Escape SimulatorEscape Simulator

Game Details:  Puzzle, 2021

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  3/2/2024

Suggested Listening:  Caught Up in the Panic (Ash 25)

Escape Simulator is a solo or cooperative escape room game. There are a series of rooms already created, as well as a room editor that allows you to create your own rooms and share them with the community. There are 25 Steam Achievements, all documented in the walkthrough below.


Follow the simple interface instructions until you find yourself in a bedroom. Drag the pillow off the bed and take the winding key from beneath it. Pick up the blue car from on top of the bench, and use the winding key in its top. Take the door key from inside the blue car, and use it on the door so you can leave.

There is an achievement for completing you first room alone Escape Room, and another for completing your first room with a friend Escape Together. You will notice you get a trophy if you complete the level in under 15 minutes. Stay in the room to collect some more achievements:

  • Pick up any object and throw it across the room Good Throw
  • Drop 10 items very quickly Pockets With Holes
  • Pick up every object and put them all in the trashcan Cleaner

There are also 8 hidden tokens to find, with an achievement for finding your first one First in Collection:

  1. On the bench beneath the blue car
  2. On the left side of the dinosaur poster
  3. Under the wing of the hanging rocket ship
  4. In the middle of the map on the wall
  5. On the right side of the window
  6. In the end of the bed, near the base
  7. On the underneath of the blue chair
  8. Inside one of the blocks from the top shelf

One other achievement to collect at any stage is to create and save a room in the level editor Make it yourself.

Labyrinth of Egypt

First Chamber

Pick up the suitcase and open it in your inventory. Take out the brush and the red Egyptology 101 book. Use the brush to clear away the sand from the stone box on the ground. Using the information from the book, you can work out that the numbers on the box add up to 3426. Look at the red dials on the wall above and enter the code 3426. Take the key and use it to open the stone box. Take out the pyramidion part. In removing the stone lid, you will have broken a vase - take another pyramidion part from inside.

Take the Sphinx from the top of the central pillar. Press the hand symbol on the wall to the right of the door, then use the Sphinx in the opening - it will become golden and show a water symbol on the front. Now use the Sphinx in the water basin. Pick up the pyramidion part from the basin, and another from the ground in front of it. Arrange all 4 pieces on the central pillar, then take the door key.

Use the door key on one of the doors. Look at the maze and work out the path from start to finish, then spin the dials above the maze to indicate the symbols you have passed along the way: lion, pot stand, stool, hand. Take another door key and use it on another door. Look at the maze and work out that the bee can reach the middle. Pick up the blue book to see that "bee" corresponds with "bjt", and look at the associated 3 symbols. Spin the dials above the maze to match these symbols: foot, cobra, bread loaf. Take the final door key and use it on the last door.

Stay in the room to collect some more achievements:

  • Break both vases (one is already done) Destroyer
  • Stack objects to a specific height - just put something on top of one of the wooden beams leaning against the wall Great Tower

There are also 8 hidden tokens to find:

  1. Inside the flask (take off the lid and fill it with water, then look inside)
  2. Move the hanging pots and a token will fall to the ground
  3. In the beak of the right bird statue
  4. On the back of the left bird statue, after setting dials to 2263 based on the blue book cover
  5. Inside the water basin, after dropping a coin into the basin
  6. Beneath a flat stone on the ground near the exit door, after moving it to the side
  7. Between the large stones in the corner, after separating them with the shovel
  8. At the base of the central pillar, after brushing away some sand

Chamber of Dead

Pick up the scroll near the weighing scales and open it to find a key. Use the key to unlock the stone box on the ground. Slide off the lid to reveal a baboon-headed lid.

Look at the pattern on the plaques held by the two standing sarcophagi, then find a similar plaque near the floor beneath the weighing scales, and examine it. Trace out the same pattern here, and the main sarcophagus will open. Take out the heart and place it in the jackal's right hand. Pick up the crowbar and use it to open the two standing sarcophagi. Look at the 3 symbols in the 3 sarcophagi, then press the matching buttons on the large box in the corner of the room (lion, beetle, feathers). This will reveal a human-headed lid.

Pick up 3 red balls with hieroglyphs, from the shelves beneath this large box. Also take the compass from here. Pick up the 3 black balls with numbers from next to the weighing scales. Use the scales and balls to work out the weights of each red ball. Go to the dials on the wall above 3 matching hieroglyphs, and set the values according to the weights:

  • Owl: 6
  • Water: 2
  • Cobra: 4

Move the latch beneath the dials, and the device will open to reveal a jackal-headed lid.

Open the compass in your inventory, and place it on the ground in the middle of the room - now you know which direction is north. Next take the note from the jackal's left hand and read it. Now follow the instructions from the note:

  • Place the baboon-headed lid on the jar containing the lungs, and move it onto the round panel to the north
  • Place the jackal-headed lid on the jar containing the stomach, and move it onto the round panel to the east
  • Place the human-headed lid on the jar containing the liver, and move it onto the round panel to the south
  • Place the falcon-headed lid on the jar containing the intestines, and move it onto the round panel to the west (this should have started here)

Once the floor panel opens, take out the feather. Place this in the jackal's left hand.

Stay in the room to find 8 hidden tokens:

  1. In the hieroglyphs just below the ceiling, above the large box
  2. Inside the left scroll in the top shelf beneath the large box
  3. In the sand behind the scroll in the bottom shelf beneath the large box
  4. On the bottom of the hanging pot to the right of the standing sarcophagi
  5. Behind the top of the right standing sarcophagus after you open it with the crowbar
  6. On the ceiling of the structure you can see look through the opening in the roof
  7. In the sand in the bottom wooden box after you open it with the crowbar
  8. In the small gap to the left of the dials for the weights

Gold Chamber

Grab the pickaxe, and throw it at the partially broken large vase. Take out the golden artifact. Look at the moving chest and pull it out from the wall. Remove the pin near the base, then crouch down and grab the chest key. Use this to open the other chest, then take the golden artifact from inside. Look around the edges of the moving chest to note there are 3 pairs of circled symbols. Look at the 3 dials on the wall above where you found the chest, and spin them so the pairs of symbols are adjacent:

  • Top Dials: Pot stand and vulture
  • Middle Dials: Foot and owl
  • Bottom Dials: Basket and lion

Take another chest key, and use this one on the moving chest. Take another golden artifact. Pick up the large, medium and small pyramids. Examine these in your inventory and count the number of golden balls within each of them. Find a series of dials above 3 triangle symbols, and set them according to the pyramids (3, 8, 7). Grab another golden artifact.

Turn around to find another rotating discs puzzle. This is based on the gems that were inside the moving chest. Count the number of gems of each color, then set the rotating discs accordingly:

  • Blue: 2
  • White: 5
  • Red: 3

Take the final golden artifact. There are two levers on either side of a stone panel - you need to pull these down to match the opposite jackal statues (left to the very bottom, right to second from top position). Put all 5 golden artifacts in the fire bowl.

Stay in the room to collect an achievement:

  • Pick up 7 vases and throw them very quickly to break them all Clumsy Escapist

There are also 8 hidden tokens to find:

  1. Inside the small radio, after tuning it to 97 MHz
  2. Inside the bean can near the rotating discs puzzle
  3. On the back of the smaller chest
  4. On the bottom of the large pyramid
  5. In the hieroglyphs just below the ceiling, above fire bowl
  6. In the right hand of the statue holding the fire bowl
  7. On the left side of the level timer
  8. Inside the rotating discs puzzle, after it opens

Chamber of Danger

Take the pickaxe and the blue ball. Go over to the diorama and pick up the notepad from the ground in front of it. You need to set the diorama according to the instructions on the notepad, in 3 different phases:

  1. Camel right, scorpion middle, sun middle
  2. Camel middle, scorpion right, sun right
  3. Camel left, scorpion left, sun left

Pick up the red ball after it falls down. Pick up the pyramid from the ground, and place it in the empty space near 3 other pyramids in one of the walls. You need to spin the dials here to indicate the missing symbols from the pyramids: rope, owl, feather, foot. Take out the gold ball.

