Exit 8Exit 8

Game Details:  Horror, 2023

Links:  Moby Games, Steam

Walkthrough Updated:  1/24/2024

Suggested Listening:  Where There's Smoke (Ash 25)

The Exit 8 is a puzzle horror game that sees you walking along the corridors of an endless subway system. You need to pay attention and keep your wits about you, identifying anomalies so you can safely navigate your way to the exit. There are 2 Steam Achievements, all documented in the walkthrough below.


You will start the game in the corridor for Exit 0. Walk forward and pay attention to what happens as you walk along the corridor. Keep going several times and you will eventually see 2 signs on the left wall. There is a large yellow sign showing the number of the upcoming Exit (starting at 0 and increasing to a maximum of 8). There is a smaller white sign showing these instructions:

  • Don't overlook any anomalies.
  • If you find anomalies, turn back immediately.
  • If you don't find anomalies, do not turn back.
  • To go out from Exit 8.

Continue forward and look out for anything that has changed from previous corridors. If there is something abnormal, you should turn back, otherwise continue ahead and you will reach the next corridor. There will only ever be a maximum of 1 anomaly each time.

Note that if you correctly turn back after identifying an anomaly, that particular anomaly will no longer show up throughout your game. If you miss an anomaly and continue forward, you will end up heading to Exit 0 again. If you end the game because of an anomaly, this anomaly will still continue to appear (until you survive it and correctly turn back).

Once you have completed the game once by climbing the stairs at Exit 8, there will be a new sign that appears, showing how many anomalies you have not yet discovered. This will updated every time you discover another anomaly.

List of Anomalies

The Man

There are 5 possible anomalies involving the man walking down the corridor:

  1. He has a smile on his face.
  2. His face appears glitched.
  3. He is very tall.
  4. He turns to look at you as he passes.
  5. He walks quickly and directly at you (you must quickly turn back and avoid him).

Ceiling Sign

There are 2 possible anomalies involving the glowing sign on the ceiling (which is yellow on the front and white on the back):

  1. The sign is upside down.
  2. The back side reads "Turn back Turn back Turn back".

Ceiling Lights

There are 4 possible anomalies involving the ceiling lights:

  1. The ceiling lights flicker.
  2. The ceiling lights are misaligned.
  3. The red security camera light over the "Security camera in operation" poster is on.
  4. All the lights suddenly turn out (you must quickly turn back).

Wall Posters

There are 7 possible anomalies involving the posters on the walls of the corridor:

  1. Big eyes on the person on the "BLC Store" poster.
  2. The eyes on the "Security camera in operation" poster move intermittently.
  3. The "Security camera in operation" poster slides along the wall.
  4. All of the posters on the wall are the same.
  5. The posters will all very slowly get larger.
  6. The "Movefes" poster will be replaced with a dark photograph.
  7. There are lots of "No smoking" signs on the right wall.


There are 5 possible anomalies involving the 3 doors along the right wall:

  1. The doorknob of one door is in the middle of the door.
  2. There is a loud pounding noise from one of the doors.
  3. One of the doors is missing.
  4. One of the doors is ajar.
  5. One of the doors opens as you get near (you should not go through the door).


There are 8 other possible anomalies in the game:

  1. A large face are visible as a stain on the ceiling.
  2. Small faces are visible in the yellow floor tiles.
  3. There are some extra yellow tiles on the floor.
  4. Black liquid leaks from one of the vents on the right wall.
  5. Staircase at the end of the hallway (don't go up the stairs).
  6. Two men standing still in the hallway (don't touch them).
  7. A camouflaged man at the end of the hallway (don't go too close).
  8. Red liquid appears and rushes towards you (don't touch the liquid).


There is an achievement for going up the stairs at Exit 8 The Exit 8. There is another achievement for identifying all 31 anomalies Residents of Underground Passage.