The Feeble FilesThe Feeble Files

Game Details:  Sci-Fi, 1997

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  11/17/2004

Suggested Listening:  Give Up Now (Ash 25)

The Feeble Files is a comedy science fiction adventure game. You play as Feeble, an alien working for the Ministry of Galactic Uncertainty's crop-circle division. You become involved in a plot to overthrow the system and take on the Omnibrain, which currently controls the world in an authoritarian manner.

Local Asteroid Belt

Ministry of Galactic Uncertainty

Head inside and listen to the 3 messages on the machine. Open the cupboard beneath the answering machine and take the helmet. Pick up the doll and use it on the broken teleporter (red pad over to the right). Pick up the leather jacket, and the big doll. Head outside. Put on the jacket and use the bike.

Dave's Space Bar

Go inside and talk to the protestor - he will give you a leaflet. Read the leaflet in your inventory, then talk to the protestor again and agree to sign the petition. Talk to the woman near the entrance (Delores) and agree to help her out. Head back outside and get on your bike.

Ministry of Galactic Uncertainty

Walk inside and use the protest leaflet with the broken teleporter. Pick up the big leaflet and get back on your bike outside.

Metro Prime

Follow the big sign to Metro Prime, then use the teleporter over on the far left to get to level 1. Go through the exit near the Vid Booth and continue right past the news stand. Knock on the door in the alleyway and you will deliver the package and get paid. Return left and continue past the news stand into the main area. Enter the Pill Shop and talk to the shopkeeper - agree to buy some Charisma X and you will be told to come back later.

Outside again, go right towards the Ministry HQ, but don't head up the steps just yet. Instead continue left and enter the Observation Dome. Look at the vending machine here and put a coin in it 3 times (you will kick it after the 3rd time). Leave the dome and go right past the HQ. Enter the OmniBrain door to the right and use the confession room to confess your vandalism. Next, look at the Traitor Alert Station. Insert your large leaflet. Go outside and return to your bike.

Dave's Space Bar

Go inside and talk to the big green freighter pilor sitting near the bar. Ask about his cargo, to find out he is freighting musical discs from the band you submitted the protect leaflet about. Now talk to the Enforcer sitting at the bar. Ask about any recent directive updates, then tell him about the freighter pilot. Pick up the docking pass left on the table, then go outside and get on your bike.

Metro Prime

Give the docking pass to the pilot, then head into Metro Prime. Go to the pill store and buy the new and old pills. Head right and go up the stairs into Ministry HQ. Talk to the receptionist but she won't let you inside. Use the real Charisma X pills (the blue ones), then talk to her again and you will be given access. Leave HQ and leave Metro Prime. Go back to your bike again.

Dave's Space Bar

Talk to the guy in the Vid-Booth, and he will ask for a Light Wave Soda. Go inside and ask the guy behind the bar for a Light Wave Soda. Put the fake Charisma X pills (the red ones) in the drink, then go outside and give the drink to the guy in the booth. Get back on your bike.

Metro Prime

Go into Metro Prime and use the teleporter to get to level 1. Try to talk to the unhappy citizen sitting outside the Vid-Booth. Use your lab coat with the Vid-Booth, then go right and enter Ministry HQ. Use the lift on the right.

Cygnus Alpha


After the short space flight, you will arrive at the penal colony. In this part of the game, you will be hypnotised, and each time you wake up you will be in a different area. You need to perform these actions when you fortuitously arrive in the right location.

TV Room

Take the poster of the sunset from the wall.


Open the sanitation unit, then put the tacks (in your inventory) on the bed.


Take the tacks, then use the bed. When the warden comes in to close the sanitation unit, leave your cell.

Meeting Delores

From this point forward, you are at risk of being caught while out in the main area, so frequent saves are recommended. Go down the first set of steps and through door 11 to the canteen. Pick up a bowl from the back wall, and use it on the food dispenser to get some gunge. Go back outside and use the gunge on the security camera on the floor below. Go down another set of steps, and use gunge on the security camera on the ground floor. Walk to the bottom left and into the elevator, then once you have gone up, head along the path into the room at the end.

In the work room, throw more gunge at the camera which overseas the conveyor belt. Continue right and look at the bars over the chute to have a conversation with a freedom fighter. Talk to the chute a couple more times until the woman tells you about a rebel Vid-Screen channel.

Leave this room and go back up to room 8 (the TV room). Open the large cupboard near the entrance, then use the Vid-Screen button twice and pick up the button. Quickly walk into the cupboard and you will hide while the guard comes in and attends to the Vid-Screen. After he short-circuits, leave the cupboard and go back to the work room. Use the red lever over on the right and head through the chute.

