Grand Theft Auto 3Grand Theft Auto 3

Game Details:  Action/RPG, 2001

Links:  Moby Games, Steam

Walkthrough Updated:  6/16/2004

Suggested Listening:  Where There's Smoke (Ash 25)

Grand Theft Auto 3 is the third in a long-running series of open world action adventure games. You play as a novice thug and car-jacker, making your way up in the criminal underworld.


There are many different types of missions in this game. The career missions progress the story, and are all you need to do to "finish" the game, but to get 100% as an overall score you need to also complete the offroad missions and toyz missions. All others are completely optional.

I would recommend that you get practice running and driving around by completing all of the emergency vehicles, hidden packages and other bonus missions before tackling the career missions in each area. This will allow you to accumulate lots of money and weapons before attacking the gang members, and will also mean you don't have a lot of people chasing after you while you are driving around in your taxi and ambulance, etc. The order of the career missions presented below is the one that should give you the easiest path through the game.

Give Me Liberty

At the start of the game, get in the car with 8-Ball and drive to your hideout. You will get changed and go back outside. Drive to Luigi's Sex Club 7 to meet your first boss.

Portland Career

Luigi - Luigi's Girls

Drive to the hospital and pick up Misty, then drive back to Sex Club 7 and drop her off.

Luigi - Don't Spank Ma Bitch Up

Pick up the bat outside on the sidewalk, then get in a car and head to the harbor in Trenton. You can either kill the guy with the bat as instructed, or just drive over him to kill him. Steal his car and take it to the Pay and Spray in the Red Light District. Drive into the garage and get the car resprayed (free this time), then drive the car into Luigi's garage. Get out of the car and the mission is over.

Luigi - Drive Misty For Me

Go to Misty's apartment in Hepburn Heights, and honk your horn to get her to come outside. Now drive to Joey's garage in Portland View. He will tell you to come back later for some more work.

Luigi - Pump-Action Pimp

Go to Ammu-Nation to find a gun, and you will be told to pick it up free out the back of the store. Go and collect it, then follow the dot on your map to locate the 2 Diablos in their Stallion. Crash into them and they will get out of the car, then either run over them or shoot them with the gun.

Luigi - The Fuzz Ball

Get in a car and start driving to collect the girls from the street. Make sure you have a car that can hold at least 3 passangers, otherwise you will run out of time. Once you have a full car, drop the girls off at the Old School Hall. Go and get more girls - you need at least 4 to complete the mission, but get a cash bonus for each extra one you deliver.

Joey - Mike Lips Last Lunch

Drive to Marco's Bistro and steal Mike Forelli's car, then drive it over to 8-Ball's Bomb Shop and have a bomb fitted in his garage. Drive the car carefully back to the Bistro (if you get it damaged you will need to detour to the Pay and Spray and have it fixed up) and park it in the same place you found it. Arm the bomb, exit the car and run away.

Marty - The Crook

Marty's missions are accepted by picking up a ringing telephone in Trenton near to Joey's garage. The phone will only ring between 09:00 and 18:00, and only after you have met Joey. For this first mission, get the Perennial from inside his lot and go to pick up the bank manager. Drop him off back in the lot, then drive the car to the crusher in Harwood to remove the evidence. Get out of the car and it will be crushed.

Marty - The Thieves

Go into Marty's lot and get the Sentinel. Drive to Chinatown to pick up the thieves, then drive them back to the factory. Now take the car to the Pay and Spray and have it resprayed, then return it to the factory again.

Marty - The Wife

Get the Esperanto from the lot and pick up Marty's wife from Classic Nails. Return her to the factory, then drive the car to the nearest body of water, Atlantic Quays. Get out of the car while you are parked right near the edge, and push the car into the water.

Marty - Her Lover

Take the Stallion and drive it into Chinatown to collect Carl. Drive him back to the factory and he will kill Marty - if you feel so inclined, kill Carl.

Joey - Farewell Chunky Lee Chong

Go to Ammu-Nation and get some more ammo, then head to Chinatown. Enter the area where vehicles cannot drive due to small metal poles, and you will see a scene showing Chunky at his noodle stand. When you approach a bit closer, he will run away and the Triads will attack. Run back to your car and chase Chunky before he can escape. Ram him until he must leave the car, then shoot him.

An alternative (and much easier) method is to find Chunky's car parked near the noodle stand, drive it to 8-Ball's and get it rigged with a bomb, then return it to where you found it. Now approach the stand and when he tries to escape, he will blow up.

Joey - Van Heist

Find a large vehicle like a Fire Truck and track down the Securicar. Ram it until the passengers bail out, then get in the van and drive it to the docks. Park it in the garage, then exit to complete the mission.

El Burro - Turismo

Talk to El Burro by finding the payphone marked on the map after you complete the Van Heist mission (it is quite close to your hideout). Now go and find a fast car from somewhere (the best one is probably a normal police car), go to the starting line, and win the race.

Winning the race is very difficult, so another way you can beat the mission is to steal a lot of cars (or even better - buses and fire trucks) and line them up in front of the cars you will be racing against, to form a large road block. Now get in your fast car and start the race, and you will have a massive head lead while the others try to get past the obstruction. You should now win quite easily.

El Burro - I Scream, You Scream

Collect the briefcase from Borgnine Taxis in Harwood. Now go and steal the Mr Whoopee van and drive it to the warehouse in Atlantic Quays. Once it is parked in the correct location, activate the "jeengle-jeengle", then get out. Run away and 4 men will gather around the van. Detonate the bomb to kill them all.

