Full ThrottleFull Throttle

Year:  1994

Genre:  Comedy

Links:  Moby Games, Adventure Gamers

Full Throttle is a comedy classic from LucasArts. You play as biker Ben Throttle, who accidentally crashes into a hovercraft limousine and starts a war with the vice president of Corley Motors. Over 20 years after the original release, this game has been brought up to date and released on Steam as Full Throttle Remastered.


To get out of the dumpster, punch the right-hand lid. Leave the screen to the right and try to use your bike. Enter the bar by kicking the door in, and talk to the bartender. Use your hand on him and get your keys back. Use your bike again, and enjoy your first bike-fight.

After the cutscene, talk to Mo and get the gas can and hose. Make sure you look at the picture on the wall before leaving the shack. Tell the reporter about the ambush and then go to the trailer. Use your hand on the door to get Todd to come upstairs, then kick the door to smash his face in. Enter the trailer, where you can take the lockpick from the cabinet and the meat from the refrigerator. Step on the tan strip near the right rear, and you'll go down to the workshop where you should get the torch.

After getting taken back to Mo's head for the gas tower. Use the lockpick on the lock, and take it with you. Enter, go over the ladder and touch it. Hide in the shadows to the far left of the tower and wait for the cops to arrive. While they are searching for you in the tower, open the gas cap of their vehicle. Use the hose on the gas cap, the gas can on the hose, and your mouth on the hose.

Head over to the junkyard, and lock the gates with the padlock. Climb the chain and go to the parts pile underneath the lights. After the dog chases you away, re-enter the junkyard and move all the way to the right. A red arrow will appear, showing you where the dog likes to play. Use the meat on the blue car and exit back to the left. Go up to the crane, and move the magnet over the dog's car. Hit the button to turn on the magnet and use the far left lever to pick up the car. Raise the magnet as far as it can go. Go back to the junkyard and take the forks from the parts pile.

After talking to Mo for perhaps the last time, for back to the gas tower and touch the ladder again. Get out of town while the cops are checking on it. Upon returning to Mo's shack, check out the debris, then head off to the Mink Ranch.

Head out the back of the bar, to the dumpster and get a fake ID from Miranda. Enter the bar and talk to the truck driver before showing him the ID. You'll get dropped off at the Mink Ranch, where you should enter through the front door. In Mo's bedroom, get the tire iron from under her pillow, and use it on the trunk. Get the hose to fix your bike.

Action Part

After the cutscene, use the tire iron on the wheels, and your hand on the trailer. Take some fertilizer and head back up the road. When you run into Nestor and Bolus, head straight back to the fertilizer, where they'll crash. Go back to the crash site and use the tire iron on the rear fender to get a hoverlift. Use it on your bike. Head up the road again and turn off onto the Old Mine Road. Be prepared for battle - you'll need the following items:

  • Chain: This should be the first weapon you get, from a guy on a small bike. Just punch him a lot.
  • Chainsaw: You can't beat this woman with any normal weapons. Click the right mouse button until the fertilizer appears, and throw it in the mohawk woman's face.
  • Board: Smack this guy with the chainsaw for best effects.
  • Booster Pack: A couple of quick hits with the plain chain will take out the booster man.
  • Goggles: Wait for the Cavefish to raise his head, then get very close and use the board. The timing is essential.

When the goggles symbol appears in the top right part of the screen, click your mouse to use the goggles. Wait for the word "CAVE" to appear and enter the Cavefish lair. Push the ramp behind your bike and then use it to hook it up to your bike. Drive down the road to the turn and use the ramp again. Leave the cave.

After setting up the ramp, read the sign next to your bike. Read the plaque in the lower right part of the sign and jump over the gorge.


Walk down the hill and enter the stadium. Go to the souvenir stand and use the joystick to run down the toy car. While the old guy's back is turned, grab the yellow bunny. Drive your bike to the Vulture's hideout at the top of the screen and use the bunny on the mine field. Take the battery and use it on the toy car back at the souvenir stand. Drive it under the turnstile off the top of the screen and then take the box of bunnies back to the mine field.

Use the box on the minefield, and quickly pick all of them up but one. Let him hop until he blows up and follow his path. Drop another bunny and follow it until you reach the hideout. Threaten Mo and use her nickname: Diapered Dynamo.

Demolition Derby

In the demolition derby, you must find a way around the blue car. Go to the left centre of the arena and jump over the ramp. The bronze car will stall when you land on it. Push it over the ramp and follow it over. You should bounce off it and land on the blue car - stalling it. Ram Mo and she'll blow up. Run to the top of the screen and set the stadium on fire. Get on the bronze car, and when it gets rammed, jump on the blue car. Wait for them to drive by the burning wrecks and jump off into the fire. They'll follow and blow up.

Talk to Mo back at the hideout and look at the bike (record the siz-digit number you see). Leave the hideout and go behind the factory. Wait until the green lines on the power meters all have black gaps and kick the wall (you need to be on the left side of the screen, about a quarter of the way along the wall, lined up with the far left pole).

Enter the opened hatch and look at the floor safe. Use the combination from the bike and press the initials. Get the card and audio tape, and enter the hallway on the right. Use the card on the card reader, and enter the door. Pull the left lever once, and the right lever twice. Back in the hallways, enter through the middle door and use the photos on the easel.


Now you're on a semi-trailer. Open the grille and then the panel. When Ripburger leans out to close it, grab his cane and use it on the fan. You'll climb through the engine compartment. Use the tire iron on the far right fuel line, and end up in the road-plane. Climb the ladder and activate the screen in the cockpit. Raise the landing gear (takeoff, post takeoff, gear).

Next you'll be on top of the semi-trailer. Enter the cab and activate the screen. Shut down the machine guns (defense, machine gun, control). Climb back into the road-plane, and walk to the left side of the plane. Use your bike and escape.