FAR: Lone SailsFAR: Lone Sails

Game Details:  Sci-Fi, 2018

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  6/30/2019

Suggested Listening:  Caught Up in the Panic (Ash 25)

FAR: Lone Sails is a side-scrolling adventure where you explore a desolate landscape with the aid of a vehicle that requires constant fuel and attention. There are 14 Steam Achievements, all documented in the walkthrough below. The series continues with the sequel, FAR: Changing Tides.

Welcome to the Ship

From the tree at the start, head right and pick up the mailbox. Continue right into the house. Press the button here, then keep carrying the mailbox up the stairs to the left, so you can drop down to the right of the wardrobe and continue outside. Head all the way right until you reach the ship. Take some time to familiarize yourself with the function of the ship, as outlined below.

Fuel System

At the rear of the ship there is an arrow pointing up, above a small platform. When you start there are several crates on this platform. By placing objects on the platform and pressing the nearby button, you will burn the objects to generate fuel. Your current fuel level is indicated by the large Energy gauge to the right. You need there to be some fuel to be able to use the engine.

Engine System

There are 3 buttons in the middle of the ship. On the left is the steam release button - when steam builds up as indicated in the gauge here, press this button to release the steam and give yourself a boost forwards. At the top is the emergency brake button - this drops a brake out the bottom of the ship and brings you to an abrupt halt. The largest button pointing to the right is the throttle - this activates the engine for a short period of time, causing the ship to burn fuel and build up steam.

Health Gauges

These are vertical bars to the right of the energy gauge, and indicate the health of the engine system and the fuel system. Additional bars will be added to indicate the health of the sails and the vacuum once you acquire them.


The large numerical indicator on the right is your odometer, telling you the total distance you have traveled (this increases across all saves, not just your current game).


This is in the middle of the ship, and allows you to get from the bottom level, to the top level, and up on to the roof of the ship.

Cargo Hooks

These are scattered throughout the ship and are used to store items (1 item per hook).


There are small red hooks on the front and back of the ship that you can use to pull the ship around if you are out of other forms of power.

Fire Hose

At the top and rear of the ship, used for putting out fires.

Starting the Journey

Chapter 1

Hang the mailbox up near your bed at the top front of the ship - you will want this available for the end of the game. Burn some fuel to fill up the energy gauge, then start moving forward, remembering to use the steam button to give yourself an extra boost of speed. With the 3 crates you start with, you will be able to make it to a group of 4 more crates on the ground up ahead. Use the brake to stop here, then pick them up and continue on your journey. There will be another 4 crates a bit further ahead, just before a downward slope into some shallow water.

Chapter 2

Starting in the water, keep heading forward until you reach a long slow climb over wooden platforms. Near the base of this you will find a group of 3 crates and a red barrel. A little further ahead is another single crate. Keep going until you discover a large crane just ahead.

Chapter 3

Continue forward until you are brought to a stop just beneath and in front of the crane - the platform will drop down so you can reach it by taking your elevator up to the top. Climb up into the building and hold the button down to lower the sails on to the top of your ship Set Sail. Pick up the ball from the platform outside the building and store it inside your ship. Now you can activate the sails by pressing the button next to them to continue forwards. If you push the button right in, the sails will stay active until you push the button again. For double speed, use both the sails and your engine at the same time.

Setting Sail

Chapter 4

Just keep your sails active to cruise slowly forward over the sandy terrain.

Chapter 5

Carefully go up the ramp and break the building, then come to a halt before you crash into the large propeller that is blocking your way. Climb out the back of your ship and go down the stairs and around until you find a button to press that will clear the path. While you are here, collect all of the items you can find and store them in the ship - there is an achievement you will likely get here for having 15 objects inside the ship at one time Hoarder. Activate your sails again and continue, breaking through a small barrier in front of some massive ships in the background.

Chapter 6

Use your sails to continue forward until you have to stop before a large bridge. Pick up the barrel here and store it inside, then pick up the crate and carry it all the way right over the bridge. Drop this on the small platform to the right of the generator, then use the button to turn it on - this will raise the bridge. Grab another barrel and carry it back over the bridge to the left. Press the button here, then drop down and store the barrel in your ship. You will need to use your engines for a while now, and you can stop to pick up a box of magazines

Chapter 7

Just as the skies start to get dark, you can pick up a barrel and a crate. Continue forward using your engine as the storm gets worse, and stop for another barrel and crate, then start moving again.

Chapter 8

Just after this chapter begins your ship will be struck by lightning, and there will likely be a fire in your sails. Quickly use the fire hose to extinguish the fire. Now keep using your engine to gradually move forward, picking up a couple of crates on your way to an old building ahead.

Making Repairs

Chapter 9

Grab another crate before rolling forward until your ship is resting against the doors of the large building. Climb up on to your sails, then up the ramp and over the gap. Take the barrel here and return it to your ship, swapping it for a crate. Carry the crate back up and over the gap, then put it into the generator inside and press the button - this will open the doors so your ship will roll inside. At the same time, a large repair tool will be lowered from above you and to the right. Grab the ring on its right side and use it on the button to the right until it is repaired. Pick up the barrel on the right, then press this new button to lower the repair tool into your ship Break it, fix it!.