Turn around and approach the opposite puzzle. Press the button and pay attention to which statues light up, then press the buttons in the correct order:


Take the black ball. Go and place your 4 balls in the ball holders and press the buttons - ones that are correct will glow. The correct order is black, red, yellow, blue. Take the mirror and place it in the middle of the floor. Examine the maze and solve it by spinning the discs, starting from the outside.

Stay in the room to collect an achievement:

  • Pull the skull into one of the fires Uber Skull

There are also 8 hidden tokens to find:

  1. Amongst the coins at the base of one of the fire pillars
  2. On the back of the beetle that crawls around
  3. Inside the skull
  4. Beneath the top arrow of the sun in the diorama
  5. At the bottom of the wall beneath the ball holders, after using pickaxe on it
  6. In the top of the recess where you found the gold ball
  7. Behind the right ball holder
  8. To the left of the bird statue

The Top

Approach the podium with the yellow crystal, and notice the pattern drawn on the front of it. You need to use the controls to aim the light beam at a series of 5 pillars in the field ahead, and light them up. Next go to the central pillar and find the arrow marker. Rotate the glass ball on the top to recognize that it contains an ankh with angled lines at the top and dots at the bottom. Beneath this, rotate the two dials so the top one shows angled lines and dots, and the bottom one shows an ankh symbol.

The central device will now contain 3 glass balls. Rotate them so that the symbols facing upwards from top to bottom are: owl, pot stand, basket. Take the knob that is revealed in front of the central device, and insert it on the puzzle to the left, then move it. Pick up the 2 pyramids from here, and the other two on the floor of the platform. Go to the puzzle and look into the distance to see 4 towers with flat tops. Arrange the pyramids on the puzzle in the same height order (2nd tallest, 3rd tallest, shortest, tallest).

Go back to the central device again. Rotate the glass balls again so that the symbols facing upwards from top to bottom are: pot stand, pot stand, lion. Take the second knob, and insert it on the other puzzle, then move it. Pick up the 3 statuettes from here, and the other one on the floor to the right. Go to the puzzle and look into the distance to see 4 statues. Arrange the statuettes on the puzzle in the same positions and facing the same directions.

Turn right to see a large frame with 5 moving stone plates. You need to slide these into position to match the scenery in the background. From left to right, then should be: obelisk, stepped pyramid, triangle with path, Sphinx, obelisk.

There should now be four raised pillars around the corners of the platform. Each has 2 buttons with constellation patterns, and if you look up to the sky you will find 4 matching constellations. You need to press the matching buttons. If you are looking towards the plates puzzle, press the top-left and bottom-right buttons. Turn to face the other way, and also press the top-left and bottom-right buttons.

Stay in the room to find 8 hidden tokens:

  1. Beneath the platform for the statuette puzzle
  2. In the sane behind the statuette puzzle
  3. On the head-wear of the left statue in the distance
  4. Behind a fire plate to the right of the pyramid puzzle
  5. In the unlit fire plate, after lighting a fire here using the lighter
  6. On the rotating pyramid holding the yellow gem
  7. On the base of the nearest pillar in the field
  8. Near the left of the low platform behind the plates puzzle

You should now have achieved the following:

  • Collect all 5 trophies in the Labyrinth of Egypt chapter Egypt Escapist
  • Collect all 40 tokens in the Labyrinth of Egypt chapter Egypt Collector

Adrift in Space

Emergency Awakening

Find 3 mugs and pick them all up. Take the tablet floating over the desk, which mentions what to do in loss of gravity. Break the glass panel in the corner and take the wrench, then use this on the floor panel to open it. Spin the dial to connect A, B, C and F, then pull the handle to reactivate gravity.

Search the desk drawers to find another tablet and a battery. Take another battery from beneath the sofa cushions. Search the high lockers to get a Robotoy and a toolbox, then take the triangular tool out of the toolbox. Open the back of the Robotoy and take out the working battery. Turn on the projectors to see the dog's name is Odin. Pick up the toy rocket, which has the number 7 on it, and find a trophy for orbital racing (in the tall cupboard). Examine the large computer screen and press the 3 buttons corresponding to the objects you just saw:

Go to the settings page and press the door button 5 times. Use your triangular tool to open the panel next to the door. Insert all 3 batteries here, then press the green button below.

Stay in the room to collect some more achievements (you may need to restart the level to get some of these):

  • Don't break any of the mugs (pick them up) Holy Mug
  • Look out the window at the sun and zoom in Don't Look at The Sun!
  • Replace the corroded battery in the Robotoy with a fresh one, then press power button several times Mystic Toy

There are also 8 hidden tokens to find:

  1. In the bottom light in the corner of the room between the bed and sofa
  2. On a badge over the left end of the bed
  3. Inside a sheet in one of the high lockers over the bed
  4. On the left side of the shutters, after closing them using the computer
  5. In the handle of the tall cupboard
  6. On the front of the cap
  7. Behind the trashcan
  8. Behind the pot plant

Hallway Accident

Use the fingerprint reader to open the cupboard, and take a panel removal tool, a drone recipe, replicator instructions, a read/write keycard and a pin box. Open the pin box and take out the 3 connector pins. Search the floor to find 2 damaged keycards, a drone, a drone recipe and 2 metal pieces. Use the panel removal tool to lift up and move all of the floor panels. You can take 2 more connector pins from under the floor panels.

Open the pressure terminal hatch and turn the blue valve. Open the power box on the wall and pull the handle down to turn off the power. Use 4 of your red connectors to fix the red wiring, then turn the power back on. Go over to the metal replicator and insert your 2 metal pieces. Now create a program for the first drone recipe (cone):

  • Solid x4
  • Hollow x1
  • Solid x4

Take the drone cone and put it on the drone. Use the metal replicator again and create a program for the second drone recipe (thruster):

  • Hollow x1
  • Half-Half x8

Take the drone thruster and put it on the drone. Activate the laser on the drone, then rotate it to destroy the large metal beams blocking both doors. Now look at the card programmer on the wall. Insert each of the damaged blue keycards and piece together the information, then insert the red read/write keycard and set the numbers as follows:


Take out the card, and use it in the reader at the exit door. Press the fingerprint reader to open the door.

Stay in the room to find 8 hidden tokens:

  1. On the back of the drone
  2. On the back of one of the floor panels
  3. Behind the cables above the power box
  4. On the end of a cable hanging near the level timer
  5. On the lower right wall of the cupboard
  6. In the bottom of the metal replicator opening, after getting both drone parts
  7. In the top of the metal replicator opening, after getting both drone parts
  8. On the floor of the malfunctioning door, after unblocking with laser

The Lab

Take the molecular model from the bench, and another 2 from one of the low cupboards on the left. Take the tablet from the opposite bench and read it. Now look at the keypad below the sink, which requires 3 digits associated with red, white and blue. Look at the molecules and find the number of each atom that is the odd-one out. Now enter the code 233. Take the blowtorch and controller out of the cupboard. Light the blowtorch, then use it around the edges of the 2 low vents and they will fall off. Now examine the controller, which has 8-10-90-75-99-119 written on the back. Using the periodic table, this equates to O-Ne-Th-Re-S-Ix. Enter the code 136 into the controller to unlock it.

Use the controller to connect to the robot. Drive it through the open vent, and around until you can hit a table leg - you will lose the connection. Back out and reach through the other open vent to get a nitrogen canister. Also take a helium canister from the bench, and a sodium hydroxide canister from one of the drawers, and a soda can from the metal recycling bin on the other side of the room.

Use the chemical combiner to combine sodium hydroxide (insert the canister in the top) with aluminium (insert the soda can in the bottom). Back out and take the sodium aluminate. Now head over to the fabricator. Put the sodium aluminate and nitrogen in the slots, then select to create a crystal. Recreate the pattern by using the symbols on the grid:


Take the crystal container. Remove the existing canisters, then put the helium into either slot. Select to create a coolant. Recreate the pattern by using the symbols on the grid:


Take the coolant container. Insert the coolant into the bottom section of the central device. Drag the other section up until it locks into place, then insert the crystal. Now you can open the doors.

