Fran BowFran Bow

Game Details:  Fantasy, 2015

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  5/5/2016

Suggested Listening:  Help Me Out (Ash 25)

Fran Bow is a surreal horror 3rd person adventure. You play as the titular Fran Bow, a young girl who witnesses the murder of her parents and ends up in a mental institution. You must escape the confines of the hospital and return home to your Aunt. The next game by the same developer is Little Misfortune.


When instructed, pick up the purse from the table, then look inside it and examine the note. Take the pills from the nurse.

Chapter 1

Talk to the nurse on the left, then to the boy on the right - he says you need to find a secret code. Pick up the small box at the foot of Phil's bed. Return left and pull on the curtain to break it, then pick up the hook from the ground. Try to open the white drawer, but it is locked. Go left and talk to the nurse about the broken curtain, then go right and talk to her again so that she leaves. Go left and examine her desk. Take the locked white box from inside her drawer and open the blue blanket to see a gun. Read the notes and the book, then take the band-aids.

Go back to the right and open the box in your inventory to find a key. Use this to unlock the white drawer and you will take a photo and hair clip from inside. Next examine your locked white box and notice the word HIDE written on it; this corresponds with the numbers 8945, so enter this and you will find your pills. Take a pill now to visit the Hidden World (you can keep taking pills to switch between the normal world and the Hidden World from now on).

Hidden World

Head left and pick up the needle from next to the wheelchair.

Combine your hair clip and needle to make a key, then go right and use this homemade key on the locked door so you can escape your room. Enter the other door on the right and talk to Adelaida. Try to take one of her crayons, then give her your band-aids and you will receive a green crayon. Go back out and try to go downstairs, but the nurse will catch you and put you back in your room. Go right and talk to the doctor, then follow him and head down the stairs. Continue left and talk to the guard, then try to take the key but you won't be able to get it. Continue left once more and talk to the girl here.

From this room go through the door to the right to find the TV room. Talk to the boy, then change the TV to channel 8 and you can pick up a piece of paper. Also take the pink sash from the coat on the coat rack here. Combine this with your hook, then leave this room and continue through the door to the left to find the kitchen. Talk to Jason (the boy in the mask), as well as the nurse on the right. Take a cinnamon bun from the table, then head to the left side of this room. Try to take the walking cane. Combine your green crayon and piece of paper, then give the drawing to Damian, and you can take his walking cane. Combine this with your hook and sash to create the "Grab-O-Matic 2000". Return right and talk to Annie on the couch and he will give you a sleeping capsule. Combine this with your cinnamon bun.

Leave the room and return to the right. Try to give the cinnamon bun to the guard, but he will refuse. Return to the kitchen and take the hot coffee from the small table. Return to the guard and use the coffee on him. While he is gone, use the Grab-O-Matic 2000 to get the keys. Use the keys on the office door here, then go inside. Take the key hanging on the hook to the left, and the note with the code from the board on the right. Try to leave, and Phil will lock you in the office.

Hidden World

Open the small vent and crawl inside. Continue left until you fall down into a cellar.

Uncover the box, then open it and look at everything inside, including the note. Go up the stairs and use your key to unlock the door, then try to go through. Head up the stairs again and go through the door. Look through all 3 locked doors here, then continue up some more stairs. Wait for the nurse to finish her phone conversation.

Hidden World

Put your key on the key holder to the right.

Examine the note in your inventory to work out the alarm code (December + 17 = 29, July + 25 = 32). Use the alarm panel on the wall, then leave the office and go through the yellow door. Head outside and try to walk to the left. Go left twice and enter the maze. Make your way carefully through the maze, trying to follow your cat and avoiding the monsters.

Chapter 2: Part I

Pick up the wooden door lying against the piano. Go left once to see a small tree.

Hidden World

Try to take the key from the tree, and you will find out the trapped souls need a comb to set themselves free.

Go left once more and talk to Antonio (the large ant). Continue left and pick up the axe

Hidden World

Read the sign, which says "Make an entry". Use the axe on the well and the bird will fly away. Pick up the feather that falls to the ground.

Return right and use the axe on Beetlepig, but he will run away. Try to talk to Antonio again, then use the feather on him to wake him up. Follow the sign to find a new area. Head right and try to open the door to Antonio's house, then use the axe to break it down. Pick up the handle from the ground, then head inside. Take the glue from the cupboard, then combine this with your door handle and your door to complete it. Stand on the blue bench and take the meat.

Hidden World

Use the meat on the ants, then pick up the bag. Use the bag in your inventory to find a rat trap and a business card.

