give it to the boy, then tell him you stole it. Go outside and use the hanging twine to get another piece of fruit. Go back to the cemetery and talk to Thomas; give him the lottery bag and he will tell you about Brickman's grave. Use the vines on the left, then talk to the new grave. Plant the fruit there. Go back to the caves, and enter the 3rd cave. Use the bed to go to sleep.

When you awaken, go to the 2nd cave and use the video screen. Go back to the 3rd cave and talk to the boy, who will not hide until he has a doll. Go to the altar and take some debris. Next pull the hanging twine outside the caves to get more fruit, then enter the 4th cave. Try to take the piece of wood, but the sentry will stop you. Try to give him the fruit, then use the fruit on the fruit baskets. Now take the piece of wood. Head to the 1st cave. Try to take the vines and you will find a loose wire. Return to the boy in the 3rd cave and talk to him until he hides. Use the video screen here, then use the bed to go to sleep.

Look in the hole to see that the boy is gone. Go to the altar and talk to the elder, offering to take the boy's place.


Talk to the guard, then look at the gate. Talk to the prisoner about everything, then enter the hospital. Look at the poster on the wall, then walk to the curtain to enter an operating theatre. Talk to the anaesthetist, then try to take the ether from the cart. Pick up the scalpel instead and stab him with it. Now pick up the ether before going to the recovery room at the back. Look at each of the patients, then push the vent on the wall and use it to go through. Pick up the watch and pliers from the desk, and look at both the watch and the records. Push the door to return to outside.

Talk to the man caught in the fence, then use the ether on him and cut him free with your pliers. Talk to the prisoner again, asking about 1945 and the watch inscription. Give him your pliers, then return to the hospital and through to the theatre. Talk to the patient here, then use your ether on him and take the jar. Go to the recovery area again and talk to the child. Return through the theatre to the front room and you will hear that the compound has been taken over. Take the wooden box from the table and use the jar of eyes with it. Go outside to talk to the prisoners, and ask for them to let you go.

Look at the wall of faces, then the mass grave. Enter the bunker and use the teletype machine. Go through the doorway on the right and use the switch on the right side. Take the vat to get a mirror from inside it. Look at the blueprints on the board, then look at the mirror. Use the jar of eyes with the golem. Talk to the golem and select the option relating to the man in the barbed wire. Now say "Time is truth", "Golem, wake up", "The truth is for me it will always be 1945", and then kiss the golem. Get the golem to follow you to the laboratory. Talk to Mengele, then use the mirror on him. Talk to the golem and have him follow you outside, then turn control of him over to the Lost Tribe.


Walk through the entrance to a series of displays. Push the 2nd monitor to enter a realm with a dark castle. Look at the gargoyles here, then head inside and look at the tapestries. Walk through the partially open door in the back wall. Talk to Ellen, then look at the dresser on the right before talking to her again. Leave Ellen's room and enter the door just to the left. Take the books and read them all, then leave. Next enter the door just to the right of Ellen's room (into the witch's bedroom). Pick up the shard of glass from the floor, then take the books here and read them all before leaving again. Enter the chapel, which is the blue area further to the right. Take the brass icon from the wall here, then leave again.

Head next into the kitchen, which is through the door at the near end of the long carpet in the entry hall. Talk to the maid and refuse to sleep with her, then use the oven to fix it. Talk to the maid twice more, and she will tell you the old woman knows where to find the mirror. Make sure you look at the locked door here and try to open it, then go back out of the kitchen. Use the icon with the broken door in the main hallway, then push the suit of armor. Go back to the chapel, push the sconce just to the right of where you took the icon earlier, and head through the secret passage.

Talk to the witch (again, don't sleep with her). Go back to Ellen's bedroom and the devil will appear. Talk to him, then talk to Ellen again. Leave the bedroom and enter the witch's bedroom. Take the books again and read the two new ones that are now available. Go back to the witch and talk to her, casting KALLA INGMA THACKO. Pick up the chalk she drops, then use it on the circle. Talk to Surgat and ask him to open the maid's door in the kitchen. Give him the glass shard and ask him to open the maid's door again.

Go back to the kitchen and use the door to enter the maid's room. Look at the tapestry on the wall here, then go back to Ellen's bedroom and talk to the devil about the mirror again. Talk to the angel as well, then leave the room and enter the doorway to the left again. Take and read the books again and you will find the mirror. Go back to Ellen's bedroom and tell her you found the mirror, then give it to her. Use the mirror on the devil, then go back to the circle and use the mirror on it.


For this portion of the game you must start first with Nimdok, then continue in the order outlined below.


Use the pit workstation, entering 1945 as the password, then extend the bridge and log off. Walk over the bridge. Use the summoning totem with the circle. Talk to the demon, refusing to invoke the totems until you have no choice. Go back over the bridge and follow the right path until you reach a screen with 5 skulls around a pit. Take the middle skull, then take the hand that appears. Use the totem of access with the pillar that appears, then keep using the power node until you die.


Walk along the left path until you find a holographic projector, then use it to turn it on. Walk right and use the workstation to raise the power node, then open container 3 and log off. Use the totem of life with Glynis, then use the power node until you die.


Walk along the left path until you find the holographic projector, then talk to Manya. Use the totem of love with her, then use the power node until you die.


Walk along the right path until you reach the screen with skulls around a pit. Take the right skull, then take the remote that appears. Go right and use the remote on the gargoyles. Use the totem of gallantry on the pillar, then use the power node until you die.


Walk along the right path until you reach the screen with skulls around a pit. Take the left skull, then take the gem that appears. Return left twice and use your gem in the hole. Use the totem of valor on the pillar.

Return left and go over the bridge now that all 5 pillars have been activated. Talk to the Russian and Chinese computers, then go back over the bridge and take the path to the left. Keep going until you find the Ego; talk to it until there is an option about harming you, then walk away and use the totem of forgiveness on it. Now go and find the Superego; talk to it and ask for its advice. Use the totem of clarity on it. Next go and find the Id; talk to it and ask if it will help you, then ask about the broken glass. Use the totem of compassion on it.

Return over the bridge once more. Talk to the computers again, then use the totem of entropy.