Stay in the room to collect some more achievements:

  • Put the used blowtorch in the sink and turn on the water Safety Precautions
  • Pick up the doughnut with a character that has yellow skin D'oh!

There are also 8 hidden tokens to find:

  1. Under the movable chair
  2. Behind the fabricator
  3. Above the right side of the periodic table
  4. Under the hand sanitizer
  5. In the bottom-left cupboard
  6. In the tunnel where you sent the robot
  7. Just inside the other room, looking through the low vent
  8. On the back of a high vent, after freeing it with the blowtorch

Decompression Chamber

Take and read the tablet from the bench. Open the opposite right drawer and take the safety tether as well as the two 15-fuses. Open the service panel and insert the two 15-fuses in the empty slots. Open the bottom-left drawer and take the tablet and fuse-30. Read the tablet, and correlate the 3 things you shouldn't do with the numbers of the Safety Rules on the opposite wall. Now open the locked drawer by entering 384 in the keypad. Take out the display and the toolbox. Open the toolbox and take out the octagonal tool. Turn around and open the Safety Rules locker, taking out the helmet, tool-bag and two 20-fuses. Take the screwdriver out of the tool-bag. Finally, take the 25-fuse from the exit hatch control panel.

Press the button in front of the space suit to see a password reminder. Given that the temperature is 19.54 and you are on the Stargazer 28, enter the code 2485. Attach the helmet, display, safety tether and tool-bag to the suit. Use your screwdriver to remove the 2 screws from the panel above the suit. Take out the broken 45-fuse and one of the 15-fuses. Insert a 20-fuse, 25-fuse and 30-fuse, to bring the total up to 90. Put on the space suit, then retrieve the 25-fuse and return it to the exit hatch control panel.

Use your octagonal tool on the pressure panel on the wall. Examine the controls here - you need to set a program so both indicators end up in the green. Enter 2 double waves, 3 crosses, 2 single waves. Now you can pull the handle on the exit hatch control panel.

Stay in the room to find 8 hidden tokens:

  1. Beneath where you took the space suit
  2. In the top-right of the service panel with 2 fuses
  3. On the back of the toolbox
  4. In the low compartment of the Safety Rules locker
  5. In the gas bottle holder right of the space suit keypad
  6. On the corner of the vent above the right side of the exit hatch
  7. Against the wall, on the end of the bench seats
  8. At the bottom right of the Ship Terminal status panel

Space Walk

Looking towards the sun, open the bottom left drawer and take out the tablet. Flip it over to see a code, then enter 1531 into the left keypad. Open the compartment and take out 3 pipe segments. Next press the button near the right keypad to see a hint, then look at the worn out buttons on the right keypad and enter code 2357. Open this compartment and take out the laser source.

Pull down the handles next to the E1 and E2 panels, and connect the wires for E2 (when in the right spot, their indicators will turn green). Now use the same order for the wires in E1 (blue, red, yellow, green).

Use the crane control unit to pick up the red battery and drop it next to you. Back out and take the top segment of the battery. Examine this in your inventory - open the latch and insert your laser source in the empty spot. Put the segment back into the battery. Use the crane controls to pick up the battery and return it to the engine.

Go over to the hatch control panel and look at the sensors for some hints. Now go to the fuel tank monitor panel and set the values to 4, 6 and 2. Back at the hatch control panel, look at the grid screen. Using the information from your tablet, you want access to locked hatches 1 and 3. Enter codes B04 and C06. Now lift up all 4 floor panels. You need to use the pipe segments to get flow from the fuel tank, straight across panel B and straight across panel A to E1. You also need to use a T-piece to get flow from panel A to panel C, and then to E2.

Now you can pull the handle on the exit hatch control panel.

There are also 8 hidden tokens to find:

  1. Near the pipes at Panel D, after entering hatch code C06
  2. Floating in space to the left of the sun
  3. On the fuel pipes if you turn right from looking at the sun
  4. On the underneath of the crane arm
  5. To the left of the E1 panel
  6. On the back of the crane control unit
  7. Under the red pipe near the active fuel tank monitor
  8. Inside the 8 in the PSS-28 Stargazer sign

You should now have achieved the following:

  • Collect all 5 trophies in the Adrift in Space chapter Space Escapist
  • Collect all 40 tokens in the Adrift in Space chapter Space Collector

Edgewood Mansion

Brain Checkup

Find a key behind the right pillow on the sofa, and also take the newspaper. Go across to the clock puzzle with 3 pendulums. Based on the newspaper and the symbols on the pendulums, set the top one to vertical, the middle one to swing to the maximum, and the bottom one to swing to the medium level. Take the IQ test from the drawer that opens below.

Use your key to unlock and open both bottom desk cupboards. Take out books 2 and 4 from the left one, and a hat from the right one. Find a lock on the right side of the desk and enter the code based on the solutions to the IQ test: 2323. Take out the phrenology book. Also grab book 3 from the top of the desk, and book 1 from the top-right cupboard.

Read each of the numbered books and count the number of book symbols within each. Find another lock on the left side of the desk and open it with code 4477. Look at the 2 Rorschach tests in this drawer, and another in the top-left part of the desk. Move the right painting off the wall, then open the safe with combination 295. Take the notes from inside the safe.

Grab the phrenology head from the top cupboard of the desk. Based on the notes and the phrenology book, press segments 6, 3, 5 and 9. Take the key and use it to open the exit door.

Stay in the room to find 8 hidden tokens:

  1. At the top left of the exit door frame
  2. On the bottom of the ceiling light
  3. To the left of the flower pot on the window ledge
  4. In the soil of the larger pot plant on the floor
  5. Inside the hat
  6. Inside the ink bottle in the top cupboard of the desk
  7. Under the drawer of the clock puzzle, after it opens
  8. In the back of the safe

The Library

Take the green book from the window ledge behind the desk, and open it to find a key. Take the green book from the shelves on the opposite side of the room, and open its lock with the key. Read this book to see some highlighted letters that spell DREAM. Next open the bottom right cupboard next to the desk, move some books and take the key hanging from a string. Use this to unlock the bottom left cupboard next to the desk, and take out the box inside. Open its combination lock with the word DREAM. Take out the thermometer.

Open the desk drawer and take out the papers, reading about matching wings on butterflies. Take the butterfly paintings numbered 2 and 8 from the bookshelves. Go over to the butterfly painting display and insert the ones numbered 3, 8, 5, 7 and 2 across the middle row (so adjacent wings are matching). Crouch down and open the combination lock here with the same numbers: 38572. Open the cupboard and take out 2 vinyl pieces and a crow statue. Search the drawers above to get another vinyl piece.

Put the 3 vinyl pieces together, then put them on the gramophone. Move the needle down onto the vinyl, then turn the handle and listen to the bird noises (hoot, caw, hoot, screech). Place the crow statue up with the others on the fireplace and note the numbers on them. Matching the sounds to the statues, open the lock beneath the gramophone with the code 9391.

Open the drawer and take out the matchbox. Open this and take out a match, then use it on the side of the matchbox to light it. Use the lit match in the fireplace to start a fire. Use the thermometer in the fire to open it, then take it back and examine it closely. Open the grandfather clock. Set the top symbol to a full moon and the time to midnight. Adjust the weights to the middle, bottom and top positions (from left to right).

Stay in the room to find 8 hidden tokens:

  1. In the middle of the portrait above the fireplace
  2. On the bricks in the top of the fireplace
  3. On the wood above the desk
  4. Beneath the grandfather clock
  5. Behind the books in the top-left bookshelf next to the grandfather clock
  6. On the back of the box holding the thermometer
  7. Inside the gramophone
  8. Behind the cabinet under the butterfly paintings

The Attic

Take the envelope from the desk. Open it and read the letter, which mentions a list of locations. Go over to the globe of the world, and click on the countries indicated in the letter:

  • China
  • USA
  • Brazil
  • South Africa
  • England

Take out the light bulb. Next pick up the note on the floor and read it. Find the 3 Jack in the Boxes, and count the number of times you need to turn their handles to get them to open. Open the combination lock on the toy box based on these numbers: 246. Take out the horse. Also pick up the doll and plane toy from the cardboard box on the floor, and the dog toy from the shelf along the wall.

