The Hitchhiker's Guide to the GalaxyThe Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

Year:  1984

Genre:  Sci-Fi

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The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy is a classic text adventure game by Infocom, based on the book by Douglas Adams. You play as Arthur Dent; while the game begins in a similar manner to the book, the plots diverge quite quickly.


Stand up and turn on the light. Pick up the dressing gown and wear it, then look in the pocket. Take the analgesic, then get the screwdriver and the toothbrush. Now head south and collect the junk mail, then go south again. There is a bulldozer advancing towards your house, so lie down. Read the junk mail, then just wait until Ford arrives. Don't take the towel when it is offered; instead ask Ford about your home several times and he will eventually come to. Wait once more, and Prosser will lie down in your place.

Head south and west to the pub. Buy a sandwich, then when Ford arrives he will start buying beers. Drink 3 of them, then you will hear the loud crash of your house being demolished. Return east and you will see a small dog. Examine it, then give it the sandwich. Go north to your house. Wait here and a fleet of Vogon Constructor Ships will arrive. Wait again, and Ford will drop a black device. Pick it up and examine it, then push the green button.

Vogon Ship

Keep waiting, and you will eventually notice that you can't not smell anything, so smell. Now look at the shadow and you will be able to see again. Eat the peanuts. Examine the dispensing machine, then press the dispenser button. Remove your gown and hang it on the hook, then press the button again. Wait until Ford goes to sleep, then take his towel and satchel. Put the towel on the drain. Press the dispenser button once more. Now put the satchel in front of the panel and press it again. Finally, put the junk mail on top of the satchel and press the button one last time. Make sure you pick up the gown and towel again.

Flip the switch on the case, and note which word and verse will be the code word. Now wait until you are captured and taken to the Captain's Quarters. Wait while the first verse of the poem is read, then enjoy the poetry and a second verse will come. Note the appropriate word, then wait until you are returned to the hold. Type the code word into the case (surround it with quotes for it to work), then get the plotter and wait until you are in the airlock. Keep waiting and you will end up on the HOG.


Wait until you can't not hear anything, then listen. Try to go port as suggested, then head aft instead. Go aft again and Ford will take you to the bridge. Drop the plotter, screwdriver, device and gown, then wait for everyone to leave for the sauna.

Go down, then repeatedly try to go aft until you finally reach the Engine Room. Keep trying to look until you see some things, then take the spare drive. Now walk fore twice, then port. Touch the pad on the Nutrimat, then get the cup before returning starboard and up to the bridge. Drop the cup and the drive, then put the small plug into the small receptacle, and put the plotter's dangly bit into the cup. Now flip the switch.


There are five different scenarios that will appear in random order at this point in the game. In each case, you need to wait until you can use one of your senses to emerge from the dark. You may also be taken to an area you have already visited - just wait and use the appropriate sense, and your visit there will be cut short. Note: if you find you can't get to the war chamber scenario, type a long series of non-sensical commands while standing at the switch (eg. put head in mouth). Once you have destroyed a galaxy, flip the switch to continue.


Listen, then go aft twice and up. Drop any new items you have picked up, then flip the switch to keep going.

Bugblatter Beast's Lair

Smell, then look at the shadow. Say "Arthur Dent", then go east. Pick up a sharp stone, then cover your head with the towel. Carve "Arthur Dent" in the memorial and the beast will lose interest in you. Remove the towel again and go west and southwest. Take the interface, then wait and you will end up in the dark.


Feel, then taste the liquid. Look at Arthur to notice a ball of fluff. Drop the plate, then get the fluff. Open your handbag and put the fluff in it, then get the plate again. Look at Phil, then just wait until he comes over and takes you away.

War Chamber

Listen, then go aft. Pick up the ultra-plasmic awl, then look at the creatures - they are the ones you killed with your careless words. Now just wait until you arrive in a maze (actually it's your own brain). Go any direction a few times and you will find a particle. Examine it, then take it.


Look at the darkness, then look at the light to find yourself on a country lane, as Ford Prefect. Open the satchel and take the satchel fluff, towel and device. Go north to find Arthur. Offer him the towel, but he will ask about his home.

Go over to Prosser and ask him to lie down. Now you can go south and west to the pub. Buy peanuts, then buy beer. Drink beer twice and Arthur will leave. Follow him east and north, then drop the satchel and put the satchel fluff on it. Now just wait for everything to go dark.


Look at the darkness, then look at the light to find yourself on a speedboat. Get the toolbox, then search the seat to get a key and some seat fluff. Now steer the boat toward the spire, and wait until you land safely. Stand up and go north to the dais. Read the banner and wait for Trillian to arrive - tell the guards not to shoot then tell Trillian to shoot the rifles. Go east into the HOG.

The HOG Again

After completing all of those scenarios, return to the bridge on the HOG by going aft twice and up. Drop any new items, then pick up the interface. Head down and to port to the Nutrimat. Open the panel and remove the circuit board, then insert the interface and touch the pad - the Nutrimat will start whirring. Return to the bridge by going starboard and up, then put the large plug in the large receptacle. Now wait. When the missiles are approaching, flip the generator switch.

Return down and to port, and get the cup of real tea (you will drop the no tea). Go to starboard and up, then drop the real tea (you will get the no tea). Remove the dangly bit from the tea substitute, and put it in the real tea. Now drop everything except the Babel Fish and your Aunt's thing.

Flip the switch, then wait until you can use one of your senses. As before, you can end up in various places, so keep trying until you reach the scenario below.

Whale's Belly

Feel, then taste the liquid. Get the flowerpot, and put it in your Aunt's thing. Wait, and everything will go dark.


Wait until you can hear, then go aft 3 times and down. Look in the toolbox and get the seat cushion fluff. Next go up, fore and up. Get the satchel fluff (you may need to pick up the satchel first), the pocket fluff and the jacket fluff.

Take the flowerpot, plant all four fluffs in it, drop the pot and wait. When a sprout appears, get the pot and go port into the sauna. Eat the fruit and note from the vision which tool Marvin needs to open the hatch. Pick up the appropriate tool (if you haven't ever seen it before you can get it shortly). Also get the tea, and then get the no tea.

Walk down and aft, then open the door. Drink the tea, then go port into the pantry. Tell Marvin to fix the hatch - he will tell you to meet him at the Hatch Access Space, with the proper tool, in twelve moves.

Drop everything, then pick up the appropriate tool. Now go starboard, down and starboard (if you can't go starboard here, drop your aunt's thing and try again). Wait here until Marvin arrives, then give him the tool. Head to port, then go down.