Year:  1992

Genre:  Sci-Fi

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

Eternam is a hybrid 1st person and 3rd person adventure game with cartoon-like cutscenes. You play as Don Jonz, a marshal in the United Forces of Orion, who wins a prize to visit Eternam, the galaxy's premiere planet-sized fun park. Unfortunately when you arrive you find out it was a trap, set by your arch-nemesis Mikhal Nuke. You must search the various islands on the planet to find your enemy and defeat him.


You start standing within a circle of triangles. Follow the road indicated by the red triangle and enter the first building you come across. Climb the stairs and talk to the man here (ask him where you are). Go back downstairs and leave, continuing along the road. Talk to the guard you meet on the road, then keep going. Ignore the dark tower to the left and enter the castle at the end of the road.

Duke Ethelred's Castle

Walk forward through the archway and you will end up getting through after surviving a dog attack. Talk to James Bones any way you like, then head through the west doorway. Take a sweetmeat from the shelf near the doorway, then continue south and talk to the man standing next to the statue. Return north and east to the main hallway. Continue through the east doorway and take a match from the sack to the far right. Go through the southern door here and talk to the guard about everything, then leave by going north and west back to the main hallway again.

Go north twice and the guard will warn you about a train. Head through the doorway anyway, and you will run back to the entrance. Go all the way back to the guard and through the doorway a second time to reach the north hallway. After the statues finish talking, go west and continue west past a mirror; you will automatically hide to avoid the guards. Continue west and talk to the cleaner, then go north and take the infrared glasses from the shelf on the right. Return south and east 3 times to return to the north hallway.

Go north twice more and speak to the secretary, who will announce you to the guard and take your sweetmeat - now the guard wants one too. Return south 5 times and west, and take another sweetmeat. Now go east and north 5 times. Give the sweetmeat to the guard and walk through.

After talking to the Duke, go west and talk to the scribe, then continue south. Take the medieval camera from the middle of the room, then return north and east to the Duke. Continue east to find the infirmary - if you die during the ordeals you will return here. Next head south, upstairs, west, south twice and east. Talk to the Jester about everything, then go west twice and take the onion skins from the table. Return east, north twice, east, downstairs and east again to fall into the ordeal chamber.

Speak to Yorick, then continue east. Use your onion skins and walk towards each blinking eye so you get soaked and then double-soaked. Immediately head right and straight across the room through both flames before you dry out. In the next room walk down to the bottom of the screen, then speak and the echo will make the board crash to the ground. Go east, then in the next room just go north as instructed. In the room with the caged monster just ignore it and go west. Use your infrared glasses in the next room and then follow the path indicated to the west door. In the room with two levers, make sure the right lever is down, and flip the left lever to the up position. Continue to the west and use your match here before walking into the room at all. Head west and in the final ordeal room just stand on the large tile in the middle of the room.

Go to the left side of the room and take a set of keys from the shelves. Go south and you will be rewarded with a very small knife. Head east, south 6 times, west and north; you will automatically give the captain his set of keys. Go south twice and use your medieval camera to take a photo of the man and statue. Go north and take another sweetmeat, then head east and north 5 times. Give the sweetmeat to the guard, then go north again. Continue east, south, upstairs, west, south twice and west. Now walk all the bed to the bed and go just to the right behind the wall and continue north through the secret passage. Go north to get 30 GP, then go south and north to get another 30 GP, and repeat this once more so you have a total of 90 GP. Now head east twice, downstairs, north, west, south 7 times and out of the castle.


Turn around by pressing Enter, then follow the road until you find a guard you can talk to. Talk to a priest if you find him, then follow the road until you see two flags and take the right fork to find an inn. Head upstairs twice and ask the man why he is drinking to learn about his friend Victor. Return outside and follow the road (talk to the priest if you haven't already). Keep following the road and talk to another guard. When you reach 3 flags, take the left path towards the yellow flag and follow the road to the end to find a temple.

Enter and talk to the woman, asking if there is something you can do for her - she will give you a letter to deliver. Go to the next room to talk to the Grand Inquisitor, then enter the third room and talk to the priest; say you want to get to the next island, then mention Francescus (assuming you talked to that priest) to get directions. Leave the temple, then follow the road all the way to the end, and walk straight across the water to reach the next island.