Later in the game you need to find a Mr Whoopee van somewhere - to make things a lot easier, don't detonate this van, instead just shoot the 4 guys and get back in the van. Drive it to the import/export garage at the Portland Docks and deliver it. This will save heaps of time later on.

El Burro - Trial By Fire

Drive to Chinatown and pick up the flamethrower from the back alley. Now head out to the street and start burning the Triads (the guys wearing blue overalls). There should be enough right here, but if you run out of guys, head to the basketball court just down the street. You need to kill 25 of them in 2.5 minutes, but that should be easily obtainable.

El Burro - Big 'n Veiny

Get in the nearby van and start collecting the magazines from the road. Follow the trail carefully, because you can't afford to take a wrong turn. You will eventually reach the docks, where you should run over the guy to kill him. Now drive the van to XXX Mags in the Red Light District.

Joey - Cipriani's Chauffeur

Drive Toni to the Launderette in Chinatown, and wait in the car while he enters. When he runs out again, quickly drive away to escape the gun-fire. Now drive him to the Restaurant as originally planned, and he will tell you to come back later for some more work.

Joey - Dead Skunk In Da Trunk

Go to Greasy Joe's Diner in Callahan Point and get in the car. Start driving away very quickly, as 2 Forelli brothers will be in hot pursuit. Try to lose them by winding your way through the back streets as you make your way to the crusher and leave the car in the highlighted area.

To make the trip much easier, steal a few other cars and use them to block the Forellis' cars, which can be found in the carpark of the Diner, and in a slip lane just across the street. Or you could just get a large vehicle like a fire truck and destroy the 2 cars before even getting in the mission car.

Joey - The Getaway

Make sure you have a car that can hold 4 people, then drive to the collection point. Joey's friends will get in the car, and you can head for the bank. Wait in the car until they return, then start driving away. You have 3 wanted stars, so head into the alley north of the bank to get a Police Bribe, and either find another one somewhere else to help get the heat off, or go to the Pay and Spray. Now drive back to the hideout to finish the mission.

Toni - Taking Out The Laundry

Head to 8-Ball's garage to pick up 10 grenades. Now drive around to find the Laundry Vans and blow them up with the grenades. It is easiest if you make a mini-road block to stop them first, then lob the grenades at them from afar.

If you want to hang on to the grenades rather than throw them away, just steal the vans and crash them until they explode.

Toni - The Pick-Up

Go to Chinatown and enter the alley leading to a suitcase. The best way to do this is actually drive the car in, and make sure it is directly facing one of the available exits. Get out of the car and get the suitcase, then when you see the Triads approaching, get straight back in the car and drive out. Now you can kill the guys at your leisure.

Toni - Salvatore's Called A Meeting

Head to Joey's garage to get Joey and the stretch limo. Next pick up Luigi from Sex Club 7 in the Red Light District (sound the horn to get him to come outside). Go back to Toni's and pick him up by sounding the horn again. Now several vans will come up behind you and start chasing you. Quickly head up the hill and to the right of the vans at the mansion gates to enter the property. You will not be followed in here, so pull safely into the garage to complete the mission.

Salvatore - Chaperone

Drive the stretch limo out to find Chico on the waterfront in Chinatown. Next head to the warehouse at Atlantic Quays. Drop Maria off, then turn the car around so you are facing out towards the main road again. When Maria runs out, immediately drive all the way back to the mansion and safety.

Toni - Triads And Tribulations

Make sure you have a car with enough room for the Magia guys to come with you. Drive into Chinatown and run down the first warlord, then approach the noodle stand area and run in to kill the second warlord. Now you need to find a Triad Fish Van. Hijack one, then drive into the Turtle Head Fish Company in Callahan Point. Kill the final warlord to end the mission.

Toni - Blow Fish

Go to 8-Ball's and get the Trashmaster. You have 2.5 minutes to drive it to the Fish Company in Callahan Point, so head straight there. Go in through the gate and park the truck around the back between the gas cannisters. Arm the bomb, then get out and start running to get away from the blast area. Keep running out of the compound to safety.

Salvatore - Cutting The Grass

Take your car to Sex Club 7 and park a fair distance behind the taxi. Follow it from a distance so you don't raise the Spookometer, and you will eventually reach the docks. After the cutscene, go and squash Curly with your car.

Salvatore - Bomb Da Base: Act I

Drive over to 8-Ball's and talk to him. He wants $100,000 to pay for the explosives, and says to come back later with the money.

Salvatore - Bomb Da Base: Act II

Knock on 8-Ball's door again and he will accompany you to your car. Drive to the docks and he will get out and take cover. Now drive back to the front of the warehouse nearest to the ship. Take the Adrenaline Pill to slow down time and make the sniping easier. Now run down the side of the warehouse nearest the ship and climb the stairs to reach the roof. Shoot the 2 guys at the base of the ramp leading to the ship, then shoot the guys onboard, from left to right until they are all dead. 8-Ball can now deliver the bomb and escape again.

Salvatore - Last Requests

Drive towards the Red Light District and you will be paged by Maria. Ignore the orders from Salvatore and go to meet her near the water's edge. Steer her boat across the river to Staunton Island.

Staunton Island Career

After you have had a drive around to get your bearings and locate the Ammu-Nation store and your hideout, complete all the bonus stuff before starting the following missions.

