The GuestThe Guest

Game Details:  Mystery, 2016

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  4/3/2016

Suggested Listening:  Caught Up in the Panic (Ash 25)

The Guest is a first person adventure set in the Oak Wood Hotel in Massachusetts. You play as scientist Evgueni Leonov, in town to speak at a conference, but the game starts with you waking up in the hotel with no memory of the preceding events. You must explore your surroundings and solve puzzles in order to escape. There are 20 Steam Achievements, all documented in the walkthrough below.


Find a suitcase beneath the window and take the travel info (1/55) from on top. Look just down to the left and pick up a valve (2/55). Next head to the nearby bedside table and turn on the lamp, then examine the pill bottle. Take the cigarette (3/55) from on top of the table. Take the cigarette box (4/55) from the ground here, and the holy bible (5/55) from inside the drawer. Go along the wall near the window and take the boarding pass (6/55) and pencil (7/55) from on top of a low cupboard. Try to turn on the lamp here, but there is no bulb.

Go across the room and pick up an empty lighter (8/55) from beneath the bench at the end of the bed. Continue to a low coffee table and take the envelope (9/55), and read the two pages of the letter. Examine the door to see there is no doorknob. Proceed to the other bedside table and open the drawer to find a piece of paper (10/55) to take. Also take the magazine (11/55) from the bottom of the table, and the doorknob (12/55) from under the corner of the bed here.

Turn right and search the left cupboard to get a bulb (13/55) and a hanger (14/55), then read the newspaper clipping (1/4) in the box where you grabbed the bulb. Open the left top drawer and take a document (15/55) about electrical wiring. Open the right cupboard and click on the bulb to turn it on. There is a combination lock on a toolbox here, but you don't know the combination yet. Search the drawers as well but there is nothing to find.

Go back across the room to the lamp with no bulb and use your bulb on it, then turn it on. Look down into a box to the left and take the piece of paper (16/55) and battery (17/55). In your inventory, do not combine the 2 torn pieces of paper, or you will miss an achievement - you can tell without combining them that they will read "Toolbox: 503". Go back to the combination lock in the cupboard and set it to 503 The Prophet.

Open the toolbox and take the screwdriver (18/55) from inside. Now attach your knob to the door and secure it using your screwdriver. Open the door and flip the light switch inside to the right.


Turn right and open the first-aid cabinet on the wall. Pick up the tablets and consume them to end your hallucination. Try to consume some more Overdose. Also take a band aid (19/55), another band aid (20/55) and some alcohol (21/55) from the top shelf. Turn left and open a low cupboard door to see a whole heap of switches - leave these alone for now. Open the top drawer and take a straight razor (22/55) from inside. Open the bottom drawer and read a newspaper clipping (2/4). The cupboard just to the left is locked. Look at the left basin and take the soap (23/55), shampoo (24/55) and body gel (25/55). Look down here and find some pliers (26/55) behind the toilet paper. Turn left and take a hanger (27/55) from the shower rail, and another hanger (28/55) just next to it.

Use your pliers on one of your coat hangers to make a lock pick, then use this to pick the lock on the cupboard. Open the cupboard and turn on the light. Read the note here, then take the battery (29/55). Turn the switch on here and you will here a noise back in the bedroom. Turn around and open the bathroom door, then go through.


There is not much new here except that you can now open a large sliding door opposite the bed and go out.

Living Room

Try to turn on the light switch just inside to the right, but the power is turned off. Turn around and go along to a small lit area. Turn the light off temporarily to see a fluorescent pattern on the wall, then turn it back on. Take a ring (30/55) hanging on the hat rack just to the right. Now examine the floor plan on top of the gray cupboard behind you, then put it back. Open the left cupboard door and take another battery (31/55), then open the middle cupboard door and open the electrical box inside. Re-examine the document in your inventory labeled "Room 297 Power Supply" to get a clue how to fix this, then insert your 3 batteries. You now need to swap the batteries to reach this layout:

  • top row: 20V and 5V
  • middle row: 5V and 1V
  • bottom row: 20V and 1V

There is an achievement for doing this with only 2 swaps The Maintenance Man.