After your ship stops rolling, go back and collect another barrel, crate and light as fuel. Use the repair tool to completely fix all 3 of your ship's systems, then use your engine to keep moving forwards.

Chapter 10

Keep using your engine to travel forward through the night.

Chapter 11

Stop as you bust through a gate to pick up another crate and barrel. Keep going up you are stopped by a massive wall next to a radio tower. Climb up on to the roof, then into the elevator and use the button to go up the tower. Use the two buttons up here to adjust the needle so it is in the middle, and the lights and music will come on. Pick up the radio, then go back down in the elevator. Burn the radio here while it is playing music The Sound of Silence. Use the engine to start moving again.

Chapter 12

You will now be able to activate your sails and gently progress forwards as the sun gradually comes up on a new day. There will be livestock surrounding you shortly.

Chapter 13

Keep going under sail power. Head over the small wooden ramp and past a big wooden sign for The Blue Isles. Bust through a small wooden fence.

Automated Suction

Chapter 14

Drive forwards until you stop against another large wall, then go through the small doorway that opens in its base. Pick up the crate here and store it, then head inside Go up the steps and jump on the button to raise your vehicle up. Go up some more stairs and push through the trapdoor to get to the floor of a workshop. Collect some more fuel items at the top (radio, crate, stack of books). Connect the hook at the back of your vehicle to the red hook behind it. Now drive forward until you come to a stop against some wooden doors. Press the button attached to the red hook and a vacuum will be installed, which automatically sucks up fuel items Suck it up!. Drive forward out of the building.

Chapter 15

Raise your sails and use your engine to go down the ramp ahead, collecting fuel as you go. When you reach the upward incline you will come across your first explosive barrel (1/6) - this will start a fire when used as fuel.

Chapter 16

Keep going over more wooden boards and through a small town.

Chapter 17

Pass through some hills and the sky will gradually darken in the background.

Chapter 18

As the day starts to turn to night again, you will approach a large windmill. Drive forward until you are against the doors. Climb up above your ship and collect a pot plant and a crate as fuel. Make your way up the inside of the windmill. Press the button at the top right to activate the windmill. Quickly head over to the hamster will on the left and keep running until the gap in the floor ahead opens. Jump all the way down and chase after your vehicle down the slope to the right. Get back in and drive forward to find a second explosive barrel (2/6).

Make sure your sails are active, then use your engine down the next slope to reach full speed Full Throttle.

Chapter 19

Fold down your sails and roll to a stop against the next closed door. Climb up to the roof and into the small cavity above, pushing the button. Run forward and then push the large crate forward so you end up dropping back down on to your vehicle. Use your engine to keep going forward, picking up a crate as you go.

Chapter 20

Continue forward and you will eventually get bogged in some red-brown water. Get out and drag your front hook to the red hook ahead. Get back inside your ship and press the red button at the front to slowly winch yourself free. Unhook the front of your ship again and proceed forward past the hook. Make sure you collect the crates, light and explosive barrel (3/6). You will probably notice your main wheel is damaged now. Keep going through a wire fence and down into some more red-brown water, then back up on to the road again.

Chapter 21

Go up the ramp here, then stop at the large closed door and climb out. Go through the small door and collect 2 crates and a barrel, storing them in your vehicle. Now go forward along the road and up the pipes until you reach a generator. Put the nearby crate inside and press the button, so that another machine appears from along the rails in the background. Climb on and press the button inside it to return back towards the large closed door. When you approach, it will rotate open, so get back in your ship and keep driving. You will end up breaking all the pipes you climbed over earlier and smashing through another gate.

Chapter 22

Edge forward until you reach another solid wall, which is on the front of a barge. Climb up to the roof of your ship and up into the structure above, pressing the button on the right. Now drop down behind your ship into the hamster wheel. Press the button to close it, then start running right and your ship will move forward across the lake.

Rim Upgrade

Chapter 23

Go forward beneath a large structure and you will eventually pass over a speed bump and be stopped by a tall red pipe. Climb up and jump over the red pipe, then get in the small elevator in front of it and press the button to go up. Now you have access to a series of 3 buttons in a chamber above your ship. Press them in this order to exchange your wheels: right, left, middle, left, middle, left, middle Pimp my Ride. Use the elevator on the left to get back down, then return to your vehicle and drive forward again. Grab a crate and a barrel as you head down the slope.

Chapter 24

Continue through some more water and through some swamp lands. Collect another explosive barrel (4/6) on your way, and you will eventually bust through another metal fence.

Chapter 25

Drive forward until you are on another barge. Raise your sails and the barge will take you over the deepest part of the lake. After the front of the barge drops, keep your sails up and continue forward over the water.

Chapter 26

The sky will turn dark, and your sails will stop carrying you forward, so drop them down and return to engine power. Pick up a barrel, crate and toy ship before coming to a halt at a metal barricade. Punch through this with your engine and a burst of steam.

Chapter 27

Raise your sails again and prepare for another storm to hit. You will take a lot of damage here and will need to make it to some shelter before making serious repairs to your vehicle. Stop in the second larger shelter to repair again, then make your way out into the open for the last run.