Talk to the first man here, but don't talk to any other people in the countryside of this island, or your money will likely be stolen. Follow the road and enter the first house on the left. Walk to the room on the west and talk to the man. Start the conversation with any option, then choose the second option for some more directions. Return east and leave the house.

Follow the road again and take the left fork to the end to enter a triangular building. Talk to the man here, then contine south and talk to the woman; comment on her name being Marianne, then tell her about the letter and you will exchange it for a rosette. Leave the building again.

Go back outside and turn left at the junction, then turn right at the next intersection and continue past a French flag. At the next intersection talk to Norbert, who will give you a password and take all of your GP. Turn left and enter the house at the end of the road.

Go north to the next room and talk to Ducros; answer any way you like and she will tell you to order something "strong" at the bar. Leave her house and go back to the junction and turn right. Go right at the next junction as well, and straight at the next. Talk to the man at the end, who will tell you to see Charlotte. Turn around and turn right at the previous junction, following this road to find Charlotte's house.

Avoid the dogs here, going east to find Charlotte. Talk to her and compliment her to receive 10 GP (you can come back here any time if you are broke to get another 10 GP). Return west and avoid the dogs again to leave to the south. Back on the road, go right, left and right at the intersections, then enter the town at the end of the road.


Talk to the man fishing about anything, then quickly move out of the way to avoid being hit by a fish. Walk wet into town and talk to the salesman to buy a compass from him for 1 GP. You can now use this from your inventory while you are outside. Take the left of the two paths south to find an arena. Go over and speak to the MC to volunteer to fight, then use your miniature knife to win (you will receive 1 GP).

Continue south into an alley and pick up rackets, a useless thermometer, and a key from the left, as well as Canis Crotus from the right. Walk south once more to find the docks and talk to the man here to learn you need authorisation to use the ferry. Enter the bar to the right. Speak to the bartender and say "I need something strong", then "Maybe". Walk around to the man at the other end of the bar and speak to him, answering "That's right". Head over to the barrel to the far right and when it moves aside go down the passage to the east. Talk to the man here (select any option at this stage), then leave this room and leave the bar. Go north twice and then east to find the manor of one of the Barons. Save your game.

Walk on the grass and you will be arrested. Wait until you are in your cell and you hear voices outside, then go to the window and speak. Say "I thought I heard a voice", "Nice little girl", and "What would you say to one GP". You will find yourself free again shortly. Go east twice and enter the manor.

Head east and talk to the parrot, then go north through the double doors. Return south and west to the entrance hall, then go north twice to reach the throne room. Speak to the Baron and ask for permission to take the ferry (you will receive an authorisation in your inventory). From here go east and you will automatically talk to the chef - select either option. Take the seeds from over on the right, then return west, south twice and east. Speak to the parrot again and now that you have the seeds it will give you information. Go west and south to exit the manor.

Get off the grass and head north, then go west past the compass salesman and enter the other manor. Go east and then north twice. Walk towards the Baroness and talk to her with any option, before she sends you to the next room. Talk to the man at the piano about anything, then go south twice, east twice and north to meet the Baron. Talk to him, then go north again and quickly hide behind the green screen on the left. Keep using the medieval camera in your inventory until the Baroness contacts her boyfriend using the mirror (you should automatically take a photo of this happening, then leave to the west). Talk to the piano man again, then return east and south. Talk to the Baron and you will lose your camera but get another ferry authorisation.

From here, go south, west and south to exit the manor. Go east, south on the left, and south twice more to return to the docks. Talk to the man here and you will take the ferry to the next island.


You will automatically follow two robots to an examination, which you must pass to continue the game. The answers to the questions are:

  1. Cauda
  2. The Czech word for "Chore"
  3. Rex
  4. Cybernetics
  5. Cuthbert
  6. Ernest Rutherford
  7. The temple woman's daughter
  8. Triton
  9. Bear hunter
  10. A boat from the pumping station
  11. TV remote controls
  12. Albert Einstein
  13. 5
  14. Jupiter
  15. Tepes
  16. 1682
  17. Inaccurately dating an event
  18. I must give way to the right
  19. The first moon-landing
  20. Between 14 and 20

If you get at least 14 correct, you will be escorted to your next destination; if not, just get on the ferry and try again.