Now go and turn on the light switch near the bedroom door to be able to see your surroundings. Search the bureau along this wall and you will find a plate (32/55), another note to read, and another valve (33/55). Go over towards the record player and open the cupboard beneath. Take the vinyl (34/55), then put it on the record player and turn it on Grasshopper & The Strangers (turn it off again if you don't like the music). You can also find another ring (35/55) in this cupboard. Read the items in the folder on the dining table, and note that there is a locked trapdoor in the table itself. Now search the long sideboard drawers to find another newspaper clipping (3/4) to read. There is a strange glowing 3-part lock on the front of the sideboard that you cannot open yet. Take the "Do not disturb" sign (36/55) from on top of the sideboard. Go and try to use this on the door closest to the power supply Do not disturb.

Proceed into the next part of this room and turn on 2 more light switches. There is a heavy looking stone device that elicits the comment "looks like something fits in here" on the right. Search the adjacent tall cupboard to find a third valve (37/55) and a statue (38/55). Take a silver tray (39/55) from the small table to the left, and read a welcome message in a small book. The door here is locked, and there is a red box with a flashing light next to it. Continue around the room to find a low coffee table; read a timetable in a folder here, and take a coaster (40/55) and another cigarette (41/55). You can turn on the TV if you like, but there is only static (and an occasional face), so turn it off again. Open the cupboard beneath to find another magazine (42/55) to take, and look at the stack of boxes down on the left to discover a phone-book (43/55).


Go back to the bedroom and use the phone on the right bedside table to dial the number 48-151 (be careful, the 5 and 6 are not in their normal locations). You will hear a message saying the table trapdoor has been unlocked. While you are here, dial all of these numbers to get another achievement: 00-000, 01-000, 02-297, 03-297, 08-297, 09-297, 42-606 Somebody there?.

Living Room

Go to the dining table and open the trapdoor to reveal a movie projector. Now examine the glowing 3-part lock. Insert your three valves according to the symbols on their ends, then solve the puzzle by turning each of the valves so their lit section is pointing upwards. This is the easiest solution:

  1. Make sure the bottom left valve is pointing either up, down, left or right (not diagonal) - use a maximum of 1 turn to achieve this.
  2. Turn the top valve so that it is 90 degrees clockwise from the bottom left valve - use a maximum of 4 turns to achieve this.
  3. Turn the bottom right valve so that it points up - use a maximum of 4 turns to achieve this.
  4. Turn the bottom left valve so that it points up - use a maximum of 4 turns to achieve this.

There is an achievement for doing this within 20 moves Houdini.

Open the right lower cupboard and take the film (44/55), then take another document (45/55) with the phone number: 01-138. Open the left lower cupboard to see a message and another puzzle. You will remember seeing half of this pattern previously as fluorescent paint on the wall, so you can already set the right discs from top to bottom to be red, blue and yellow. You still need to find the other half of the combination.

Put your film in the projector, then use the projector to watch the film - it will end by leaving another puzzle clue displaying on the screen.


Go back to the bedroom and use the phone again, this time dialing the number 01-138. Now open the drawer, pick up the tablets and consume them to end another hallucination.

Living Room

You will be back in the first part of the living room, but it will have changed. Go through the doorway at the end into the bright light.


Walk along the wooden hallways through a series of small rooms. At each room you need to choose either a left or right doorway, and this will either allow you to progress or take you back to the first room. You will eventually make it to a door that says "We are science", then you can just continue safely. If you make it here on your first attempt you will receive an achievement The Labyrinth.

Continue to follow the path, and you will seem to go around in circles. Just keep going and eventually you can click on a spinning object on a desk to return.