Escaping Prison

Talk to Delores about everything (you will be given a modified doll), then pick up 5 normal dolls. Head back up the chute, and leave the work room. Go down the lift and up the first set of steps. Use your 5 traitor dolls on the vent to the left of door, then finally use the reworked doll to blow up the vent. Go through to arrive in a colored room with lots of tiles.

You need to step on the tiles in this color order: White, Red, Yellow, Green. To make things more difficult though, the colors will cycle once you start stepping on them. Follow this pattern across the floor, being careful to only step on the tiles when the right color is shown (they go through a five color cycle).


Go through the doorway and you will find the spaceship that brought you here. Use the cover over on the right (the one with the caution sign on it). Take the wires inside, then use the ignition circuit just above the cover. Look at the ignition circuit for another puzzle. Connect the wires to the input terminals on the left. Connect each of the input terminal wires to an output terminal wire, and you will hear 4 beeps; a short beep indicates an incorrect connection, and a long beep indicates a correct connection. Once you get 4 long beeps, the ship will take off.

Planet Filb

Head right and cross the wooden bridge, then continue through the forest, and along the path into the mountainous area. Follow SAM along the path to the lower right of the next screen, and you will reach an area with a large statue. Try to cross the bridge, but SAM will mess things up. Pick up the spear that one of the Filbs dropped on the bridge, then leave the statue area and go back left to return to the large forest. Select SAM and head to the log crossing the river. Destroy the log, then cross over the bridge. Get both SAM and Feeble over to the left and you will eventually be able to trap the Filb. After the cutscene, head back outside and you will be captured.

Talk to Filbert, and he will eventually leave. Take the rope to free yourself, then use the chemistry set against the wall. Look at the note on the wall, then follow these instructions:

  • Mix and heat: red, yellow and pink
  • Mix and heat: red, yellow and green
  • Mix and heat: yellow, pink and blue
  • Cold mix: the three vials you already made

You should now have the PCC (passive control compound). Use the PCC on the water cover, then in your inventory use the remote control. As SAM, exit the ship and go right through the forest and mountain area to reach the large statue. Look up at the statue and take the gem from its eye.

Switch back to Feeble, and press the green button to the right of the teleporter. Switch to SAM and roll into the statue, then switch back to Feeble and press the blue button to get SAM to join you. Look at the small directory on the table, then use the telephone on the far wall - cancel your unlisted number status.

After the cutscene, go back up the path to the laboratory and take the God costume from over on the right. Use the God costume on the projection machine (in the teleporter). Switch to SAM and head outside and up the path to the mountain top. Shoot the bird, then go back down the path. Pick up the dead bird and head back into the lab. Switch to Feeble and go outside. Head down the path to the broken bridge. Put the dead bird on the rock just to the right of the broken bridge, then leave the area and the bridge will be rebuilt. Go over the bridge and all the way back to your ship. Delores will give you a book of instructions.

Leave the ship and look at the cover on the side. Remove the cover with your spear and take the battery. Go all the way to the right to return to the lab. Look at the directory on the table again, then use the phone and ask to be connected to Free Call Laser Relays. Go outside and head to the top of the mountain. Give the battery, gem and laser relay to Delores.

Local Asteroid Belt

Metro Prime

Take the old newspaper from the back wall, then look in the filing cabinet and take the dress from inside. Go outside and leave the alley, but you will quickly head back into the alley. Use the dress and you will wear it as a disguise. Go back out of the alley and pick up a newspaper from the stand. Put the old newspaper back in the pile. Head left and use the teleporter.

Enter the arcade and ask for some tokens, then go upstairs and use the tokens on the Simon the Sorcerer machine. You need to gamble with your tokens until you have at least 240 in total. The games available are:

  • Dwarf Balancing (solution always has reds on one side and browns on the other)
  • Find the Frog (variation of "3-Card Monte")
  • Goblin Banging (variation of "Simon Says")
  • Sorcerer's Challenge (flip all the coins to match the same way)
  • Swamp Stew (variation of "Mastermind")
  • Wizard's Pairs (variation of "Matching Patience")

The more consecutive games you win the more tokens you keep (5, 20, 100, 200 and 500 for consecutive rounds won). Once you have enough tokens, look at the Super Virtua machine over on the left. Try to use the machine, then head downstairs and talk to the attendant in the kiosk about the new machine, then ask to have a go at it. After the cutscene, use the kiosk again and you will get a zoo ticket. Now use your remaining tokens on the grabber machine in the middle of the ground floor. You may want to save your game before using this, because it is quite hard to win - you need to get the red plastic fish, then the wild cat doll. Leave the arcade.

Head left and use your zoo ticket on the zoo entrance (the red door). Inside, go right and talk to the tourist. When he gives you his camera, turn up the flash control 5 times, then press the red button. Quickly leave the zoo and you will get to keep the camera. Leave Metro Prime and go to the docking pad - your bike has been clamped. Go back to Metro Prime and return to the secret base. Talk to Delores and she will tell you to find Gardum.