Examine the doll house on the small cabinet and count the number of lit windows on each level. Use this to open the combination lock below with the code 275. Take the film reel and lock box from the two drawers here. Examine the lock box to see the numbers 5397 on the top, and 1234 on the dials around the sides. Go to the typewriter desk. Open the right drawer and take out a piece of paper, then put it into the typewriter. Type 5397 on the typewriter and it will output 2841. Turn the dials on the lock box to point to 2, 8, 4 and 1. Take out the projector lens.

Examine the back of the mirror next to the doll house to find a key. Use this to unlock the other desk drawer, then take out another film reel. Now examine the projector. Open the small compartment and take out the broken bulb, then put in your light bulb. Close the small compartment again. Add both film reels and the projector lens, then press the play button.

Look at the photograph in the corner of the room. You need to place the appropriate toys on the shelves:

  • Edward: Plane Toy
  • Daniel: Horse
  • Victoria: Dog Toy
  • Lizzy: Doll

Stay in the room to collect an achievement:

  • Completely fill the piece of paper by typing with the typewriter Writer

There are also 8 hidden tokens to find:

  1. In one of the drawers of the lock box
  2. Inside the nested Babushka dolls in the bottom of the cabinet
  3. On the side of the doll house
  4. On the bottom of the clock on the desk
  5. Inside the purple Jack in the Box
  6. Near the floor on the side of the large cabinet to place toys
  7. Inside a wall lamp near the typewriter
  8. On a ceiling beam near the exit door

Lost Spirits

Pick up the two books on botany and incense - you need to make the "psychic incense" recipe. Open the compartment beneath the grinder, and take a blue flower (morning bell) from the top right and a green leaf (mandragora) from the bottom left. Take some almonds and grind them using the grinder. Now put the blue flower, green leaf and ground almonds into the pot with the glowing coals (in that order) to see the numbers 249.

Find a combination lock in the corner to open with the code 249, and take out the board piece. Also pick up the zoetrope strip from above. Find 3 small mannequins (on the couch, in a drawer, on a corner table). Look at them to see that form the shape of numbers, and have the letters A, B and C on them. Create a 3 digit code from these, and use them to unlock another combination lock with the code. Open this drawer to find Mars and Jupiter. Take Saturn from the top drawer in the same cabinet, and Earth from a corner table.

Insert the 4 planets into the panel beneath the Hands of Cosmos. After the large panel opens, notice the 4 hands on the statue. You need to click on the correct spot on each hand according to the positions of the planets you entered, and the palm drawings next to the statue. Once you have done this, take the key.

Use the key on the lock beneath the grinder. Take out another board piece, another zoetrope strip, a tarot card box and a note. Get the zoetrope from the corner table. Flip the switch on it, and watch each of the 3 colored strips through the side to see some numbers. Open the lock beneath here with the code 863. Grab another board piece.

Next look at the tarot cards (which all have numbers) and the note you got with them. Follow the instructions to work out some arithmetic:

  • The Emperor (5)
  • The Lovers + The High Priestess (6 + 2 = 8)
  • The Fool (0)
  • The World - Wheel of Fortune - Strength (21 - 10 - 8 = 3)

Open the final lock with code 5803 and take out the last board piece. Insert all 4 board pieces into the ring on the central table. Once the lights go out, look at the candles on the wall and watch which letters they highlight. Use the central table to spell the word VOID.

Stay in the room to collect an achievement:

  • Throw an object out the window Break Out

There are also 8 hidden tokens to find:

  1. Under the base of the table, once it is floating
  2. Behind the right palm drawing next to the statue
  3. Under the wall lantern over the grinder
  4. In one of the glowing windows outside
  5. At the bottom left corner of the frame around the painting/candles
  6. Next to the left cushion of the sofa
  7. Under the candelabra on the table
  8. Stuck in the chandelier, will fall if you shake it

The Underground Lab

Grab the red book and read it carefully. Now look at the panel of eyes and click the ones referenced in the book:


Next look at the clock, which has 4 butterfly symbols. You need to match the positions of the butterflies with the patterns on their respective containers:

  • 3 o'clock: Purple
  • 6 o'clock: Purple
  • 9 o'clock: Green
  • 12 o'clock: Blue/Yellow

Take another key. There are 4 dials down low, each associated with an animal. You need to count the paw prints around the room and set the dials accordingly:

  • Zebra: 3
  • Elephant: 6
  • Deer: 4
  • Lion: 6

Flip the switch at the end of the cables from the dials, and take another key. Grab the zebra figurine and look at it carefully. There are numbers under the hooves, and a number of green stripes on each leg. Use this information to unlock the combination lock beneath the clock with the code 5413. Take the lock box and note from inside, as well as another note from the floor, and one against the wall beneath the switch. Combine these notes to form a picture, and flip it over for more hints:

  • Number of limbs (8)
  • Limbs touching the circle (6)
  • Limbs pointing left (3)

Open the lock box with the code 863 to get another key. Now collect a series of 5 tiles from around the room, and place them in the order of the food chain: rose, fly, frog, snake, eagle. Take the final key. Insert all 5 keys into the big lock

Stay in the room to collect an achievement:

  • Look up at the top of the beanstalk and zoom in Jack Beanstalk

There are also 8 hidden tokens to find:

  1. On the number 8 on the deer dial
  2. In the teeth of the lion figurine
  3. Amongst the leaves at the base of the tree
  4. In the left rectangular plant pot, after digging with the trowel
  5. Beneath the right end of the species shelf
  6. Just beneath the dial of the clock
  7. On one of the purple butterflies
  8. On the lower hinge of the exit door

You should now have achieved the following:

  • Collect all 5 trophies in the Edgewood Mansion chapter Victorian Escapist
  • Collect all 40 tokens in the Edgewood Mansion chapter Victorian Collector

Omega Corporation

The Lobby

Look at the evacuation plan on the wall, then examine the drawers beneath. The sticky note gives you a hint that you need to escape from office B4. If you think of the evacuation plan in the same layout as the keypad, enter code 4580 to escape. Take out the metal detector. While you are here, search the middle drawer to find a cake photograph with 30 on the top. Look at the picture frame on the desk to see a pink car with license plate ZG-53-AA. Pick up the 2 boots and look at their soles to see the numbers 9 and 8. Rotate the computer screen to face you, then press the Forgot Password link to see 3 prompts:

  • My Age: 30
  • My Pink Favorite Beauty: 53
  • Left Then Right: 98

Enter the password as 305398. Select the LED Display Controls option, then *Important*. Next select the Security Clearance option, and click on the 3 symbols that are not on the sign near the desk (cigarette, shopping cart, pistol). Now select the X-Ray option, then back out from the computer screen.

Use your metal detector on the red chess symbols on the wall, and notice that it turns green over some of the symbols. Look at the keypad to the left, and select the icons for King, Queen and Bishop. Inside the safe, take and read the note, then take the briefcase. Put the briefcase in the x-ray scanner, then look at the screen again to see that the bracelet show the number 619. Open the briefcase with the code 619-916. Take out the keycard from inside, which has employee number 042 written on it.

Use the computer screen again, and go back to the Security Clearance option. Enter employee number 042, select clearance level 5, then select Change. Now notice the scrolling message 011 101 001 on the display. Pick up and examine the tree decoration from the small table. Follow the branches to convert these to fruits: apple, banana, cherry. Use the keycard on the door sensor, then enter the fruit code: apple, banana, cherry.

Stay in the room to find 8 hidden tokens:

  1. In the middle of an O in the Omega Corporation sign
  2. At the bottom left of the window frame
  3. Inside the left boot
  4. At the left end of the x-ray machine conveyor belt
  5. Beneath a pot plant on the desk
  6. In the bottom drawer
  7. On the side of the rotating security camera
  8. In one of the small compartments in the safe

The Office

Take the eraser from the whiteboard, then flip the whiteboard over. Use the eraser to remove as many lines from the board as you can, leaving a smaller pattern. Open the drawer beneath the locked drawer and take the blue DDR-4 RAM module. Open the bottom desk drawer and take out the screwdriver. Examine the computer and use the screwdriver to remove the 2 screws. Insert the DDR-4 RAM, then press the power button on the front of the computer.

