Year:  1992

Genre:  Adventure

Links:  Moby Games, Adventure Gamers

Hook is an adventure game set in the Peter Pan universe, and based on the movie of the same name. You play as Peter Pan; Captain Hook has stolen your children and you must return to Neverland to save them.


Start by going left to Behind Pirate Square and pick up the pole from the right and the anchor from the left. Return right and continue right to Dead Man's Pier. Pick up the rope from the dock, then go through the swinging door into the Cross Swords. Pick up the two mugs then leave again and now head left into the Bait and Tackle. Pick up another mug, then go through the exit at the top. In your inventory, combine the rope and anchor, then use your new grappling hook on the top of the clock tower (3 times). If you time it correctly, you will steal the hat from the pirate walking past; if not keep trying until you get it. Once you have it, make sure you are on the left ledge. Knock on the door, then immediately swing back to the right, go inside, down to the Dead Man's Pier, out to Pirate Square, left to Behind Pirate Square and use your pole to get the blue pirate shirt - if you are too slow, go back and knock on the door again.

Look at the blue shirt in your inventory to find a gold coin. Return right and go to Mugger's Alley towards the right. Walk a bit further to the right, then enter Dr Chop's shop. Take the yellow roller blind off the window. Talk to Dr Chop and ask how to earn some money, then offer a tooth in exchange for a coin. Talk to him again and trade another tooth for another coin. Leave his shop and go left, then enter Jolliest Roger's Place. Give the barkeep your 3 mugs, then your 3 gold coins. Give the 3 full mugs to the sailor sitting by the bar, then take his pants.

Return out to Mugger's Alley, then along to Pirate Square and left to Behind Pirate Square. Use the roller blind to get changed. Go back out to the square, then down Mugger's Alley and right to Good Form Pier (not the beach). Walk on to the boat and pick up some gold from the pots on the right. Leave the boat and return left to Mugger's Alley and then to the square. Enter Ye Pirate Tailor's on the left and talk to the Tailor - buy a metal detector from her. Go back outside, then to Mugger's Alley and now to Good Form Beach. Use your magnet on the faint X on the beach to get a clock. Return to Mugger's Alley, then go to the Good Form Pier again. Walk on to the ship and go left this time.


Use your pole on the pulley, then search the clam to find a conch shell and use the shell to exit the water.


Walk right along the tree branch to enter the forest. Head up, right, up, left, up and right. Walk right until you are caught in a trap, then enter the tree.

Walk up the stairs to the Lost Boys Workshop. Pick up the arrow from the table, then go left to the Jogging Area. Ride the exercise bike and lift the weights, then continue left to The Avenger. Pick up the fishing net, then look at it in your inventory to find a string. Return right and then go to the Four Seasons. Walk next to the bird and use your conch, then quickly pick up the eggs. Go a little bit further to the right and pick up the big yellow flower. Return left to the Jogging Area and down to the Workshop. Give your eggs to the boy to get a piece of elastic. Walk right to return to the Dining Area.

Go east to the Round Pond and give your yellow flower to Tinkerbell in exchange for a thimble. Look at the branch on the tree over on the right, then pick it up. Return left then up the left stairs to get back to the Lost Boys Workshop. Combine your string and branch to make a bow, then use this on the pan pipes hanging up on the right. Pick up the pipes. Return right to the Dining Area.

Head up the stairs on the right and use your elastic to fix the Slingshot. Continue right to the Cliffside and jump off the cliff to the right. Talk to the boy and ask what he thought. Go back up and jump off again and ask him again. Repeat this one more time and he will suggest you use the Slingshot. Go back to the left and use the slingshot. Talk to the boy again and ask about his happy thoughts - he will give you his marbles. Go left twice to return to the Dining Area.

Talk to Rufio (on the right end of the table) and say "Oh Rufio". Return right to Round Pond and head over to the island in the distance. Talk to Tinkerbell, then look at the bed, chair and fireplace. Talk to Tinkerbell again.


In your fight with Hook, use these replies:

  • Peter Pan the avenger!
  • Good form James.
  • Tick-tock-tick-tock, Hook's afraid of a dead old croc.
  • You kidnapped my kids, you deserve to die James Hook!
  • Put up your swords, it's Hook or me this time.
  • Peter Pan the avenger!