Asuka - Sayonara Salvatore

Make sure you already have some grenades before starting this mission, as you have very little time to find any once the mission is triggered. Hop into a Yakuza Stinger out in the parking lot of Asuka's apartment, then drive back to Portland via the Callahan Bridge. If you are very quick, you can head into the alley leading to the back entrance of the club, and straight up the stairs before anyone comes outside. Now wait for Salvatore to come outside, and toss a couple of grenades down on him.

Asuka - Under Surveillance

You will need a sniper rifle before triggering this mission. You now have 6.5 minutes to kill all the spies. Head straight to Belleville Park and drive until you can just see the first group of spies off in the distance. Get out of your car and stand behind it, then snipe the 2 guys. Get back in your car and drive down the street to see some more guys parked in a van. Throw a grenade at the van to destroy it. Drive on to Kenji's Casino in Torrington. Climb up to the roof and stand behind the railing at the top of the stairs. From here, shoot the rest of the spies in the opposite building with your sniper rifle.

Asuka - Paparazzi Purge

Run straight down to the waterfront and get in the police boat, then head after the reporter. Shoot your onboard cannons at him and keep chasing until his boat explodes. If he manages to make it to dry land, just keep chasing and kill him in his car.

Asuka - Payday For Ray

Get into the Stinger in the parking lot and drive to the payphone at Torrington. Now head straight for the payphone just west of Belleville Park. The next target is a phone in Liberty Campus, and then you need to get to one just south of Belleville Park. Finally, you are directed to the toilet block in the middle of the park, where you complete the mission. Note that before you answer any of the payphones in this mission, make sure you don't have any stars on your wanted meter, otherwise Ray will not point you to your next destination.

Asuka - Two Faced Tanner

Start off by getting a very tough car like the Enforcer from the Torrington LCPD. Drive to Kenji's casino, then chase after Tanner and ram or shoot him until he jumps out of his car, then kill him any way you want. Just be careful during the chase section of this mission, as there are a lot of cops on your tail.

Kenji - Kanbu Bustout

Drive to the LCPD building in Torrington and steal the police car from the front carpark. Drive it to 8-Ball's garage and get it fitted with a bomb, then return to the Police Station. Drive around to the back (the gate will open if you are driving a police vehicle) and park the car in the blue area, then arm the bomb and run away. After it explodes, go and get Kanbu, then drive down the right ramp so you collect a Police Bribe on your way to the Hyaku Dojo in Bedford Point.

Kenji - Grand Theft Auto

You need to collect 3 expensive cars from around Staunton Island and deliver them in mint condition to a garage near 8-Ball's. Pick up each car and drive them carefully to the garage, making sure you park them straight, otherwise the garage door won't close and you can't continue the mission. If you damage a car at all, drive it into the Pay and Spray right near the garage to get it fixed before delivery.

Kenji - Deal Steal

First head north from the casino and hijack a Yardie Lobo (it is an older-style car with a gold top and leopard-skin seats). Now drive this to pick up your contact in Aspatria, and then head to the hospital parking lot in Rockford. Sound the horn, then hide behind your car and shoot the Columbians. Destroy the trucks, then take the briefcase back to the casino.

Kenji - Shima

Drive to Torrington and collect the first briefcase, then get the second from Bedford Point. Go to the third location, but you will be told the money has been stolen, so drive all the way over to Portland to track down the third briefcase. The easiest way to kill the gang members is to stand a fair distance away and use the sniper rifle to pick them off one at a time.

Kenji - Smack Down

Essentially drive around the streets knocking down as many Yardie's as you can before they have sold their Spank and disappear. You need to kill at least 8, but any extras you kill are worth $10,000 each.

Ray - Silence The Sneak

Make sure you have plenty of grenades before heading to the safety house near the garages in Newport. Steal lots of cars and block off both the garage beneath your target window, and the exit from this alley just to the right. Now throw a grenade through the window (this may take several attempts to get right), then destroy the car that emerges from the garage while it is still trying to get through all the parked traffic you have amassed.

Ray - Arms Shortage

Head over to Phil's Army Surplus Store in Rockford and meet Phil. Now quickly block off the main entrance with the Barracks OL parked in here, and get your grenades and molotovs ready. When the Columbians arrive, take them out any way you can - both you and Phil need to survive this battle. When you are told to check on Phil, go and grab all the weapons you can find first, and you won't have to pay for them. Now check on Phil, and the store is open for business.

Ray - Evidence Dash

Go and obtain a decent strong car like a Cartel Cruiser, then track down the pickup and start ramming it and collecting the evidence that falls out. Once you have a wanted level of 2 or more, go to the Pay and Spray to get it removed, then go back and ram the pickup to get the rest of the evidence. When you are done, park your car somewhere quiet and blow it up. Donald Love is now available to give you missions.

Ray - Gone Fishing

You need to first get a police boat from somewhere - either get the one marked on the map, which is found via the slip road over in Portland where you first met Asuka, or the one down at the docks near Asuka's apartment. Once you have it, head towards Ray's partner's boat. When he tries to escape, simply follow and shoot his boat until it explodes. Remember to watch out for the bombs he drops in the water.

Ray - Plaster Blaster

Get a strong car again and find the ambulance, which is likely driving around in Rockford. Hit it until McAffrey falls out, then go and lose your wanted level at the Pay and Spray, and come back to either run over him repeatedly (this takes a long time) or throw grenades at him.