Take the ASCII table, smartphone and 2 sticky notes from the desk. Find 3 colored folders around the room and examine them, converting the numbers inside them to ASCII characters:

  • White: 72 (H)
  • Blue: 66 (B)
  • Red: 70 (F)

Now you can open the lock on the fridge with the code HBF. Take the Chinese food from inside. Pick up the watering can from the floor and take the key from inside it. Use this on the locked drawer, then open it to find a Chinese food menu. Look at the menu and work out the cost of the food in the fridge ($12.20). Enter the code 1220 in the keypad in the small chest of drawers. Take out the flash drive, and spin its components so you get matching colors on each side. Insert it into the front of the computer.

Next examine the smartphone. You need to unlock it with the pattern shown on the whiteboard. Open the TQ Unlocker app. Open the shredder and take out the 2 TQ code parts, then combine them. Work out the code based on the information from the smartphone, then unlock the computer with the the code 930378. Select the USB App, and solve the puzzle with the following movements: up, right, down, left, up, up, up, down, right. Back out of the computer again. Take the USB key and insert it into the door.

Stay in the room to find 8 hidden tokens:

  1. Behind the window blinds, revealed by lifting them up
  2. Under the bottom edge of the whiteboard
  3. Hidden in the computer keyboard, revealed by pressing the O key
  4. Behind the computer monitor
  5. In the pot plant, after using the watering can on it
  6. In the left side of the air conditioner, briefly after turning it on with the switch near the door
  7. Inside the computer, in the grate for the power supply
  8. Inside the fridge

Executive Office

Take the key from the right pot plant on the desk. Use this on the locked drawer, and take out a red floppy disk. Search the other drawers here to find a pink tie and a screwdriver box. Press the eject button on the right computer with the purple screen, and take out the blue floppy disk. Now go to the left computer and insert the red and blue floppy disks. Use this computer and start the Y-Copy application. You need to match the game company logos with their names, based on the posters elsewhere in the room:

  • Top-Left: Infogames
  • Top-Right: Brainscape
  • Bottom-Left: Similaris
  • Bottom-Right: Bullfly

Select to Analyze, then note the numbers in each of the 3 bad sectors. Start the Unlocker application, and enter the code 287. Now you can take the quantum chip from below this computer.

Look out through the main window to see a BBS number. Use the right computer with the purple screen, and enter the number 555-256-222. Now look at the windows outside to see three numbers, and enter code 268. Take another quantum chip.

Go directly across to the coding computer, where you need to type BASIC programs to provide the expected output:

  • Level 1
    Print "Hello"
    Print "World"

  • Level 2
    TxtColor (2)
    Print "Hello"
    TxtColor (5)
    Print "World"
    TxtColor (2)
    Print "Hello"

  • Level 3
    For I = 1 to 3
    Print "Hello"
    Next I
    Print "World"
    For I = 1 to 9
    Print "World"
    Next I

Take another quantum chip.

Press the buttons on each side of the desk to open the drawers. Take a cassette from the right drawer. Go to the final computer. Open the cassette deck and insert the cassette. Open your screwdriver box and attach the first square head to the screwdriver, then use this to slowly adjust the cassette deck until the picture on the screen is stable. Examine the screen and play a game where you need to guess the correct number (you have 7 attempts until it resets). Once you are successful, take out the quantum chip.

Go back to the desk. Take 2 more ties from the top of the desk. Examine the panel on the desk, and select the 2nd, 3rd and 6th ties. This will open the device to accept the 4 quantum chips. Put all of these in, then take the key and use it on the lock next to the elevator.

Stay in the room to find 8 hidden tokens:

  1. On the inner side of the left desk drawer
  2. Above the right desk drawers
  3. Behind the computer with the 2 floppy drives
  4. Inside the small desk lamp
  5. On the bottom of the large pot plant
  6. In the bottom right of the curtains
  7. Near the back of the BASIC computer
  8. Behind the BASIC quantum chip

The Elevator

Pick up and open the briefcase. Take the orange note for a hint on how to reach the 2nd floor. Move the papers and press the hidden button, then take out the key that is revealed. Pick up the mop and use it to clean the whole floor, revealing a pattern with 4 interlocking circles.

You should already be on Floor 7. Look at the Braille above the keypad, which says "Number 674" (you can either look up the Braille alphabet online, or work this out from the numbers next to the elevator keypad). Enter 674 on the keypad, and take out the key part.

Use the elevator controls to get to Floor 6 (just press the 6 button). Here you need to turn the dials to match the pattern on the floor, so the blue lights are around the right and central dials. Once you are done, take another key part.

Use the elevator controls to get to Floor 4 (just press the 4 button). Read the message above the keypad. Press the 0 button on the elevator controls and notice the numbers out through the window. Come back up to Floor 4 and enter 2680 on the keypad. Take another key.

Use the elevator controls to get to Floor 2 (as per the orange note, press the 2 button three times, followed by the -1 button). The buttons on the panel here correspond with the lights in the ceiling. Start by turning them all blue. Look up and find where the Omega symbols are, then leave these lights blue and turn the others white:

Take the key part.

Use the elevator controls to get to Floor 0 (just press the 0 button). Look at the red sticky note here about missing numbers. Given that there appear to be no Floors 5, 3 or 1, enter code 531 on the keypad here. Take another key part.

Notice the sign mentioning CRANE. Click on the letters in Omega Corporation so that 5 letters are highlighted in red: C, R, A, N and E. Once the Omega sign comes out, insert your 2 keys into the 2 locks. Take the final key part. Assemble the 5 key parts, then insert the new key into the lock at the bottom of the elevator controls. Press the -1 button.

Stay in the room to find 8 hidden tokens:

  1. At the top right of the elevator doors when they are open
  2. At the bottom left of the elevator doors when they are closed
  3. Behind the 2 keys on the Omega sign once it is open
  4. On the inner aspect of a wheel on the yellow cleaning bucket
  5. Inside the rag in the yellow cleaning bucket
  6. Inside a pocket of the briefcase
  7. On the left end of the hand-rail near the window
  8. In one of the lights in the ceiling


Look at the Disk Storage Unit between A and B. Grab disk EA7C and insert it in the top slot - it will tell you the disk is corrupted and you should insert the backup. Read the clipboard on the wall to see that backup disks just have each character increased by one. Find the disks called FB8D and C35E, and insert them in the 2 slots.

Look at the screen that is revealed. Working up from the bottom of the diagram, combine the pairs of symbols to make the one above. Follow the pattern to insert the 3 correct symbols. When you are done, take the USB key above.

Pick up the toolbox from the floor. Open it and take out the electrical tape, battery and panel removal tool. Use the panel removal tool on the orange floor panel. Press down on both sides, then move the panel. Use your electrical tape to repair the cable. Stand on the X mark and look towards the middle of the room to see 50. Stand on the Y to see 74. Now press the small Open button beneath the timer and enter 3700 (X x Y). Take another USB key.

Read the yellow note at the Server Status panel. Watch where the red lights appear on the panels around the room, then enter this order into the keypad: ACFEDB. Take the final USB key.

Insert the 3 USB keys into the VR Headset panel. Take the VR Headset and insert the battery.

For the first puzzle, move the red blocks around so you can get the green block around to the other green area. For the second puzzle, move the mirrors so the colored beams connect similar sensors. For the third puzzle, win a game where you need to beat an AI to get 4 symbols in a row.

