Gemini Rue Gemini Rue

Year:  2011

Genre:  Sci-Fi

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

Gemini Rue is a dystopian futuristic 3rd person adventure where you control two separate characters, Azriel and Delta-Six. The paths of the two characters eventually converge. There are action sequences within the game and both characters can die.

Find Matthius


Start by going right and talking to the vendor. Return left and try to use the terminal, then kick it and try to use it again. Go to the right and talk to the vendor to get his ID card. Go left once more and use the ID card on the terminal. Search for "Matthius Howard", then read the entry that is found. Next search for "Hibiscus Highrise" and look at both entries. Click on the map in the terminal screen to see 4390 Brookview is to the east. Leave the terminal and walk right. Return the ID card to the vendor.

Continue right several screens and open the door to number 4390. Talk to the receptionist and say you are with the Boryokudan, and that you don't have to prove it - you will end up with Matthius' room number. Use the control to the right of the elevator and head inside. Press button 4 on the controls in the elevator, then exit on the 4th floor. Knock on door 4E but there is no answer.

Try to use a lock pick on door 4E, but it has an electronic lock. Go back to door 4C and use your lock pick on it, then open the door and go inside. Try to open the balcony door, then pick up the stick blocking it and try again. Head outside. Climb the ladder, climb over the railing, walk along the ledge, then climb over the other railing and down the ladder. Try to open the balcony door but it is locked. Use your stick on the door, then kick the stick and reach through the hole. Now open the door and go inside.

Walk over towards the console, but then the Boryokudan will arrive. Quickly head back out to the balcony and all the way back to room 4C. Go out to the corridor to see the Boryokudan leave. Now you can go in through the 4E door. Use the console and go to the profile to get Matthius' phone number. Use your communicator to call him.

The Test Facility


When prompted, talk to the speaker in the corner of the room, then walk through the open door. Pick up the gun and go through the training exercise on combat. Return the gun to the pedestal, then go and take the meal tickets from the wall printer. Go back into the first room, then wait until the other door opens, and go through.

Continue down the ramp to the left and through another door; after the woman takes some cloth from you, go left and through the door at the end. Use the elevator controls, but they won't work. Try the other controls, then use the box on the floor - move it to the far right by holding D, then stand on it by pressing W. Use the wire hanging above you to fix the elevator. Climb down from the box and head inside. Use the controls to go to level 4, then exit the elevator.

After getting beaten up, go through the door on the right, then walk down and sit at the table next to the girl. Talk to her, then walk down again and leave the mess hall. Go to the elevator, use the controls and get inside again. This time use the controls to go to level 2. Exit the elevator and look at the eye scanner next to the left door. Go through and use the scanner next to room D-6. Go into the room and use the bed.

Escort Matthius


Kill two men, then have Matthius climb on the box and over the wall. Now use the box yourself, dragging it to the left then climbing on. Use the drain pipe to get over the wall. Use your gun on the lock, then open the gate and head right. Quickly head into the back alley when you can, then continue right, down the street and right twice more to reach Hibiscus Highrise.

Open the door and go inside. Now select either one of the characters to move first. As soon as the guard leaves to the right, head across to be behind the far right wall. Repeat this with your other character. Open the door here and go through to the stairwell. Head upstairs to the next door, then open it and go through. Head left, use the elevator controls and head up to level 6.

Go right and kill the guy when prompted. Once in the next stairwell, close the door and use the lock. Use Matthias on the door at the top, getting him to push against it. Now kick it yourself to open it and head through.

The Gun


Leave your room and go right, then use the elevator to reach level 4. Enter the mess hall on the right and go to the other room, then sit down and talk to Balder. Leave the mess hall and take the elevator up to level 5. Head right and look at the eye scanner next to the third door, then go through. Look at the eye scanner next to door 2 in the next area and go through. Wait here to be scanned, then continue through the door on the right.

Go and pick up the gun and go through a slightly more complex training exercise. When you have completed the training and another longer exercise, replace the gun and collect your meal ticket before going back through the door. Wait to be scanned, then continue left, and then down the slope and left again. After talking to Epsilon-Five again, head left, then enter the elevator and go to level 4. Exit the elevator and go right to the mess hall. Walk down and use your meal ticket on one of the dispensers (you will get a meal). Talk to Epsilon-Five about everything, then leave the mess hall. Return to the elevator and go to level 3.

Head right into the gym, and head down to talk to Balder. Pick up a 4lb weight, then return to the elevator and go to level 1. Talk to the door on the right, calling out for Giselle, then ask her about escaping and go through the door. Talk to Giselle about everything. Try to open the tool shed door on the right, then give your meal to Giselle. Take a screwdriver from the tool shed, then leave and take the elevator up to level 2.

