Game Details:  Horror, 2016

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  11/28/2016

Suggested Listening:  Help Me Out (Ash 25)

Goetia is a supernatural side-scrolling adventure where you play as a spirit, floating around an old manor and its surrounds. There are 16 Steam Achievements, all documented in the walkthrough below. The series continues with Goetia 2.

Blackwood Manor

Go right and examine the pedestal to see a hexagonal indentation. Continue right and enter the manor. Open the cupboard and look at the spirit map (it will be added to your codex). Go right and try to continue right into your father's office, but you need to learn more first. Go straight up to the level above and examine the two notes here. Just to the right, open the key cabinet. Move the Virgin Mary statue out of the way, then use the switch that was behind it. Look at the death certificate in the secret compartment that is revealed. Now you can head straight down from here to your father's office. Read the book on the floor, and the book and note on the desk.

Continue right, up to the second floor and right again to meet Malphas First encounter. Go down to the kitchen and look at the blank note on the wall. Try to go left and you will note there is a combination lock on the door. Go back up and right to the dining room and open the dumbwaiter on the left. Go left and look at the items in the cabinet to find a box of white powder. Move this to the right and into the dumbwaiter in the dining room. Go down to the kitchen and press the button next to the dumbwaiter - the box of white powder will arrive. Use this on the blank note to see the message "The eldest's birth". Head back up to the dining room and examine all of the paintings, working out the dates of birth. Go back down to the kitchen and examine the combination lock, then enter 1908.

Go left and read the note, then you will hear a noise upstairs. Go back to the entry hall and look at the broken crockery on the ground. Look at the hexagonal plate in the shelves, then carry it right and out through the small hole in the wall just past the door. Follow this passage until you are outside, then head left and use the plate in the pedestal. Head down into the tomb. Pick up the key and head back up, right to the manor and up. Go in through the window, then down and right until you reach your father's office. Use the key on the locked cabinet above his desk, then read the book inside - you can now get through the blue sigils in the manor Apprentice exorcist.

Go up through the previously blocked area, then continue upstairs and left into a billiard room. Examine the note on the billiard table - you now have access to Oakmarsh. Examine the panel on the wall next to the photos, but you will need a tool to open it. Head right twice to find a corridor with some statues. Examine the painting on the far right - you now have access to Eldwitch Forest. Pick up the screwdriver from the table and take it back to the billiard room, using it on the panel. Drop the screwdriver (you will need this later so don't misplace it) and examine the safe to see 4 dials. Go right twice again and then up the stairs until you can head right into a darkroom. Read the notes on the desk.

Next you need to go to 5 separate rooms in order to complete a "paper chase":

  • Kitchen: Examine the papers in the fireplace and solve the puzzle to put them together
  • Stairs above front door: Examine the Ben Hur book on the chair
  • Father's office: Move the horse statuette on the cabinet and find a drawing behind it
  • Ground floor hallway: Examine the painting of a man on the wall (right of front entrance)
  • Bird room: Go to a new "bird room" to the right of the hall with portraits; examine the puzzle box and solve it with the name "JOHN"

Head down to the kitchen and into the previously hidden room to the right. Pick up the glowing orb to attain a new power Clear-sightedness. Head up and left, and pick up the quill near the base of the stairs - go up and you will now see hand prints around a secret panel in the wall. Open the panel. Drop the quill and search the panel to find a small case. Examine the note inside, then close it again. Go back to the bird room. Look at the journal on the desk, which has missing pages. Pick it up and head out of the house to the right. Examine the loose brick in the pillar and read the note inside. Go back inside and return the journal to the desk. Head all the way back to the left of the house and continue left to leave the area.


Head left into a house and open the cabinet, then examine the brochure. Go straight up and read the letter hidden within the journal on the table. Continue up to the attic and examine the Ouija board. Go a bit to the left and then down to another room. Open the large cabinet here and read the journal inside. There is also a locked chest here, but you will come back here later. Go back up to the Ouija board and spell out the name from the journal: "ABRAHAM". Now follow the orb right down to the basement and you will see a set of scales - you need to pile things on the scales to move the needle to just before the marker. One possible solution is the box, cup and knife. Now absorb the orb to get another new power Crossing the Styx.

