Hitman: Codename 47Hitman: Codename 47

Game Details:  Action/RPG, 2002

Links:  Moby Games, Steam

Walkthrough Updated:  12/15/2008

Suggested Listening:  Caught Up in the Panic (Ash 25)

Hitman: Codename 47 is the first in a long-running series of 3rd person action shooters. You play as a nameless protagonist with a barcode on the back of your neck, employed as a hitman for hire. The game rewards covert planning and execution rather than all-out action.


Go through the first door and change clothes. Open the 2 doors and go through them. Walk straight ahead to climb over the rail, then climb the nearby ladder. Follow the catwalk around and automatically jump to the next section. Climb down the ladder and drop to the recess, then climb up the ladder and exit through the door. Enter the elevator and go to Basement 3.

Go through the door marked Close Combat Training Ground, and practice using the wire and knives on the dummy. Continue on to the Pistol Shooting Range and practice shooting with the pistols. In the next area you get to use sub-machineguns. After the range, you will enter a "maze". Simply walk slowly through it and shoot the red targets as they appear - at the end of this section a score will be displayed for you. Call the elevator with the button, then head to Basement 2.

Use the Rifle Target Practice Area to get the hang of rifles including the sniper rifle. Now drop most of your weapons (hang on to a pistol or the wire). Use the elevator, then when the guy in blue approaches, either shoot him (or if you are feeling inventive, garrot him with the wire) - do not use a loud weapon or the mission will fail. Change into his clothes and drop all your weapons, then head around to the gate. Another guy will open the gate for you (assuming you are dressed in blue). Simply walk through the next area to complete the mission.

Hong Kong

Kowloon Triads in Gang War

As you exit the car, start running to the statue area (use the map to help). Go to any of the tall buildings that have a service elevator and enter it. Press the button to go to the roof, and on the way assemble your sniper rifle by selecting its case. Head out of the elevator and turn to face the statue. You will see a car arrive and people dressed in blue get out - ignore them for now. A second car will arrive and the leader will be dressed in black. Watch as he approaches the statue, and take him out when you have a clear shot. If you are feeling skilful, try to pick off the guy in the helicopter. Drop the weapon and run back to the elevator. Head down to the ground and keep running to make it back to your car.

Ambush at the Wang Fou Restaurant

Immediately run to the middle of the map, near a sewer. Wait here and the driver of the car that arrives will come to relieve himself. Sneak up and garrot him, then steal his clothes and Beretta, and drag his body into the sewer. Walk up to the car and ready the car bomb, then plant it in the car. Now head back to your car and note the blue guys standing nearby. The enemy car will drive slowly past - when it is right near the blue guys, use the remote to detonate the car bomb. If you don't kill all 4 blue guys with the explosion, kill any remaining ones with the Beretta, before driving away.

The Massacre at Cheung Chau Fish Restaurant

Head east from the start and enter the restaurant. Talk to the bartender to get a key, then enter the restroom. Drop your Beretta here. Now climb out the window. Use the map to find the north-most sewer, and wait there. Your first target will appear from the east - stab or garrot him from behind as he passes the sewer, then take his clothes and amulet before dumping the body in the sewer. Now return to the restaurant - you will be frisked and your knife taken from you. Go inside and talk to the police chief, then return to the bathroom. Grab the Beretta, open the door and shoot the chief, then climb back out the window and run to your car.

The Lee Hong Assassination

It is probably wise to start with a kevlar vest in this mission, as well as some pistol ammo. Holster all weapons, then head north and enter the large building. Go straight ahead and enter the bar, then talk to the bartender. He will give you a credit flyer - talk to him again to learn of a CIA agent in the basement. Head east into the restroom area, where you will see a lone guard. Make sure no waiters are around, and kill him quickly from behind. Drag him into the ladies' room, then steal his clothes and Mp5. Make sure you holster the weapon.

Now use the map to make your way to some stairs in the southeast corner of the building (you need the credit flyer to be allowed past a fat guard here). Upstairs in the brothel, speak with the madam, then follow Lei Ling to her room. Talk to her, then follow her outside. Climb the ladder and follow her some more, then she will give you the safe combination and leave. Return to the fat guard and enter the small door to the left, then turn right and head down to the basement. There are 2 guards here - follow the one patrolling the area until he enters a side room with some boxes - kill him silently and steal his clothes and weapon. Holster the weapon and return to kill the other guard silently as well. Open the door and drag the body inside, then talk to the CIA agent to learn the location of the safe (now indicated on your map).