Look at the eye scanner on the left and head through the door, then enter your room D-6 again. Kick your toilet, then use the toilet interior and take the metal pipe. Return to the elevator and go to level 5. Once again look at the eye scanners to get through the 3rd (blue) door and then door 2. Wait to be scanned, then go through to the exercise room. Pick up the gun, then exit the training sequence. Put your 4lb weight on the pedestal to fool the system. Next use your screwdriver on the grate in the floor and drop the gun down the drain. Return left, through the scanning area, down to the left and to the elevator, then go down to level 4.

Enter the mess hall and go to the dispensers. Use your screwdriver on the grating beneath the left dispenser, and use the metal pipe on the opening and then the flap to dislodge the gun. Use the elevator to go to level 3 and enter the gym. Get Balder to move the shelf unit on the left, then open the grate here with your screwdriver and dislodge the gun with your metal pipe again. Go back up to level 4 and enter the mess hall. Talk to Epsilon-Five and ask her for help. Take her back to the elevator and down to level 2, then use her on the eye scanner on the right. Head through the door, all the way to the right. Use the screwdriver and metal pipe again to release the gun once more. Return to the elevator and head down to level 1.

Talk to the door on the right to get back inside. Next use the machine next to Giselle and solve her puzzle by clicking Reset, then 2-4-8-10 and Power. Now turn either of the two wheels on the left, then use the crate and move it to the right until it is beneath the pipe coming from the ceiling. Use your metal pipe on the grating in that pipe and the gun will fall to the floor. Move the crate again, then pick up the pistol and give it to Giselle. Say whatever you like at this point.

The Boryokudan


Walk right twice, then kick the boards on the door over to the right. Go through the opening. Inside, try to get over to the crates, but you don't fit through the hole beneath the fallen beam. Return outside and left to the screen with the vendor, then go down the alley. Talk to the girl and ask her for a favour, but she won't help until you get her ID card. From here go right and then down. Look in the dumpster and use it to see there is a hole at the bottom. Follow the water to the right until you are outside 4388. Kick the muck at the drain and pick up the ID card. Return left, up and left again and give this to the girl. Ask her for a favour again and she will follow you. Go back through the boarded door and use the girl on the hole. Search all the boxes until she gives you a handheld device, and she will leave. Use the Carbon Ray Stabilizer in your inventory (right-click on it) to fix your lock picks.

Use your phone to contact Kane Harris and ask for help on getting into the Boryokudan. Head outside and go left 3 times, then climb down the ladder. Kick the left corpse, then search it to get an ID card. Look at this in your inventory to get his name. Climb back up the ladder and leave this screen, then go right 3 times. Talk to the doorman and say you need information and were sent by Winston Lucas. Give him any name for yourself, then give him your gun and head inside. Say you are an assassin, then knock on the door, open it and go through. Answer any way you want here and you will end up out of the room again.

Use your phone to call Kenneth; keep calling until you get the option to offer him a job as a pilot, and offer to pay enough to buy him transport here and back to Taurus. After he agrees, go outside, then head right and through the door to Hibiscus Highrise. Use the elevator to go up to level 3, then knock on the door at the far end of the corridor. After the conversation, pick up the photo from the floor, then get into the elevator and head back down to the lobby. Go outside and head left twice, then use the photo on the terminal. Zoom in on the ship at the top right until you can read the red serial number on it. Now use the mafia ID card on the terminal and search for "32635", then click on the match on the left. Next search for "Paul Erickson" and click on the entry.

Use your phone to call Paul Erickson, but there is no answer. Head down the alley and go left. Move the crate to the right so it is under the fire escape ladder. Climb on to it, then stand on the horizontal pipe (use the foot icon) and climb up to the ladder above. Kick out the window and climb inside. Go left and through the door to the stairwell, then head downstairs to the lobby. Read the notes on the front desk and in mailbox 2A. Head back to the stairwell and up one flight of stairs, then pick the lock on door 2A (just to the left). Go inside.

Use the console and read the two journal entries. Leave the room and exit the window at the far right, then climb back down to the ground. Go right and down, then read the note on the boarded doorway to the right. Head left and talk to the door next to the beggar. Next walk right 3 times and enter Hibiscus Highrise again. Take the elevator to level 2 and try to talk your way past the guards, but you won't succeed. Instead go back down to the lobby and enter the stairwell. Walk up one flight and then walk to the far right. Step in the hole in the wall, then use your lock picks on the conduit above. Head left and talk to the agent to knock him out - you will end up receiving the meds.

Go back to the stairwell, and go downstairs and back outside. Walk left twice, down the street and left into the back alley. Climb up the fire escape and go through the window. Walk through the open door over to the left and give Paul the meds. After talking to him, go and use the console on the right. Keep talking to Paul until you learn the name "Barry Adama". Leave the building through the window, then continue left twice. Use the terminal to search for "Barry Adama". Head right and ask the vendor about the same name. Walk right 3 more times and enter the Hibiscus Highrise again. Ask the receptionist about Barry Adama, then use the elevator to get to level 4. Pick the lock on door 4A and head inside. Use the console and read all 6 journal entries, then leave.