King Courtney - Bling-Bling Scramble

There is a payphone marked on your map (on Liberty Campus) where you accept King Courtney's missions. After you talk to him, go and find a nice car (eg. Cheetah/Banshee) and head to the starting point of the race, making sure you are facing away from the water. Now when the race starts, you need to collect more of the checkpoints than any other car.

As with the Turismo mission earlier, you could also just form a large roadblock to stop the other cars proceeding very far past the starting point, and then either just leave them there or blow them up.

King Courtney - Uzi Rider

You will be picked up in a Perennial from the phone booth, and have to drive over to Hepburn Heights in Portland. When you get there, you can either shoot 10 Diablos with your Uzi out the window, or you can just run them down (much easier, as it doesn't attract the police attention as quickly). Once you are done, drive back to Newport in Staunton Island to complete the mission.

King Courtney - Gangcar Round-Up

In this mission you need to collect and deliver 3 gang cars (in good condition, but not mint). Start by heading over to Salvatore's mansion in Saint Mark's to collect a Mafia Sentinel, then deliver it to the garage. Next grab a Diablo Stallion from somewhere around Hepburn Heights and deliver it to the garage. Finally, go to Asuka's apartment complex and steal a Yakuza Stinger to bring to the King.

King Courtney - Kingdom Come

Make sure you have a tough car before you accept this mission, as you only have 90 seconds to get to a carpark in Bedford Point. Enter the car, then after you discover the note, quickly get out of that car and into your tough one. Drive directly at one of the vans and push it out of the way so you can get out of the carpark in one piece. Now turn around and shoot the guys running at you. You need to destroy the vans somehow (eg. grenades) to stop the unlimited flow of spanked-up madmen running at you with bombs.

Donald - Liberator

Get a Cartel Cruiser (from near the construction site in Fort Staunton, where a lot drive around), then drive toward the hideout in Aspatria. Do not enter the compound yet, just shoot the four visible Columbians through the gate. Now use the car to open the gate, and quickly kill the next two guys over to the left. The hostage is being held in one of the garages, so you need to walk around the edge of the compound opening each garage door and shooting any Columbians within, until you find and rescue the oriental man. Drive back to Donald to save him.

Donald - Waka-Gashira Wipeout

Again get a Cartel Cruiser, then head to the multi-storey carpark in Newport. Drive up to the top level and run Kenji down with the car, then head off the ramp in the corner to escape to the ground. You now have a 3-star wanted level, so drive quickly out of Newport and the mission will end.

Donald - A Drop In The Ocean

Drive to Asuka's apartment in Newport and head down to the water to steal a boat. You have only 2 minutes to do this and get out into the water. Track down the plane and it will start dropping packages into the water. Pick them up quickly, before a police boat arrives in the water to get them. Get back to the dock's near Asuka's place and run up to your car. You have a 5-star wanted level so head immediately to the Pay and Spray. Once you are safe, drive back to Donald's with the packages.

Shoreside Vale Career

Once you finish Donald's mission above, the lift bridge to Shoreside Vale will be repaired. Once again, go and complete all the bonus missions before taking on the ones listed below.

Ray - Marked Man

Make sure you have a fast car before starting this mission - you have only 3 minutes to get Ray to the airport in Shoreside Vale, and you cannot take the lift bridge. There are 2 options left; either take the traffic tunnel behind the hospital in Rockford, or drive along the subway tracks (also available near the hospital). The subway route is more dangerous because you have to look out for trains, but is also much shorter and more direct. Once you have made it to the airport, turn around and head back to the lockup in Staunton Island to get a bulletproof Patriot and some weapons.

Donald - Grand Theft Aero

Drive over to the airport and park your car out the front of the marked hangar. You will see a van drive away, and another one remains parked there. Get out of your car and shoot the 4 Colombians in the hangar. Now run in and get in the Dodo, then get out again and run out towards that van. Get back in your car and drive back to Staunton Island, heading for the construction site. Again use your sniper rifle to deal with as many Colombians as you can, before entering the site. Make your way through the small area, shooting guys as you see them, and get in the elevator. After the cutscene, escape the site and drive back to Donald to deliver the package.

Donald - Escort Service

Get a tough car, for example the bulletproof Patriot you earned a few missions ago, and accept this mission. Find the van you must protect, and tail it on its journey. Just before you enter the tunnel, and at the mid-point and end of the tunnel, there are standing Colombians who will shoot at the van - drive quickly ahead and take care of them before they get the chance. Cartel Cruisers will try to run the van off the road at several points - take the damage yourself and try to flip or explode those cruisers. The mission is completed when the van reaches the AMCO building in Pike Creek.

Donald - Decoy

Go back to the AMCO building in Pike Creek and get into the van that is waiting there. You instantly get a 6-star wanted level and have to survive in that van for 3 minutes. Just drive around and dodge the police, SWAT and FBI as best you can, and hopefully you will survive.

Donald - Love's Disappearance

Donald has disappeared, so there is no mission to complete here.

D-Ice - Uzi Money

Pick up the payphone that is ringing near your hideout in Wichita Gardens to get missions from D-Ice of the Red Jacks. For this first mission you must drive-by 20 Nines (guys wearing purple shirts) within 2.5 minutes. There are plenty of them walking around in the area with the phone, so if you have a bullet-proof car this is a very easy mission.

D-Ice - Toyminator

Drive around to the nearby Toyz van and control the RC cars to destroy 3 armored trucks that are driving around the city. You have a total of 4 RC cars to use, so you can afford one mistake.

