Flight of the Amazon Queen: 25th AnniversaryFlight of the Amazon Queen: 25th Anniversary

Game Details:  Adventure, 2021

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  8/3/2021

Suggested Listening:  Help Me Out (Ash 25)

Flight of the Amazon Queen: 25th Anniversary is a re-released version of the original Flight of the Amazon Queen. Playing as Joe King, you are tasked with flying a movie actress to a site in the Amazon, but your plane goes down. You need to survive this ordeal and defeat the evil Dr Ironstein, who has plans to take over the world.

Rio Hotel

Pick up both sheets over to the right to reveal a laundry chute. Combine the two sheets in your inventory to make a rope, then tie this around the radiator. Climb down the rope to find a storage room. Move the ladder so you can pick up a set of comedy breasts, and take a crowbar from the box up high. Now climb back up to the hotel room.

Pull on the curtain cord to open the curtains, and take the wig. Use the crowbar to open the chest, then look inside to get a towel. Climb back down, and go up the stairs. Try to walk out the front door of the hotel, but Anderson's goons will stop you and take your clothes!

Go back through the storage room to the hotel lobby again, and this time talk to the bellboy. Talk to him about the key and say you are Lola's friend, then pick up the key. Go down through the storage room and use the key to unlock the red door, then go inside. Talk to Lola and ask for her help, then give her the towel and she'll give you a dress. After leaving the room, put on the dress (you will automatically use the wig and comedy breasts).

Leave the hotel and walk to the truck. When you are being chased, pick up the hay and the oil from the back of the truck, and use the oil on the car behind you. At the airport, just talk to Anderson and you will end up flying the plane.


Crash Site

Talk to Sparky and get the beef jerky from him, then search the waterlogged seats to find a comic book coupon. Open the duffle bag and look inside to get a knife and a lighter. Open the hatch and go outside. Throw the beef jerky at the piranhas to get them to go away, then pick up the propeller from the water. Try to use the propeller with the lily pad, but you are stuck - use the knife on the lily pad stem, then use the propeller with the pad once more.

Walk north. After your talk with the parrot, use the rope to cut the vine, and continue north. Talk to the gorilla until it leaves, and keep going north. You will reach a pinnacle that lets you quickly go to several other locations in the Amazon.

Flöda Inc Camp

Pick a flower from the garden bed, then return to the pinnacle.


Go east to see a waterfall, then go north to find two explorers. Talk to Skip, and ask about his comic - get it from him (it's the one about the Chicago mob). Talk to Bud about the hot weather and you find out he's got a rash. Return to the pinnacle, by going northeast and west twice.

Trader Bob

Go right and enter the shop. Talk to Bob and offer to help. Try to pick up the vacuum cleaner, but you have to buy it - to get enough money, sell Bob your beef jerky. Pick up the vacuum and leave the shop, then return to the pinnacle.


Head east twice and talk to the dinosaur/gorilla until he disappears again. Continue east through the log, then walk north. Use the vacuum cleaner on the wasps and pick up the orchid. Return to the pinnacle (north, west, north, west twice).

Trader Bob

Go into the shop again and give the orchid to Bob, then pick up a net from the bucket. Return to the pinnacle.

Crash Site

Go east and south and talk to Sparky. Look at the comic book and a page will fall out - look at that page to see it has a blueprint on the back. Give Sparky the comic book and you will receive a file. Use the net to retrieve the perfume from the water, then head south. Use the vine to stabilize the bridge, then go across and pick up the banana. Come back over the bridge, and go south and north three times to reach the pinnacle again.

Trader Bob

Enter the shop and talk to Naomi about everything. Give her the perfume and you will receive some scissors. Leave the shop and go west to the pinnacle.


Go east and use the net to catch the flying beetle. Continue east and south and look at the monkey bouncing the coconut. Give him your banana in exchange for his coconut. Now talk to Mary-Lou and swap your file for her dictionary. Walk north 3 times then northwest. Give the orchid to the sloth, then use the scissors on it to retrieve some sloth hair. Head west twice to reach the pinnacle.

