Game Details:  Adult, 1991

Links:  Moby Games, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  3/3/2013

Suggested Listening:  Give Up Now (Ash 25)

Fascination is an adult-themed adventure game by Coktel Vision. You play as Doralice May, and are thrust into a dangerous situation when you are given a secret vial by a dying businessman on your airplane. You must attempt to deliver the vial as requested.

Hotel Pelican


Open the drawer to find an adapter, and plug this into the wall socket. Now open the briefcase with code AARGH. Take the toothbrush and insert its plug into the adapter. Change the voltage to 110V and turn the power off to open a compartment and find a vial. Unplug the toothbrush and adapter, and plug the refrigerator cable into the socket. Open the refrigerator. Pick up the water jug from the table and pour water into the ice-tray. Put the vial in the ice-tray as well, then close the refrigerator again. Head down to the lobby.


Take the newspaper, then open the magazine and turn the pages until you find a torn corner. Write down Lou Dale's phone prefix. With the magazine open, check out the directory on the table and write down Jeffrey Miller's phone number. Pick up the key ring and show it to Isalinda at reception to get a pool key. Examine the ash tray and take the token. Use the elevator.


Use your phone to call Jeffrey Miller and write down the QUL entry code. Try to leave and you will get a phone call, then automatically go to the pool.


Talk to Prisca to get a flashlight. Talk to Sharon and select coffee, then take a lump of sugar. Pick up the hat and give it to Prisca, then pull the switch where the hat was before and take the pendant from the pool. Go to the booths and open the locker with your pool key. Look at the walkman, and open the compartment with your token, then take the battery. Leave the booths and go back to the lobby (using the hall sign).


Show the flashlight and pendant to Isalinda, then go to QUL via the pool.

Quantum Unlimited


Use the telephone booth. Insert your token and call Jeffrey Miller, then write down the QUL office code. Go to the entrance and use the QUL entry code you learned earlier.


Try to take the storeroom key, then give your sugar to the watchdog and take the key. Go back out to the street.


Click on the parking sign to go to the parking lot.

Parking Lot

Use your storeroom key to unlock the storeroom, then use your flashlight/lamp on it to be able to see. Click on the hook on the right to close the door, then click on the pocket of the jacket and take the car key. Use this key on the red car, but the door is jammed. Talk to Jon, then kick the tyre to get into the car. Take the key card from the seat. Use the code panel on the wall behind Jon. Insert the key card and then type in the QUL office code you learned outside.


Turn on the light by clicking the nipples. Move the shirt lapel on the body and take the handkerchief. Open it and take the microcassette. Now click on the largest book in the bookshelf, then on the spring at its base. Pull the cable and take the dictaphone, then use your microcassette in the dictaphone. Click anywhere to go to the lingerie store.



Talk to Miz Taylor, then take the newspaper. Enter the left booth and pick up the paper from the ground. Go back out and enter the middle booth. Open the shoe box and take the shoe. Go back out and enter the right booth, then approach the private door. Click on the door once more, then take the bell from the top before going through.


Lift up all the posters and take the padlock key. Also pick up the magnetic label. Now move up the two boxes on the left to reveal a safe. Use the padlock key on the padlock, the shoe on the bar, then the label on the safe. Turn the dial and press D, turn the dial and press O, turn the dial and press C.


Search the surgeon's coat and take the mask and closet key from the pocket. Use the closet key on the closet, then examine the documents to get a photo. Examine the jar and break it with the shoe, then take the vials. Next look at the instruments and take the scalpel. Use the answering machine and press rewind, play, rewind and erase. Go through the door on the left to leave.

Hotel Pelican


Pick up the newspaper, then go up in the elevator.


Look at Robaire twice. Pick up the chocolates from the table and the lapel pin from the rug. Examine the glass on the table. Head back out of your room.


Talk to the inspector with options 2, 2, 2, 1, 2 and 1. Pick up the scrap of paper and write down Lou Dale's phone suffix. Head back into the elevator.


Use your phone to call Lou Dale. Leave your room to go to the photo gallery.

Declic Gallery


Examine the automobile. Take the 10 dollars from the front window. Examine the package and lapel pin inside the car. Approach the service entrance and search the waste bin to get a newspaper. Put the photo through the slot beneath the door, then the scalpel on the keyhole. Pull the photo back through the slot to get inside.


Open the bottom left cupboard first. Open the rest of the cupboards and take the basin, cloth, lye, ammonia and bleach. Turn on the faucet and use the water to wet the cloth, then hang the cloth on the hook on the far right before turning off the faucet. Wear the mask, then pour the caustic soda, ammonia and bleach into the basin. Open the hatch twice, move the basin to the hatch, then use the wet cloth on the slot in the left of the hatch. In the cutscene, take the ring.

Red & Blue Club


Pick up the newspaper. Show your pin to Eduardo and give him the 10 dollars.


Talk to Kenneth with options 2, 2, 1, 2 and 1.

Villa Moliere


Give the chocolates to Kenneth to drug him. Examine his tattoo, then look at his hand and take the ring (stamp). Examine his pendant and combine it with your own. Head inside to the lounge.


Click on the parrot, then take the cigar from its mouth. Pick up the landing-net from the floor next to the chair. Put the cigar in the left statue's mouth, then move the eye patch. Press the switch at the bottom of the fish tank to turn on the light. Click on the shellfish in the right of the tank. Pick up the plankton and use it on the shellfish to get it to open. Use the landing-net to get the pearl. Put the pearl in the eye of the statue. Now look at the panel in the opposite statue and use your stamp.

Villa Vizcaya


Talk to the inspector with options 1, 2, 1, 2 and 1.


Open the waste bin twice to get a syringe. Examine the left jar and open it, then use the syringe to get some formalin from inside. Press a tile to open a mechanism on the left part of the bathroom. Look at the spray container. Remove the stopper, inject the formalin, replace the stopper, and take the spray. Return to the hall.


Use your spray on the inspector, then head to the lounge.


Take the newspaper. Use your flashlight/lamp on the microscope to see the word BADGE; write down exactly how it appears, including the position of a cross if present (this indicates the sharp symbol in music). Use your signet ring on the microscope and write down Kenneth Miller's birthdate. Now look at the picture called Nudity's Dream and press the button in the top left corner. Next look at the wheel and press the button in the bottom right corner. Use the bottom left button to turn the wheel to point to II. Now play the piano; press the keys corresponding with the BADGE message you saw on the flashlight. Go through the secret passage.


Use your signet-ring on the prisoner's hand. Search the pocket to get a lighter. Put your newspapers on the table (you must have at least 5). Use your lighter on the newspapers.