D-Ice - Rigged to Blow

Drive to find D-Ice's Inferno, which has been rigged with a bomb. Drive it very carefully over to Saint Mark's in Staunton Island and have it defused, then drive it very carefully back to where you got it. If you damage the car on the way, you will need to get it repaired at a Pay and Spray.

D-Ice - Bullion Run

Get a relatively sturdy vehicle and drive over to where the platinum is marked on the map. Collect 4 or 5 pieces at a time and deliver them to the nearby garage. If you get too much at once, you will slow down and the cops will chase you. You need to deliver 30 pieces to complete the mission.

D-Ice - Rumble

Go and meet up with D-Ice's brother near your hideout, and head for the park near Wichita Gardens. Get out of the car when you see the Nines, and ready your baseball bat. Start swinging quickly and you should win this fight without any problems (just remember not to use any other weapons).

Asuka - Bait

Get a fast car and drive over to Shoreside Vale to get the attention of each of the death squads. Once one is chasing you, lead it to the carpark where Asuka's men are waiting. Repeat this twice more to complete the mission. Do not kill any of the men yourself, or the mission will be a failure.

Asuka - Espresso-2-Go!

You need either a very tough (preferably bulletproof) car or a lot of grenades for this mission. There are 9 coffee stands located throughout Liberty City that need to be destroyed, and you only have 8 minutes in which to do it. The timer starts when you hit the first one. The difficult part is that they don't appear on the map until you are quite close to them, so the ideal thing to do is to drive around close to all 9 targets before touching any of them, that way you have guides on your map for the entire 8 minutes. The locations are:

  • Portland - Saint Mark's - At the entrance to Salvatore's mansion
  • Portland - Trenton - Near the Portland docks
  • Staunton Island - Bedford Point - In front of the church
  • Staunton Island - Bedford Point - Just down the street from the church
  • Staunton Island - Belleville Park - Inside the park
  • Staunton Island - Newport - Next to the multi-storey carpark
  • Staunton Island - Torrington - Near Kenji's casino
  • Shoreside Vale - Francis Airport - Near the subway entrance
  • Shoreside Vale - Pike Creek - Within the hospital carpark

Asuka - SAM

Drive straight to the docks and get in the designated boat, making sure you pick up the rocket launcher on the way. Drive to the buoy indicated on your map, then immediately drive the boat up onto the land. Use your sniper rifle to kill the Colombians you can see straight ahead, then run up the slope and back to the start of the runway (just above where you parked your boat). Now wait for the timer to near zero, and shoot down the incoming Dodo with your rocket launcher. You immediately have a 4-star wanted level, so quickly get in the Cartel Cruiser and collect the SPANK from the runway. Drive through the airport and get back to Asuka any way you can.

Asuka - Ransom

Asuka is dead and Maria has been kidnapped. You probably already have the $500,000 you need to take on the next mission, but if not complete some more emergency vehicle missions or do anything you can to get the money.

Catalina - Exchange

Once you have handed over the money, you are stripped of your weapons and the mission begins. Quickly grab the gun and run away, heading for the garage to the right, where you can get some body armor and a Cartel Cruiser to aid your escape through the gate. When you get outside, you will see the helicopter flying away. Ignore it for now and go to your hideout to get weapons. Now drive across the top of Cochrane Dam and down the other side. Shoot the Colombians from a distance, then break through their barricade. Drive a little further, then use a sniper rifle to pick off as many Colombians as you can from a distance. Drive in to the area and you will see the helicopter take off again - it will start shooting at you soon, so be prepared for some dodging. Kill the rest of the guys, being careful not to shoot Maria, then run up to the top platform and get your rocket launcher ready. Take down the helicopter, then check on Maria to finish the mission.

Offroad Missions

There are 4 vehicles around Liberty City that trigger offroad missions when you get inside them. You are given a certain amount of time to collect a group of checkpoints placed in difficult offroad positions.

Portland - Patriot Playground

Find the patriot parked in the carpark of Supa Save in Portland View. You are assigned 15 checkpoints in the nearby cliffs and beach area, which you have to collect within 5 minutes, getting a 20 second bonus for each you collect.

Staunton Island - A Ride in the Park

There is a Landstalker parked in front of the cabin at Belleville Park. There are 12 checkpoints to collect within the park, with a starting time of 2 minutes and 10 bonus seconds for each one you collect.

Staunton Island - Multi-Storey Mayhem

Enter the multi-storey carpark in Newport and steal the Stallion. Drive it outside, have it face the entrance to the carpark, get out and get back in to trigger the mission. Now drive through the carpark with the timer initially at 20 seconds, collecting 4 checkpoints from each level of the carpark and getting an extra 5 seconds for each one. The last checkpoint is off the corner of the roof, and to get it you need to jump using the ramp there.

Shoreside Vale - Gripped!

Find the Patriot in Cedar Grove, just past Wichita Gardens. There are 20 checkpoints, with the timer starting when you collect the first one, and 15 seconds allocated for each you collect.

Toyz Missions

There are 4 Toyz vans to be found in Liberty City. When you enter a van, you are given control of an explosive remote control car and are asked to blow up a certain number of specific cars in 2 minutes.

Portland - Mafia Massacre

Find the Toyz van in an alley opposite Cipriani's Ristorante in Saint Mark's and destroy Mafia Sentinels.