Stay in the room to find 8 hidden tokens:

  1. In the top of the VR Headset compartment
  2. Next to the cables beneath the moved floor panel
  3. Behind the laptop with the X x Y puzzle
  4. In the clipboard holder on the wall
  5. Inside the yellow helmet on the wall
  6. In the bottom-right disk holder
  7. At the bottom left corner of server rack F
  8. At the top corner between racks D and E


Santa's Workshop

Look through the telescope and adjust it until you can see the 4 stars. Note their directions:

  • Top-Left Star: Up to the left
  • Top-Right Star: Down to the left
  • Bottom-Left Star: Straight down
  • Bottom-Right Star: Straight down

Go over to the Quality Assurance station and unlock it by rotating the stars in the same manner. Press the button on the mailbox and take the letter. Repeat this twice more, then read all 3 letters.

Read the letter from Robyn. Collect the locomotive from within one of the green drawers on the desk, the passenger wagon from the large red drawer at the bottom of the shelves, the wood wagon from the desk, and the coal wagon from the bottom right drawer beneath the desk. Arrange the locomotive and 3 wagons in this order from left to right on the desk. Pick up the train toy box and put it into the Quality Assurance station, then close the door and pull the lever.

Read the typed letter. Look at the colored drawers on the desk, and the 2 tree drawings on the wall behind the desk. You need to pull out the drawers indicated by the drawings. First do the left one:

Now do the right one:

Both of the top desk drawers will now be open. Take the paper overlay from the left, and the needle and thread from the right. In your inventory, drag the paper overlay over the typed letter: x04 and 5w2 will be highlighted. Look at the paper note on the wall near the telescope to see that this corresponds to a plush bear. Take the teddy bear from the top shelf along the wall. Repair it with your needle and thread. Now put it into the Quality Assurance station, then close the door and pull the lever.

Now read the letter from Sally. Take the blueprint for the rocking pony from the window behind the desk. Go to the Toy Maker and press the buttons corresponding to the components on the blueprint:


Take the rocking horse. Put it into the Quality Assurance station, then close the door and pull the lever. Open the door again and take out the framed blueprint. Use the Toy Maker again to make a key:


Take the key and use it in the door.

Stay in the room to find 8 hidden tokens:

  1. On top of one of the green presents on the shelf over the door
  2. In the vise on the workbench, after opening it with the handle
  3. On the left side of the mailbox
  4. On the back of a plain locomotive
  5. In the mouse hole, brought out after you open the door and place the cheese in front of it
  6. In the back of the top left desk drawer
  7. In the small Christmas tree
  8. In the Quality Assurance machine, after sending a gingerbread man up in it


Go to the acolyte statue and turn each of the 3 discs to raise the central part as high as possible, so you can take the magic wand. Go over to the altar and pick up the spell book. Now use the wand on the altar to draw an upside-down version of the Create Fog shape to get rid of the fog that covers the ground. While you are here, draw the shapes for Rain and Full Moon, as you will need these for later.

Pick up 4 stone slabs:

  • Bat: From the base of the acolyte statue
  • Potion: From the altar where you draw shapes
  • Feather: On the path on the ground leading towards the altar
  • Cards: In front of the gravestone between the gargoyle statue and the exit

Go to the box on the ground to the right of the altar, and place the 4 stone slabs in this order: Cards, Feather, Bat, Potion. Take the bone, witch hat and candy bowl from inside. Now you need to set the dates on each of the 4 gravestones.

  • "The length of her life was foretold by an elder with many skinny hands, standing lonely on a hill." Look at the tree in the distance to see the numbers 3 and 8. If she was born in 761, enter the code 799.
  • "Tangle flies that couldn't escape, foretold the year of his death." Note the fly symbols beneath the numbers on the gravestone, and the spiderweb that has caught flies on the side of the gargoyle statue. Enter the code 765.
  • "Lived for the candy, died for the candy." Note the candy symbols beneath the numbers on the gravestone, and count each type of candy in your candy bowl. Enter the code 1662.
  • "Since birth, he was angry. Later, life made him sad. In the end, he learned to be happy." Find the symbol of a bone on an angry Jack-O'-Lantern, and examine the bone to see the number 9. Find the symbol of a witch hat on a sad Jack-O'-Lantern, and examine the witch hat to see the number 2. Find the symbol of the moon on a happy Jack-O'-Lantern, and look up at the full moon to see the number 84. Enter the codes 92 and 84.

Now that the gargoyle statue has raised up, take the paper that is revealed. You need to match features of the ghosts over the 4 gravestones with the details on this paper:

  • Column 1: Top hat, male parted hair, neck tie (one that passed first, died in 765)
  • Column 2: Wide-brim hat, pony tail, earrings (between gargoyle and exit, died in 1662)
  • Column 3: Flower, female bob hair, glasses (between acolyte and altar, died in 799)
  • Column 4: No decoration, male big hair, bow tie (one in lived longest, died in 984)

Take the key and use it in the gate.

Stay in the room to find 8 hidden tokens:

  1. On the chest of the acolyte statue
  2. Inside the lantern on the ledge just left of the acolyte statue.
  3. On the right of the stand for the gargoyle statue
  4. In the vines to the left of the exit
  5. In the broken corner of the plaque at the base of the gravestone between the acolyte and exit
  6. Inside the vase in the corner where you found the Jack-O'-Lanterns (must be raining)
  7. On the underneath of the owl's wings when it opens them (look in a tree to the right of the altar)
  8. Inside a candle in a lantern on the ground next to the altar (melt the candle from a lit one to reveal it)

Cats in Time

Search the red drawers to find a locker and a book (diary). Set the time on the clock over these drawers to 1:15, based on the time in the diary. Look at the small alarm clock down in the shelves to the left and press the button in the middle to reveal a pattern. Look back at the clock on the wall and recreate this pattern (turn the red prongs to the right and press the button, then left and press the button, then bottom-left and press the button). Take out the battery (1/3).

Search the green cupboard just to the right to find another book (Magic of Numbers). Based on this Magic of Numbers book, set the water temperature at the sink to 34.8°C. Look in the mirror to see a square with 4 different-sized yellow circles at the corners. Look at the cupboards below and drag the handles to match:

  • Top-Left Cupboard: Move handle to top-left
  • Top-Right Cupboard: Move handle to bottom-right
  • Bottom-Left Cupboard: Move handle to bottom-left
  • Bottom-Right Cupboard: Move handle to top-right

The sink will now rise up, revealing a green safe. Based on the Magic of Numbers book, open the safe with the code 4-11-29. Take the key from inside the safe and use it on the locker you found in the top red drawer. Take another battery (2/3) from inside.

Turn around and search the bottom-right green cupboard to find a circular device. Press its button to reveal a series of yellow/black circular patterns. Press the switch on the opposite wall (just above and right of the red drawers) to reveal 4 small circular gauges. Set these according to the circular device you just found, from left to right:

  • Half yellow
  • Quarter yellow
  • Full yellow
  • Three-quarters yellow

A bio scanner will now be visible. Take the small plant from the shelf near the bulletin board and put this into the scanner. Use the controls at the bottom to rotate the display until you see 4 numbers. Use the code 3026 on the large lock on the cupboards beneath the bulletin board. Open the cupboard to get the last battery (3/3).

Turn the vise on the side of the desk and a computer screen will appear. Press the Help button, then go and look at the calendar on the wall and change the month to October. Based on the circled numbers, enter the code 5141 into the computer to unlock it. Read the information and change the lamp to infra-blue. Back out and drag the lamp to the side to reveal some hidden numbers on the blackboard. Go to the large lock on the tall cabinet and open it with the code 6255.

Press the blue button to the left of the large garage door. Now copy the patterns of lights into the controls on the tall cabinet:

Take the sync chip from above the controls, and insert it below the main server. Read the note above the main server, then cross the room to the time machine. Open the front panel and insert all 3 batteries, then set the date control to 1921 (based on the note). Press the red button.

After the failure, pick up the 3 red batteries. Look at the wooden panel with the painting of Franklin's Kite Experiment. Open the small cupboards here to get a key and a mirror. Insert the key in the lock near the open window, then take the kite from the cupboard below. Insert a battery into the device, then attach the kite. After lightning strikes the kite, take the charged battery (1/3).