Examine the small house on the right. Try to take the blueberries, but Mr Pinecone will stop you. Use your rat trap on Mr Pinecone. Try to take the blueberries again, and now Mrs Pinecone will stop you. Push over baby Pinecone, then you can successfully get the blueberries. Leave the house and go to the far left to find Beetlepig. Give him the blueberries, then use the axe on him. Talk to the rat until you eventually receive a comb. Go right twice to return to the small tree.

Hidden World

Use the comb on the faces on the tree, then take the key. Go left twice and use your magic door on the well, then use the key to unlock it. Head through the door.

Chapter 2: Part II

When you wake up in the kitchen, read the note on the cat's bed. Take the metal pot from the shelves on the right, and the baking soda and knife from the left. Close the small window here, then head to the left. Take the matches from the table. Look at the small shelves and pick up the salt, pepper and a seed from the tiny drawer. Turn on the faucet and fill your pot with water, then turn off the faucet again before continuing left through the door.

In the dining room, pick up the vase containing ash next to the fireplace. Examine all of the pictures on the wall, then head upstairs. Pick up the broom. Open the chest of drawers and take some black candles from inside, then head left. Take the tweezers from the dressing table, then return right. Pull the rope hanging from the ceiling to reveal a ladder, then climb up to the attic. Pull another rope to turn on the light. Click on the cage and you will find and talk to Mr Midnight.

Go all the way back downstairs and talk to the twins - they will give you a recipe to create. Go right and climb out through the open window. Talk to the toad, then take the plank and go back inside.

Hidden World

Climb up using the steps on the side of the well. Use your plank to get across the gap to the far right step, then use your knife to cut the rope. Climb back down and try to take the bottle. Wait for the large frog to resurface, then use your tweezers to get the message out of the bottle. Examine this message to see another recipe.

Climb out the window again and use your seed on the moonlit water, then pick the blue rose. Go back inside, then go left twice and use the bad recipe with the typewriter to adjust it. Return right twice, and the twins will tell you they will wait in the dining room. Go there now and show them the tampered bad recipe to get some of their hair. Go right twice to return to the first part of the kitchen. Use the knife on Fran to get some blood.

Use matches on the stove to light it, then put the pot on the stove. Add your blood, salt and pepper, hair, and the blue rose. Spread the ashes on the black and white portion of the floor. Put the black candles around the ash, then light them with your matches. Go left twice and talk to the twins - they will follow you to the kitchen. Pour the potion on them and you will automatically recite the spell. Pick up the key from the ashes, then go to the bedroom upstairs. Use your key on the lock above the broken mirror, then examine the puzzle you have found. You need to slide the gears around to provide power to the gear on the far right:

  1. Move the smallest gear directly above the turning gear to the bottom left.
  2. Move the largest gear just above and right of the smallest.
  3. Align the remaining 3 gears horizontally between the fixed gear and the target gear.

Examine the top section of the hidden closet and take the cage key. Return right, then go up into the attic and use the cage key on the golden cage. Go downstairs and out through the kitchen window. Talk to the toad again, then use the baking soda on him. Now you must ride across the river on the toad by jumping on the leaves and logs. After you cross 3 river segments you will reach the opposite bank. Keep going to the left until you fall.

As Mr Midnight, pull on the dress, then talk to Fran (who has turned into a tree). After the creatures arrive, go right and you will see the purse on a leaf in the river. Pull the handle on the tree to extend a bridge, but when you approach the bridge it retracts again. Return left and talk to Fran again, then go back to the right. Pick up one of the crystals from the near the water's edge. Pull the handle again, then use the crystal in the gears to lock them in place. Now go and pick up the purse. Return left and talk to Fran again, then show the picture to the vegetable man.

Chapter 3

After a long introductory sequence, head left and left the castle, going down the steps. Read the sign at the crossroads, then go left towards the market. Talk to the 3 creatures here, then continue left and talk to 3 more. Continue left once more and talk to the snail, then play his game and win to receive a gold coin. Repeat this until you have a total of 4 gold coins. Talk to the boat maker, then return right until you reach the crossroads again. This time take the path into the background.

Pull the handle on the tree clock, but something will break. Go right and talk to the grasshopper, then continue right twice and talk to the Valokas. Return left and go to the top of the mountain, but there is nothing here now. Go back to the market and talk to the clockmaker again, then give him a gold coin. Follow him to the clock and talk to him to receive a time controller. Go half way up the mountain and change the season to winter, then enter the cave. Talk to the wizard, then examine the riddles in your inventory - you need to find an item to answer each riddle.

Leave the cave and go to the top of the mountain to see a battle take place, then go all the way back down to the tree clock. Talk to Palontras, then take the feather that he leaves behind. Change the season to summer and go right. Try to take a lemon, but the grasshopper won't let you. Change the season to autumn, then use your knife to destroy the basket. Change the season to summer once more, then pick up the lemon that falls from the hole in the basket. Go left to the tree clock and left again to a jetty. Pick up the broken fishing rod that is leaning against the tree. Return to the market and show this to the smith, then give him your 3 remaining gold coins. Show your broken fishing rod to the seller directly opposite to get some thread. Now combine the fishing rod, thread and hook. Go right and use the fishing rod with the lake to catch a fish.