Living Room

Pick up the strange object (46/55) from the coffee table. Combine this with the 2 rings in your inventory, then use this combination on the heavy looking stone device on the nearby red tablecloth. First spin the two rings into position (the one with the circle should be facing you and be vertically-aligned, and the other horizontally aligned with its more complex half on the right side). Next spin the polyhedron and try each of the rectangular faces until one completes the pattern correctly; a combination safe will be displayed, requiring an 8-letter word. Turn off all the lights in the living room.


Turn all the lights in the bedroom Scared of the light. Look around to see another pattern in fluorescent paint on the wall. You can turn the lights back on now.

Living Room

Go to the lower left cupboard beneath the movie screen and you can now set the left discs from top to bottom to be blue, blue and red. Now use the message displayed on the movie screen and the decoder wheel here to generate the message "DYSTOPIA". Go and enter this word on the combination safe and then open it. Take the handle (47/55) from inside and read the final newspaper clipping (4/4) Life of the Others. Go to the cupboard just to the left and open the lid of the small box, then insert the handle and use it.

Head to the door just to the left and the red box will now have a green flashing light. Open the box and examine the panel inside. Listen carefully to the repeating music pattern that is playing. You need to recreate the music by pressing the 6 buttons in the correct order; this is different each time. Once you think you have it right, press the Enter button. There is an achievement for getting this correct on the first attempt Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Open the door and go through.


Search the desk to find some glasses (48/55), lighter fluid (49/55) and a magazine (50/55). Read the documents and another note. There is a world globe here as well as a typewriter. Set the coordinates on the globe to 3°N, 0°W to stop on Spain Meet the devs.

Flip the switch on the wall, and another doorway will open. Before going through, combine the lighter fluid with your empty lighter. Try to use the filled lighter with one of your cigarettes Always the right time. Now use the filled lighter with the 2 lamps here. Pick up the criptex (51/55) from the bottom of the bookshelf, then go through the new door to a more modern area New World.

Go to the desk and read the documents. Take the pen (52/55) from the desk. Pick up an ID card (53/55) from the chair and insert it into the card reader on the left of the desk, and the computer will prompt you for a password. As suggested on the doorway leading here, enter the exact time of your log in, which was 4:23 Supervisor. This will turn on the security cameras throughout the complex.


Go back to the large bank of switches in the cupboard that you ignored earlier. Examine your criptex to see the same group of symbols. To solve this puzzle you must end up with blue squares where the criptex shows pairs of symbols, and red squares everywhere else. Starting from a reset position, place these symbols:

  • row 1, column 3: vertical line
  • row 1, column 4: cross
  • row 2, column 1: cross
  • row 4, column 2: plus sign
  • row 5, column 1: square
  • row 5, column 5: vertical line

Take the R key (54/55) for the typewriter.


Use the R key to complete the keyboard on the typewriter. Now look at the 3 magazines you have collected; the circled letters on the covers spell a word: "BENEFACTOR". Type this on the typewriter Memoires.

Turn to the right. Go down the new corridor and look at the large dial. This is asking for your Exodus and Arrival coordinates. Have a look at the boarding pass in your inventory: you came from VOG (Volgograd) and arrived in BOS (Boston). Go to the globe in the previous room and find these two locations on the globe to get their coordinates. Come back to the large dial and move the outer marker to 5°N, and the inner marker to 8°E. Enter these coordinates, and the central indicator will now highlight "Arrival". Move the outer marker to 4°N, and the inner marker to 12°W. Enter these coordinates. Listen to the recorded message, then follow the lights on the ceiling to return to the living room and go through the new door.

New Bedroom

In your final location, you will discover your new ID card (55/55) Diogenes of Sinope, a never-ending supply of pills, a recorded message, and a confession booth. Use the confession booth twice Always thankful. Listen to the recorded message by pressing the play button. Press the pill dosage button, then take the pills and consume them A New Beginning.

From the main menu, choose to continue your game, then wait here as the next dose countdown gets down to 0 (this takes 8 hours). Press the pill dosage button, then take another lot of pills and consume them Waiting for the dose.