Go over to the large space door and open the compartment in the bottom right to find a tablet with important information. Insert a battery into the slot beneath the main display, then use the main display and press these buttons:

  • 1, Extract Root
  • 2, Extract Stem
  • 3, Extract Leaves
  • Charge

Take the next charged battery (2/3). Go to where the blackboard used to be and insert the final battery. Add your mirror to the left side. Pull the switch down on the left, then rotate the prism and mirrors so that beams of light reach the sensors. Take the final charged battery (3/3). Go back to the time machine and insert the 3 batteries, then press the red button.

Stay in the room to find 8 hidden tokens:

  1. On the left window of the large space door
  2. On the very bottom of the large garage door when it is open (look up at the ceiling)
  3. Inside the locker from the top red drawer that was holding a battery
  4. Inside the small wooden toolbox
  5. Behind the spinning fan in the cupboard where you found the Magic of Numbers book (stop the fan with a screwdriver from the toolbox)
  6. On the collar of the cat plushy inside the cardboard box
  7. In the top-right of the Franklin's Kite Experiment painting
  8. Next to the right rotating mirror

70's Room

Look at the pairs symbols on the main carpet that are connected by lines. Examine the lock on the cabinet beneath the cassette player, and open it by clicking the buttons with these paired symbols:

Open the cupboard and examine the 4 records inside:

  • Travel Permit, 5 fingers, $4.49
  • Freddy Blender, 1 finger, $4.99
  • Timber Boats, 2 fingers, $5.99
  • Tobby Momack, 4 fingers, $6.49

Go up to the kitchen and unlock the combination lock marked "Cheap → Expensive" with the code 5124. Take the Burst Out Game from this drawer. Search the other drawers and cupboards to find a calculator and a box of Cookie Squares. Look at the back of the Cookie Squares box, and combine this information with the artwork on the left wall to decipher the code CALLME. Use the orange rotary phone in the kitchen shelves to dial the corresponding number 225563, then take the first cassette (1/4).

Back down in the living room, plug in the TV. Insert the game cartridge into the console, then turn the TV on and play the game - for completing it, you can take the next cassette (2/4).

Spin the 3 lava lamps until you can see numbers formed by their bubbles, then use these numbers to unlock the combination lock below the TV with the code 635. From this cupboard, take the note about the calculator. Also take another cassette (3/4) and take 6 darts from here and the other compartments to the right. Examine the calculator you found in the kitchen, and follow the instructions from the note you just found:

  • 3 + 8 =
  • 33 × 2 - 4 =
  • 6888 ÷ 123 =

You will now see a picture of a blue dart and the number 97. Go down to the dartboard and place the darts so that yellow scores 107 and blue scores 97. For example:

  • Yellow: Triple 20, Double 20, Single 7
  • Blue: Triple 19, Triple 10, Single 10

Once the dartboard lowers, take the last cassette (4/4). Turn right and insert the 4 cassettes into the cassette player. Watch the light projecting off the disco ball, then press the matching buttons on top of the cassette player: Telephone, Clock, Cherries, Dartboard. Take the key and use it on the door.

Stay in the room to find 8 hidden tokens:

  1. In the drink portion of the neon Cocktails sign
  2. In one of the small pictures on the living room wall
  3. In the bullseye of the dartboard sketch to the left of the dartboard
  4. Inside the blue cocktail (you need to break the glass to get it)
  5. On the photo that comes out of the Polaroid camera after you press the button
  6. On the bottom of the medium yellow elephant statue in the kitchen
  7. Inside the ball you can get from the bottom of the fishbowl after turning the dial
  8. On the final screen of the Invasion game (find the cartridge between the cushion at the far right of the sofa, and play the game)

Leonardo's Workshop

Collect 3 stone plates, from the tall wooden bookcase, left left drawer in the wooden bureau with the mirror, and in the crate beneath the unfinished stone carving. Insert these into the empty slots over the white fireplace. Now move the slider and watch the order in which the hourglasses empty. Look in the fireplace and slide the blocks to reflect this order:


Take the polisher, hammer and file once they are revealed. Go over to the unfinished stone carving. As per the instructions on the wall above, use the hammer on the carving in 5 places, then use the file in 4 places, and the polisher in 3 places to reveal some numbers on the carving. Examine the combination lock on the table here and enter the code 592. Open the drawer and take out the sculptor's key, then insert it into the central platform.

Go to the large wooden bureau and drag the slider in the middle to the right to reveal a spherical viewer. Look at the various numbers visible through this viewer. Go to the large chest opposite and look at the order of these numbers, then enter the code 85253. The top with rotate, revealing a cannon. Drag the target in front of the cannon up to the top, then turn the handle on the cannon until 6 squares in the target have been damaged. Return to the bureau and look at the similar display on the left. Touch the various segments so they match the cannon target:

Take out the fighting vehicle model, and grab the note in front of it. As per the note, look at the fight vehicle model from the top and rotate it so the star symbol is to the right. Extent the spokes at the top, top-left, bottom-left and bottom-right, keeping the others depressed. Collect 3 gears, from the right side of the bureau, a hidden drawer in the right side of the bureau revealed by dragging down a small red slider, and the small shelf over the large chest. Insert these 3 gears into the opened part of the fighting vehicle model. Press the button in the middle, and it will transform into a key. Insert this into the central platform.

Take the small chest from the tall wooden bookcase. Open it and take out the Piero Brush. Take the red paint from the cupboard at the base of the tall wooden bookcase, the yellow paint from the right of the bureau, and the blue paint from the small table in the raised corner of the room. Read the note in the right of the raised part of the room for hints, then use the Piero Brush on the paints to paint the 4 symbols on the easel:

  • Star: Red
  • Heart: Blue
  • Flower: Brown (red, blue and yellow)
  • Moon: Green (blue and yellow)

Now count each of the following items in the painting:

  • Hearts: 5
  • Flowers: 3
  • Moons: 1
  • Stars: 6

Enter the code 5316 beneath the painting. Take the paintsmans key and insert it into the central platform.

Pick up the note about "The Ideal Human Anatomy" from the tall wooden bookcase and look at the numbers. Go over to the painting with the sliding rulers and set the numbers according to the note, looking at what is highlighted:

  • Head (25, 15): Woman with blonde hair
  • Body (15, 13.5): Red top, blue skirt
  • Legs (2.5, 5): Blue skirt, white legs

Go over to the bottom cupboard in the tall wooden bookcase and examine The Ideal Human puzzle. Rotate the segments to match what you have just seen (woman with blonde hair, red, top, blue skirt and white legs). Pick up the draftmans key and insert it into the central platform.

The platform will transform, revealing a large model building. While this is here, you must grab one of the hidden tokens, which is in a secret compartment next to the large dome.

Grab the architecture book from the right side of the bureau, and the architecture note from the right drawer of the bureau. Pick up the 8 black plates from around the edges of the large model building. Using the information from the architecture book and note, you need to place these plates in the correct positions:

  • Large Dome: The Duomo, Brunelleschi
  • Three Arches: Palazzo Uffizi, Giorgio Vasari
  • Highest Building: Palazzo Vecchio, Arnolfo di Cambio
  • Large Round Window: Santo Spirito, Antonio Manetti

Pick up the key and use it on the door.

Stay in the room to find 8 hidden tokens:

  1. (Already collected from the secret compartment next to the dome, no longer available at this point)
  2. Inside the stone in the tall wooden bookshelf (hit it with the hammer to reveal it)
  3. Behind the large wooden chest
  4. On the bottom of the skull on the shelf over the wooden chest
  5. On the back of the easel
  6. Beneath the largest stone on the floor to the right of the unfinished carving
  7. At the top corner of the painting with the sliding rulers
  8. On the bottom of the flying machine model at the top of the wooden bureau

Treasure Island

Go tot he broken rowboat on the shore and pick up a half map and a shovel. Look at the map and find the position indicated by the X, then dig here with your shovel. Open the chest you uncover and take out another map fragment, then combine the two of them. Look to see another X on the map, then go there (next to the anchor) and dig again. Open the chest here and pick up a medallion (1/4) and a paper.