Maintenance Duty


Take the card and exit your room. Head to the far right, then take the elevator to level 1. Use your card on the right door to enter maintenance. Turn the wheel near the door, then go to the machine and use it. Click Reset, then 1-3-5-9-10 and Power. Open the toolshed on the right and take the wrench and pipes from inside. Go back to the right of the door and use the wrench on each of the two broken pipes, then remove them. Insert your two new pipes and tighten them with the wrench. Turn the wheel back on to test the pipes, then turn it off again and use the machine once more.

After you are tied up, wait for Balder to be walking towards the door, then use your foot on a shard on the floor to the left (keep trying until you get it). Wait for him to walk away again and use the shard on the ropes around your hands. Now wait for him to be in line with the jet of steam from before and talk to him; while he is still standing there, quickly use the wheel next to you to disable him.

Weather Station


Open the door to the right, then head inside. Try to take the pipe from between the gears, then kick it and pick it up. Climb the ladder to reach the upper level. Use your gun to shoot the chains off the cabinet on the right, then open it and take an extension cord from inside. Go back down the ladder.

Head right and climb on the box, then use your pipe to hit the hinge of the ladder so you can climb up. Use your extension cord on the conduit, then pick up the plug on the end of the cord and drop it through the hole to the left. Climb down and move the box over beneath the hanging plug. Stand on the box, then use the plug on the ground and connect it to the hanging one. Return left and up the ladder again. Pull the switch to turn on the power, then climb back down and go right. Flip switches 1 and 3 from the left. Return left and use the conveyor belt to reach the top floor.

Go left and try to examine the juice cases. After the conversation, kill the two Boryokudan agents. Return to the right and try to pick up the data packet, but it will fall down. Climb down the ladders and put the metal pipe back in the gears. Now use the conveyor to get over to the left so you can pick up the data packet. Use the conveyor again to climb back out, then go through the main doors.

Breaking Out


Go right and pick up the weight from the pedestal, then replace it again and leave. Wait to be scanned, then continue left, down the slope and left to meet up with Episilon-Five. Continue left and use the elevator to go to level 4. Enter the mess hall and sit down next to Giselle to talk to her. Leave the mess hall and return to the elevator, this time going to level 2. Look at the eye scanner on the left and go back to your cell. Pick up the note from the floor, then leave again.

After talking to Balder, return to the elevator and go down to level 1. Head into the maintenance room when the door opens. Go and use the panel on the left door, entering code 63821. When you get the chance, shoot the door, then kick it and go through. In the next room, walk under the stompers as soon as they start rising. Flip the switch on the far left to stop them (first stop them when the right stomper is up, and the girls will come half way, then do it again when the left stomper is up and they will join you). Continue left twice, then kill the two guards. Continue left 3 times and use Epsilon-Five on the door. Use her on the next door as well, and while she is working kill two more guards.

Breaking In


Follow Kane back to the left and use the radar. Keep heading up and left until the picture shows static. Kick the console, then use it again and get the dot in the middle of the crosshairs. Once you have docked, go right out of the cockpit and continue right to the hatch.

Inside, continue right and shoot the light above the electrified puddle. Head right twice more. Search the corpse to get a keycard, then use this on the door and go through. Use Sayuri on the computer, then head left. Use Sayuri on the computer here as well, then go left once more. Walk to the middle of the room.


Take the grate off the side wall near the floor, then reach inside the opening and shout into it to talk to Kane. Now have Kane take the grate off his left wall, open the lid of the toilet, feel inside the toilet interior to get a pipe, and use the opening behind the grate to push the pipe through to Sayuri. Pick up the pipe, then kick the panel on the back wall of your cell. Use the pipe on the bent panel here, then pull the panel off the wall.

After the cutscene, walk left under the two stompers, then pull the switch when they are both raised. Walk back to the right stomper and use your pipe on Kane's cell to free him. Head left twice and through the door to the computer room again. Use the computer, then go left. Pick up the security card from the right console in this room, then return right twice to meet up with Kane. Go down the ramp at the bottom left of this area and use the security card on the door.

Use Kane on Azriel, then go right, up the ramp and left 3 times. Use your security card on the door and head through, and repeat this again in the next room. Head towards the doorway here and the doors will all lock. Open the locker and take the gas mask from inside. Next walk left, then right 3 times. Use your security card on the right console and go through all the options until the station is in an emergency. Head right and through the door to the computer room, then go left twice and through the next door. Use your security card on the computer to the right.


Walk left, then right 4 times. Shoot Balder, then go through the door and go left twice and through the final door. Shoot the director, then help Sayuri.