Go up to the first floor and head to the safe. Kill the guard and hide his body somewhere, then open the safe and grab the figurine, closing the safe afterwards. Walk to the north-most room on this floor to find a herbalist. Talk to him and you will exchange the figurine for a flask of poison and some information. Holster the flask, then run back to the restrooms. Wait for a waiter to come through, then kill him and drag his body to the ladies' room and steal his clothes. Go north to the kitchen and talk to the chef to get some soup. Use the poison on the soup, then put all items away (to hide the poison). Get the soup out and give it to Lee Hong, sitting at the table in the restaurant. The taste tester will die, and Lee Hong will return to his headquarters. Now run back to the ladies' room and change back into guards clothing (because the guards will soon be on the lookout for a suspicious-looking waiter).

Head down into the basement again, and head north. Walk through the basement to a lift that you can take down to Basement 2. Keep following the secret passage and use a second lift to go up to Level 1. Walk up the stairs and you will see Lee Hong. Take a while to note his path, then wait in the room with the desk. You need near-perfect timing for this silent kill, waiting until the last second to draw your knife/wire and kill him without being seen. Grab the letter from his body and read it, then walk back down the stairs and through the lattice door to the left. Go down in the lift and on to the boat.

Valle del Cauca

Find the U'wa Tribe

You don't get to go shopping between these missions, so stock up with binoculars, compass, kevlar vest, wire, knife, an M16 and one clip of ammo for it. After you are dropped off, head northwest to get some ammo, then start heading south toward the crash site. Use your binoculars to identify a pair of patrolling Columbians - take them out with your M16 (which is reasonably quiet and should not attract other people). Take a set of clothes and swap your weapon for one of their AK-47s, so you blend in. Run straight to the crash site and look at the plane.

There are 3 guards here - one on the wing, one near the door, and one standing a short distance away. You need to silently kill the guy near the door without the others noticing, and quickly drag his body into the plane. Steal his clothes and gun, and grab the idol from the ground. Now head northeast to find more ammo, then far north to find an M-60, which you can carry around safely. Head south and slightly east to find the village, holding the idol in your hand to be accepted by the villagers. Go to the south part of the village to find the chief, who will ask you to find his brother (and the location will appear on your map).

Follow the river to reach the bridge. Climb the ladder of the watch tower, and sneak up to the guy there, killing him with the knife (if you're lucky, the guys on the ground won't see you, and even if they do, they seem to forget after a little while). Take his clothes, then get the sniper rifle and ammo. Snipe the guy on the opposite watch tower, then the 3 guards in the middle of the bridge, and the 3 at the foot of the bridge (try to do this when the helicopter is not around). The villager will then escape by himself. Head back to the village and talk to the chief again.

The Jungle God

You should be wearing a columbian uniform and carrying an M60 at this point. Head south to a blood-stained stone (marked on the map). Drop your rifle here, then go to the other point marked on the map, where you will see some pigs. Kill a pig with a pistol, then carry the dead pig and drop it on the blood-stained stone. The jaguar will come and eat. While it is distracted, grab your rifle and go through the secret entrance.

Say Hello to my Little Friend

Grab the vest and knives from the crate near the start, then get some AK-47 ammo far to the south as marked on the map. Enter the compound from the south. Scout around for some ammo if you need supplies, but don't grab any new weapons as they will alert the guards. Now enter the mansion through the only unguarded door. Inside you will see 2 guards - kill them with your AK-47. More guards will come in to investigate the sounds - either wait for a whole bunch to arrive and kill them all at once, or take them out as they enter. Once they are all dead, go upstairs and open the double doors to find Pablo.

It is easiest to fight Pablo with a knife - just keep attacking him as quickly as you can. He will stop fighting to talk to you on many occasions, and as long as you stab straight away, he won't be able to shoot you at all. After he dies, get the letter from his body (and read it) and the bomb from the desk. Get the M-60 and ready it. Change into the clothes from one of the guards before leaving the mansion. Head northwest towards the underground lab, picking off the Columbians from a distance using the M-60. In particular, watch out for the guys in the watch towers.

