Full Moon in San FranciscoFull Moon in San Francisco

Game Details:  Mystery, 2002

Links:  Moby Games, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  12/31/2008

Suggested Listening:  Caught Up in the Panic (Ash 25)

Full Moon in San Francisco is a mystery 1st person adventure game with some light RPG elements. You start the game applying for a job in a private detective agency, and are given a trial case to test your mettle; what begins as a simple theft turns into a complicated and dangerous murder investigation. This walkthrough assumes you are playing as a male character; you should aim for at least $500 starting money, and have at least 30 points for strength, perception and magical energy.

Day 1

Dole Tower

Walk straight ahead and talk to Tracy, then approach the computer. To activate the elevator you need to thank the computer - type "thank you very much". Head over to the far right corner of the lobby and look in the bin, then pick up Tracy's shoes. Now head into the elevator. After talking to Mr Broccoli, look at the controls to talk to the elevator - answer with "Business", "Thirty", "gillibel" and "Mel". Beat the elevator at Tic-Tac-Toe, and you will reach the 4th floor.

Leave the elevator, and walk left, hen enter the Copper & McIntosh Investigative Agency. Talk to Christina at the desk, and you will head to Mel Copper's door. Go inside and meet Mel, then meet all of his people.

Pick up the notes and tape recorder from the desk, then turn left and use the computer (username "christina", password "norcry"). Read all of the news, files and emails, then log off again. Enter the bathroom, through the side door of the front office. Talk to Showerman in the shower, then look in the small cabinet to get a first-aid kit and a key. Now head through to the main corridor behind the front office.

Enter the blue door and go around behind Mel's desk. Pick up the business card, newspaper clipping, recipe and Yoda juice from on and in the cupboards. Next enter the green door and watch the television. Finally, use the key to enter the purple door. There is only some stationery in the first filing cabinet, but if you turn to the right you will find 3 case files to read, and a San Francisco map. Head back out to the front office and use the telephone. Call Mrs Layenne on 404-4044, then call Mel on 230-678-908, and Tracy on 599-0563. Finally, phone the police. Now leave the office.

Stay on this floor and head over to Bobby's Burger. Look on the tables and you will find a pink news article about the Full Moon Killer. Now head down to the 1st floor. Exit the elevator and turn left. Look under the table to find the missing phone list. Return to the elevator and go to the 2nd floor. Enter the law office and break the video camera, then continue into the next room. Look around, and jump out the window when the security guard approaches. Go back up to the 2nd floor and talk to the security guard. Head up to the 3rd floor and jump out the window. Head up to the 5th floor. Put money in the vending machine, then hit it 3 times to get your drink. Jump out the window here. Now leave Dole Tower.

Movie Theatre for Everyone

Click on the movie theatre on your map, but you don't have any way of getting there yet!

Dr Culacci's Vet Clinic

Talk to Dr Culacci and you will get some pet food.

Your Apartment For Now

Go into the back room and sleep in your bed.

Day 2

Your Apartment For Now

Go to the kitchen and open the fridge to find your clothes. Put some clothes on, eat some food, and leave your apartment.

The Real Alien Superstore

Talk to the alien, then use the blue computer to buy the StopNOW rope and a car (the economy one will do just fine). Turn around and leave the store.

Mrs Layenne's House

Use your rope on the beast-man, then go through to talk to Mrs Layenne. After your chat, head back out to the front room and take the letter from the coffee table. Now go back to the large room where you were talking to Mrs Layenne, turn left, and go through the door next to the piano. In the art gallery, look at the blank space on the wall, and watch the cutscene.

Go out through the white door. Turn around and look at the broken glass on the ground - it is outside the window (a bit unusual). The door is locked, so climb in through the window. Go back to the large room, and look at the large table. Take the key from the plant, then head to the TV room. Unlock the locked door with the key. Enter the far right door to find a bathroom and look in the toilet to find the den key. Go back to the hallway and unlock the only locked door with your den key. Read the titles of the books, and in particular make sure you see these ones:

  • How to appear youngeR
  • Codes and messages: A-1 B-2 C-3 and so on

Turn left and look in the top drawer to see a pamphlet with the word "antoinette" written on it. Turn around and use the laptop computer (username "antoinette", password "How to appear youngeR"). Now enter "20151826114" as the encoded version of Torzan (using A=1, B=2) - you will receive the safe code. Head back out to the hallway and go through the door opposite the bathroom, to find the master bedroom. Look closely at the mirror and the safe's controls will be revealed. Enter the code "0912742" and take the documents. Leave this bedroom and enter the final door in the hallway to find another bedroom. Take the matches from the bed. Now you can leave the house.

Dole Tower

Take the elevator up to the 4th floor and enter the agency. Answer the phone to speak to Tracy. Use the computer to read the news. Search for "casino" and you will get the email address of the casino manager. Start the email program and compose an email to "manager@casino.fmisf" - the main text of the email will be completed for you. Next check your inventory and read the letter you found at Mrs Layenne's house to find the email address of the museum curator. Using the computer again, send an email to "jeanlouis@museum.alternativegames.ca". Use the phone to call Mel on 230-678-908 for a daily update. Head around to Bobby's Burger and talk to Tom, then leave the building.

