Grim FandangoGrim Fandango

Game Details:  Comedy, 1998

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Walkthrough Updated:  8/9/2009

Suggested Listening:  Where There's Smoke (Ash 25)

Grim Fandango is a classic comedy adventure from LucasArts. You play as Manny Calavera, a travel agent for the afterlife, who gets embroiled in a tale of intrigue and corruption after trying to work out whey his work is declining. The game has a unique art style combining Mexican mythology, art deco and film noir. Almost 20 years after the original release, this game has been brought up to date and released on Steam as Grim Fandango Remastered.

Year 1

El Marrow

You start in Manny's office - check the mail (getting the memo) and take the cards from the table, then leave your office. Talk to Eva about the poisoning, then use your deck of cards with the hole punch on Eva's desk. Go through the door on the left, and down into the garage. Head to the shack in the corner, and knock on the door. Talk Glottis into driving (tell him the cars are too small). Leave the garage. Talk to Eva and try to get that work order signed - your boss will say no. Go down the main elevator, through the lobby and out to the street, heading down a side alley. Climb up the rope and into Copal's office through the window. Look at the computer - choose the response that instruct Eva to sign for Copal. Now head back out the window, down the rope and back into the office building. Get Eva to sign the work order.

Use your scythe on the client.

After you arrive back upstairs, go straight back down, and head outside (after getting abused by the janitor). Go to the festival. Get some bread, then talk to the clown making balloon animals. Get any balloon from him, then 2 dead worms. Now head back to the office building. Enter the packing room (on the right as you enter) and fill each dead worm with one of the fluids. Go up the elevator. Talk to Dom in his office (next to yours) - note his red message tube. Go into your office, and put the two balloons in your message tube. Now head down to the tube room (left of the lobby). Get the fire extinguisher from the wall, then go to the metal door. Flip the dead bolt to make sure the door stays open when the janitor leaves. Talk to him, then leave the room and go back in again. Put the punched card in the red tube and you will get a client.

Talk to Mercedes, then leave your office and head towards Eva.

Knock on the door and talk until you get let out.

Talk to Salvador, asking about your mission. Exit the room, and head to the alleyway. Climb up the rope as before, and walk around the ledge. Enter the 3rd window, then get some coral from the desk drawer. Hit the punching bag 3 times, then pick up the mouth piece. Climb back out and head to the rope. Tie the coral to the end of the rope. Now throw the rope to the ladder and start climbing. Walk towards the pigeons - they chase you away. Place the balloon on the feeding dish, and the bread on the balloon - the pigeons will leave. Walk over and take the eggs. Climb back down to the ground, and talk to the blue circle in the alleyway - you will take the lift down. Give the eggs to Salvador. Go back up again, and into the shack where you were locked up. Get some auto-body fluid with the mouthpiece, then use it to make an imprint of your teeth. Head back to Salvador and give it to him. You will be escorted to the petrified forest.

The Petrified Forest

After the spiders take Glottis' heart, walk through the forest until you can see it. Pick up a bone, and throw it at the web, then use your scythe on it until it breaks free. Run back and put the heart in Glottis - he will drive around and knock the signpost over. Get out of the car, pick it up, and walk to the northwest. Now place the signpost in the middle of the clearing, note the direction and pick it up. Carry it a little bit in the direction it was pointing and plant it again. Repeat this process until a secret cave opens.

Walk down and get the key from the sign, then head back to your car. Now drive east. Flip the control switch to turn the machine off. You now need to push and pull the wheelbarrow so that the two left pumps work together, followed by the two right pumps. When you have done this, assuming Glottis is still at the top of the machine, flip the switch. You now have a supercar, and can drive up the north path from the previous screen.

Go through the door in the dam and you will be chased by a flaming beaver. Go through again and pick up a 3 bones from the pile. Head down the path to the left and throw the bone into the river. As the beaver jumps after it, spray it with the fire extinguisher. Repeat this twice more, then go back out to Glottis. Use your key in the lock to leave the forest.


Head into the fog to the right of the stairs (and fall off the edge). Now go up the stairs and into the building. Talk to Celso about his wife, then show her picture to Velasco (the sailor who rescued you) - you will get a log book. Show this book to Celso.

