Hollywood HijinxHollywood Hijinx

Year:  1986

Genre:  Mystery

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Hollywood Hijinx is a classic text adventure game by Infocom. You play as the potential heir to Hollywood royalty; to come into your inheritance, however, you need to find 10 famous movie props within 1 night.

Entering the House

Go north to the house and open the mailbox, then take the yellowed piece of paper and the business card. Read the card (note the name ROY G BIV, and the number 576-1851) then drop it. Try to open the door, but it is locked. Go back south and turn the statue west, then east, then north (directions from the poem that came with the game) - you will hear a click. Head north, open the door and go inside.

Collecting Treasure

Turn on your flashlight. Go north and examine the model. Press the green button 3 times, then black twice, white twice, green 3 times, black, blue, green 4 times and red 3 times. Now take the ring.

Head east twice and take the yellow punch card. Go south and get the slide, then put it in the slide projector. Turn on the slide projector, then focus it. Next take the film and examine the film projector. Remove the lens cap and drop it, then place the film in the film projector and turn it on. Look at the screen to see the name of a song (remember this name).

Walk north, west twice, south and east twice into the parlor. Examine the piano. Open the lid and take the violet punch card, then play the song indicated earlier on the screen - a trapdoor will open. Push the piano north, then go down. Crawl south and take the dirty pillar. Go north and up, then push the piano south twice. Go down again and go north, and take the parking meter. Now crawl south and go up again. Drop the dirty pillar.

Head west 3 times into the living room. Drop the ring and parking meter here. Go east and drop the yellow and violet punch cards, then north and drop the letter and photo. Now go south and west, and enter the fireplace. Take the loose brick, then drop it and take the indigo punch card. Go up 3 times, then east and down. Take the penguin. Return through the chimney by going up, west, down 3 times and east. Drop the penguin here, then go east and drop the indigo punch card and go back to the west.

Examine the red statue, then the white statue and the blue statue (note the number of fingers each is showing). Now go east twice and move the painting, then take the green punch card. Examine the safe - the dial is set to 6. Turn the dial right 3, then left 7, then right 5. Open the safe and take the cheese grater. Go west and drop the green punch card, then west again and drop the cheese grater.

Walk east and open the closet, then enter it. Pull the third peg, then open the door and go north. Examine the newel, then turn it before going east and taking the sack. Open the window, then open the sack. Get the Maltese finch and drop the sack. Head west twice then south. Move the mat and take the red punch card. Now return to the closet by going north, east and south. Pull the second peg, then open the door and go north. Drop the red punch card, then go west and drop the finch.

Go east and enter the closet again. Take the bucket, then go north twice. Unlock the patio door, then open it and go north. Take the orange punch card before heading east and north twice. Examine the cannon, then fill the bucket with water. Head east, south, west, south twice and enter the closet. Hang the bucket on the third peg. Now go north and up, then south so you are standing on top of the closet. Wait twice and the closet will rise because the bucket is now empty. Open the door and go north, then open the panel, open the trunk and take the fire hydrant. Head down twice and west, then drop the fire hydrant. Go east and take all.

Walk north, west twice and down, then open the door and go south. Get the blue punch card, then go back to the north. Turn the computer on and examine it. Now put the punch cards in the slot, in the order indicated by the business card from the mailbox (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet). Look at the display to see a phone number (576-3190).

Go up to the kitchen. Open the matchbox and take a match. Go back to the cannon (go east twice, north, east and north twice). Take the cannon ball and put it in the cannon. Light the match, the light the fuse. Now you can open the compartment and take the catcher's mask. Head east, south, west, south twice and west, then drop the mask.

Head north into the dining room and pick up the thin piece of paper. Put it on top of the yellowed piece of paper to reveal a map. Go east, north twice and northwest, then take the shovel. Go northeast and north to reach the entrance to a hedge maze (the map for which you have just seen).

To reach the X, head n, w, n, w, n, w, s, w, w, n, w, s, e, s, e, n, e, s, w, n, w, s, w, n, w, s, w, n, e, n, e, n, e, e, n, e, s, e, e, s, e, n, e, n, e, s, w, s, w, s, e, n, w, s. Dig the ground with the shovel, then take the stamp. To leave the maze, go n, e, s, w, n, e, n, e, n, w, s, w, s, w, n, w, w, n, w, s, w, w, s, w, s, w, s, e, n, e, s, e, n, e, s, e, n, w, s, w, n, w, n, e, s, e, e, n, e, s, e, s, e, s.

Now walk west, south, east, south twice and west, then drop the stamp. Go east and drop all except the flashlight, then go west and take the red statue. Walk east and up, then open the door and enter the closet. Take the skis. Next head north, down, north twice, east, and north 3 times to reach a cliff. Drop the flashlight. Go south and east twice, then wear the skis and go north.

Take the match and light the red statue. Put wax on the match. Remove the skis, then swim. Go south, down twice, west, up twice, north twice and up. Light the match, then light the red statue. Lift the left end of the plank, the pull the chain. Burn the rope, then stand on the right end of the plank. Wait and you will be catapulted through the opening in the ceiling.

Blow out the statue, then drop the skis and the statue. Take the ladder and the flashlight. Go down and hang the ladder on the hooks. Examine the safe and read the plaque - the names have 4, 5 and 7 letters, and start with L, R and L. Turn the dial left 4, right 5 and left 7. Open the safe and take the film. Now head up, south, east, south, west, south twice and west. Drop the film.

Dial 576-3190 to get a recorded message. Now go north, west and down, and take the toupee. Take the peg and the note, and read the note.

Saving Hildegarde

Head up, east twice, south, up and south. Put the peg in the hole and you will end up in the cellar. Note all the objects that are here - pick up each one and attack Herman with it. You will eventually injure him. Untie Hildegarde to complete the game.