Year:  1996

Genre:  Fantasy

Links:  Moby Games, Adventure Gamers

Fable is a classic 3rd person fantasy adventure. You play as Quickthorpe, a young man sent on a quest through 4 other fantasy worlds. You must explore and find 4 mystical gemstones in lands based on the 4 elements, bringing the knowledge back to your home land.

Chapter 1: The Frozen Lands

After receiving the medallion from the Elder, head north and go to the bridge. Talk to the hunter here, then walk over the rocks just above the bridge to cross over the water. Continue east and go to the old house. Take the old lantern and the chilli peppers, then open the cellar door and go down to the basement. Pick up the rope and statuette, then go back outside. Use the main door, then quickly use your medallion with the ghost to get rid of it. Open the door and head inside. Take the book of runes from the shelf, the leaves from the pot, and the bag of seeds from the ground. Leave the house and head to the frozen lake.

Look at the chair in the boat, then look at it again in the close-up. Talk to the green spirit that appears until you get an orb. Take this orb, and leave the screen to east, then go to the edge of the forest. Talk to the man here and give him your statuette, then continue east and head to the Path of Sculptures. Look at the shiny object in the snow, then pick up the shield and continue north to the hollow tree.

Talk to the little Drimm until he leaves. Look at the stump, then look more closely at it. Pull the lever inside, then enter the opening in the tree. Look at the dead soldier on the right and take the ring from his finger. Head back outside and use your bag of seeds on the magpie, then walk slightly away. After the bird leaves, pick up the empty sack. Look in the nest and take the pearl necklace, then head north to the crossing.

Try to continue north and you will be stopped by some bandits. Say you are off to kill the Ice Giant, then ask if they will settle for a valuable object. Give the leader your ring, then look at the corpse and take the knife and scarf. Head west to the well and the hunter will be there. Use your rope on the spool of the well and climb down. Use your orb to create some light. Look at the small pile of dirt on the left, then look more closely and take the piece of clay tablet. Head east through the tunnel and find another piece of clay tablet in here. Combine the two together, then return west and climb up the rope. Return to the crossing and head north to the ravine.

Talk to the stone head, then use your clay tablet on it to open a large passage. Ignore this for now and head east to the top of the ravine. Look at the frozen carcass, then look in its pockets and take the sulphur stick. Head back down the ravine and return to the edge of the forest. Give the necklace to the well-dressed gentleman and he will give you some gloves. Return to the hollow tree and enter the tree. Put on your gloves and take one of the blue fruits. Leave here and go back to the crossing. Look at the bushy path on the right and walk along it to find a cave entrance. Use the bushes on the right here to hide, and an ogre will come out and then leave. Climb through the small hole at the top left. Look at the Ogre's pillow up close and take the key. Head left to the chest and use the key on it, then take a flask of oil. Exit through the dark opening and climb out through the well.

Head to the ravine and go north to the castle. Walk on to the bridge and an ice giant will appear. After talking to him, use your flask of oil on him, then use your sulphur stick on him. Enter the palace gates. Inside, use your scarf on your rusty shield to make it shiny, then use the shield to get past the laser. Pick up the emerald, then talk to the bird and give her a blue fruit.

Chapter 2: The Land of Mists

Talk to the lizard guard, then go northeast to the swamp path. Look under the bridge and take the dead possum. Return to the wooden tower and give the guard the possum; you will get a strange hearing aid. Look at this closely to get same wax plugs. Go to the swamp path again and try to walk along the path, but an alligator will hypnotise you. Use your wax plugs then try again. Pick up the hypnotic drum from the water and continue north. Walk up the steps and approach the skeleton, and a big spider will appear. Use your strange hearing aid and you will scare the spider away. Look closely at the skeleton and take the small gold key.

Return to the wooden tower again and use your drum to hypnotise the guard. Take his spear and look closely at the guard, then take the lizard guard's key. Use this on the tower door and head inside. Take the axe from the wall and the empty flask from the table. Look behind the curtain on the right and take the library book from here. Use your small gold key on the cage to free Iris. Talk to her and you will receive some magic powder.

Leave the tower and go up the stairs to the stairs of mists. Look in the jar and take a nut, then look at the vases and take the one filled with water (the only one you can pick up). Continue along the path to the city of mists. Talk to the Titan, then use Iris' magic dust with your vase to get rid of him. Now you need to step on the 3 lighter stones in a specific order to open the doors; just try all the combinations until the doors open. Use your axe on the door to the gate-keeper's shack on the left, then enter the shack. Take the bottle from the shelf. Look in the hay and take the gold pieces. Leave the shack and enter the city.