Commander's City

When you regain control, go west and walk over to the terminal. Take Card XB25 from here, then continue west into the elevator. Use the controls to go to floor -1. Go north through the double doors and talk to the man in the chair to get Card Y8-Z23. Return south and west to the elevator, then go to floor 1. Walk up to the drink dispenser and have a drink, then walk down and talk to the girl at the desk (ask anything you want). Continue east to the next room, then go north. Walk to the left drawer and take Card DF25-T8J from inside. Return south and west twice into the elevator and go up to floor 3.

Go east and talk to the woman at the desk, then go north and west into "The Halflight Zone". Walk into the two lower red areas to meet two game developers who need your help to return to their own time. Next go upstairs and pick up Card C13-2 from over on the left. Return east, south and west twice, then go up to level 4. Talk to the woman here, then go north and walk further forward to activate a scope. Turn the scope far to the right until you see a fire, then back out and a countdown will begin.

Go west and walk towards the chief to start a conversation; say "How do I get out of the city" to be told to get a teleporter card from his secretary. You will also be automatically given Card 8-FH-4. Walk to each of the two workstations to talk to Soako and Mitch, then head east twice. Talk to Spots about the teleporter to find it has moved, then go to the workstation to talk to Ooh-La-La and mention the water supply. Return west and south. Approach the secretary to get Card UV-4, then head west again into the elevator. Go to floor 2 and head north through the door. Walk up to the man in the white suit and you will receive Card UV-4 if you didn't get it from the secretary. Return south and west into the elevator, and head up to floor 5.

Walk up into the spherical device, but unfortunately it turns out to be a toilet, not a teleporter. Return west and go down to floor 1 again. Go east, north and west, and enter the silver cylindrical chamber. You will end up outside on the island of Paw, not where you want to be, so enter the black tower to return to the city. Head into the short northern corridor and try both of the other teleporters, but neither take you where you need to go. Return east, south and west twice and go down to floor 0. Speak to the terminal to get your fortune, then head east twice to go outside, and walk off the screen to the east to leave the city.


Walk off the screen to the east, then go and find the road. Turn left at the intersection and follow the road to eventually enter the pumping station. Walk over to the panel and you will automatically use it to end the countdown. Walk a bit further to the right, and you will be told you need a boat to cross the water. Leave the pumping station, then turn around and follow the road, going straight at the intersection. Turn right at the next intersection and follow this path until you meet someone to talk to, then turn around and go back to the intersection. Turn right again and enter the building ahead.

Walk around the platform and enter the large black hole. On the moon, walk west to meet the astronaut, then continue west to the lander. Return east and take the flag. Continue east and return through the hole. Head east to leave the building.

Turn around and follow the road, going straight at the first intersection, then left at the second to return to the city. Head west twice and go to floor 2, then head up the stairs and talk to the commander. Return south and west, and go up to floor 4. Go north and west and into the right cubicle; ask Soako about a star map, and he mentions one on Dorsalis. Return east, south and west and go down to floor 1. Head east, north and west into the washroom.


You need to have at least 11 GP for the remainder of the game, and you probably only have 9 GP now, so go through the nearer of the two teleporters on the left to return to Cauda. Go around the black tower and follow the road to enter the castle. Inside, go north 7 times, east, south, upstairs, west, south twice, west, through the secret passage next to the bed and north to get 30 GP from the Duke. You should now have enough money for the rest of the game. Leave the tower by going east twice, south (downstairs), north, west and south 7 times. Return to the black tower (go around behind the castle) and enter it to teleport back to the city.

Next go through the further away of the two teleporters on the left and you will head to Dorsalis. Go around the black tower and turn right to enter Middleville. Head west, south on the left side, south twice more and into the bar. Go east to the secret area and talk to the man. Say you are looking for something rather special, then ask for a star map. Go and take it from the wall. Return west twice, north 4 times and east, then go back to the black tower.

Walk east, south and west twice, then go to floor 0. Continue east twice to leave the city. Turn right at the first intersection and go straight until you enter a building. Walk around and through the black hole again, then go west until you meet the astronaut; he will take the starmap and agree to escort the game developers home. Return east and through the black hole. Leave this building to the east and return to the city by going straight at the first intersection and left at the second one.