Portland - Diablo Destruction

This van can be found near some stairs leading up to the train platform in Hepburn Heights, and asks you to destroy Diablo Stallions.

Staunton Island - Casino Calamity

You will find the Toyz van in a small carpark just opposite Kenji's casino, and must blow up Yakuza Stingers.

Shoreside Vale - Rumpo Wrecker

This one is behind some billboards behind your apartment building. Destroy Hood Rumpo XL vans.

Emergency Vehicles

Taxi Driver

Steal any taxi and hit the mission button to start your career as a Taxi Driver. Pick up people and take them to their desired destination, collecting money depending on how fast you drive. Once you collect 100 fares in total (it doesn't matter which district you are in) you will find a Borgnine Taxi in Harwood (Portland).


Steal any police car and hit the mission button to become a Vigilante. Kill criminals as they try to escape after committing crimes. Kill 10 criminals in one district to get a Police Bribe at your hideout in that district. Kill another 10 and get a second Bribe. You can do this in each of the districts.


Steal an ambulance and hit the mission button to become a Paramedic. Drive around and pick up patients from the side of the road, then transport them to the hospital. You can pick up 3 patients at a time. Deliver 35 patients in total to get a Health Icon at your hideout, and deliver 70 patients to get an Adrenaline Pill at your hideout. Deliver 78 patients in one mission (complete Ambulance Level 12) to get Infinite Run.

Fire Fighter

Steal a firetruck and hit the mission button to become a Fire Fighter. Drive around and put out car fires. Put out 20 fires in each district (60 in total) to get flamethrowers at your hideouts in each district.

Vehicle Collections

People are collecting vehicles in 3 locations in the game. When you deliver a car they want, you will be given $1,500. When you have delivered one of each type of car, you get $200,000. At this stage icons will also appear in the area, representing each of the cars you have delivered. When you collect an icon, you get that car. You can collect the icons an unlimited number of times!

Portland Import/Export Garage

Bring the following cars to a garage at the Portland Docks in Trenton, on the left side of the docks (away from the old freighter you destroy in the Bomb Da Base missions:

  • Blista
  • Bobcat
  • Bus
  • Coach
  • Dodo
  • Flatbed
  • Linerunner
  • Moonbeam
  • Mr Whoopee
  • Mule
  • Patriot
  • Pony
  • Rumpo
  • Securicar
  • Trashmaster
  • Yankee

Portland Emergency Vehicle Crane

The crane can be found at the Portland Docks, right next to the new freighter. The following vehicles should be parked in the yellow-striped caution zone and they will be picked up by the large magnet:

  • Ambulance
  • Barracks OL
  • Enforcer
  • FBI Car
  • Fire Truck
  • Police Car
  • Rhino (Tank)

Shoreside Vale Import/Export Garage

This garage is in Cochrane, off to the right after you cross the bridge to Cedar Grove. The vehicles they want are:

  • Banshee
  • BF Injection
  • Cabbie
  • Cheetah
  • Esperanto
  • Idaho
  • Infernus
  • Kuruma
  • Landstalker
  • Manana
  • Perennial
  • Sentinel
  • Stallion
  • Stinger
  • Stretch
  • Taxi

Hidden Packages

There are 100 hidden packages to find in Liberty City. For each 10 you collect, you are given a weapon icon at your hideout. These are awarded in the following order:

  1. Handgun
  2. Uzi
  3. Grenades
  4. Shotgun
  5. Body Armor
  6. Molotov Cocktail
  7. AK-47
  8. Sniper Rifle
  9. M16
  10. Rocket Launcher

Portland (33)

  • Atlantic Quays - At the very end of a long pier
  • Callahan Point - Behind the fence of the large gray building near the bridge
  • Callahan Point - Within the Triad Fish Factory (use a Triad Fish Truck to open the gate)
  • Callahan Point - On the small rocky island just as you leave Portland in the boat with Asuka
  • Chinatown - Alley behind Roast Peking Duck
  • Chinatown - Alley behind Hong Hun Inc
  • Chinatown - On a building roof near the basketball court
  • Chinatown - In the subway, at the bottom of the stairs (must have unlocked Staunton Island)
  • Harwood - On the Head Radio building (jump from the train tracks)
  • Harwood - Far northwest, near Porter Tunnel
  • Hepburn Heights - In the bush near El Burro's phone
  • Hepburn Heights - Between building and fence, across the street west of El Burro's phone
  • Hepburn Heights - In trees, across the street east of El Burro's phone
  • Portland Beach - Along the path north of Salvatore's mansion
  • Portland Beach - Next to the rock arch near Salvatore's mansion
  • Portland View - On the roof of the Supa Save (jump from the train tracks)
  • Red Light District - Roof of Sex Club 7
  • Red Light District - Roof next to Sex Club 7
  • Red Light District - Roof opposite Sex Club 7
  • Red Light District - Inside the building near the subway, with the breakable glass windows
  • Saint Mark's - Inside the Easy Credit Autos showroom, with the breakable glass windows
  • Saint Mark's - On the roof of AMCO Gas Station (use a tall vehicle to jump over the wall)
  • Saint Mark's - In the parking lot opposite AMCO Gas Station
  • Saint Mark's - Behind the half-demolished building in the blocked-off section of street
  • Saint Mark's - In the tunnel behind 8-Ball's bomb shop
  • Saint Mark's - In a fenced-off lot along the long alleyway
  • Saint Mark's - Behind the slanted roof of the building across the street from Salvatore's mansion
  • Trenton - In the grounds of the Bitchin' Dog Food Factory
  • Trenton - On the roof of Liberty Phaemaceuticals (jump from the train tracks)
  • Trenton - Behind the AMCO building
  • Trenton - On the roof of the saw mill (use a car to clear the fence first)
  • Trenton - In the grass alley across the street from Callahan Bridge
  • Trenton - On the awning of a warehouse at the docks (drive a car up the stairs of the nearby warehouse and jump across)

