Year:  2019

Genre:  Mystery

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

Forgiveness is a series of 7 escape rooms, based around the 7 deadly sins, experienced from a first-person perspective. You can be guided to a room based on your answers to a series of questions, or just select one manually. There are 2 difficulty levels, one enforcing a time limit and not providing audio cues when finding clues. There are 7 Steam Achievements, all documented in the walkthrough below.


After listening to Dr Benjamin Smith's introduction, move the pillow on the bed to see a "Diamond = 4" card. Now go over and open the briefcase on the nearby table. Take the knife from inside, and use it to cut the rope around the handles of the cabinet to the left. Look on the inside of left door to see a "Triangle = 2" card. Look left and pick up the folder from the bin, to reveal a "Circle = 9" card.

Now head over to the door and look at the symbols on the wall opposite: Circle - Diamond + Triangle = Square. Given the shape values from the cards you have found, this means that Square = 9 - 4 + 2 = 7. Open the drawer just ahead to see a clipboard with the message "Find the symbols to discover the code: Triangle Diamond Circle Square". This means the code is 2497.

Go to the panel to the right of the door and enter 2497, then go through the open door.


Written over the wooden door ahead is the phrase "John shifted his break three hours forward so he could learn the new ABC". Written high on the opposite wall are the letters "LP WKH EHVW". If you move each of these character back 3 letters through the alphabet you will get the phrase "IM THE BEST". Look at the paper on the writing desk and enter this phrase - this will open the bottom left door of the cabinet to the right of the wooden door.

Go over to this cabinet and take all the magazines out, dropping them on the floor, then pick up the key that was hidden beneath them. Use this on the green television in the corner of the room. As well as a quote, you will see a series of 9 symbols. Scattered around the room are 9 books with matching symbols on their back covers. You need to find these 9 books and place them in order in the empty shelves to the left of the wooden door (where you will also see the same quote). The books are found in these locations:

  • Lightning: With the magazines in the bottom left of the cabinet to the right of the wooden door
  • Hexagon: On a stand on the right side of the writing desk
  • Fleur-de-lis: In the drawer to the right of the wooden door
  • Scales: On the desk where you are placing the books
  • Mask: In the shelves to the left of the starting code
  • Head: In the top left of the cabinet to the right of the wooden door
  • Butterfly: In the 3rd drawer beneath the television
  • Brain: Beneath the drawer to the right of the wooden door
  • Key: On the arm of an armchair along the side of the room

Once these are all in position, you can go through the open door Pride Is My Sin.


Notice the 2 shirts on the left wall with the numbers 71 and 69, then open the briefcase with the code 7169. Take the screwdriver from inside, then use it on the plaque on the opposite wall. Now there are 2 diagrams on the walls here, each showing 5 groups of letters matched with X's on the other diagrams. The decrypted words indicate items you need to now find around the room and place on the 5 shelves here from left to right:

  • Camera: On the knocked over locker on the other side of the room
  • Rope: In the movable set of shelves just to the left
  • Baton: On the movable clothes rack in the back corner of the room
  • Book: On the bookshelf behind you
  • Doll: In the standing up locker

Once these objects are on their correct shelves, you can take a key that hangs from a chain just to the right. Use this to open the large suitcase behind you, and you will see 10 male/female symbols. These can be thought of to point either down (female) or up (male). Find 10 levers near the exit gate and move them so their positions are the same as the symbols in the briefcase:

  • Top Row: Down, down, up, down, up
  • Bottom Row: Up, down, up, up, down

Go through the open gate Lust Is My Sin.


Look at the small calendar over the microwave to see the date is October 12. Now look at the pages on the right wall and find the one for this date. You need to recreate this seen. Examine the 2 mugs on the table to see the one on the left belongs to Allie, and the one on the right belongs to Jack. Find the cookies in the box to the left of the microwave, and the croissants on a tray to the right of the microwave. Place 4 cookies and 2 croissants on the right plate, and 5 croissants and 2 cookies on the left plate.

The lighting in the room will now change. You need to find a series of numbers and matching letters around the room. Beneath a purple light on the left wall, you can follow some paths to see that 8 = M and 0 = A. Look at the biggest knife to the right of the microwave to see 2 = I. Remove all the croissants from the tray to reveal 4 = L. Look at the plant on the windowsill to see 3 = P. Open the cabinet to the right of the windowsill and remove the donuts from the box to see O = 6. Finally go over to the microwave and look inside at the cans to see 1 = D.

Looking at the microwave, the numbers 1234680 are missing, and these correspond with the word DIPLOMA. Go to the notebook beneath the purple light and enter the word DIPLOMA. Go and examine the diploma certificate on the opposite wall to see the message "Dinner is served" on the back. Return to the notebook and eat the rat on the floor here, then leave through the open door Gluttony Is My Sin.


Look at the blackjack table and count the number of red segments next to each number in order: 3, 3, 4, 4. Enter the next room and examine the safe on the floor. Start by turning each dial to face the red numbers, then turn the dials the number of times indicated by the blackjack segments. Use the key on the door here, then pick up the gold bar and go to the large casino room.

Go to the table in the middle of the room and place your gold bar in the section marked "Gold". Next head to the bar in the corner of the room. Open a low cupboard door and take the drawer of money from inside. Return to the table and place this in the section marked "Money".