Clear the enemies from the entrance of the lab, then go inside, killing anyone who looks like they are going to attack. Place the bomb on the boxes of explosives, then go outside again. Head towards the hangar. There are 3 enemies that you can kill quickly, before detonating the bomb with your remote, and escaping in the plane.


Traditions of the Trade

Only purchase a fiber wire for this mission. Enter the hotel and talk to the receptionist - you will see from the book that Wullf is in room 202. Now head up the stairs and turn right, passing through the metal detector then right through the double doors. Continue through another set of doors, then note a guard outside room 202 down the hall to the left. Wander around here until you see the bellboy - when he enters a room, he will leave the master key in the door. Grab that key and holster it. Now go back to room 202 where you saw the guard. Enter room 201 next door using the master key, and close the door behind you.

Go out to the balcony and look at the next balcony - wait for the guard to go inside, then jump across. Sneak in and choke the guard, then get his clothes. Take the letters, key, sign, pistol and card from the red table, and read both letters. Now holster everything and pull out the "Do not disturb" sign. Sneak over and open the door, then hang the sign on the outward-facing door knob. Remain behind the guard, and lean out to make sure no one is approaching from either direction, then choke him and drag his body inside. Holster the wire, and open the door to see if anyone is nearby. If not, go into the bathroom and shoot Wullf with a silenced pistol (if there are people around, they will hear him wimpering). Drop the pistol, then pick up the bomb case and head back to the receptionist downstairs. Talk to him, then read both letters he gives you.

Go back up the stairs and turn left, then follow the signs to the dentist on the 3rd floor. Talk to the secretary, who will give you the location of the dentist as one of three places, the casino, restaurant or thermal baths. Drop the bomb case here with the secretary. Go and find the dentist and talk to him, but don't kill him in the casino or restaurant (too risky). Head to the men's change room (on the map, 2nd floor) and change into the swimming shorts you can find in the last stall. Now go through to the pool, then into the men's sauna. If Fritz is not here, run around for a while and check again (he will appear eventually). Talk to him and he will tell you about his heart condition. Head out of the sauna and turn the valve to kill him, then go back in and get the key.

Now head to the florist on the 2nd floor. Assuming you read the letters from the receptionist, you should say the right things to get the flower box. Now go back to the dentist's office, avoiding any metal detectors. Sneak behind the secretary and choke her with the wire (the open door will block the guard's view). Now use the flower box to blow away the guard. Pick up the bomb case, then walk through the door, and left into the x-ray room. Pick up the bomb (you will put it in the case). Now head back to the lobby, avoiding metal detectors. Go through the restaurant, then the kitchen, and out the door into the alley. Get into the car and escape with the bomb.


Gunrunner's Paradise

Make sure you take the GPS devices and a silenced MP5 or Beretta. At the start of the mission, head southeast. When a guy strolls past, kill him and get his clothes, then head southwest to the Kinky Cola building (be careful crossing the train tracks). Go into the building and talk to the bartender. Watch the show for a while, then when it is over, enter the door to the left of the stage and talk to Sandy. She will go outside and spend some time with the guard - quickly plant the GPS transmitter on the red car. Now wait around and the guy will return, get into the car and start driving - follow him if you can, otherwise determine the car's location with the GPS receiver. You will be blocked by a fence.

Return to your starting point, and follow the train tracks, flipping the switches so that the tracks lead to the appropriate fence (use the map to help you). The train will then come along and smash the fence for you. Walk into the area and shoot the dogs with your silenced weapon. Get the GPS transmitter back from the red car, then enter the warehouse behind the car. Quickly kill all 5 guys in here, then drag their bodies behind the boxes - you have 3 minutes. Get the GPS transmitter in one hand, then pick up the suitcase to put it inside. Now just wait for Ivan to arrive. He will take the case and drive off.