Leave the base and the news area, then go right and towards the Ministry HQ. You will see a partially hidden figure next to the right statue. Talk to Gardum, who says you will need a distraction. Head left and up into the observation dome. Continue left into the airlock. Press the blue and green buttons, then use the camera on the porthole to spot the ship you are looking out for.

Return to your bike in the docking area. Use the saddle on the bike to get a Warble, and you return down to the main docking area. Go left, and through the red door into the administration area. Open the locker on the left and put the Warble and the wild cat doll inside. Close the locker, and the Docking Controller will come inside. After he collapses, pick up the keys and return to your bike. Use the keys on the bike to finally leave.

Ministry of Galactic Uncertainty

Talk to the guard, who advises that this is now a restricted area. He will also give you a card. Get back on your bike again.

Junk Ship

Use the big trunk and you will get a bicycle pump and a space hopper. Make sure you note the number above the door here: 7829353. Now ride off on the bike.

Broken Down Biker

Stop to help the biker, and you will automatically take him to Dave's Space Bar.

Dave's Space Bar

Talk to the biker and you will get his business card, as well as a sample of his Miracle Mud. Use the salesman's bike 3 times, and he will eventually enter the bar. Look at his bike and pick up the tow cable (just above the step), then get on your bike and leave.

The Omniclub

Use the bicycle pump and you will break it. Use the metal bar on the front doors of the club, then head inside. Go over to the DJ console and use the master control to turn on the system. Keep hitting the blue spotlight control until the blue filter falls from the light. Now use the tube from your inventory on the broken handle, then use the fixed handle. Press the play button on the left to activate the spotlight, and stop it when it shines on the second bar stool. Leave the DJ console and pick up the blue filter, and the loose stool. Head back outside and leave.

Metro Prime

Enter Metro Prime and use the teleporter to reach level 1. Go right and through the red doors, then use the confessional: confess to being Feeble. Leave this area and go back to level 2. Head right and you will see the air supply on the outside of the arcade building. In your inventory, attach the valve to the space hopper. Now use the space hopper on the air supply, but you will notice a leak. Use the miracle mud on the space hopper, then use it on the air supply again.

You should now hear an announcement saying that you have won a prize for your confession. Wait for a second announcement saying that Feeble has collected the prize. Now it is safe to go back to the confessional and pick up the jumper that is left there. Leave this room and head towards Ministry HQ, then go left and up to the Observation Dome.

Go into the airlock and put the stool on the "stand here" spot. Put the space hopper on the stool, then use the jumper on it. Read the new newspaper in your inventory to make sure all the advertisements have fallen out, then use the newspaper on the space hopper. Finally use the prison uniform on the "stuff" to complete the mannequin. Press the red button, then use the blue filter on the porthole and press the blue button. Leave the dome, then leave the HQ area and go to the far left to the Vid-Booth. Use the bounty hunter's card on the Vid-Booth, then leave Metro Prime and get on your bike.

Ministry of Galactic Uncertainty

Head inside and use the holomail machine to listen to your messages - you will find out about your grandfather's tomb. Get back on your bike.


Look at the faded symbol on the floor, then at the tomb, and you will get a message from your dead grandfather. Open the drawer on the wall to get a large blank piece of paper and a can of spray paint. Leave here for now.

Metro Prime

Enter Metro Prime and use the teleporter, then go down the corridor to the left to reach the news stand. Head into the alley outside the rebel base. Put all three piles of advertisements from your inventory on the pile of boxes. Now you can use your spray paint on the symbol on the wall, then use the piece of paper on the symbol to get a copy of it on the paper. Go all the way back to your bike and leave.


Use the piece of paper with the symbol on the floor, and after another message from your grandfather, you will get a screwdriver and a magnetic swipe card. Leave the tomb again.

Ministry of Galactic Uncertainty

Head inside and use your magnetic swipe card on the small drawer, then pick up the coin and the photo. Go back outside and get on your bike.

Metro Prime

Make your way up to the Observation Dome. Head left and look at the security pass vending machine. Use your souvenir coin on the machine to get a credit coin. Now go to the other vending machine on the right, and use the credit coin to get a starmap and activity pack. Leave the Observation Dome and enter Ministry HQ.

Give the activity pack to the security guard, then grab the cup from the desk. In your inventory, use the miracle mud with the cup. Now use the lift and watch the cutscene.

You must now encode your magnetic swipe card using the encoder in the office. Set the ID code to 7829353 (from the Junk Ship). The date code is the current stardate, which you can work out using the newspaper article, the star charts, information from the zoo, and the telescope up in the Observation Dome. It is 2130778. Press the exit button to confirm your encoding. Now leave Metro Prime and use your bike at the docking pad.

