Heaven's DawnHeaven's Dawn

Game Details:  Fantasy, 1995

Links:  Moby Games, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  9/27/2007

Suggested Listening:  Where There's Smoke (Ash 25)

Heaven's Dawn is a fantasy adventure where you play as Jeremy, a painter from New York. After going wandering at night, you are whisked away to another dimension. You must break the curse hanging over this land to be able to return home. To examine items in the game, use them on yourself. To examine a room, just click on yourself. Make sure you talk to everyone about everything and show everyone all of your items.

Palace and Gardens

Try to open the locked green doors, then look at the shield on the top landing. Go through the blue doors into the King's bedroom. Read the note on the desk, then take the silver key from the drawer. Also get the iron wire and dirty plate from above the fireplace. Leave this room and enter the Princess' bedroom through the red door. Read her diary, then pick the lock on the cabinet with the iron wire and take the heart-shaped necklace.

Leave the palace. Outside, search the fountain to find a gold coin, and clean the plate in the fountain. Enter the gardens to the east, and pick a flower of each type you find. Talk to the gardener and use the iron wire to get his handkerchief. Continue north and east to find a the statue of the Guardian (not the fountain but another one). Here you can look at a strange symbol above an archway, and pick a red powder-puff flower.

Now head into the west side of the garden. Pick up the gardener's shovel when you see it, then talk to the gardener's wife. Combine the handkerchief with the red powder-puff flower and give it to her, and you will receive a second silver key.

Forest and Princess

Head west and dig up the pile of dirt with your shovel to get a third silver key. Continue west twice more, then go south and talk to the elf girl about the injured bird. Walk north 3 times then west. Look at the symbol carved into the rock and pick up the dry leaf. Return to the palace gardens and show the leaf to the gardener.

Head to the fountain that is northeast from the gardener, and you will see that it currently contains blue water. Add a red flower to turn the water purple, then dip one of your keys in it to get a purple key. Add 2 more red flowers and dip another key to turn it red. Now add 3 yellows, a blue and another yellow to turn the water yellowish-green. Dip the third key to change its color. The 3 keys now match the 3 colors on the shield from inside the palace.

Enter the palace again and use your keys to unlock the green door. Enter the great hall and look at the Princess trapped in the crystal. Try to use the necklace on her, then head east into the library. Read all of the books that you can (in particular note the meanings of the strange symbols), and collect the badge from the table on the right, and the Book of Chant from upstairs. Return outside to the statue of the Guardian and hang the necklace over its hand. Now read from the Book of Chant, then retrieve the blessed necklace. Go back to the Princess and use the necklace on her to awaken her. After your talk, head east through the palace gardens to find the Temple of Land. Talk again to the Princess and she will give you the Gem of Water Origin.

Return to the front of the palace and collect some water from the fountain in your dry leaf. Quickly walk back into the forest and give this to the elf girl, then take the broken flute and the feather. Walk east twice talk to the dwarf. Win his game (you must win by at least 51 points) and give him the flute - he will repair it for you.

Now go west twice and north three times to reach the Water Gate. Place the necklace in the hole on the left, and the coin and plate in the holes on the right. Now hold the badge up to the gate, and the light will reflect between the shiny objects to open the gate. Go north and place the gem on the altar of water. Walk south 4 times, then west to reach a large body of water. Blow the flute and you will be carried across.

Over the Water

Head west and talk to the girl, then go north. Get the flint and continue north into the village. Pick up the bucket near the well. Enter the first building on the left and talk to the chef, then exit again and go north again. Enter the first building on the left here and talk to the painter (you will get an unfinished sketch). Now take the fruit and hardening solution from the table, and look at the middle painting on the wall to get another symbol. Go back outside and enter the house on the right. Talk to the musician, then take the pan, spatula and spicy grass, and look at the symbol on the fireplace. Exit and go south then east to meet the herbalist. Scare the mouse using the pan, then get the cheese from the hole and the mirror from the shelves.