Year 2


Walk inside and pick up the letter from Salvador. Walk downstairs and talk to Lupe. Head outside and down the stairs. You'll end up in the water again. Talk to Velasco about getting on the Limbo. Leave the docks, and head through the hub to the Blue Casket. Try to talk to the locals. Go back to the club's office and talk to Lola, the photographer, followed by Olivia. Show Salvador's letters to one of the locals. Get the book on labor organizing from the table. Now leave the club and head south towards the Dry Docks. Give the labor book to Terry, the SeaBee. Now you need a lawyer.

Head back to your club (using the elevator near the Blue Casket), and go down the stairs. Get a bottle of gold flake alcohol from the bar, then go into the casino and ask Chowchilla Charlie to make you a fake union card. Show this pass to Glottis, then head upstairs and talk to Lupe. Go outside, and down to the elevator. Instead of using it, walk south and go into the morgue. Talk to the undertaker, then leave and go to the far end of the bridge, then down a flight of stairs. Turn into the side hallway, and walk into the High Roller's lounge. Go into the kitchen and get the turkey baster. When the waiter goes into the pantry, quickly shut the doors and put your scythe through the handles. Note the empty barrel near Glottis, then head around the corner and talk to Nick. Tell him he's the best, then threaten to tell Maximino and Olivia about him. When he leaves, take his cigarette case, then head to the security station (down the lift, then up 2 flights of stairs). Tell Carla you found the case under her desk, and you will get the key from inside. Walk through the metal detector. Drink the gold flake alcohol and walk through again. Keep talking to Carla about the metal detector and she will throw it outside.

Head down 3 flights of stairs, and turn right. Run past the stuffed cat (stop quickly to read the plaque) and open door into the litter box. Pick up the can opener, then head back to the kitchen. Walk up the ladder and open the keg with the can opener. Jump inside and wait. Drive the forklift into the elevator - as the secret room goes past, drive the forklift so it catches the ceiling of the room (and stops the elevator). Raise the forks to provide enough room to get into the secret room. Get the suitcase, and you will give it to Charlie in exchange for a union card. Go back to the litter box and use your scythe on the sand to find the metal detector. Go back over the bridge, past the Dry Docks to the lighthouse. Use the key to get inside. After Lola dies, get the plastic tile. Go to the Blue Casket, and into the kitchen. Use the turkey baster in the Hookah water in the sink, then head back up to your cafe. Give the tile to Lupe in exchange for a woman's coat - search it to find a slip of paper.

Head south of the hub and down some stairs to find the factory - Naranja is here. Go into the back room and open the fridge. Use the crisper to prop open the door - this distracts Naranja. Now go and put the Hookoh water in his bottle and when he falls asleep, steal his dog tags. Talk to Toto about the Rusty Anchor and pick up the photo. Head back to the morgue. Give the metal detector to Membrillo, and as he uses it on one body, put the dog tags on the other.

Go to the betting booth at the cat track and program Charlie's device. That plaque before identified the 2nd week of the season, the guy at the booth says hat day is Tuesday, and the photo identifies the 6th race. Go to the photo finish booth (opposite the betting booth) and show him the fake ticket. You can now go back to the High Roller's lounge and Nick will help you free the bee. Go up to your office and open the hidden panel in your desk. Push the bottom right button on the circular segment, then the magnet button on the far right. The casino will go bust. Now go to the ship and set sail.

Year 3

At Sea

Head inside and down the ladder - Glottis will save you. Use the starboard engine (on the right). Raise the starboard anchor then lower it again - it will hook on the port anchor. Push the port anchor button to raise it, then use your scythe to pull in the anchor and hook it on the porthole. Lower the starboard anchor. Now pull both engine levers toward you, putting the ship in reverse - you will end up on the bottom of the ocean. Chepito, the guy wandering around, has a lantern - talk to him then pick him up and give him to Glottis. When you reach the pearl, run around to the red weed - Chepito will follow and you will end up hanging on to a submarine.