Once inside again, head west twice and go up to floor 3. Walk east, north and west, and enter either of the red booths to send the game developers home. Return east, south and west twice into the elevator. Go down to floor 1 and head east, north and west, then use the right teleporter to reach your next destination.


Find the road and turn left, following it until you find a soldier to talk to. Turn around when you reach the sign at the end, then turn left at the first intersection. Talk to the Pharaoh's girlfriend when you meet her, and ask what she is doing in the dunes. Keep going and talk to another soldier, giving him 1 GP when he asks for it. You will next meet a skeleton; talk to it as well. Turn around and go back to the intersection, turning left. Go past the black tower and into the pyramid at the end of the road.


Walk inside, then go to the far wall and walk left until you see a clue highlighted on the wall. Now head east and go to the top right corner of the room until the Rosy Stone falls down. Take it and return west and south twice to leave.

Turn around and return into the black tower. Head east, south and west twice, then go up to floor 4. Walk north and east and talk to Spot until he translates the stone for you. Press down when he is done, then return west, south and west to the elevator. Go back to floor 1, then continue east, north, west and into the right transporter. Go to the road and follow it to the right to return to the pyramid. Head inside once more, and go west. Walk over to the bottle and select for the genie to open the door (if you don't you will be temporarily trapped, but will be freed soon enough). Go north into a room with hieroglyphs on the floor. Save your game, then follow this path from A to Y (using the earlier translation from the Rosy Stone):


Head east up the stairs, then as soon as the scorpion starts drawing you in, speak to it to save yourself. Continue east and south to an empty room, then return north and west 4 times. Pick up the sceptre and use it, then walk to the top left of the room and you will knock down a glass. Pick this up and use it, then go through the open door to the north.

Walk to the east but don't touch anything; just continue east again. Ignore the bee in the middle of this room and continue east once more. Kill the snakes here (you will need to move around a bit), then walk to the north wall beneath the mirror and speak. Pick up two small bits of mirror and a big bit of mirror from the ground. Head south and west, where you should take the yellow statue and orange statue (leave the blue one where it is). Go west and save your game, then walk into the middle of the room and kill the spiders. Take the blue statue from here (ignore the others) and return east twice. Continue east and north. Don't stand on the X in this room; instead use the big bit of mirror and walk towards the X until the mirror appears then, then back away quickly to the left. Pick up the two small bits of mirror.

Now go south twice and through the west door, killing the mummy. Continue west twice more, then go south down some stairs. Use the rackets from your inventory and walk left to read the plaque (if you don't use these you will end up sinking in quicksand). Head east and south and pick up the knife. Use this knife and walk over to the cup to fill it with blood. Go back up the stairs and head east, then north twice. In this room, place the orange statue near the western door, the blue statue near the eastern door, and the yellow statue near the northern door (based on the diagram from the first room of the pyramid).

Next walk north, east, north, west (just avoiding the snakes this time), and west around the bee. Continue west, south and east. Use a small bit of mirror in the light area until it shines off to the west. Go west and use another small bit of mirror, then go north. Use another small bit of mirror and follow the beam east 3 times. Use your last small bit of mirror here. Walk south and west, and you will see the beam has been reflected south; don't follow it - instead go east twice and south twice. Save your game, then go west and kill the mummy again, and then south. Continue south avoiding the bees, and Mikhal will talk to you. From here continue west and north. Use your rackets again before continuing north to the statue room. Stand in the middle of the room and you will be raised up.

Walk towards the sarcophagus, then up the stairs that are revealed. Walk to the middle of the next room and answer the questions:

  • Kheops
  • 18th
  • 134

Go through the doorway, approach the coffin and take the staff of miniaturisation. Use this to make the pyramid disappear. Go back to the black tower.


Enter the nearer of the two teleporters on the left to return to Cauda. Go around the tower and into the castle. Head north 7 times, east, south, upstairs, west, south twice and east. Use your staff of miniaturisation on the boat here and you will take it with you. Return west, north twice, east, south (downstairs), north, west and south 7 times. Go around the castle and back into the black tower.

Go east, south and west twice, then down to floor 0. Leave the city by going east twice. Once outside, turn around and go to the road, then turn left at the intersection to eventually reach the pumping station. Use the drakhar (boat) in the water, then use the staff of miniaturisation on it. Get in the boat to set sail.