Plutonium Runs Loose

Make sure you have an MP5 with full ammo, silenced Beretta, knife or wire, and a kevlar vest. Climb up the ladder, then head west a little way and turn north, so you can sneak up directly behind the guard and kill him with your knife or wire. Drag this guy back to the platform where you started, so his body is not discovered. Steal his clothes and weapon (but make sure you holster your knife or wire). Now head northwest to the first gate. Do not approach the gate too closely, or you will be warned to leave the area. Wait for another guard to approach the gate from your side - he will be allowed through. Walk through with this guy, so the guards think you are together. Repeat this at 4 more gates - northeast, northeast, southeast, and east. Never try to go through a gate without someone else.

Once you are through the 5th gate, head southeast, and draw your Beretta. Shoot 2 dogs that come out to attack from between the two buildings. There are 2 more dogs near the trailer end of the pier - kill them too. Go into the trailer and grab the bomb and all the weapons and ammo, but leave the shotgun behind and get the sniper rifle last (so it is ready to shoot).

Face north as you exit the trailer, and pick off the single guard with your sniper rifle. Now approach where you killed the first 2 dogs, and zoom in to spot the guards from the 5th gate. Shoot them both in quick succession, so the second one does not run away to warn Boris. Now head to the west side of the pier and use the sniper rifle to zoom in on the head of a guy on the roof of the building directly to the north - pick him off. Go forward to the 2 boxes and shoot the 2 guards at the 4th gate (again, in quick succession). Head through gate 5 and pick off another roof guard with the sniper rifle, then drop it. Go through gate 4 and sneak up behind the guy to the north, quietly killing him.

Turn around and head south, readying your silenced MP5. There are 6 patrolling guards in this area - kill the 2 who patrol up to the north of the pier first. Now wait for the 2 patrolling around the north building to be on its north side and kill them quickly. Go to the south side of the south building and kill the 2 guys there. Now kill the guy by the limousine. Plant the bomb in the car, then head west to the ship.

The two guys on the stairs will not let you pass - find another guy by himself just south of the stairs - kill him quietly and steal his clothes, then holster all weapons and climb the stairs. Go straight to the west side of the ship, then turn north and enter the first door to your right. Go straight down 2 flights of stairs, then around to the right, up a short flight of steps, through a door, and down to the 3rd deck using another set of stairs. You will now enter the engine room - pull out your silenced MP5 and shoot 4 workmen and Ivan. Cross the room and go through the opposite door. Look out for one more workman here, then disarm the nuke. Boris should try to escape now - he will die in the car explosion.

Go back up the way you came to the main deck, then go up one more flight of stairs. Go through the first door you see and you will be on a platform outside. Climb the ladder and go through the first door you see again. Ignore the ship's captain, and use the controls of the ship.


The Setup

Start with the vest only - you need to find weapons throughout the level. Go inside and talk to the receptionist, who will allow you in. Ignore his directions, and head right through the double doors, and upstairs to the lab. Get the weapons, but holster the uzi and save it for the next mission. Return to the base of the stairs, then go up. Go straight across through the operating theatre, and find Dr Kovacs in the office to the right - shoot him immediately. A SWAT raid will then be shown, with officers pouring into the estate. Quickly grab the key from the opposite wall and run to the opposite office. Wait here (and grab the weapons and ammo) while the SWAT team searches Kovacs' office.

When they have all left, head north and find a teddy bear and a children's book. Give these to patients who ask for them, in exchange for more information on the location of weapons, the TV room and the antidote. Go to the TV room marked on your map and talk to the patient sitting in the chair - he needs the antidote. Go into the adjacent room and find a syringe of antidote (there are three here). Give it to the patient, then follow him as he reveals a secret passage, opening doors for him as you go. He will take the elevator up - just climb down the stairs revealed.

Meet Your Brother

Ready your uzi and go into the first room - kill the orderly immediately. Now open the locked and grab the shotgun ammo. Go through the next door and turn left. A cutscene will reveal some clones you will need to deal with at some point. Continue forward and go through the gate into the next room. Turn right and kill another orderly, then grab the weapon, vest and ammo from the locker. Now return to the previous gate with your new MP5 ready. Kill the clone running past, then another will start to generate, so hurry.

There is a minigun in a nearby room. You will need this to take care of the clones (10 in all). Once they are all dead, drag one into the cloning room. While you are still holding it, step on to the footprints. The final door will open - go through it to meet the Professor. You have two options here - kill him to complete the game and view the credits, or listen to what he says and the game will restart.