Game Details:  Horror, 2015

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  7/9/2016

Suggested Listening:  Give Up Now (Ash 25)

Homesick is a first-person exploratory adventure game set in two distinct cycling phases. During the day, you can safely explore an abandoned apartment building, solving puzzles. When you go to sleep, you experience horrific nightmares, being chased by nightmarish dark creatures. With an axe in hand you must attempt to break your way out to freedom.


Pick up the colorful picture from the floor near the bed to see it has some blooming blue flowers. Unlock and open the door, and leave this room to reach a corridor. Turn left and go to the very end of the corridor, then take the keys from in the lock of the door (you need to try twice to get them). Turn around and enter the side corridor, then use your keys to unlock the door immediately to the right. Go inside and pick up the bucket from the floor. Go back to the main corridor and head towards the bedroom, but take the first doorway to the right. Go into the room in the back corner here to find a bath, then use your bucket on it to collect some water. Now return to the first bedroom.

On the wall just outside this bedroom you will see a light switch - flip it upwards (this will be important shortly). Pour water from your bucket on the dying flowers on the floor to make them bloom. Now lie down on the bed to fall sleep.


You will arise with an axe in your hands. Run through the open door and left along the hallway. Turn left down the side corridor near the end, then follow this around to the right. When you reach the next room, turn right immediately and go to the closed door, then use the axe to chop it down.

Common Room

Get up and head left down the corridor and through the open door at the end into the common room. In the middle of this room there is a couch with a patterned pillow (your new bed) and there are some dying flowers in the nearby ground. Next go over to the filing cabinets - open drawer 15 and look at the note inside. In large bold writing it indicates "0-0-#-#". You can open the top locked drawer 11 here by entering code "0-0-1-1". Look inside to see some photographs. Go down the nearby corridor and open the locked drawer 14 by entering code "0-0-1-4", and the whole cabinet will fall over. Go through the door here and pick up the broken tool in the corner.

Leave this room and continue along the corridor, until you see water dripping from the ceiling. Place your bucket on the floor here, then poke the ceiling with your broken tool. Pick up the water-filled bucket. Continue forward until you reach a light-filled corridor. As you enter there is a light switch on the left that needs to be flipped upwards. You cannot go along the light-filled corridor, so go back to the common room and find the other end of this corridor; there is another light switch on the wall here to flilp upwards. Pour water from your bucket on the dying flowers in the common room, then lie down on the nearby couch to fall asleep.


Again you will wake up with an axe in your hands. Run along the previously light-filled corridor to the end, turn left and immediately turn right. Head down the stairs and use the axe on the double doors.


Get up and go down the stairs and through the double doors you just broke down to find a gymnasium. Open the door on the right and enter the small dark room. Turn the valve on the left (leave the one on the right alone). Come back out to the gymnasium and turn right. Go over to the 3 radiators along the far wall and turn on their valves - now the gym will flood and flowers will start blooming. Go and lie down on the two large cushions near the valve room and fall asleep.


Wake up with the axe and head into the corridor left of the valve room. Follow the pools of light to find a short set of steps, then go up and use your axe to knock down the double doors.

Music Room

Get up and go along the corridor and through the doors you just knocked down. Continue forward to find a room with a piano. Pick up a sheet of piano music from the floor to the right. Ahead are two elevators, but they don't work yet. Find a corridor around to the right, and open a circuit box on the wall - this has a sheet of instructions inside which are encoded. Continue along the corridor and go through a door that is ajar on the left to find a small apartment.

To the left you will find a large bedroom where you can pick up the second half of the picture you have been carrying around. Return to the main room of the apartment, where there are blocks on the table and a picture of a house on the wall. If you click on one of the blocks, you can then type a letter on your keyboard and the symbol on the block will be replaced by the letter you typed everywhere in the game; this lets you solve the cipher throughout the whole game. If you make a mistake, you can hit the space bar to clear your letter and show the original symbol. To get started, the symbols on the picture of the house spell "Home Sweet Home", the blocks by the bed in the adjacent child's bedroom spell "ABC" and the blocks on the large box in that room spell "Link". Once you have worked out all of the blocks, you will be able to read all the messages throughout the rest of the game.

Head back out of the apartment and continue down the corridor to the left until you find an open door to the right. Read the note on the filing cabinet here, then open it with combination "3-3-1-1" Take the keys from inside the top drawer. Now head back along the corridor and use the keys to unlock the door opposite the apartment. Enter here and go into the small room in the back right corner, where you can fill you bucket with water from the bath. Return to the corridor and go left to find the circuit box again. You should now be able to read the note and follow its instructions:

  • Make sure all switches are off (this is how they start)
  • Turn on C
  • Turn on A
  • Turn on B
  • Turn off C
  • Turn on E

Go out to the elevators and press either the up or down button (it does not matter which). Now head back along the corridor to the apartment. Use your water on the dead flower in the pot plant, then sleep on the bed.


Although you have the axe again you don't need it this time. Run out to the corridor and turn right, following it until you reach the elevators. Keep moving to avoid the darkness, then when the elevator door opens head inside.


Head out of the apartment and back to the elevators, then climb down the ladder to reach a new area. Pick up each of the 4 busts on pedestals in this area and throw them into the fountain in the middle of the room. Now you can collect water from the fountain in your bucket, and water the flowers on the ground here. Now you can go to sleep on the couch.


Get up with the axe and head to the large double doors, knocking down the ones on the left so you can get outside. Turn around and look at the outside of the building, then go back inside. Knock down the door on the right that is now illuminated, and go inside to see a mirror on the right.

After you wake up, read the newspaper in here (and go and read anything else you think you missed) before going to sleep on the couch again. You will awaken outside; keep walking through the grass and past some trees to see the final scene.