Go back half way up the mountain and change the season to winter, then enter the cave. Look at the star on the floor, then place the following items at their correct spots to solve the riddles:

  1. Match
  2. Lemon
  3. Fish
  4. Feather

Now head back outside and to the top of the mountain, where you can talk to Kotrem. Go down to the base of the mountain, then all the way left to the jetty. Change the season to summer, then get in the boat and paddle left. Talk to the island - she wants a special red flower. Return right to the base of the mountain and change the season to autumn, then use your knife to get the red flower. Return to the jetty and paddle left again, then give the flower to the island. Go back to the top of the mountain and change the season to winter, then talk to Kotrem to get the hat. Go back down and into the cave. Give the wizard's hat to the wizard.

Now head down the mountain, back past the tree clock and right into the castle. Head right and talk to the beetle, then enter the library. Look at the puzzle to see it a numerical sequence. Read the book on the ground to the left of the puzzle to learn the Itherstan number system, then solve the puzzle by entering the Fibonacci sequence (1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21). Turn the handle 3 times, and a book will come out of the top of the puzzle. Change the season to summer, then push the ladder until it is close to the book, and you can climb up and take it. Go back up the mountain, change the season to winter, and enter the cave. Give the wizard's book to the wizard.

Go down the mountain and continue right to find a large mechanical doll. Change the season to spring, then click on the wood lying against the bar to reveal a hole. Change the season to autumn and click on the hole to send Mr Midnight inside. Wait for the bee to pass out, then pick up the purple ticket on the stage. Go back out through the hole to return control to Fran. In your inventory, examine the purple ticket, then combine your green crayon with the worn blue ticket. Now go left and use your fake ticket with the guard. Head inside the bar. Talk to the grasshopper on the left, then change the season to summer and talk to the dancer. Change the season again to spring, then open the bottom of the piano and examine it. Press the red and yellow buttons to make the metronome really fast, then back out and change the season back to autumn. Now you can steal the shoes after the dancer falls over. Go back outside and up the mountain, then change the season to winter and enter the cave. Give the wizard's shoes to the wizard.

Go down the mountain and right to the large mechanical doll again. One of the hands holds the wizard's wand. Use the levers on the nearby tree to gradually pass the wand until it reaches a spot where you can grab it. Go back up the mountain and into the cave. Give the wizard's wand to the wizard.

Go back down the mountain and go to the far left to the jetty. Change the season to summer, then use the boat and paddle to the opposite shore to the left. Use the jetty to get out of your boat. Continue left and pick up your clothes, then go back to the boat and paddle to the jetty on the right. Disembark again and go right and up the mountain. Change the season to winter, then enter the cave. Show your clothes to the wizard, and you will return to human form. Go to the castle once more and approach the throne room. Follow the King left twice, then click on the magical lock that appears. To open the lock, click on the colored stones in this order: pink, pink, red, red, blue, blue, yellow, yellow, green and green.

In the dark forest just click to jump on the rocks and tree stumps, and click to jump over the holes in the ground until you reach the door at the far left.

Chapter 4: Part I

Click on the pill bottle, then follow it left and click on it again. Click on it once more to end up trapped in a net. Use your knife to cut the net and free yourself. After talking to Itward, go left and he will give you a bucket and your pills. Go right twice.

Hidden World

Click on the dead moose to climb up.

Use your knife on the fireberries to get them.

Hidden World

Climb back down the dead moose. Go right and talk to the spirits in the tree, then use your bucket on it. Click on the strands of hair again to retrieve the bucket, now filled with water.

Return left 3 times and give the fireberries and water to Itward. Head inside the spaceship. Take the blue duct tape from the bench. Press the button next to the door on the back wall, then head through.

Hidden World

Pick up two hoses (green and octopus).

Pick up two more hoses (pink and blue). Look at the left diagram on the back wall, then examine the machine on the right wall. Fix the tube with your duct tape. Open the tank, pour your water inside, then close it again. Flip the green switch down, the black lever right, and the brown valve to horizontal. Now light the gas with a match. Look at the right diagram on the wall, then examine the workbench and insert the 4 hoses to complete the calefon setup. Again using the right diagram, put the correct chemicals in each of the flasks. From left to right use the following:

  • fireberries
  • A18
  • 2PF
  • R15
  • N166

Turn the blue handle right, and the red handle left to complete the circuit. After the conversation, follow Itward to see the rabbit that is causing him distress. Go over to the rabbit and you will be shut inside the room. Notice there are 5 cards around the room, labelled 1-5.

