Guard DutyGuard Duty

Game Details:  Comedy, 2019

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  12/19/2019

Suggested Listening:  Caught Up in the Panic (Ash 25)

Guard Duty is a comedy 3rd person adventure set in 2 contrasting but linked times. You start by taking on the role of Tondbert Ruffskin, sent on a mission to save Princess Theremin, but your quest takes some unusual turns along the way. There are 20 Steam Achievements, all documented in the walkthrough below.


Take the rope and a dart. Open the wardrobe, but your clothes have been stolen. Try to open the hatch, which is now locked. Use your rope on the broken window, then climb outside. Go over to Lil' Birdy on the right, then enter the castle through the door to the left. Go over to the guards and they will kick you out Airborne. Pick up your left boot, then leave this area and go to the gate.

Talk to the guard, then head to the market (the place with the fountain). Leave Girtrude for now and pick up your right boot next to the fountain. Talk to the Assassin, then give him your gold coin Assassin's Greed. Search the fountain to find another coin, then use this on the fruit seller and you will end up with a froot. Examine this in your inventory to remove its net. Leave here and go to the farmyard.

Walk towards the toad and it will jump into the water. Attach your net to the bridge. Leave and return, then walk towards the toad and it will get caught by the net. Go over and pick it up (you will also retrieve the net). Return to the market and use the toad on Girtrude Pucker Up. Take your trousers, and you will also get some more coins. Go over and give these to the fruit seller to get some Medusa root, then use this on yourself.

Return to the gate, then search "the usual place" beneath the sign to find a key. Use this on the amnesty chest to find your doublet. Go back to the farmyard and use your clothes on yourself to get dressed Suited And Booted. Now you can head to the castle and go inside. Go over to the guards, who will now let you through to deliver news to the King Royal Blood.

Act I

Royal Blood

Starting at the crime scene, talk to Bertwick about everything. Leave here and head to the market, where you need to talk to Hendrick. Head next to the gate. Try to leave through the gate, but Gareth will stop you because you don't have DLC. Go to the castle and talk to the Clerk inside about everything, including DLC - you need ID in order to get it.

Return to the market and enter the Drunken Monk. Talk to the mage about everything Wicked Words. Examine the creepy book in your inventory. Search the lost property box here to get your attic key. Return to the castle and go inside, then into the staff quarters and up the ladder to your attic. Use the creepy book with the broken window. Go back down to the castle and head up the right stairs into the castle library. Give the library card to the bookkeep, then show her the creepy book. Walk to the left, then use the ladder twice to retrieve a translation book Speak In Tongues. Click on each of the translations for more hints.

Go through the sturdy door in the back of the library. Talk to Adviser Pembleton and select these options:

  • King Barrington himself!
  • In the Throne Room!
  • Because they'll cut off your head if you don't!

Pick up the film strip, then knock over the shelf to block the door. Now examine the camera. Push the button, then load the film on to the reels. Now pull the lever and flip the switch. Back out and step on the foot-switch to take a photo. Use the exposed film with the developing solution and then with the fixer fluid and finally the sink Photo Op. Open the shutter to the right and climb out the window. Enter the castle and show the fake ID to the clerk and you will receive your DLC Papers, Please. Return to the gate and show your DLC to Gareth.

Act II

The Great Outdoors

Head right then travel to the Gap Tours catapult Mind The Gap. Leave here and go down towards the forest. Walk left and talk to the fisher, then go down slightly and head left over the stream. Continue left twice and enter the cave. Take the ladder, then return out of the forest. Go to the wrinkle-worm hole. Use the rope, then look down into the hole and give the ladder to the knight. Click repeatedly to try to save him.

Return to the forest and head in the direction of the cave, but you cannot get inside. Leave the forest again. Go to the rocks, then go to the fire near the catapult. Return to the map and you will end up inside a worm. Stick your dart into the festering sore. You will now find yourself in a swamp maze. Go to the top of the maze to see the trapped knight.


Follow the path indicated above - you need to touch the web you reach at every second step, to keep the spider following you Two Birds. Pick up the venom glands. Go back to the top of the maze and click on the brave knight to save him. Now head to the bottom of the maze and leave.

Back in the forest, head left and enter the cave again. Give the ladder back to the interior decorator, then take a cup of stew from the pot. Leave this area and go to the frozen carriage. Use the hot stew on the supplies in the carriage, then take the supplies. Return to the forest and give the red paint to the interior decorator Special Delivery. Pick up the empty can after she leaves. Return to the map and go to the catapult. Use the spanner on the catapult and you will automatically use the empty can as a helmet New Lands.

Search the dead adventurer to get a compass. Head up twice to reach the snow fields. Now continue up, left and right to find a frozen knight. Go just to the right and search the pack-sack to get a dagger and some oats. Continue right and enter the cave. Give the oats to the goat, and it will start to follow you. Leave the cave, then go left to return to the frozen knight. Use the goat (in your inventory) on the frozen knight, then drag him a few times to get him into the cave. Slide the knight on to one of the pressure pads. Put some oats on another pressure pad, then stand on the last one yourself. Now go through the creepy door Open Sesame. Go up the stairs and use the fancy dagger on the princess to try to free her.


Guardian Duty

You will step out of the lift automatically Guardian Duty. Interact with the sentry, and recite any citizen ID - lock-down will be initiated. Examine the access panel next to you, and remove all 4 screws. Flip all 3 switches, then use the port. Shoot your gun outside to the left, then walk towards the barrier while the sentry robot is outside. Walk right and examine the elevator doors. Walk back to the left, and you will be captured.

Talk to the shiny robot, then use your communication device and call Rugratt, asking her about the droid. Talk to the shiny robot again and say "Look out behind you!" so you can see its neck. Use your communication device to talk to Rugratt about the droid again. Talk to the shiny robot once more, this time selecting every option. Pick up the weapon and use it to destroy the panel. Now head left into the elevator and use the controls to go to the Research Labs. Look at the security door here, then use the elevator to return to Detection Cells Block A. Drag the body of the shiny robot all the way to the elevator Armed And Dangerous.

Pick up the severed arm, then use the elevator controls to return up to the Research Labs. Use the arm to open the security door, then head through. After the fight, use the terminal and select "RELEASECELL.DX" then "//RETURN". Go right and use the exposed wires, then take the green power cell. Return left and remove the red power cell, then insert your green power cell here. Use the terminal again and select "TANK1/" then "ASSIGN.DX", followed by "/.." and "//RETURN". Now use the belt system.

Use either the valves at the bottom of the tube repeatedly until the tube breaks. After your call, head right to see the crystal, then return left and use the console. After another call, use the console again Against All Odds.

When you awaken, search the MediGun station to get 4 capsules. Head right to the bridge, then click on the navigational HUD to speak to the AI. Continue to the right. Turn the valve twice. Examine the door to the tech lab, and you will automatically use the capsules on it. Now turn the valve once more. Go over to the general and you will take her back to the medical bay.

Search the MediGun station again to get more capsules. Use the MediTech station on the left and select the red and blue capsules. Use the MediTech station again and you will automatically use the empty capsule. Use it one more time and select the purple and green capsules. Head right to return to the bridge, then use the lift access controls. Read the note, then use the terminal ???.

Walk right 5 times, then step on the plate Two Of A Kind. Give the oats to the goat, then use the goat (in your inventory) on one of the pressure pads. Stand on another pressure pad, then switch characters and stand on the third pressure pad. Now go through the creepy door. Switch to Tondbert and go up the stairs. Use the fancy dagger on the princess Turn Up The Heat.