Game Details:  Fantasy, 2009

Links:  Moby Games, Steam

Walkthrough Updated:  1/6/2020

Suggested Listening:  Help Me Out (Ash 25)

Fatale is a short interactive story based on the biblical character of Salome. There are 3 acts, the first allowing control of John the Baptist, the second allowing control of an unnamed protagonist, and the third a basic interactive video.

In the Cistern

You find yourself in an underground cistern, with light shining in through a grate in the ceiling at one end. Walk slowly around the room looking at the walls, and you will start to see messages appearing. Soon they will start also floating in the air as you move around. You will see a series of 7 colored veils appear across the bottom of the screen as the 7 floating messages appear.

  1. Who is this woman who is looking at me? I will not have her look at me. Wherefore doth she look at me with her golden eyes, under her gilded eyelids? I know not who she is.
  2. Daughter of Sodom, come not near me! But cover thy face with a veil, and scatter ashes upon thine head, and get thee to the desert and seek out the Son of Man.
  3. Back! daughter of Babyon! By woman came evil into the world. Speak not to me. I will not listen to thee. I listen but to the voice of the Lord God.
  4. Back, daughter of Sodom! Touch me not. Profane not the temple of the Lord God.
  5. Art thou not afraid, daughter of Herodias? Did I not tell thee that I had heard in the palace the beating of the wings of the angel of death?
  6. Cursed be thou! daughter of an incestuous mother, be thou accursed!
  7. I will not look at thee. Thou art accursed, Salome, thou art accursed.

After the 7th floating message disappears, the door will open and a man will come in to kill you.

On the Terrace

You are now floating around in the open terrace above the cistern. Head over to the candle light above the throne and hover the mouse over it to hear whispers. Click on it and then hold the darkness over the light to extinguish it.

Repeat this process over a series of 24 candle lights positioned around the terrace. Your view should then gradually change so you are looking up at the moon. To reach the final stage of the game, you must quit and start it again.

In the Sunlight

This is just a display of the dance of the 7 veils; you can zoom in the view if you want.