Staunton Island (36)

  • Aspatria - Front entrance of Bush Stadium
  • Aspatria - Behind a Rockstar sign at Bush Stadium
  • Aspatria - In a tunnel beneath the curved bridge
  • Aspatria - On a roof beneath the curved bridge (jump from the bridge)
  • Aspatria - In a garage in the Columbian compound
  • Aspatria - In the alley between Uncle BJ's Deli & Grocery and the fire station
  • Bedford Point - On the roof of the AMCO building
  • Bedford Point - On the second floor of the building with breakable glass, west of AMCO building
  • Bedford Point - In front of the elevator of the AMCO building's carpark
  • Bedford Point - Behind the church
  • Bedford Point - In the long alley near Hyaku Dojo
  • Bedford Point - In a doorway south of the intersection of the southern entrance to the highway
  • Bedford Point - In the parking lot where you were attacked in the mission Kingdom Come
  • Bedford Point - On a roof just north of the carpark mentioned above
  • Bedford Point - In an underground carpark
  • Bedford Point - Near the star statue near Kenji's casino
  • Bedford Point - On a pedestrian bridge
  • Bedford Point - Behind some boulders on the southern-most dock on Staunton Island
  • Belleville Park - Under the bridge in the park
  • Belleville Park - On a basketball court
  • Fort Staunton - Beneath the green building on the construction site
  • Fort Staunton - On the second floor of a building on the construction site
  • Fort Staunton - On the arch bridge east of the construction site
  • Liberty Campus - In a doorway near the St Matthias University sign
  • Newport - In the back carpark of the police station (use a police car to open the gate)
  • Newport - On the second floor of a carpark near the northern ramps
  • Newport - In a garage behind the multi-storey carpark
  • Newport - At the southern-most boat dock in the cargo container area
  • Newport - At the south boat dock near Asuka's condo
  • Newport - In the alley just east of the police station
  • Newport - On the steps at City Hall
  • Newport - In an alley across the street from TW@ Internet Cafe
  • Rockford - On the low roof of the hospital (use a tall vehicle to jump up)
  • Rockford - Behind the warehouse at Phil's Army Surplus
  • Staunton Island - In the median strip of the lift bridge (must have unlocked Shoreside Vale)
  • Torrington - At the helipad on top of Kenji's casino

Shoreside Vale (31)

  • Cedar Grove - In the swimming pool of the Cartel mansion (use a Cartel Cruiser to open the gate)
  • Cedar Grove - Behind a white mansion with no car
  • Cedar Grove - Behind a white house with a Stinger
  • Cedar Grove - In front of a blue house with a Landstalker
  • Cochrane Dam - At the top of the dam, western tower
  • Cochrane Dam - At the top of the dam, eastern tower
  • Cochrane Dam - At the base of the darm, near a utility building
  • Cochrane Dam - At the face of the dam, on the road near the eastern tower
  • Cochrane Dam - At the face of the dam, near some pipes on a building
  • Francis Airport - In the subway, near the train platform
  • Francis Airport - Behind the fire truck
  • Francis Airport - Behind the billboards near the subway
  • Francis Airport - At the base of the large "spider-like" building
  • Francis Airport - Beneath a plane near the northern hangars
  • Francis Airport - Beneath a plane near the helicopters
  • Francis Airport - On the helipad (southwest corner of the airport)
  • Francis Airport - Under a broken wooden bridge on a dirt road
  • Francis Airport - Lower level of the start of the runway leading into the ocean
  • Francis Airport - Lower level of the end of the runway extending toward Staunton Island
  • Pike Creek - On a crate behind the Burke warehouse (use a tall vehicle to jump up)
  • Pike Creek - Behind the hospital
  • Pike Creek - On a storage building behind the police station
  • Pike Creek - In a fenced-off area behind the Liberty Pharmaceuticals warehouse
  • Pike Creek - In a fenced-off area behind the Import/Export garage
  • Pike Creek - Behind Turtle Head storage
  • Pike Creek - On the roof of Turtle Head storage
  • Wichita Gardens - Near the picnic tables in the park
  • Wichita Gardens - In the doorway of an apartment facing a parking lot
  • Wichita Gardens - In a tunnel near the entrance to Porter Tunnel
  • Wichita Gardens - Between the apartments near the parked Cartel Cruiser
  • Wichita Gardens - Behind the Toyz van near your hideout


There are 40 rampage icons scattered throughout the city; these are actually pairs of icons, representing a total of 20 missions, and there are therefore 2 locations where you can complete each rampage. Once collected, you have 120 seconds to kill a specified number of people or destroy a specified number of vehicles. You get a cash bonus for completing each of these, with the final one worth $1,000,000.