Chapter 28

The storm will finally abate, and you can coast down an incline to come to a stop at a wall. Make some more repairs to your vehicle if you need. Run forward from your ship and go down an elevator. Jump on to the mine cart at the bottom and press the button to the left. Move the mine cart right so you can jump on to the stairs to the right and pull the red ring. After the molten metal has poured down, press the right button to make a gear, which will drop down below.

Pick up the gear and put it into the mine cart, then push it to the far right. Carry the gear up to the right and drop it into the mechanism to start it up. Pick up the barrel and use the button on the right to go up. Drop the barrel into the generator up here and press the button to activate it. Go back outside to the left. Pick up the barrel here and carry it back to your ship, then start up the engines to keep moving. Once you reach the end, your ship will automatically be carried up to the level above. Start moving forward down the slope.

Chapter 29

Collect some more fuel as you progress through the night.

Chapter 30

Dawn will start to break and you can raise your sails to make your way across a sandy plain with occasional blow holes, which gradually transforms into a snowy tundra.

Chapter 31

Let your sails carry you up the slow incline, then stop on the railway tracks to collect another explosive barrel (5/6). Raise your sails and keep going.

Chapter 32

You will head out on to a large bridge spanning a huge canyon. At the far end, you will crash into a fallen railway cart, then be lowered down to the ground below on a large elevator. Use your engine to push the railway cart forward out of the way, and you will raised up slightly on the elevator. Climb on the roof of your vehicle and use your fire hose to turn the large gear to the left. Now drop down to the left and pick up the barrel, loading it on your ship, before climb up the stairs on the left and using the button to raise your ship once more.

Attach the hook on the front of your ship to the massive crate in front of it, then press the button inside, and you will end up returning all the way to the top. Use engine power to get started again, then hoist your sails once you are back out in the open. Go forward over some tracks, then snow, and back on to tracks again.

Chapter 33

Push forward and connect your forward hook on to the trolley car in front of you. Climb on to your roof, then down on to the trolley car. Jump up and down on the platform on the front of this to pull your vehicle forward until you reach a bollard that stops you. Drop down behind the trolley car and press the button here to release it. Get back in your ship and start the engine again.

Pick up another barrel just after leaving the tracks. Depending on your fuel usage, you will most likely have used 42 items by now and received another achievement The answer to life, the universe and everything. Continue forward and you will start heading over icy ground.

Land Cruiser

Chapter 34

Raise your sails to continue over the ice. Lower them as you reach the underbelly of a huge machine known as a Land Cruiser, then come to a halt when you a blocked by a truck. Press the button on the ground here to be lifted up into the Land Cruiser. Grab the rear hook and pull your ship backwards (you can find another barrel here if you really need it). Climb on your ship and up the ramp to the top left. Jump up to the right and press a button so you can keep going.

Once you are outside, jump up over the glass down rather than falling through it. Keep going to the very far right My Heart will go on. Now return to the glass dome and drop inside. Go and grab the barrel from the far left, then bring it back to the domed area. Use the barrel to be able to jump over to the right, then press the button on the ground to open the door. Go through and press the high button, then run forward and press the large button.

Watch as the Land Cruiser starts moving forward and then breaks down. Return left, down and into your vehicle once more. Drive forward and break down the barriers (this may take several attempts). Now use your fire hose to put out the 2 fires on the ground in front of the vehicle. Attach the hook on the front of your vehicle to the hooked weight to the right, then use the winch button to pull it beneath the second barricade. Now climb on top of your vehicle and drop down so you can jump on top of the barricade to lower it.

Now you can continue to the far right and press another large button to get the Land Cruiser functioning again. Try to return to the left, but it will stop again. Drop down a gap into a large storage area below. Push the hooked weight to the left so you can jump on it and make your way back up to your ship. Pull the front hook and attach it to this hooked weight. Return to your ship and use the winch button to eventually pull it up beneath the first barricade. Again climb on your vehicle and drop down to you can jump on top of the barricade to lower it.

Continue right and press the large button to get the Land Cruiser moving once more. Return to your vehicle and drive forward as far as you can. Now wait while the Land Cruiser continues moving. Eventually it will stop and the barrier in front of you will fold down. Start your engines and head down the ramp.

Chapter 35

Stop at the bottom to collect the final explosive barrel (6/6). There is an achievement for burning all 6 of these Fire in the Hole!. Hoist your sails to continue through the snow again, while a volcano erupts in the background. You will need to be using both your sails and engines to escape the eruption, but eventually you will crash and your ship will break in two.

Chapter 36

Get up to the roof and use the sails to continue to move forward. Once you reach the rocks, grab the mailbox from the hook near your bed and carry it out to the roof. Jump forward and climb over the rocks, then up the white steps. Put a crate into the generator, grab the mailbox and jump on the button to activate a beacon. Wait here to complete the game Goodbye old Friend. There is an additional achievement if you have the mailbox with you A piece of Home.

The two final achievements are collected for finishing the game within 99 minutes I got 99 minutes, and for reaching 9001 on the odometer in your ship It's over 9000!.