Crash Site

Walk east and south twice, and pick up the banana, then go south and north 3 times again.

Trader Bob

Talk to the witch doctor and ask for a rash cure. Use your knife on the coconut, then give the witch doctor his 3 ingredients: sloth hair, coconut halves and vacuum cleaner (with wasps). After getting the lotion, return west.


Walk east and north. Give the lotion to Bud and he will give you lots of money. Return northeast and west twice.

Trader Bob

Now that you have money, go into the shop and pick up the record. Return to the pinnacle.

Flöda Inc Camp

Go into the building and talk to the secretary; when asked, say you're the fumigator. Head east and talk to the chef, making sure to ask what he's doing. Give him the banana, then take the dog food and cheese bitz. Go east again and open the mailbag. Look in the mailbag to get a letter, and read the letter (it is addressed to Private John). Open the second foot locker and take the squeaky toy, then go east, west and north to find the library. Look at the couch to find some more money, then use the record on the phonogram and go down in the elevator.

Open the door and go through into the storage room. Check out the box at the bottom left to find a can opener, then leave the storage room. Go south and open the top door. Go inside and read the notes on the desk to learn about the Valley of the Mists. Go back outside and talk to John, then give him the letter. Open the bottom door and go through. Look at the duty roster and leave the room again. Go south twice, then north through the fire escape.

Pick up the "super weenie serum" from the shelves, then go upstairs and talk to Princess Azura. Go back downstairs and north, then open the door and go inside. Tell the guard he is to report for kitchen duty with Colon Jackson, and he will leave. Open the door on the left and go through. Look at the wall chest, then grab the book from the table. Head east, north and northeast to see Klunk.

Open the can of dog food with your can-opener, then pour in the super weenie serum to make "chef's surprise". Talk to Klunk and tell him you think he's a weenie. Give him the chef's surprise to eat, then call him a weenie again.

Head northeast twice, north into the elevator and north to return to the lobby. Pick up the pencil from the desk, then go all the way back to the where you knocked out Klunk (north, down on the elevator and south twice). Open the door and go inside. Look at the desk, then use the pencil on the writing pad to get a safe combination. Leave the room and head northeast, then open the top door and go inside. Move the cabinet to reveal a safe, then use the piece of paper on the safe and open it. Look inside and you will take a key and some plans.

Go back to Princess Azura (east 3 times, then through the fire escape and up the stairs). If you look at the "Great Escape" book in your inventory, you'll notice the pages are stuck together. Use your knife on it and you will find a key hidden inside. Use this key to open the gate.

Out in the lobby, hide behind the mannequins until the guard leaves. Talk to Azura and ask if she saw the door code. Open the door using the panel, and she will leave. Now try to walk past the dog outside, but he will bark. Give him the squeaky toy, then open the door and go inside. Look at the padlock on the top secret crate, then unlock it with your padlock key. Open the box and look inside to get a rocket pack. Leave the storage shed and go north to the pinnacle.


Go east twice, through the hollow log, north and east. Head towards the door and you will automatically hide. Approach the door and use the buttons, and you will end up in a dungeon. Talk to the bedraggled prisoner with the hand puppets, then talk to Faye when she arrives. Go north and you will receive the tyranno horn from Azura. After Dr Ironstein's visit, head west, then east to the pinnacle.


Talk to the ferryman and ask about his fishing bait. Give him your beetle, then talk to him again and ask him to take you to Sloth Island now.

Sloth Island

Head north through the temple entrance, then northeast. Move each of the 4 bodies here, and pick up the arm bone and skull that remain. Go northeast and move the 4 bodies again, this time collecting a leg bone and rib cage. Go northeast once more. Put the skull, rib cage and leg bone in the appropriate holes in the middle of the room. Insert the arm bone into the socket over on the left, then insert a coin in the slot and use the arm bone - a secret passage will be revealed. Go through.

