Game Details:  Adult, 1990

Links:  Moby Games, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  10/15/2005

Suggested Listening:  Help Me Out (Ash 25)

Geisha is an erotic adventure game with point-and-click elements and multiple minigames. You must save your girlfriend Eva from the clutches of a mad scientist, who wants to turn her into a cyborg geisha.


While scanning around, make sure you look at the top left corner to see a symbol and note it down somewhere, then take a picture by clicking in the game.

You will now find yourself in a hotel room. Pick up the bottle of oil from the table. Open the drawer at the bottom of the closet and take the empty box from within. In your inventory (F2), use the Hinoki oil to put some on your hands, then use the box; with the box still open, click on the base of the bonsai when a cricket is there to catch it.

Now look at the ads (F3), go to the last page showing the Tsuki pastilles, and select this ad. Next use the predictel (F4) and go to Seers. Select movement (F1) and go to Mr O.

Chapter 1: Seduce

After Mr O leaves, save your game. Pick up the oil from the right and pour some on the girl's back. Now pick up the green cocktail and pour it on her back to end up with an access pass (if this doesn't work, load your game and try again). Select movement (F1) and go to Jade Temple.

Chapter 2: Caress

Put on the sensation suit by pressing Go, then win the game of "Mastermind" (you need to get the five numbers in their correct order; the more movements the girl makes, the closer you are to the correct order).

Chapter 3: Submit

You will start the Erotic Battle game immediately. This is a simple card game with a hierarchy that you can learn by playing the game from the menu (Actor > Samurai > Empress > Sumo > Geisha). After winning two rounds you will end up back at home.

Open the left door of the closet and change the option until you see the zone for species OSTREADAE (this is random for each game). Select movement (F1) and go to At Oko's.

Chapter 4: Excite

Answer yes to the first question, then enter the zone you just saw in the closet. While swimming, you must shoot the fish, swim up and down, and collect the pearls by pressing down. You should spend most of your time on the middle depth, but go down to get pearls and go up to get oxygen. Most of the pearls will be white, but occasionally you find a black one, and as soon as you have two the minigame is over.

Save your game so you don't have to play the minigame again. Select movement (F1) and go to White Willow.

Chapter 5: Undress

You now need to win a game of rock-paper-scissors (more specifically in this game rock-fan-sword). You need to win 7 games and each time remove a piece of clothing.

Chapter 6: Penetration

Save your game again. Before entering the maze, make sure you go to your inventory (F2) and use the access pass and the Tsuki lozenge. Now press the Go button and navigate through the maze to the trapdoor squares to go down to lower levels. There are 3 levels to negotiate, while killing the enemies and collect shield power-ups. Fly over kissing lips to get health and biting mouths to lose health.

Now you have a sliding puzzle where you must recreate the image of a dragon within a strict time limit.

Chapter 7: Cum

Save your game again to avoid having to play the last minigame. In your inventory (F2), use the Hinoki oil to put some on your hands, then use the box; with the box still open, click on the male cricket and the two insects will leave together. Now move the pot on to the square with the symbol you saw at the very start of the game. Quickly click on the crotch of Napadmi, who now appears. Undress the rest of him by clicking everywhere.