Game Details:  Fantasy, 2009

Links:  Moby Games, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  7/4/2011

Suggested Listening:  Give Up Now (Ash 25)

Heaven is a religious-themed first person adventure game. You play as Jason, a man who has died in a spaceship crash and finds himself at the gateway to heaven. You play through 5 sections of the game, solving puzzles as you are guided by Axis the angel.

The Golden Street

After you arrive in heaven, look at the symbol on the rock, then click on the flowers for a glimpse of what is to come. Now follow the grassy path and go through the speed gate.

Walk forward and click on your guide, then click on the sparkle pole before crossing over the bridge that appears. Click on your guide for more information about the puzzle at hand. Go back towards the speed gate and talk to your guide again so she activates the symbol pole. Click on this pole, then go back over the bridge and up the golden ramp. Click on the controller up here until a matching symbol is shown to the one previously (you will hear "I think that's good" when you have chosen correctly). Go down the other ramp, then go between the bottom of the ramps to find a new colored controller. Click this to send a beam of light up to the control station. Go back up the ramp and click on the new controller until you hear "that's right".

Now repeat this whole process to activate another 3 control stations (each time you must start by talking to your guide back at the speed gate to get another symbol). After you have done 4 in total, you need to go through a speed gate back to Paradise Island. Go over the arched bridge and use the sparkle pole here. Now return to the Golden Street and activate the last 2 control stations. Continue to the end of the street and press the last sparkle pole, then walk over the narrow platforms

Spinning Lenses

Click on the large structure here at the base of the large paired staircases to learn about your next task. Go back through the speed gate to Paradise Island and over the arched bridge again. Talk to your guide to use the telescope, and write down the names of the Apostles and the symbols next to each name. Now make your way back to the base of the staircases. Climb the staircases until you find a platform with 12 poles and 12 symbols above them. Click on the symbols in this order:

  • Judas
  • Simon
  • Thadaeus
  • James
  • Mathew
  • Thomas
  • Bartholemew
  • Philip
  • John
  • James
  • Andrew
  • Peter

Pull the large lever to activate the elevator and take you to the next area.

The Crystal Forest

Go around one direction to find a device to click on, then make your way around in the other direction to find your guide next to a speed gate; go through to return to a previous section of the Golden Street. Walk along to find the ball generator and click on one of the colors to generate a colored ball. Walk back in the other direction to find the picture generator and click on your guide, who will put your ball in the generator and activate a ball stand. Click on the ball stand to start the generator spinning, then click again when the correct animal is lined up, based on the color of the ball you selected:

  • red = eagle
  • green = horse
  • yellow = lion

Head back through the speed gate and find your guide at one of the turnstiles (hopefully the right one). Click on her and she will activate it. Now walk to the catapult and click on your guide so that she launches the ball for you. Repeat this process with the other two balls.

Trumpet Statues

Walk over the new bridge and click on your guide. Go half way up the stairs and click on the pink crystal for more information, then go all the way to the top and push on the black crystal. Go half way down again and the correct sequence of notes will be displayed in a large lens held by two statues. Go all the way back down and off the bridge, then turn around and climb back on again. The correct sequence for click on the trumpeters is:

  • 2nd group on left, middle trumpeter
  • 3rd group on left, middle trumpeter
  • 2nd group on right, middle trumpeter
  • 2nd group on left, middle trumpeter
  • 3rd group on left, left trumpeter
  • 2nd group on left, left trumpeter
  • 4th group on left, middle trumpeter
  • 2nd group on right, left trumpeter
  • 3rd group on left, left trumpeter
  • 2nd group on left, right trumpeter

Go all the way up to the top and press the small statue in the overhanging capsule to hear your tune; if you get it wrong you have to start the pattern again. If you get it right, just be prepared to click twice during the upcoming horse ride when indicated by your cursor, to guide the flight in the correct direction (if you miss you will just circle around and try again).

The Creation Room

Follow the path outside then inside to find a water gate and click on it for some instructions. Turn around and go up the stairs and pull the lever in the floor to open the Creation Gateway. Step inside and you will be surrounded by 6 petals with blank screens; if you look at the ground you will see the reflection of 6 images aligned with these petals. Click on one of the panels and remember the image reflected in the ground. Go back outside and find your guide where you landed. Click on her and she will offer to help. Walk back around until you see her and approach on the left. Click on her and she will pull a rope so a display in the background changes symbols; when the symbol matching your selected petal is displayed, go all the way back in to the Creational Gateway and click on the panel of the petal again to lock the symbol in place. Repeat this 5 more times to activate the gateway.

Go through the gate, walk forwards and click on the light up in the sky.