Go back up to the locked chest and examine it. Using the hint from the Ouija board, press the star symbols in the order from furthest to closest "to the stars": Pisces, Delphinus, Serpens, Canis Major, Aquila. Look in the box and read the note, then pick up the magnetic tape and take it right, downstairs and left to the kitchen. Drop the tape for now, then close the door and turn on the lights. Read the note on the wall, then leave the house to the left.

Continue left and you will find Samson's (the local store). Go up and read the note on the corpse, then go back down. Look at the key board on the left and take the key described in the note (small, grey, with a grey label), then return right to the house and use it to unlock the door. Enter the kitchen and pick up the magnetic tape, then leave the house to the left and head down into the well. Drop the tape here and pick up the tool handle, then use it on the cracks to the left. Pick up the tape again and head left along the tunnel. Read the logbook on the table, then continue left and up to find a basement. Use the tape on the player here to hear a musical clue. Continue left and up to be outside. Go left again and pick up the saw, then return right and use it to open the doors down to the basement.

Head left and down and examine the radio on the table. Turn the dial to the right until you can hear your own voice. Now take the radio up to the level above. Examine the device on the left door, then use the radio on the device and say "Sally Dunchurch". Drop the radio and head left. Examine the notes - you can now get through the yellow sigils in the manor Ghost town.

Go all the way back through the manor and out the right side, then continue right into the next area.

Eldwitch Forest

Examine Elizabeth Blackwood's tombstone, then head down below the ground here. Move the stone from the right into the main chamber. Pick up the dowsing rod and take it to the right - you will end up above ground again. Go right as far as you can, but you won't enter the deep forest yet. Instead go through the portal just to the left. Look at the archway, sign and forest here, then go back through the portal. Pick up the dowsing rod again, then look at the archway, followed by the ferns beneath it. Examine the box you find on the ground. You need to click on items you have seen through the portal; if you are holding the dowsing rod it will wiggle when pointed at each of the correct items: logs, skull, cross, tree and stone (in this order). Now you can continue right into the deep forest.

Go all the way right into the church. Read the note on the pew, then examine the stone plaque in the wall. Try to head further up to the right and you will talk to Malphas again. Now head up into the attic. Examine the journal, then examine the large bell on the roof. Go back down to the ground level and head right, then read the notes on the desk. Open the cabinet on the right and look at the register. Next pick up the hook here and take it right and into the next building. Drop it on the ground inside, then pick up the cloth and use it on the hook to make a torch. Go up and use the torch on the candle to light it, then use your lit torch on the adjacent rope. Now you can drop the torch.

Read the book on the left, and examine the zodiac disc up on the roof. Go down into the water and examine the broken stone on the right. Go down further and look at the symbols carved into the pillar at the very bottom (you need to remember these, so write them down). Go back up to the surface and head back into the previous building on the left. Examine the bookshelf - you need to swap the position of the books to recreate the order of symbols you just saw on the pillar. Follow the orb right, down twice and left into a new area. Go further left to meet Elrias - you need to use the typewriter here to create his sigil APEW, using all of the information in your codex. Follow these keystrokes:

  • Press the symbol on the 2nd row from top, 6th from left
  • Rotate once to work on the right part of the sigil (bottom left button)
  • Press the symbol on the 3rd row from top, 8th from left
  • Rotate once to work on the bottom part of the sigil (bottom left button)
  • Press the symbol on the 3rd row from top, 11th from left
  • Rotate once to work on the left part of the sigil (bottom left button)
  • Press the symbol on the 3rd row from top, 3rd from left
  • Press the 9th symbol on the top row

Pick up the sigil and give it to Elrias to reveal a new passage. Use the typewriter again and create the sigil WJCW for the church founder:

  • Press the symbol on the 3rd row from top, 3rd from left
  • Rotate once to work on the right part of the sigil (bottom left button)
  • Press the symbol on the 2nd row from top, 8th from left
  • Rotate once to work on the bottom part of the sigil (bottom left button)
  • Press the symbol on the 3rd row from top, 3rd from left
  • Rotate once to work on the left part of the sigil (bottom left button)
  • Press the symbol on the 3rd row from top, 9th from left
  • Rotate the diagonal symbol to point NE (top left button)
  • Press the 5th symbol on the top row

Fly down through the passage in the floor and absorb to get a new power Strength of character. Head back up and left and examine the candlestick. Go up and pull out the stick from the wall, then drop it. Now go down and grab the candlestick and take it up twice and left twice. Use it on the altar, then head down through the new passage in the floor. Read the book down here - you can now get through the green sigils in the manor Fallen leaves.

Go back to the manor and into the room to the left of the kitchen (with the 4 pedestals). Head left twice and examine the torch at the bottom of the stairs to reveal a hidden room. Go to the right and look at the list of names, then return left to the stairwell. Pick up the empty milk can and carry it left and down into the elevator shaft.

Fields of Stone

Go all the way down to the bottom and drop the empty milk can. Examine the alchemy chart on the wall, the poetry book on the desk, and the box on the right. Fly back up the elevator shaft and pick up the pendant from the floor on the left, then bring it down and drop it near the empty milk can. Open the small cabinet in the right side of the desk and push the button inside. Go right and pull aside the curtain, and you will find a small recess - use the pendant here and the wall to the right will slide away. Pick up your milk can and go right twice, then fill the can with petrol from the barrel. Head down and look at the machine, then use your can of petrol on the tank to the right. Now you can drop the can.

Return up to the left and look at the fuse box on the left end of the red corridor. Move the yellow fuse from "workshop" to "corridor". Read the note just to the left, and examine the adjacent briefcase. Using the alchemy chart from earlier you can work out the briefcase code is 4202. Look inside the briefcase to see a family tree. Just to the right, open the trapdoor in the floor and go down. Pick up the fuse down here and take it back to the fuse box. Move the 2 yellow fuses into "ext 1" and "workshop".

Go right to the stairwell again and go down to the bottom and then left into a workshop. Read the journal and look at the 3 symbols on the wall (cat, crescent moon, key), then continue left into a graveyard where the tombstones also have symbols (raven, swan, full moon). Each of the symbols on the wall and the tombstones is attached to a timer and you need to press them in a specific order. You can work this out using the pages in the journal: cat, full moon, crescent moon, crescent moon and full moon.

Head down twice into a large cavern and read the report on top of the crates. Head into the building to the right and read the map on the table. Pick up the magnesium from next to the map and take it left. Use the magnesium on the camera, then drop the magnesium and head left into a smaller cave. Pick up the stone from the ground and use it on the glowing area in the wall. Now you can carry this back to the right twice and down the dark hole in the ground.

Drop the glowing stone. Examine the torn notebook page on the ground before heading further left to talk to Malphas again. Go back up to the previous room and open the desk drawer, then take the tracing paper from inside. Use this on the map on the table - you need to rotate it once anti-clockwise, then line up the curve on the tracing paper with the circle on the map, and you will see the letters GLRCA on the right side positioned between some pillars. When you exit the map, you will note some circled bricks on the wall in this room. Using the code ALCR from the report on top of the crates earlier, press the bricks in this order: top-right, bottom-left, bottom-right, middle. Grab the gold ring that is revealed and take it down the dark well. Place the ring on the hand pointing upwards. Pick up the orange amulet that rises from the ground - carry it left through the blue barrier. Head around and examine the large sigil on the wall - you can now get through the red sigils in the manor Buried whispers.

Go back to the manor and up to the top of the stairs just left of the darkroom. Close the suitcase and pick up the partial photograph. Carry this to the darkroom and use it to complete the photo on the far right. Enter the photograph.

