Igor: Objective UikokahoniaIgor: Objective Uikokahonia

Game Details:  Adventure, 1994

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Walkthrough Updated:  3/1/2009

Suggested Listening:  Caught Up in the Panic (Ash 25)

Igor: Objective Uikokahonia is a classic 3rd person adventure, and the first by Spanish developer Pendulo Studios. You play as Igor, a college student entranced by a beautiful girl. While trying to get her attention you uncover a criminal plot and decide to investigate.


Walk left and pick up the note from the path over the bridge, and read it in your inventory. Continue along the path and head to the Student Dormitory. Open the nightstand and take the alarm clock from inside. Take the CD from near your bag on the right. Now open the window and climb out, then climb in through the open window.

Open the trunk to see it contains tools, but you don't know what to take yet. Pick up the butterfly net from the pile of junk, and look at the shelf to the far right to get some matches. Look at the nail in the wall, then look in the trunk again and you will take a hammer. Use this on the nail to make a crack in the wall. Look in the trunk again and you will swap the hammer for a pick. Use this on the crack to widen it. Look in the trunk again and you will take some dynamite. Put this in the crack, then light it with your matches and head through the hole in the wall. Leave your room through the door this time.


Head to the Faculty and go inside to talk to Laura. Go right and into the Physics classroom, and look in the bin to find a note. Leave here and go left three times, then take Caroline's folder from the bench. Go right and try to enter the girls' bathroom, but there are girls in there that you will have to get rid of first.

Return right twice and go upstairs, then go left twice and into the laboratory. Take a flask from the laboratory instruments on the shelf. Leave the lab and go right 3 times, then enter the Chemistry classroom and take the pen from the desk. Go back downstairs and outside to see Philip talking to Jimmy. Swap Caroline's folder with the one Philip is holding, then look at it in your inventory to see his locker combination. Go back inside and head right twice. Look at the lockers, then open Philip's locker. Take a bottle of whisky from inside, use your flask with the bottles in the locker, then close the locker again. Leave the building and return to the map screen (the priest will now leave the church).


Look at the tree and take some resin from it, then walk left and talk to the old woman, who has lost her cat. Leave the park again.


Use your resin on the stone to the left of the church entrance, and you will catch a lizard. Go inside the church and head right. Light a candle with your matches, and a monk will arrive and give you a vellum. Look at the vellum to see that it is blank. Leave the church.


Look in the trashcan outside to find a hamburger. Feed this to your lizard to make it fatter. Walk around to the left and put your butterfly net in the hole under the round window. Pick up the slug from the drainpipe. Now head inside and go through the left door to the Dean's office. Give the bottle of whisky to the Dean, then head back outside and take the empty bottle from the butterfly net.


Give the fat lizard to the old woman and you will receive a firecracker.


Go right and talk to the photographer. Give him the firecracker, then take his camera.


Go inside, upstairs and left, then enter the boys' bathroom. Use the slug in the floor grating. Fill up your empty bottle with water from the faucet, then go back out, right, downstairs, left and into the girls' bathroom. Use your vellum on the hand dryer to make some text appear. Look in the sinks to find a bobby pin.


Go inside and enter the Dean's office. Give him the bottle of water, then leave the office so he drinks it and passes out. Go back into his office and take his newspaper, then read it in your inventory. Take a book from his bookshelf and open it to find a keyring - look at it to see a combination. Now use the intercom on the desk to get the secretary to leave. Leave the office and go through the door to the right. Open the file cabinet and you will enrol yourself in biology. Try to open the large closet, then use the bobby pin on it and take the monkey costume from inside.


Head inside and go right. Use Philip's note with the sandwiches (this only works if you have the pen). Return left, upstairs and right twice to find the library. Take a book about astronomy from the middle shelf, then read it in your inventory. Give your other note to Harrison. Leave the library and return to the left, then use the keyring to unlock the door to the observatory and go inside. Look at the control panel and enter the coordinates from the book (74, 207). Leave the observatory and go left twice to enter the laboratory - as long as you have the camera, you will get a photo of Harrison with Margaret. Return right 4 times and give the photo to Harrison in exchange for his biology homework.


Go into the church, then go right and up the stairs. Look in the bell to find the note. Go back downstairs and look at the mosaic on the wall here. Press the numbers in the order from the piece of vellum (I, III, VI, II, II) - note that there are two buttons marked as II, so you will need to try them in both orders. Go through the passage into an underground maze. Follow the path indicated from Start (green) to Finish (red) below (this is also on the top of the vellum):

Once you are outside, walk along the path to a new map area.


Talk to the gravedigger. Give him your CD, then take the clear vase.


Pick up the red flower from the ground and put it in your vase, then continue left. Look at the lightning bugs, then use your vase on their leader to capture them all. Head right twice to return to the map.


Talk to the lighthouse keeper, then give him the vase and he will send the message for you.


Talk to the gravedigger and say you want to see John O'Callahan's grave. Enter the cemetery and look at the shining thing in the grave, then take the statuette.

Secret Passage

Return through the maze using the map above to get back to the church. Leave the church and you will automatically go to the police station to return the statuette.


Head inside and right 3 times to enter the Janitor's room. Give both the reward and the biology homework to Tobias - you will now fail the exam. Leave the building and you will see a cage outside. Use your monkey costume with the cage.


Use the latch on the door to open it, then pick up the parachute from the right and use it to leave the plane.