The Edge of the World

Go through the door, and follow the path on the right. Talk to Meche and Domino, and you will end up in an office with a cage. Talk to the kids, and pick up the hammer they throw at you. Leave the office and talk to Meche again. Use the ashtray, and then take Meche's stockings from the bin. Go outside and head left - talk to Chepito and swap your hammer and stockings for his drill and gun. Go back and give the gun to Meche. When the dialog is over, go to the vault and use the drill on the hinges. Now you need to line up the tumblers with the flat part toward the right. Turn the wheel in one direction until the top tumbler is lined up. Turn it in the other way to line up the third, and so on. Next stick your scythe through the tumblers, then pull the handle. Walk inside and close the door. Stick your scythe in the circuit above the door. Use the scythe with the sprinklers. Turn the valve on and then off again, noting which tile the water leaves through. Drag the axe from the other room and drop it on that tile. Go through the hole.

Walk to the far end of the beach and climb the ladder. Drive the crane to the other end of the trench, then get off and walk down the conveyor until you reach a switch. Flip the switch, then get on the conveyor. When you get thrown off, grab on to a bar. Make your way down the bar to an anchor. You will climb down onto a boat. Go back to the crane and lower the scoop toward the ship - it won't reach! Lower it toward the beach, and use the drill on the bolts on the scoop. Now go up to the crane and lower the chain. Go down and flip the switch twice - the chain will hook over the anchor. Go back up and raise the chain. The boat is now almost ready to sail. Use the crane one more time - lower the chain and raise it to get some coral crushers. When you are on Domino's sub, stick your scythe in the octopus' eye.

Year 4

The Edge of the World

Walk down the stairs into the garage, and talk to the mechanics. Go into the kitchen and open the drawer. Get the rag and use it with the oil drums, then with the toaster - you start a fire. Pick up another rag and make it oily. Walk down to the base of the temple, and open the coffin to get your mug back. Run back up to the top and talk to the gatekeeper - you will get a note. Go back to the kitchen and put the mug on the mug rack, then the oily rag in the toaster. You will end up back in Rubacava!


Go and see Velasco - tell him that you traded his ship for a team of dog sleds. Get the ship in a bottle and go to the Blue Casket's kitchen. Fill the bottle with coffin shooter from the keg, then go and visit Toto. Open the wall cabinet and get the liquid nitrogen. Go back to the bone wagon and give the bottle to Glottis. When he returns, make him sick (by talking to him). Use the liquid nitrogen on the floor, then walk over and pull out the fuse.

Nuevo Marrow

Get the photo out of the bin, then give both that the your note to the pigeon. Now you need to find Bowsley. Talk to Meche and formulate a plan. Get a bone from the sprouted agent, then leave the room and get the remote control from Glottis. Climb 2 ladders, then walk down the stairs to overhear some actors. Take the coffee pot, climb the ladder, and pour coffee down on the actors. Use the snowflake grinder with the arm, then take it with you. Climb down and enter the dressing room. Use the makeup, then walk back to the bonewagon. Use the bone chips with the sproutella trail, and follow it through the tunnel. When the crocodile approaches, use the remote to raise the bonewagon. Jump onto the catwalk and run to the other end. When the beast turns, use the remote again to trap its tail. Climb down and enter the flower shop. Use your scythe to remove the tape from the bell on the door. Go back inside and get a gun and some ammo, then go to the casino.

You can't get up to Hector's office with your current clothes. Go down to the slot machines and talk to the guy in the trenchcoat, then to Meche. Use the sheet on Charlie, and quickly tell the guy on the unicycle to rig his machine. Charlie will take the money and get changed. Go into the men's room and put on his suit. Talk to the guard - the answer to his question is the last number to appear on the Keno board behind you. In the waiting room, talk to Celso.

After Hector falls, you need to get to the suitcase. Sprinkle some bone chips in the crack, then some sproutella. Climb the ladder and you will slide over to the case. Run towards Hector's greenhouse. When you fall down, use the liquid nitrogen to save yourself. Run back to the car and talk to Salvador. Open the suitcase, then pick up Salvador's ticket, and run behind the greenhouse. The ticket will guide you to Salvador's body. Get the key, then return to the car and open the trunk. Take the gun and ammunition, and use it on the water tanks at the greenhouse.