Follow the road, going right at the first intersection and straight at the second one. Keep going and talk to the Dragoon you meet, but don't give him all your gold when he asks for it. Continue along the road, going straight at the next intersection, and enter the hut at the end. Talk to the old man, saying you came to confront the Dragoons, and then answering any way for the other questions. Return to the road, going straight at the first intersection and right at the next. Enter the brown building at the end of the road. Talk to the Dragoon here; he wants you to hold stars in your hands. Use the flag from your inventory and walk to the Dragoon again, then answer any way and he will promise you a spell in exchange for his missing remote control.

Leave this house and turn around, then follow the road. Turn right at the first intersection and straight at the next two, then left at the 4th junction. Enter the grey/blue building at the end of the road. Be careful walking over to the Dragoon on the right, as most conversation options will result in your death. Select any option first, then make sure you say:

  • You don't seem very friendly
  • You look like a healthy young reptile to me
  • That calls for a celebration

Leave this house and turn around, then turn left at the first intersection and right at the second one. Talk to the Dragoon here and say "Your boss wanted to see me". Continue and turn left at the next intersection, then enter the building at the end.


Walk north 3 times, then west through a hidden door. Speak to the priest here, then return east and south twice. Go east, and avoid the heroes in here, continuing east again. In this room collect the two pieces of fruit (jump by pressing the space bar), then go through the door to the north at the top (don't worry about the barrels, they don't hurt you). In the next room, take the bone from the table on the left. Talk to the alchemist here and say "I'll find a way of getting him here", then return south. Jump to the balloon at the top right. Head west past the heroes again, then go north twice and west. Speak to the priest again and say "I just met the Alchemist", then go east and south 4 times to leave.

Back away from the warrens and turn around, then follow the road. Turn right at the first intersection, then left, straight 3 times and left at subsequent junctions. Enter the building at the end of the road. Use the bone and walk towards the Dragoon here; he will take the "remote controller" and give you a "complete prince-killer outfit". Leave the house again and turn around. Follow the road again, turning right at the first intersection, then straight 3 times, right and left at subsequent junctions. Enter the warrens again at the end of the road.

Go north 3 times and west twice to get captured. Say anything to the guards and you will be taken to the prince. Answer him with "Uh... well..." and you will be taken to a harem. Talk to the human girl in the red bikini, then pick up 3 types of mushroom. Go south and walk down past the plank until it falls; now walk across it to the other side and continue east. Walk towards the statue in the fountain and take the diamond, then return west, over the plank and north to the harem again.

Use the green mushroom from your inventory and you will become invisible. Quickly go east twice, north and east 3 times (through a games arcade and a jam session). Take the bone and shiny cannonballs from this room, then head west 4 times. Walk over to the mirror on the left and use your diamond to break it. Head west and save your game.

Make sure you have the bone selected in your inventory, then walk along the path. When the lizard appears, use the bone to get rid of it. Ignore the cave on the left (a bear inside will kill you), and follow the path to the cave in the middle. Go west, and make sure you avoid the cook in this room; immediately head to the south side of the pillar. When the cook goes to the right, quickly walk to the shelf on the left and take the spices, then use your round mushroom to put it on the shelf instead. Quickly return to the pillar, then when the cook goes to the left, exit the room to the east.

Now continue east twice more and then go north and west. Talk to Prince Cuthbert here, and use your shiny cannonballs near the empty cell to free him; he will give you a flute as a reward. Return east and the Prince will leave. Use the flute and go north twice. Select any option to start the conversation here, then select these options:

  • I have a personal message for you
  • It was neither the place or the time
  • I've got a spell to beat them all!

Walk over to the body and take the snake-shaped key. Go south twice and walk away from the cobra head until it drops down again. Use the snake-shaped key on it, then climb down the rope. Head east and north to find a pool of sharks. Pull the lever on the wall here, then walk down a bit, then pull the lever a second time, and the sharks will disappear. Swim east to reach another cave. Go north to find a flaming pit. Walk to the right side and push the rock so the flames are extinguished. Walk around and push the rock back to block the water, then drop down into the pit. Walk north and up the staircase, then over to the window to see the volcano erupt.