Hopkins FBIHopkins FBI

Game Details:  Mystery, 1998

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Walkthrough Updated:  11/8/2019

Suggested Listening:  Help Me Out (Ash 25)

Hopkins FBI is a 3rd person point and click adventure game. After Bernie Berckson's planned electrocution attempt fails, he escapes captivity and it is up to you as Special Agent Hopkins to capture him.

Bank Robbery


Pick up the screwdriver from the low table on the left. Search the couch to find some keys. Take the gun from the back wall beneath the television. Now go down to leave your apartment. Talk to the man with the newspaper, then use the keys on the car here. Start to drive anywhere, and you will be notified about the bank robbery. Drive to the bank (tall building in the middle of the map).


Show your FBI card to the blonde cop and get him to give you the megaphone. Use this on the bank to talk to the thieves. Set up a deal where you provide a helicopter, and you take the place of the hostages. Up on the roof, read the piece of paper to see a drawing of a time bomb. Now use the elevator to get back down to the lobby.

Search the small shelves on the left to find a wire cutter. Move the trash can to the side, then look at the box behind it. Use your screwdriver to open the box. Now use the wire cutter to cut the yellow wire, the green wire and finally the red wire. Now you can leave the bank by heading to the right, then leave the area.

Start to drive anywhere, and you will be notified about the thieves' abandoned helicopter. Drive to the empty lot (bottom left of the map).

Tracking the Thieves

Empty Lot

Search the trash can to find a piece of meat. Pick up the empty bottle from the ground near the back of the helicopter. Move the small piece of paper, then take the piece of shoelace that is revealed. Talk to the doctor here, then leave the area. Drive next to the FBI Laboratory, which is just to the left of the FBI (top right of the map).

FBI Laboratory

Give the piece of shoelace to the researcher on the left, then leave and go to the FBI.


Go inside and talk to the switchboard operator, asking if the boss is in. Enter the open office on the left. Open the top left desk drawer and search it to find a key. Use this key to open the desk cupboard on the right, then take the grenade from inside. Leave your office and enter the open office on the right. Talk to Samantha, confirming your date for 8pm tonight. Leave this office.

Call the elevator on the right, and you will end up in the boss' office. Talk to him, then leave again. Talk to the switchboard operator, who will tell you that you have a message from the laboratory. Enter your office again and use the phone to call Ask about the shoelace until you get a hint about a forest. Leave the FBI Headquarters and drive to the forest (bottom left of the map).


Pick up the rope from the boat and use it on the piece of wood on the opposite bank. Save your game, then go left, killing the 7 enemies with your gun. Go to the hut in the background. Use your grenade on the hut, then you will be shot.


You will find yourself in a waiting room. Head through the door on the right to find a bar. Use the dispenser on the counter to get some peanuts, then take the dart from the target on the right. Continue through the next door to the right into a bathroom. Take the wig and clothes from the left. Use these in your inventory and you will be disguised as a woman. Now head through the doorway at the top of the screen.

Give the peanuts to the guard, then talk to him and ask him to have a drink with you. Open the door after he leaves and go through to a transporter room. Use the red lever on the right, then push the blue switch next to it, to see that it activates the transporter. Go and stand inside it, then use your dart on the blue switch.


Back outside the hut, pick up the 20 dollar bill from the ground. Save your game, then return back through the forest, killing more enemies along the way. Use your car to drive to Samantha's house, which is just left of the ruin (bottom right of the map).

Murder Mystery

Samantha's House

Search the blue vase to find some chewing-gum. Open and search the bottom drawer beneath it to find a lighter. Use your gun on the door to the right, then open it, but don't go through yet. Open the fuse box on the wall and look at it. Use the chewing-gum in your inventory and you will get a piece of aluminium. Now use this in the empty fuse slot

Back out from the fuse box and go right. Take the duster from the left of the vanity. Open and search the bottom left drawer to find some sleeping pills. Open the shower curtain and look at the body to see it is not Samantha. Read the writing on the side of the bath tub. Back out and take the small round mirror from the wall behind the bath tub. Leave the bathroom and leave the house.


Enter your office and take the parcel from the desk. Open the parcel in your inventory to find a video tape.

Samantha's House

Put the video tape in the video cassette recorder. Turn on both the television and the recorder, then look at the television to see a message. Leave the house and drive to the swimming pool (bottom right of the map).

Swimming Pool

Give the piece of meat to the dog, then pick up the jerry can. Use the mirror on the swimming pool. Look at the new corpse and read the note for your next clue. Leave here and drive to the museum, which is just right of the bank (middle of the map).


Head to the right half of the museum. Combine the jerry can and empty bottle in your inventory, then add the old rag and the lighter. Use your bomb on the fireplace, then look at the corpse that is revealed within the melted statue. Read the note for another clue. Leave the museum and drive to the movie theater, which is just south of the bank (middle of the map).