Police Headquarters

Ask Officer Macane for some music, and he will collapse. Go through the door and explore the police station until you have spoken to both Zulu Jones and Travis, then leave.

Movie Theatre for Everyone

Talk to Tracy, then select the movie called "Two Fish in Love" and you will also end up with Susan's phone number.

Day 3

Your Apartment For Now

Go to the kitchen and open the fridge to find your clothes. Put some clothes on, eat some food, and leave your apartment.

Dole Tower

Take the elevator up to the 4th floor and enter the agency. Use the computer to read the news, then use the phone to call Mel on 230-678-908 for a daily update. Leave the office and head down to the 3rd floor. Enter Awful Investments and talk to Johnathan. Next go down to the 1st floor and enter Barbarian Insurance to talk to Marca. Now go up to the 4th floor and talk to Tom at Bobby's Burger.

Go to the 5th floor and talk to Fishfingers to pay for your ticket to enter the Dole Art Gallery (you can get in for $12 if you are persistent). Head straight ahead into the purple room, then turn left and enter the room through the green doorway. Approach the pair of paintings, then turn left and enter Dole's office. Talk to Mr Dole, then leave his office. Go back through the green doorway and straight ahead to jump over a railing. Look at the plaques for the 3 paintings here, then turn right and enter a dark room: the "Meditation Room". Wait until you have finished collecting your thoughts, then turn around and leave again.

Go back to the room where you met Fishfingers. Look at the bottom yellow book in the bookshelf and take the green key. Now go to the room with the pair of paintings, and turn right. Approach the hidden green door and use the green key to open it. Look in the filing cabinet in this secret room and read the book for some more clues. Leave the gallery and after the cutscene you will be back in the agency. Use the phone to call Mel again on 230-678-908, and after the call you will have gone back to Mrs Layenne's house.

Mrs Layenne's House

Find the room with the television. Look at the fax on the fax machine and you will get Mrs Layenne's current phone number. Use the phone/fax machine and talk to Torzan.

Day 4

Your Apartment For Now

Hide under your bed until after the conversation. Go to your front door and look at Macane's credit card and the pizza brochure. Now go to the kitchen and open the fridge to find your clothes. Put some clothes on, eat some food, and leave your apartment.

Dole Tower

You will automatically go up to the agency. Use the phone to call the pizza place, then you will leave.

Police Headquarters

Go into the side corridor and find Zulu Jones for a chat.

Dole Tower

Head up to the agency. Use the computer to read the news, then use the phone to call Mel on 230-678-908 for a daily update. Head around and talk to Tom at Bobby's Burger, then leave the tower.

Koblin Largearrow's House

Talk to the butler, and after another cutscene you will automatically go to the park.

The Park of Death

Go forward, turn left, go forward 3 times and turn left again. Pick up the small piece of black cloth next to the gazebo, and you will automatically head back to the police station.

Police Headquarters

Talk to Officer Macane. Once you are in his office, look at the phone, then follow the prompts.

Day 5

At the start of the final day, you will meet the Full Moon Killer, who will ask you a riddle. The answer is as follows:

  • Blue Moon: Moon of Life
  • Red Moon: Moon of Dungeon
  • Yellow Moon: Moon of Death

After another cutscene you will go to the agency.

Dole Tower

After a short pause, you will automatically call Mel and speak to Nor, then head to the library.

SF Public Library

Talk to the alien librarian. Go ahead along the corridor, then turn left and approach the 2 desks near the window. Turn left and go forward twice, then turn left again. Look in the purple book lying down on the right to find the first scroll. Now go through the door into the other half of the library (with the banks of computers). Turn right immediately, then go forward twice and turn right again. Look in the orange book lying down on the left to find the second scroll. Turn left and go forward, then turn left and zoom in on the bookshelf on the right. Look in the vertical green book in the middle of the second lowest shelf to find the third and final scroll.

Go back to near where you entered the second half of the library. Look in the nearest bookcase to this entrance and you will find a green book that contains the text and map you are looking for. Now leave the library and you will head to the agency.

Dole Tower

After a short pause, the phone will appear. Listen to your voice mail, then hang up. The lights will go out. In your inventory, examine one of the scrolls, and a decoding puzzle will appear, with the following solution:

} { % - ^ ( ) [ ] ~ = > <
! ? @ 0 9 8 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Read all 3 scrolls now that they are decoded. Close this screen and it will still be dark. Go forward, then through the agency door. Turn left and go forward twice, then turn right and jump through the window to leave the building. You will automatically go home.

Your Apartment For Now

Wait until exactly 12:00:00 and cast the spell from scroll 1.

Back in Time

Follow the path until the Full Moon Killer arrives, then use your first aid kit when prompted. Continue forward 3 more times, then turn right and go forward twice more. Go through the door into the dungeon. Go forward and turn left, then approach the table and solve the sun jigsaw puzzle. Find the second puzzle room and simply match the sequence of glowing lights 3 times to complete the puzzle.

Leave this room and you will find a new doorway has opened up in the final corridor. Enter this doorway and turn right to talk to Smith. Now you have the choice of burning the painting and casting the spell from scroll 2, or just burning the painting; this slightly affects the ending.