Hidden World

Look at the 5 cards again and note they all show a number and a direction.

Pick up the wrench from the table and a carrot from the pile on the left. Press the blue button on the elevator door and take the battery that appears. Examine the panel on the back wall and use your wrench to remove the two bolts. Insert your battery, then back out. Turn the large wheel on the wall, then press the blue button on the elevator door again.

Examine the hatch, then turn the dial according to the numbered cards you found in the room below:

  • right 8
  • right 5
  • left 8
  • right 6
  • left 9

Climb down the ladder and press the blue button on the wall to be surprised by Itward. Open the present in your inventory. After the commotion, climb back up the ladder. Pull the lever on the side of the pump, then collect water in your bucket. Go back down and through to the engine room.

Hidden World

Use your bucket of water on the Kamala. Go back up to the top of the ship and pull the pump lever to spray the Kamala. Turn the wheel to redirect the water and spray the Kamala several more times until it leaves.

Go back to Itward to tell him the Kamala is gone.

Chapter 4: Part II

Walk into the background on the left, then go left along the street to reach your house. Try to open the door, but you need a key. Search under each of the 3 pots on the left, then click on the plant on the right and Mr Midnight will climb inside. Click on the door again, then talk to Dr Deern and you will end up in his car. Talk to him and read his documents, and you will eventually reach a cemetery. Search the car and pick up the crowbar from the floor. Enter the cemetery and continue right to find a wooden door. Use your crowbar to pry it open a bit, then talk to Sebastian. Go back to the car and look inside, then use your knife on the seat to get some leather. Return to Sebastian and give him the leather. Return left and Dr Deern will have found some shovels. Use the shovel to dig up the grave, then use your crowbar to open all 3 coffins. Talk to Dr Deern again and follow him back out of the cemetery.

Chapter 5

Click on Fran in the bed to enter the Ultrareality. As little Fran, open the closet and take the box of keys. Use this on the chains, then try each of the keys until you find the correct one. As big Fran again, open the closet. Examine your dresses and use your knife to remove the button from the 3rd dress. Also pick up the water balloons and the school case, then back out of the closet. Next look at the doll house. Take the piano, then move the pinecone and the pocket watch to the right. Lift the wallpaper a little, then use your knife on the wallpaper and take the key that is revealed. Now in your inventory, read Palontras' riddle. Examine Palontras' box and open it by following the riddle instructions:

  • click the left ear twice
  • click the right ear once
  • click the eye in the middle twice
  • click the left ear once
  • click the eye in the middle

Inside you will find another key, and instructions about an Ekog clock. Examine the cat doll in your inventory, then open its chest to reveal a lock. Open this with Palontras' key, then go out through the door. In the hallway, take the key from the small table, then use this to open door 105. Use your other key to open door 104, then head through this door. Talk to Okhula (the eye). Slide the blue switch on the pillar down, then take one of the light bulbs from the pillar on the other side of the room. Also pick up the hair brush from the dressing table. Pull the rope to the left to reveal a painting. Climb through to a new area and pick up the black wire and the bottle. Next examine the monkey machine. Insert your button, then turn the crank and take some pliers. Head back through the painting and through the archway.

Next go through door 105. Use your pliers on the skull on the wall, then take another key. Head left and pick up the soap. Turn on the tap and use your water balloons on the running water to fill them up. While you are here, fill your bottle with water. Return to the hallway, then go through door 101. Look out the window and use the water balloons on the Kamala - you will end up getting a stick. Go back inside and out to the hallway, then use your new key on door 102 and head through. Open the hatch on the back of the large cat. Use your knife to remove the alarm clock from around its neck. Pull the lever, then go across and take the glove from the tree. Now put the following items into the hatch on the back of the cat:

  • school case
  • light bulb
  • alarm clock
  • bottle filled with water
  • soap
  • glove
  • black wire
  • piano keys

Now pick up the Ekog clock. Enter the golden elevator and press the button to go up. Use your hair brush on the spirit. Now use your stick to get another key. Go back down and return to the hallway. Use your new key on door 103 and go through. Use your Ekog clock on Mabuka (twice). After the conversation, climb down the ladder.

Press the button on the wall and take a number, then head left. Show your ticket to the tall white patient and offer to trade. Return to the hallway and enter room 104. Talk to Okhula about your patient trouble and you will end up with a flask of tears. Go back through room 103 and down the ladder, then to the left. Give the flask of tears to the tall white patient. Return right and show your new number to the nurse - you will get an emergency card. Return to the hallway and enter room 105. Use the phone and dial the number on the emergency card. Go back down and talk to the nurse once more, then head through the doors to the right. After the conversation, go through the door at the end of the hall. Pick up the syringe from the table and use it on Dr Deern. Head left to conclude the story.