Enter the large door on the right to find a library. Give your book to Izion and you will receive the Mecubarz' Key and a small silver key. Look at the books on the back shelf and take the large purple book. Go back outside and look at the gargoyle's perch to see the padlock. Use the small silver key to unlock this and free the gargoyle. Enter the next door to find a gargoyle house. Quickly take the lollipop from the left gargoyle when it is out of its mouth. Head back outside and go through the double doors into a temple. Talk to Angor, then throw the spear at him. Pick up the diamond that falls to the ground. Look in the bones on the left and take some more gold pieces.

Head back outside and enter the balloon ship. Talk to the captain until he kicks the cabin boy, then talk to the cabin boy and ask him to change the fares. Give him the lollipop, then talk to the captain again and give him your gold pieces.

Chapter 3: The Engulfed Fortress

Enter the captain's quarters and take the socks from the bed, the hairpin from under the pillow and the parchment from the table. Use the hairpin in your inventory to bend it. Look at the small box behind the chest and use your bent hairpin to open it, then take the magic stone from inside. Examine the chest of drawers and take the fake jewels from inside. Head back to the deck and use the hatch, then go down. Look in the barrel behind the post and take a steak from inside, then use your sock on it. Climb back up to the deck and use the stuffed sock on the shark. In your inventory, use the magic stone and use the parchment, and you will be able to breathe underwater. Jump into the water.

Talk to the seahorses and if you say the right thing you will get some kelp (if not, just leave the screen, come back and wait for them to return). After you have the kelp, go north to the Engulfed Fortress. Talk to Leroy and give him your kelp, then pick up his shovel. Look at the oyster shell and use your knife on it, but it is empty. Go back to the Seaweed Forest, then walk along the hidden path at the northeast and proceed east to the Coral Path.

Use your knife on oyster shells here to find 2 pearls. Return west and then go to the Edge of the Abyss. Use your knife on the oyster shells here to find a 3rd pearl. Go west to The Shell. Use the door to knock on it, then offer Kouppa some pearls. Inside, give him the pearls and you will receive a treasure map. Go back to the Seaweed Forest and use your shovel on the freshly raked sand towards the right. Use your bent hairpin to open the chest and take the treasure from inside.

Go to the Coral Path again and talk to Khor, then give him the treasure. Take Khor's helmet and spear, then enter the cave. Walk to the elevator platform and use the control box to go back up to the surface. Return to the wooden tower and go inside. Take the purple blanket from beneath the cage, then return to the elevator. Use the broom handle sticking out from behind the vases to descend again.

Walk west into a tunnel maze. Go west twice, north and east, and pick up the crowbar. Next go west, south twice, west and north. Use your crowbar on the door and go through. Talk to the Gorgon (select the 3rd option). Use Khor's spear on the cosmic window in the floor to get rid of the Gorgon. Pick up the sapphire from the left, then use the control switch on the right to reverse the elevator. Leave the way you came in, then in the tunnels go south, east, north and east 3 times. Get on the elevator and use the control box.

Chapter 4: The Land of Shadows

After the lift gets stuck, use the wool blanket to safely drop down. Use the control switch on the right to bring the elevator down. Talk to the gates and say you are the Boogie Man. Walk through and you will be put in a cell.

Pick up the cup, plate, spoon and note. Look at the floor ramp and use the spoon on the close-up version to find an escape tunnel. Talk to the old prisoner until he dies, then look at him closely and take his key. Use the tunnel to return to your cell, and look at your cell door. Use your new key on the lock and go outside. Talk to the guards and you will be given an ID card.

Head down to the west and use Khor's spear to jump over the gap, then walk around the ledge. Use your cup on the lava (River Stynx) to fill it up. Talk to the Grim Reaper, then show him your ID card. Use the Hell Rail to get over the gap. Continue west and tell Chax that this is an inspection, then use your cup of lava on him. Take the ruby from up on the right ledge, then use the empty catacomb to escape this area.

Walk to the elevator platform and you will go back up. Head west into the tunnel maze and go west twice, south, west and north twice to the room with the Gorgon. In your inventory, use the emerald, diamond, sapphire and ruby in Mecubarz' key. Now use the key with the security port and enter the room. Use the red button on the middle chair, then use the middle chair itself.