Silver Labyrinth

Go right into the manor and read the notebook in the small shelf, then enter the photograph of the tall trees just above. Go right into a shed and pick up the hammer, then return left and look at the writing on the large stone. Drop the hammer and return to the shed. Pick up the glasses and put them in the box up on the shelves to the left. Go back out to the left and re-enter the manor photograph. Head right and examine the box on the low table to get the glasses. Use the glasses on the blurry photo just above and take note of the numbers. Drop the glasses and enter the photograph. Now follow the order of the numbers that you just saw: flip the right switch, turn the wheel, pull the lever, and flip the left switch. Enter the photo that is revealed.

Read the note on the pillar here, then fly straight up to find a floating island. Read the book on the table up here, then go back down and enter the photograph on the left. Fly right and examine the inactive photo - move the column on the right to reveal the structure behind it.

Return all the way back to the manor, and enter the bunker photograph (to the right of the trees photograph). In this area note the writing "2-CBB" on the wall, then examine the note. Head down and examine the letter on the desk. Go back up and return through the photo on the wall. Use the frame of the bunker photograph to turn it over, then enter it again. Now there will be different writing on the wall: "1-DAF#". Enter the other photograph here (on the crate on the right).

Look at the piano music, then examine the piano and play the tune D, A, F#, C, B, B. Go back through the photograph to the bunker and take the new picture from the hidden compartment. Fly it up through the ceiling and place it in the space between the other two pictures. Enter the left picture. Pick up the small container of developer and take it to the far right pictures. Use the developer on the photograph on the rock, then enter it. Head right and through the darkroom photograph (this will only be visible if you moved the column in the inactive photo earlier). In this past version of the darkroom, look at the box hidden in a secret recess on the floor beneath the table.

Use the left photograph here to travel directly back to the darkroom in the manor. Look at the uninteresting box beneath the table and move it to the left. Examine the box that has been revealed - you can now get through the purple sigils in the manor Scattered memories.

Blackwood Manor

Go left to the staircase, up through the ceiling, and then to the far left until you reach a hidden study. Look at the set of three heads on the wall near the top left and you will meet Haborym, who needs you to find 3 shapes. First go down into a large library, then right to a stairwell. On the second landing there is a teardrop shape on the banister that you can look at "on the first step to knowledge". From here, head right into a classroom and enter the portal. Look at the clock to see that both hands point to VII. Go back through the portal and look at the cross-shaped lights on the wall "where studies find the light". Next go right to the stairwell and all the way down through the floor to a hallway of broken statues. Look in the 7th archway to see a cross on the wall "where statues find refuge".

Go to Annie's bedroom by heading back up through the stairwell and up again, then left. Read the notes on her desk, then pick them up and carry them left. Use the notes on the incomplete medallion sigil hanging beneath the 3 heads of Haborym. Find the teardrop shape and use it to complete the right side of the sigil. Find the large cross shape (like the lights) and use it to extend up from the middle part of the sigil. Find the M-shape and place it over the cross. These shapes will snap into position where they are close. You will automatically give this to Haborym The cleansing.

Drop the notes and head up into the attic above. Try to take the violin, then pull the light switch. Head back down and Haborym will challenge you to a game. The 3 items you need to examine are the skull in the hidden compartment, the rotated blue butterfly, and the open drawer near to the weapons. Go up and take the violin - you will automatically place it on Alexander's pedestal.

Go back up to the stairwell and enter the room to the right from the middle level, which is Edward's bedroom. Look at the drawings above the bed and take the one that is made from a punch card; head right and use this on the barrel organ. Read the note on the table to the right. Head straight down into the room below. Play the gramophone and memorise the tune that you hear (you can always come back and listen again later). Pick up the box of punch cards and head left (open the door first). Go up one flight of stairs, then right twice and use the box of punch cards on the gramophone. Go back up to Edward's bedroom again. Pick up the wheel on the bookcase and take it back down to the barrel organ. Now use the barrel organ: you have a whole array of cards and you need to recreate the melody you heard on the gramophone. Use the following punch cards in order from 1-4:


When these are selected, turn the wheel to play the melody. Pick up the train - you will automatically place it on Edward's pedestal.