Look at the TV screen on the wall behind the bar and note the "Triple 777 All-Star" poker machines on it. Go and find this bank of four slot machines, and set the positions of the dials as shown on the TV screen:

  • Machine 1: 7-7-7
  • Machine 2: Bar-Bar-Bar
  • Machine 3: Bar-Bar-Cherry
  • Machine 4: Bell-Cherry-Cherry

Now look at the TV screen on the wall here and note the "777 Jungle" poker machines. Find these machines and set their positions as shown:

  • Machine 1: Bar-7-7
  • Machine 2: Bar-Bar-Bar
  • Machine 3: Bell-Bell-Bell
  • Machine 4: Bell-Bell-Bell

Walk back towards the Cashier office and look at the big display to the top left to see "Use Me" and a circle around a single slot machine. Find this machine in the back room and pull the lever on the side. Pick up the drawer of diamonds from the bottom of the machine. Return to the table in the main casino room and place this on the table in the section marked "Diamonds".

If you look at the bomb on the table here it says "PW: Jack", and the jack is written on a black rectangle, indicating the password has something to do with blackjack. Go over to the high blackjack table and look at the cards that have been dealt - 8, 4, 2, 7, 2, 6, 2. Return to the table and enter this code on the keypad Greed Is My Sin.


Take the lantern from the wall and carry it around to give you a little bit of light. There is a fuse box by the door, which is missing all four fuses. Go around and pick them up, inserting them into the fuse box:

  • Fuse 1: On a box near the globe in the corner of the room
  • Fuse 2: On a box to the left of the television in another corner of the room
  • Fuse 3: On the table in the far corner of the room
  • Fuse 4: On the middle of the couch

The power will come back on when all 4 fuses are in place. Pick up the television remote from the small table and use it to turn the television off. If you watch it now, you will see a series of letters and dots. Changing to Channel Two will show you numbers, and changing to Channel One will show you letters.

Open the cabinet labeled "Bullseye" on the wall to the right of the television. The table on the left door contains the dot symbols from the television, and can be decoded to read as follows:

  • 7-C-Right
  • 1-Y-Down
  • 2-U-Up

The chart on the right door contains further information about numbers and colors, and if you put the information from both together you get this:

  • Black-C-Right
  • Red-Y-Down
  • Yellow-U-Up

Pick up a black dart and place it in the outer white segment to the right of the black segment in line with the C. Pick up a red dart and place it in the inner white segment beneath the Y. Pick up a yellow dart and place it in the outer black segment above the U.

Read the new message on the television. Go and pick up the red light from the boxes in the left corner of the room. Use this on the candle on the round table. Pick up the key and use it on the door, then go through Sloth Is My Sin.


Go over to the laptop, which requires a password. Look at the 6 pictures on the wall. If you swap their positions as indicated and just use the highlighted red letters, they spell out "IPNTSV". Enter this as the password for the laptop. Looking at the messages on the laptop, 6 colors are mentioned. Back out and look at the left wall to see 8 pictures, 6 of which have a highlighted color:

  • Red: E
  • Blue: L
  • Yellow: :E
  • Pink: V
  • Purple: E
  • Green: N

Return to the laptop and enter "ELEVEN" as the secret code. Go to the bookshelf to the left of the bed and search through the VHS tapes until you find the one numbered 11. Put this into the VHS player next to the television to see a riddle, the answer for which is "SON". You now need to find the cards with these letters and place them in the 3 slots above the VHS player:

  • S: On the left side of the sofa
  • O: On the coffee table in the middle of the room
  • N: On the window ledge above the radiator

Now go upstairs and through the open door Envy Is My Sin.


Look at all the labeled boxes carefully and you will see that 4 of them have additional symbols:

  • Knife: 13
  • Flame: 11
  • Fist: 16
  • Lightning: 14

Go to the locked cabinet on the far wall. These same 4 symbols are shown on the wall above, in the order listed above. Enter the numbers in order to create the code "13111614". Pick up the hammer from inside, and use it to break the chain on the gate to the left. Drop the hammer and go through the open gate.

Pull down the large black curtain on the wall to see the message "WORTHLESS FILTHY HOPELESS GUILTY". Turn around and read the sign to the left of the gate. This contains a number of spelling mistakes: "qube numbar plux toe un woll eqeal wod lettar". If you correct these you get "cube number plus two in wall equal wood letter".

In the other part of this small gated area you will find a grid or cube of 9 numbers and a collection of wooden letters. Following the instructions given, you need to add 2 to each of the numbers, then select the letter from that position in the phrase on the wall, and place that wooden letter in the cube. Find and enter the following letters:

  • Row 1: 4, 15, 1 = LOR
  • Row 2: 7, 9, 3 = SIH
  • Row 3: 11, 17, 8 = TEF

Leave the gated area and go over to the red and green buttons on the opposite wall. The 3 red buttons are beneath the letters H, R and L. You need to press the red buttons the number of times corresponding to the cube numbers you just covered up with wooden blocks (3, 1 and 4 respectively). Press the green button, and you can take a key from the small box that pops open. Go and use this on the forklift, then head through the open door Wrath Is My Sin.