Junk Ship

Use your tow cable on the car to fix it to the junk ship, then open the door with your swipe card and go inside. Flip the lever to turn off the huge magnet, then go outside and get in your new car.

Dave's Space Bar

Go left and use your screwdriver to steal the number plate from the bike. Use it on your car, and it will be fixed.

Metro Prime

After the cutscene, shoot the guards that appear from behind the pillars. Delores will eventually take control of the ship and you will head to your next destination.

Base Complex

Leave through the door on the left, then continue left into the sleeping area, and use the icy bunk to sleep for a while.

After you wake up, try to go through the door on the right, but it is locked. Pick up the metal discs from the floor, then go through the door on the left. Use the metal discs on the strange machine and you will end up with an empty can. Head right twice, and you will fly to Aldoria Major.

Aldoria Major

Go right to find the rear entrance to the complex, then continue right to see PEG and WCDF. Once PEG goes on patrol, head left and put the empty can on the far left post. While you are here, close all 3 of the vents. Return to the rear entrance. When PEG goes on patrol again, he will see the can and start shooting at it. Quickly use your screwdriver on him to disable him.

Now look at the company robot and take the blue (B) and green (4) circuit boards. Next use your screwdriver on SAM. Remove the blue (D) and green (2) circuit boards. Now look at PEG again and put SAM's blue circuit board in slot B and SAM's green circuit board in slot 4. Use the company robot and it will turn into Newlook SAM. Use Newlook SAM, then use the turbolift to get to the Maintenance Area.

Use the lever 3 times, and one of the vents outside will shoot up into the air. Switch to SAM again and use the lever 1 more time to turn the air off. Now switch to Feeble and jump down the hole. In the ventilation system, go forward twice, turn left, and go forward twice more. After the fight, try to use SAM, then head left across the bridge and take the jacket from the floor next to the desk. Use the turbolift and go to Interrogation.

Look at the Gakky rebel, then talk to him. Talk to Mandrin, who will ask you for some water. Get back into the turbolift and go to the Brain Room. Head right up the stairs and get some brain slime from the big vat (you will also get some chain). Go back to Interrogation and give the brain slime to Mandrin - you will get a key.

Use the turbolift to go to Research and Testing. Take the fire extinguisher, and try to take the antimatter weight. Turn it off, then pick it up. Go up to the surface. Head left to return to the car, where Gardum is waiting. Use the car to return to the base.

Base Complex

Go left into the base, and continue left to the hallway. Use your key on the cabinet to get a stretchy rope, then return to the car and use it to get back to Aldoria Major.

Aldoria Major

Look at your fire extinguisher to see it is of the dry ice type. Use it on Gardum, then use him on the deep hole. Now go right to the turbolift and head down to the Maintenance Area. Pick up the grenades from the floor, and use your screwdriver on the mangled robot. Head right over the bridge and up the steps to reach the ventilation system.

Look up, move up, turn around, and move forward twice to reach a grill. Use your stretchy rope on the grill, then use your chain on the grill. Now go back, move forward, turn left, and move forward twice to return to the Maintenance Area. Head over the bridge and use the turbolift to reach the Brain Room.

Walk far right and then up around the back of the vats, where you will find the chain hanging down through the vent above. Use the chain and you will attach it to the hook. Now use the antimatter weight on the chain and hook, then use the whole combination to make a "bungee rope". Use the bungee rope to climb on, then use the antimatter weight to shoot upwards. Use the lever up here to close the vent. Return to the turbolift and go to the Maintenance Area.

Use the lever twice to set it to suck mode. Now use the turbolift to reach Research and Testing. Go right and press the big yellow button to close the vent.

At this stage, you should have closed vents in the Brain Room and Research and Testing, and blocked the deep hole at the surface. Now throw some grenades into the firing range until one releases yellow gas - it will be sucked away through the large extractor fan. Head left into the turbolift and return to the Maintenance Area.

There will be a whole lot of gas beneath the bridge, but it won't harm you. Cross the bridge and head up the steps. Now look up, move up, and move forward to reach the fan. Use your metal plate on the fan. Go back, turn right, and move forward twice, then cross the bridge again - make sure you are all the way across to the other side! Use the lever twice to set it to blow mode, then use the turbolift to head to Interrogation.

The guards over on the left have been taken out by the gas. Take the class A pass from the guard on the right, then return to the turbolift and go to the Temple. Pick up the book, then use the chest and you will get an axe. Walk right to find the Omnibrain. Use the axe on it, and Benson will appear - quickly use the Omnibrain again to smash the glass. Use it one more time to head down to the Founder's room. Talk to the Founder, then use his computer to complete the game.