Go back up to the stairwell and enter the room to the left from the middle level, which is a chemistry lab. Examine the letter on the desk. Pick up the small glass bottle of KMnO4 and carry it left twice. Look at the container on the tripod and pour the powder into it. Return right twice to the lab, then go straight down into a bathroom below. Take the dropper from the shelves on the left. Carry this right, up and left to the lab, and use it on the glycerol to collect a small sample. Head left twice and drop the glycerol into the container with the powder, and a purple light will appear. Examine both of the large diagrams on the wall just to the left, and the note further to the left.

Fly down twice to Robert's bedroom. Read the note on the desk and look at the periodic table on the right wall. Next examine the telescope, then remove the lens. Go to the small stairwell on the left and head up and right so you end up in the room above. Examine the oil painting on the right and you will move it aside. Examine the box that is revealed and read the notes inside. Drop the lens, move the box, and pick up the lens again, carrying it through the hole. Place the lens at the end of the purple light to display a large pattern on the wall. Go back to the bathroom (left from the bottom level of the stairwell). Look at the tile matching the pattern you just saw (left of the mirror), then move the tile to the side. Pick up the binoculars - you will automatically place them on Robert's pedestal.

Go straight up until it is too dark to go up any further (you should be directly above the dark room). Look at the hole in the wall, and the rubble on the ground. After your cat Seth arrives, follow him up through the ceiling. Read the journal on the desk here, then search the box to find Seth again. Go back to the billiard room and collect the screwdriver, and carry it all the way back up to Seth. Use the screwdriver on the filing cabinet, then drop it again. Head up one more level and Seth will follow. Examine the drawing to see 3 separate pictures, then look at the writing just to the right and click on the words "curiosity", "righteousness" and "ambition". Fly up one last time to reach the top of the tower and pick up the photograph - you will automatically place it on Gabriel's pedestal Blackwood reunited.

Bad Ending

Fly down into the basement and follow the pictures, then look at Abigail's diary The fall of Blackwood. After watching the credits, you can choose to resume your game, then use your map to return up to the manor and continue towards the good ending below.

Good Ending

You should now be able to enter every room of the manor (if you haven't already) - check your map to make sure you haven't missed any areas Explorator.

Go back up to the stairwell and enter the room to the right from the middle level, which is Edward's bedroom. Pick up and move the heavy chest on the left, then examine the pile of books to see the number 5713. From here, go left to the stairwell, down and left twice to the billiard room. Open the safe with combination 5713. Pick up the train wheel - you will automatically place it in front of Edward's pedestal.

Next go to the bathroom beneath the chemistry lab (left from the lower level of the stairwell). Read the note in the mirror to see a cipher; shift the letters to read "In the big staircase; Two right; Four left; Three right". Go to the top of the stairwell and examine the long tube. As per the instructions, turn the dial 2 right, 4 left and 3 right. Pick up the violin bow - you will automatically place it in front of Alexander's pedestal.

Go to the bedroom with the gramophone and head just left to find a piano. Take the rocket from on top of the piano and head left, down the stairs and right. Examine the periodic table on the wall again and you will see the message "Re Si La". Using romantic musical notation of "Do Re Mi Fa Sol La Si", this corresponds to the notes of D, B, A. Drop the rocket and examine the wall clock here; play the notes D, B, A on the keyboard you see. Pick up the binoculars case - you will automatically place it in front of Robert's pedestal.

Go to the bird room to the far right of the manor and enter the portal here. Look at the images in the 2 mirrors, then go back through the portal. Go straight up to find the smoking room and examine the book on the shelves to see the code "573". Next go to the library (near the far top left of the manor) and find the book in the top left shelving to see the code "401". Go up to Annie's bedroom and open the wall safe with the combination "573401". Pick up and remove the safe door, then look inside the safe. Pick up the photo album - you will automatically place it in front of Gabriel's pedestal.

At this stage you should get an achievement for solving all of the puzzles in the game Curiosity. You will also get another achievement for reading all available information in the game Bookworm. Fly down into the basement and follow the pictures, then look at Abigail's diary Epilogue.