Movie Theater

Talk to the watchman by the stairs, then give him your 20 dollar bill. Now head upstairs and open the single door at the top right, then go through. Use the cable on the right to plug it into the socket nearby. Now press the red switch on the right machine and the lever on the left machine. Leave this room and go back downstairs and through the doors on the left. Look at the corpse pinned to the movie screen and read the inscription next to it. Leave the theater and drive to the shooting range, which is just south of the museum (middle of the map).

Shooting Range

Go to shooting lane 5. Use your gun to shoot the target, then use the lever on the right. Look at the paper to reveal the final corpse. Take the cassette and the key from her. Leave and return to Samantha's House.

Samantha's House

Put the new cassette into the video cassette recorder, then look at the television for another message.


Enter Samantha's office on the right. Use the key on the locked cupboard beneath her desk. Read the paper inside to see a password. Use the computer here and access the computer with the password: 328MHZA. Read all the messages about the scientists. Leave the office and call the elevator. Speak to the boss until he agrees to arrange a plane for you. Leave the FBI and drive to the airport (top left of the map). Talk to the man here.

Condor Island

Beach Village

Move the shell on the beach, then pick up the coins. Head left to find a village, and talk to the tourists at the left table. Give the coins to them and you will win some cash. Pick up the shovel from the left, then return to the beach by going to the upper right. Use the shovel on the sand 3 times to find an earthworm. Return to the village. and enter the gray building on the left to find a shop. Use your cash on the fishing rod to buy it. Leave the shop, then leave the village by going to the lower right.

Combine your earthworm and fishing rod, then use this in the ocean to catch a fish. Head left twice to reach a factory entrance. Give the fish to the cat that is sitting on the barrel to the left. Now return to the right and enter the large building on the right, which is a bar. The man who fell outside the factory is now sitting here drinking. Put your sleeping pills in his glass, then take the paper from his pocket.

Leave the bar and go next door into the laundromat. Give the paper to him and you will receive a jacket. Search this in your inventory to find a badge. Leave the laundromat and go left to the factory entrance again. Show the badge to one of the guards, then you will automatically head through.


Go inside and call the right elevator, then use the controls to go up to level 1. Open the door to the left of the fire extinguisher. Search the desk to get a box of matches. Leave this office and go through the next door to the left. Look at the paper hanging off the edge of the desk here, then take the paper clip. Leave the office and call the elevator again. Use the controls to go up to level 4.

Open the far left door to find a laboratory. Take the gloves from next to the plant, then leave again. Call the elevator and use it to get down to level 2. Use the gloves in your inventory to wear them. Now unplug the vacuum cleaner's cable from the wall and use your paper clip on the socket. Open the door to the left of the fire extinguisher. Use your box of matches on the trash can.

Return to the elevator and go up to level 3. Open the door to the left of the fire extinguisher and take the magnetic card from the bench on the left. Go back out and call the elevator. Use the magnetic card on the slot beneath the controls, and you will end up leaving through the back of the elevator. Go over to the console on the right and use the magnetic card in the slot here. Enter the lift that appears.


Keep going forward, heading left and right as needed, and you will eventually reach an underwater base, where you will be captured.

Underwater Base


Search the trash can to find a diamond. Use this on a laser ray and you will end up in the other cell. Open the coffin here, then use it to escape the prison.

Sector 4: Container Room

Look at the 3 containers to see that one of them contains Samantha's body. Push the switch at the bottom of her container to transport her body elsewhere. While you are here, take the flask and bottle (both left of the coffin). Also search the shelves to the left of the flashing lights to find a syringe. Next open the door on the right and go through to leave. You now need to play an arcade sequence where you shoot enemies and make your way towards a sector of your choice, then go through a doorway. For now, make your way to Sector 2.

Sector 2: Turbine Room

Push the red switch on the middle console to turn off the fan. Use the flask in your inventory (it tastes vile). Now use the bottle in the slot just to the right and push the red switch to start up the fan again. Head back out and fight your way to Sector 1.

Sector 1: Laboratory

Use the syringe in your inventory to get a sample of your own blood, then use this on the small slot in the middle of the machine on the right. This will create a clone of you, which will promptly die from the gas.


Go right twice to reach the bathroom. Talk to Samantha and convince her to follow you, then say you will take her back to Earth. After she is gone, return to the waiting area. Talk to the man with the knife in his chest and ask to borrow it. Head back to the transporter room. Cut the yellow cable at the bottom left using the knife. Now switch back to the real Hopkins by clicking the icon at the top right.

Sector 1: Laboratory

Leave your current room and head to Sector 3.

Sector 3: Resurrection Room

Push the switch on the right console to bring Samantha back to life. Leave the room and go to Sector 1, then find an extra room off to the right side. You need to bring both Hopkins and Samantha here separately.

Sector 1: Dome

Get Samantha to push one of the switches and Hopkins to push the other switch. Enter the metal tunnel.