Portland (6)

  • Kill 30 Diablos with an M16 (Chinatown - Behind the old school hall; Red Light District - In an alley opposite Sex Club 7)
  • Kill 25 Triads with an uzi (Chinatown - Inside a courtyard opposite the park; Trenton - Behind Supa Save)
  • Kill 20 Triads with a shotgun (Portland View - On a ledge behind the hospital; Trenton - Between Liberty Pharmaceuticals and Mean Street Taxi's)
  • Kill 20 Mafia with an AK-47 (Saint Mark's - In a carpark east of Momma's; Saint Mark's - In a long alley south of Momma's)
  • Destroy 13 vehicles with a rocket launcher (Callahan Point - Within a fenced-off area east of Greasy Joe's Diner; Trenton - In a courtyard opposite the old school hall)
  • Destroy 10 vehicles with grenades (Saint Mark's - On the elevated train tracks near the hospital; Trenton - On the elevated train tracks near Joey's garage)

Staunton Island (7)

  • Kill 25 Yakuza with a flamethrower (Bedford Point - Behind the church; Bedford Point - In a carpark opposite Donald Love's apartment)
  • Kill 25 Yardies with grenades (Belleville Park - In the alley behind the fire station; Liberty Campus - In an alley east of the Cartel compound)
  • Kill 16 Yakuza with molotov cocktails (Newport - In the doorway of a building on the highway bridge; Newport - Next to 8-Ball's Bomb Shop)
  • Kill 30 Yardies with a rocket launcher (Bedford Point - In the graveyard near the church; Bedford Point - Behind some plants on the block opposite Donald Love's apartment)
  • Decapitate 17 Yardies with a sniper rifle (Torrington - On a catwalk at Kenji's Casino; Torrington - On the roof of the AMCO building)
  • Destroy 8 vehicles with a shotgun (Belleville Park - Southwest corner of the park; Belleville Park - Northeast corner of the park)
  • Destroy 15 vehicles with an M16 (Fort Staunton - Northeast corner of the construction zone; Liberty Campus - Behind the southern building on the college campus)

Shoreside Vale (7)

  • Kill 20 Columbians with a flamethrower (Cedar Grove - Behind the garage of a mansion with a Landstalker; Cochrane Dam - Near the Import/Export garage)
  • Kill 20 Hoods with a shotgun (Francis Airport - Behind the blue SUMO sign at the Porter Tunnel entrance; Wichita Gardens - On top of a garage)
  • Kill 20 Columbians with a car (Francis Airport - Behind the FatBurgerKid sign; Pike Creek - In the woods south of the hospital)
  • Decapitate 20 Hoods with an M16 (Cedar Grove - Behind the Gasoline sign near the parking lot; Wichita Gardens - Behind the Squid sign on the hill)
  • Decapitate 15 Columbians with a sniper rifle (Pike Creek - On the storage garage behind the police station; Pike Creek - In the empty lot west of the police station)
  • Destroy 15 vehicles with a rocket launcher (Francis Airport - Behind the BadFellas billboard near the entrance to Pike Creek; Pike Creek - On top of a warehouse with stairs)
  • Destroy 7 vehicles with an uzi drive-by (Cochrane Dam - Behind a boulder at the base of the dam; Pike Creek - At the gate of Punk Noodles)

Unique Jumps

There are 20 unique jumps scattered throughout the city. These are well-placed ramps that allow spectacular jumps in your car over various obstacles. You get a cash bonus for completing each of these, with the final one worth $1,000,000.

Portland (8)

  • Atlantic Quays - Jump over a small part of the ocean using a dirt mound.
  • Atlantic Quays - Use a ramp to jump over a lot and the warehouse next to it.
  • Callahan Point - Using a black and yellow striped divider, and you have to clear the first beam below you and land between the two lanes on the grass below.
  • Callahan Point - A dirt mound beneath the bridge allows you to jump over 2 beams, heading away from the bridge, not towards it.
  • Chinatown - Clear the pedestrian bridge next to the subway station using the concrete block.
  • Chinatown - Use a ramp next to the subway to land on the subway tracks above and reach the Police Bribe.
  • Trenton - There is a ramp that lets you jump over the Liberty Sawmill.
  • Trenton - Clear all the semi-trailers using a ramp at the Portland Docks.

Staunton Island (4)

  • Callahan Bridge - Take the first left after exiting the bridge and enter the building on the right with the breakable glass front. Drive up the stairs and jump across the street.
  • Newport - Jump off a ramp on top of the parking garage and land in the second planter over the street.
  • Newport - Use the dirt mound in the cargo container area to jump over a small section of ocean.
  • Newport - There is a ramp hidden in the median strip of grass along the highway bridge. You need to land near the opposite side of the bridge.

Shoreside Vale (8)

  • Cochrane Dam - From the hideout, drive down the grass and right onto the road. Drive straight along this road until it curves right near the top of a hill; don't follow the road, just keep going straight off the cliff, and land over the other side of the river in a small park.
  • Francis Airport - Jump up the stairs to clear the plane just as you enter the runway area.
  • Francis Airport - Find a ramp beside the hangar near the helicopters, and use it to jump over at least 2 helicopters.
  • Francis Airport - Quite close to the previous ramp, there is another one that lets you jump right over a hangar.
  • Francis Airport - Yet another ramp that lets you clear a hangar, right out the back of the airport near the customs hangar.
  • Francis Airport - As you are driving past the airport on the 4-lane highway, look out for a dirt road to the right. Follow this to find a wooden bridge that lets you jump across the river.
  • Pike Creek - Jump off the ramp at the top of the hill and land inside the lot below.
  • Pike Creek - Find an alleyway to the right of the previous jump and use it to land past the storage garage.