Back outside, go south 3 times and pick up the walnut. Head west and look at the bees. Use your flint on the spicy grass to light it, then use this to put the bees to sleep. Get the honey and the vines, and return to the village. Tie the vines to the bucket and use this combination to retrieve a knife from the well. Visit the chef and give him the honey, then give him your plate to get some food, and take his axe while you are there.

Go south 3 times from the village, then west, south and west to find the hunter's cottage. Go inside and talk to the hunter, then give him his knife in exchange for a bow. Light a fire in the fireplace using your flint, then put the spatula in the flames. Head upstairs and take the jug and the sheepskin. Use the axe to open the box and take a bottle of wine, and also look at the symbol on the wall. Leave the cottage and come back after a while so you can take the charcoal from the fireplace.

Now use the flute and you will be shown a map of the region. Go to the palace and enter the great hall. Use your unfinished sketch on the painting of the King to finish it off. Use the flute to return to the village. Visit the herbalist and give her the fruit and jar so she will make some juice. Next visit the painter and give him the sketch in exchange for a water bag.

From the crossroads with the confused girl, head west twice. Give the walnut to the squirrel to have it opened, then go west and cut a stick from the tree with your axe. Return east and use the stick to get the spider web, then harden it with the hardening solution and use it on the bow to make a harp. Go south and meet the Goddess, then head west to find a rock puzzle. Placing different colored rocks on the different pedestals will rotate the orange and white clock hands. The easiest solution is to place 1 grey rock on the bottom left pedestal and 2 yellow rocks on the top left pedestal. Return east to hear a prophecy from the Goddess.

Use the flute to reach the Water Gate and north to the altar. Use your axe to get a crystal shard from the large crystals. Next use the flute to reach the hunter's cottage and go east to the trunk bridge. Use the stick on yourself, then go east to the small cave. Combine your food and wine, and use this on the cave to lure out the animal. You will return the dog to the child and get a green gem as a reward. Return west and go south to the river. Get a rock from near the water's edge, then use the crystal on yourself and you can breathe underwater.

Look at the puzzle stone - hit reset until you get the starting board with 3 yellow pieces, then make the following moves (number the columns A-E and rows 1-5): D5-D3, D4-D2, A2-E2, C3-E1, A1-C1, A3-A1, B3-D1, B5-B1, C5-E3, A5-C3, C4-E4, A4-C4, B4-D4, C4-C2. You will receive a black pearl. Walk west and look at the symbol, then stand on the hole to return to the surface.

Return to the village and give the harp to the musician in exchange for another green gem. Show the sheepskin to the herbalist, then use the flute to get back to the palace. Return to the colored water fountain and add a blue and red flower to turn the water purple again. Dip the sheepskin in the water then return to the herbalist and show her again. Return to the colored fountain and turn it blue with one or two blue flowers, then dip in your cheese to turn it blue. Go back to the herbalist once more and give her the blue cheese, black pearl, walnut shell and badge, and she will give you some vanishing powder.

Find the waterfall by heading west 3 times and north from the crossroads. Use your vanishing powder to disappear, then tickle the troll with the feather to make him leave. Now throw a green gem at the cavity here 3 times and the waterfall will stop flowing. Head into the cave and look at the last 2 symbols. Show the symbols you have collected to all of the villagers and you will be able to decipher their meanings.

Go to the Temple of Land and head south from the Princess to find the altar. Look at it, and recreate the Prophecy of Light using the symbols you are now familiar with: Person Sun Darkness, Receive Above Person Compassion, Creation Wall Protection, Person Person Rescue Agony.

Fill your water bag from the fountain at the front of the palace, then return to the waterfall and head west. Look at the puzzle on the wall. This is a simple sliding picture puzzle, and you need to recreate the map that you see when using the flute. When this is done, use the old man's necklace in the cavity. Go through the magical gate, then use the water bag on the stone wall to make a doorway appear. Head through the maze (north, west, north, west, south, west, north, south, east, north twice, west, north twice, east twice, south, east twice, south, east 3 times, south, west twice, north 3 times, west, north, west, north and east twice. Get the scroll to complete the game.