Answer the guardian's riddle, then go east, north and east. Talk to the first zombie woman and convince her to open the sarcophagus. Pick up the mummy wrappings, then talk to her again - after they leave, open the sarcophagus and you will take the crown. Use your knife on the vines in the sarcophagus, then close it again. Move the sarcophagus, then go through the new passage.

Use your knife on the tree sap, then get some sap. Move the fountain head over to the left, then pick up the blue jewel that is revealed. Go through the door to the west. Talk to Ian and ask how to get where he is. Continue west and try to pick up the stone disc. Use the hand puppet on the stone disc to pick it up safely. Walk east twice and pull the lever.

Walk north and put the stone disc on the spindle, then put the vine around the disc before returning west. Now go east and use the loose vine with the large disc. Use your bat on the pulley to raise the stone slab so you can go east. Get the pick and return west, then use the bat on the pulley again. Now go west and north twice. Use the pick on the stalactite and grab the flint that breaks off. Use the pick on the hole over to the left and go through the hole. You can see a green jewel over to the left but can't get over there yet. Return east, then go north and west to return to the big statue again.

This time, head west twice. Try to go north, but the white snake blocks your path. Use the mummy wrappings on the arm bone, and the flint on the lighter. Now use the lighter on the makeshift torch to light it, and use the lit torch on the snake. Go north, then down the stairs and through the north exit. Go down the stairs here and over to the right where Ian is. Pull the lever, but nothing will happen. Talk to Ian and get him to untie the rope at his feet. Pull the lever again to free him.

After Ian leaves, go back up the stairs over to the left and through the doorway, then head east. Look at the body to find an ID card and a bit of stone. Now head west, east and west twice, and pick up the big stick. Go east 3 times and then up the stairs and through the doorway. Head up the next set of stairs and through the door to the east. Continue northwest and north. Now head east, north, east twice and west twice. Look at Ian's body to get a chunk of rock. Walk east twice and use the lever to return to the large statue. This time go north, east and west. Use your big stick on the crypt, then look in the crypt to get the death mask. Go east, north and west to return to the statue.

Go west twice and north, then head down the steps and through the east doorway, then west and east. Use the rest of the mummy wrappings to clean the death mask, then use the shiny mask on the lizard heads to destroy the lasers. Now go north and east. Try to pick up the green jewel but you still can't reach it. Use the tree sap on your baseball bat, then use the sticky bat to get the jewel. Head north and west 3 times to find a small statue. Use the green jewel on the left eye and the blue jewel on the right eye.

Go through the right secret passage. Look at the stone statue to see a small hole in its chest. Remove the sap from the bat using your knife, then use the sap to stick together the bit of rock and the chunk of rock. Use the key that you form in the stone statue, then go down the stairs that you reveal. Walk across the bridge heading south. In the maze, take the lower west exit, lower east exit, upper west exit, and the doorway to the northeast.

The next room contains markings on the floor and wall. Use the vacuum to clean the floor and reveal the complete pattern. In the bottom row of the wall patterns, the second marking is nowhere on the floor: push it. After the patterns change, the third marking in the third row is unique: push it. The door should now open - walk through. When asked to prove your identity, give the crown to the guardian. Now take the crystal skull. Go north then west. Use both wall panels, then use the chair to leave the temple.


Flöda Inc Camp

Talk to Ironstein, then pick up the mug from the bench. Use the mug on the prison door and you will be free. Go down the steps, then north and south. Use the elevator, and continue north, west, north to the pinnacle.

Trader Bob

Enter the shop and buy the alcohol (now that you have ID). In your inventory, combine the comic coupon with the torn comic page, then look at the pocket rocket blueprints. Use the alcohol on your rocket pack. Leave the shop and go west to the pinnacle. Use the rocket pack.

Valley of the Mists

Walk east and north twice. Use the knife on the branches, then return south to the big dinosaur. Use the branches on the dinosaur to lure her away. Now head south twice and west. Blow your horn to scare the dinosaur away, then go east.

Once the fight starts, pick up the dino ray gun and try to shoot monster Frank. Talk to Faye and have her turn her mirror around, then shoot monster Frank again. Give the death mask to Sparky, then shoot Frank one last time.