Year:  2010

Genre:  Adventure

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

Hamlet is an unusual adaptation of Shakespeare's classic tale. You play as a man from the future who crash lands his spaceship on top of Hamlet, and must continue the story as if nothing has happened, in order to prevent catastrophic changes to world history.

Act 1

Outside Castle

Change the weather dial to sunny and a bird will land on the left. Change the weather dial to cloudy, then click on the right cloud and a flower will bloom. Click the bird, then the flower, then the bird again. Click the megaphone and the bird will drop its seed. Click on the left cloud, then the vent cover, then climb in through the vent.

Dark Room

Click the single hook, then the left hook, right hook, and single hook - the cage will be raised. Climb the ladder and pull the lever.

Password Room

Click the buttons to spell the word "password": Pa, S, S, W, O, Rd. Click on the spider on the left, then open the panel and disconnect the red wires. Press the green button.


Click Ophelia twice and she will fall into the water. Press the electricity button to turn it off, then click on Polonius. Click on his bomb, which will explode. Now click on the laser in the top left to aim it at Polonius. Turn the electricity back on, then press the red button on his controller.

Act 2


Open the diving helmet, then click it again to reveal an eel that scares away the fish. Click Ophelia and a mine will appear. Click yourself, then click the crab in your thought bubble and the mine will be removed. Now click Ophelia again and you will both be swallowed by a huge fish.

Inside the Fish

Open the shutters on the house, then wait for a break in the snoring and ring the bell to wake up the old man. Click him to make him start fishing; click him again when the lure bobs in the water, then quickly click a penguin to make it catch the fish and get reeled in by the old man. Repeat this process for the other 2 penguins. When Ophelia appears, click the lock on her cage.

To solve the lock puzzle, just click on the letter that most resembles the sun's mouth if drawn on its side. Get this right 7 times to open the lock. To solve the Evacuation Plan, just click on the puzzle pieces to form one continuous path from start to finish.


Click the curtains, then click all the notes about Claudius (1, 2, 3, 4 and then 5 notes all together). Click the curtains again. Now click the left pipe, then click the duck 3 times to make it disappear into the right pipe. Turn the tap next to Claudius.

Act 3

Cargo Hold

Click yourself to see some mixed up thoughts, including an equation that doesn't make any sense. Click the bottom right box to reveal a cannon, then click the cannon to shoot yourself until the equation changes into "2 x 2 = 5". Click the mousehole on the left to change the angle of the cannon, then quickly click the cannon to shoot a hole in the ceiling. Click this new hole to reveal a monkey. Click the monkey once and then the top left barrel 4 times to correct the equation.

Click the monkey to play a card game, with the following guidelines:

  • You must select a card from the bottom row that beats the top card
  • Diamonds beat scissors
  • Scissors beat scrolls
  • Scrolls beat diamonds

Once you win all the coins, you will climb up a ladder provided by the monkey.

Dark Room

Raise the cargo on the right by clicking the hook. Climb the ladder, then lower the cargo. Walk on to the cargo, then raise it again.

Ship's Deck

Walk left to get caught by a large octopus. Click on the cargo and it will be replaced by a pig. Click on the pig and it will be replaced by a cannon. Click the cannon to shoot the octopus. Now quickly click on both of the octopus' eyes to escape.

Rosencrantz & Guildenstern

Open the doors and move the slider to the right, then click the left tentacle to defeat Rosencrantz. Move the slider to the left. Spin the ship's wheel and click on the rocket that appears, then click the right tentacle to defeat Guildenstern. Climb up the ladder to take control of the ship.

Act 4


Through trial and error, you will find the correct path along the map to return to the castle.

Town Square

Click yourself to enter the crowd, then click yourself in each of 15 more locations on the screen, and you will go through the opposite door.


From the starting point in this maze, go right, right, left, right and left.

Throne Room Entrance

There are 4 symbols on the door - click on them so that the top row shows a square and a plus sign, and the bottom row shows a triangle and a square (these are smaller versions of larger shapes seen around the room in this pattern).


Turn on the light switch to see Laertes. Click on the lamp, then the flowerpot, and the lamp will end up on the right of the screen. Click on the plug on the end of the lamp to plug it into the wall, then click on the lamp.

Act 5

On the Horse

Click on the horse's head to see its thoughts. In each of the 4 thought bubbles that appear, click on the black dot.

Outside the Hideout

Click on the door 50 times.


Look at the color of Death's eyes, and click on the correct part of the disc corresponding with this color. Do this correctly 21 times.


Click on the pebble, and various directions it may fall will start to appear. After the options have cycled 6 times, a new option will appear on the 7th - click the pebble again when this new arrow is displayed.


Click on Claudius, then one of 5 small targets will arise from the machine - quickly click this, then click on a new target from the top right of the machine.