Frog Detective 3Frog Detective 3

Corruption at Cowboy County

Game Details:  Mystery, 2022

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  12/7/2022

Suggested Listening:  Where There's Smoke (Ash 25)

Frog Detective 3: Corruption at Cowboy County is a first person comedy adventure game, following after the previous game, Frog Detective 2: The Case of the Invisible Wizard. You reprise your role as the titular Frog Detective, this time investigating a sinister scheme in the Wild West. There are 6 Steam Achievements, all documented in the walkthrough below.

The Call

Answer the phone when it rings during Mary's recap. After the conversation, pick up the magnifying glass from the side table. Open the door to leave.

Cowboy County

Answer the phone in the phone booth to talk to Supervisor, then pick up the scooter to the right of the phone booth. Use this to ride along the path through the canyon and you will eventually reach the town.

Talk to Lobster Cop and you will receive your notebook and some more details about the case MADE IT TO TOWN. Ride your scooter to the far end of town where you will find a graveyard. Go up the hill along the right side of the fence, then come back down and jump - if part of the scooter makes it over the fence line you will get an achievement GRAVEYARD BREAK IN.

Approach the scooter barn near the graveyard and look at the map outside - this will be copied into your notebook. You will now only have notes about Lobster Cop in your notebook. You need to talk to each of the others characters to fill in the rest of the pages, making sure to ask all possible questions:

  • Sherman, up on the hill to the left of the graveyard
  • Rhonda Dynamite, outside the scooter barn
  • Mason Mole, inside the sheriff's office
  • Susy, outside the bank
  • Craig, inside the post office
  • Wendy, inside the general store

Make sure you pick up the gloves from the sheriff's office. You will automatically get a bear pic when you talk to Wendy.

Enter the saloon and talk to Bonnie behind the bar and you will receive some money. Look at each of the 5 photos on the wall, then look at the new one and you will end up with a ghost pic. Now talk to Pistol and give him the ghost pic HAUNTED PHOTO. Give him the bear pic, and you will end up with a portrait of Wendy. Now head upstairs to talk to Dusty until you get a writing set.

Go back to Wendy in the general store and give her the portrait in exchange for a ladder. Next visit Craig in the post office and give him the ghost pic in exchange for a pickaxe. Go to Sherman up on the hill and give him the pickaxe in exchange for a shovel (1/4). Give the writing supplies to Rhonda at the scooter barn, then keep talking to get a fake ID. Visit Susy outside the bank and give her the fake ID - you will get a crime map (2/4).

Use your scooter to explore and find 4 red cactus flowers. Go to the general store and take the carrots (you will use your money). Return to Bonnie in the saloon and give her the carrots and cactus flowers to get a stew (3/4).

Go back to the sheriff's office and talk to Mason Mole again. Now head out to the well behind the sheriff's office and use your ladder to climb down. Pick up the key (4/4).

Use the ladder to climb back up to the surface. Return to Lobster Cop outside the graveyard. After talking to him, use the key on the padlock here and enter the graveyard. Go around behind the building and dig up the lost hats. Go back to town, where you will attend the town meeting BAD ROOM.


After talking to Supervisor, you will leave his office MONKEY. Go to Frog Detective's office and pick up the clue-detecting powder. Go back to the outside of Supervisor's office and use this on each of the 3 pictures until you see lips appear on them KISS.

Go back to Frog Detective's office and use the powder on the table, then on the footprints going to Lobster Cop's office. Open the doors and follow the footprints to the desk. Open the drawer and look at all of the clues inside.

Back in town, go to the meeting outside the scooter barn, then talk to Frog Detective in the back of the sheriff's office.