Game Details:  Sci-Fi, 2017

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  9/20/2021

Suggested Listening:  Where There's Smoke (Ash 25)

Hostil is a short science-fiction adventure. You play as an astronaut who has crash landed on a hostile planet, forced to explore the landscape in hopes of saving your own life. There are 12 Steam Achievements, all documented in the walkthrough below.

Crash Site

Look at yourself 4 times, then look at the ship. Grab the cables from the side of the ship, and a tube from the wreckage on the left. Examine the panel on the side of the ship. Remove the left condenser and the right fuse, then turn the switch to disable the ship's engines.

Look at the cockpit, then use the tube on it to break the glass. Head inside and read the storybook on the right Read the story within the story. Pick up the battery and the hook. Look at the black box several times, then use the panels at the top to restore emergency power. Try to use the communications panel, but the aerial is broken.

Back out of the cockpit and use the spare battery on your suit, then head to the right.

Acid Lake

Look in the cave on the left. Grab the crystal, then look further into the cave Listen to the breath from the depths. Back out from the cave again.

Pick up the metal sheet from the left - use this on the liquid near you to create a bridge to the large rock, then walk over it. Push the floating rock down, then walk over it. Pick up the antenna, then continue to the right.

Orange Glow

Look at the orange glow between the large rocks Observe the distant glow. Try to walk to the cliff, then use the antenna with the crack (as a lightning rod). Now you can walk to the cliff. Use your hook on the overhang, then attach the cable and climb down.

Blue Caverns

Pick up the round purple fruit from the left plant, and the bright green branch from the right plant. Try to head along the middle path Get lost in the forest maze. Pick up the 2 curved stones from the ground. Look closely at the hole and insert the 2 stone fragments. Look at them again to recognize an alien symbol. Continue to the right.

The Abyss

Look up at the stone arch Notice a bridge that isn't there yet. Look at the creature and use the branch to help it climb free. Look into the abyss to notice heat comes out of it. Now drop the fruit into the abyss and the stone arch will drop down. Walk over it. Use the crystal on the creature, then head further right.

Alien Village

Look at the creature, then look at the village opening furthest in the distance Find a window in the shelter. Look at each of the 3 nearby doors and creatures will come out. Look at each of these to receive 3 empty vessels. Fill the vessels with fire (from the crack in the ground), earth (from the soil on the left), and light (from the specks floating in the distance). Return the vessels to the creatures. Look at the first creature twice and you will receive a discharged laser. Head right.

Fuel Depot

Look at the vehicle on the left, which still has the key in the ignition. Look at the flammable cylinders on the right Be careful of the explosive danger. Enter the dome and look at the trunk and mask. Look at the cable, then use your discharged laser on it to charge it. The wardrobe here is locked.

Back outside, take the key card from the vehicle. Now go into the dome again and use the key card on the wardrobe. Take out the suit and you will automatically wear it. Now you can proceed forward.

Broken Drill

Look at the hole to the left of the drill Look at the wound on the ground. Use the crystal on the energy coming out of the ground, and it will diminish. Walk over to the beam on the right. Use your charged laser on the beam, then continue towards the ship further off on the right.

Another Ship

Look at the ship, then pick up the small fuel cylinder on the ground next to it. Use this on the fuel tank near the rear of the ship. Disconnect the cables, then pick up the circuit from the separate control panel. Next enter the ship.

Look at the sheets on the floor twice Read the fear message. Use the computer, then insert the circuit into the panel. Use the controls, then leave the ship when things start to heat up. Examine your suit, then head towards the cave on the right.

Collapsed Cave

Look at yourself 4 times, then search the suit twice to find the crystal and discharged laser. Use the crystal on yourself. Look at the glowing being and you will stand up. Try to use your discharged laser on the collapsed entrance to the left Try to reopen the cave.

Pick up the stone tablet on the right. Approach the wall in the distance, and insert the stone tablet. Look at each part of the wall, then click on the inscriptions in this order:

  1. Middle: "A planet..."
  2. Left: "... where machines arrived..."
  3. Top: "... that produced a catastrophe."
  4. Bottom: "... and now must descend..."
  5. Right: "... the human"

Look at the glowing being again, then follow it to the right.

Crystal Caverns

Try to head along the path at the top of this area Find an icy grotto. Use the crystal on yourself to hear a musical tune. You need to click on the other crystals here in the correct order to reproduce the musical tune. If they are numbered 1-6 from left to right, click on crystals 1, 3, 5, 5. Go through the new opening to the right.

The Core

Look at the magma beneath the core Find the river of magma. Use the crystal on the core to hear another musical tune. Now click on the crystals 5, 3, 1. Use your discharged laser on yourself to charge it, then use the charged laser on the drill. Approach the core and touch it.