Go over to your small camp near the broken rowboat and pick up the octagonal pathfinder from the sand. Go back to near where you dug up the first chest. Look at the white rock in the water that has a hole in it. Position yourself so you can see a whole small island through this hole in the rock, then dig here to find a stone sigil (1/6). Now using the pathfinder, walk 3 steps northeast, then 14 steps west. Dig here to uncover the next stone sigil (2/6). Next walk 16 steps north, then face the dark rock with a hole in it and go half way towards this. Dig here to uncover another stone sigil (3/6), and also pick up another paper. Combine this with your other paper to complete the sigil instructions.

Head towards the dark rock and look through the circle. Back up until you can see an equal amount of sea and sky, then dig to find the next stone sigil (4/6). As instructed on the paper, turn your back to the black rock and take 2 steps left, then 2 steps back. Dig here to find another stone sigil (5/6). Now walk southwest until you get stopped by a rock. Dig here to find the last stone sigil (6/6). Examine this and set the teeth according to the pattern of teeth on the previous 5 sigils:

Once it opens, take out the cursed compass and another medallion (2/4). Climb up the ladder in the middle of the island and read the message on the stone. Turn left and walk around until you can see the X painted in white (on the wooden barrier, tree and stone down on the ground). Climb back down and dig next to the stone to find a chest containing the next medallion (3/4).

Use your cursed compass and follow it to find a cursed crystal, then insert this into the compass. Repeat this twice more so you have 4 cursed crystals inside into the compass. Now follow the compass and dig where it indicates. Open the chest you find and take out the paper and the final medallion (4/4).

Unfold the paper to see a message within. Climb up the ladder again and insert the 4 medallions into the machine according to the riddle:

  • Top-Left: Medallion with keys
  • Top-Right: Medallion with compass
  • Bottom-Left: Medallion with anchor
  • Bottom-Right: Medallion with diamond

Turn the central dial, then take the steering wheel from beneath. Go down to the waterfall and attach the steering wheel, then a doorway will open behind the waterfall.

Find the bed in the sheltered part of the island and take the book from it. Read the book, which mentions flowers with different numbers of petals. Find the different types of flowers, which have 8, 6 and 3 petals. Now come back to the sheltered area and unlock the chest with the combination 863. Take out the lockbox from inside, which has 4 buttons around the edge. You need to walk around the island and look at stones with these symbols, then use your pathfinder to work out in which direction you can see those stones. Examine the lockbox again, then change the buttons to show the correct symbols:

  • North: Skull & crossbones
  • East: Mermaid
  • South: Shark
  • West: Octopus

Take out the iron key. Next go to the anchor hanging around a rock on the beach. Follow the rope along its entire length, collecting a series of 4 metal tiles. At the very end of the rope is chest. Put the 4 metal tiles on the lid of the chest in their correct locations and it will open. Take out the golden key. Go to the room behind the waterfall and insert the 2 keys into the locks.

Stay on the island to find 8 hidden tokens:

  1. On the fin of the shark swimming in the shallow water
  2. Inside a broken bucket in the water (next to the rope)
  3. In the room behind the waterfall, beneath the coins on the ground
  4. Buried in the sand behind the chest with the combination lock (dig in the sand to uncover it)
  5. Amongst the red flowers you can see while looking down towards the X from the high platform
  6. On the rock ceiling in the sheltered part of the island
  7. On the shell of the wandering hermit crab
  8. Inside the dry coconut at the base of the tree near the camp (break it on a rock first)

Steampunk DLC

The Crew Quarters

Read the note on the desk that mentions numbers written on their side. Look at the terrarium on the top bunk and read the numbers on the small plaque inside. Now unlock the padlock on the locker with the code 687. Take the glove, hat and illuminator from inside the locker. Also take the boots from beneath the desk, and look in the two crates beneath the beds to find a book on Morse code and another glove.

Flip each of the 3 small levers beneath the countdown timer, and note the Morse code sounds coming from each speaker (G, C, O). Now look at the chest on the lower bunk and open it with the code COG. Take the 3 gears from the chest once it opens. One of these gears has some clock hands and the number I written on it. Go to the clock on the desk and use the 2 levers to adjust the time to 2:30, then take out the tape.

Next look at the safe on the wall over the desk. You need to look inside the hat, gloves and boots and see the materials used. Now slide the markers on the safe to match:

  • Hat: Blue with white cross-hatch
  • Right Glove: White with grey stars
  • Left Glove: Red with yellow swirls
  • Boot: Green with multicolor cross-hatch

Take the puzzle box from inside the safe. Examine this and slide all the latches, then turn the cog until you can take out a small lever. Use this on the final side of the puzzle box and turn it so you can take out a bulb. Examine the illuminator in your inventory. Take off the broken bulb and place your new bulb on top. Fix the broken wiring with your tape. Press the button to see a series of 3 arrows illuminated (down, up, down). Set the switches on the box to this pattern, then press the button to see the numbers 4638. Open the combination lock on the floor hatch with the code 4638, then go down.

Lift up the switch on the wall to reveal a journey log book (in cooperative mode you need one player to hold the switch upstairs while the other player takes the journey log book downstairs). Look in the shelves of crates and pick up the cargo log from the empty slot. Note the directional lock on the small safe in the wall and the 3 symbols on the tag. The only place in the grid of crates that has these 3 symbols in the same shape is at D2, D3, E2. This corresponds with the date 03/05 on the cargo log, so enter 0305 in the front of the journey log book. Press the red button on the book to see the log for that date.

Go to the directional log and input this code:

  • North 2 times
  • West 1 time
  • North 1 time
  • East 3 times

Take the 4 cannonballs and load them into the 4 cannons. Now look at the circle pattern on the exit door here. Examine the chest on the floor - you need to press buttons that when overlapped will give the same pattern as on the door:

Take out the lighter. Examine this in your inventory; open it and light the flame. Read the Crew Notice on the lock-box between the cannons. You need to fire cannons 1 and 2 at the same time, but cannon 1 has a longer fuse. Use your lighter to light the cannon 1 fuse first, then shortly after light the cannon 2 fuse. Repeat this by lighting the fuse for cannon 3 before that of cannon 4. If you mess up the timing, press the button where you got the cannonballs and try again.

Take the key from the lock-box and use it in the exit door.

Stay in the room to find 8 hidden tokens:

  1. Inside the final compartment of the puzzle box
  2. On the poster over the desk
  3. Inside the teapot on the desk (throw it to break it first)
  4. On the back of one of the gears
  5. On the bottom of a baked beans tine in a crate near the exit door
  6. On the front of the bottom-left crate (move the stacked ones out of the way)
  7. Just left of the downstairs countdown timer
  8. On the right side of the base of cannon 3

The Engine Room

Open the compartment for the fire extinguisher and take it out. Turn on the valve, then remove the pin from the top and press the trigger. Now use the fire extinguisher to put out all of the fires.

Turn the handle on the door and go through to the second room. Pick up the fuel container from the right, then come back to the first room and insert it into the large machine with 3 fluid vats. You need to get 4L into the middle vat by moving fluid between the vats:

  • Starting position (8, 0, 0)
  • Move from left to right (5, 0, 3)
  • Move from right to middle (5, 3, 0)
  • Move from left to right (2, 3, 3)
  • Move from right to middle (2, 5, 1)
  • Move from middle to left (7, 0, 1)
  • Move from right to middle (7, 1, 0)
  • Move from left to right (4, 1, 3)
  • Move from right to middle (4, 4, 0)

Turn the red valve, then pick up your fuel container and insert it into the left side of the drone. Press the red button on the drone to open the panel. Next look at the wooden desk with the blackboard on it; pick up the "Everyday Physics" book and read it to learn about resistors. Pick up the resistor box and open it to see 6 resistors inside. Also look at the resistor color table drawn on the blackboard itself.

Go back to the drone to see that the voltage is 120V and the current is 4A, so you need a resistance of 30Ω. Based on the colors from the blackboard, insert these resistors:

Open the drawer in the wooden desk with the blackboard on it, and take out the paper that shows 3 spiral patterns. Go to the large machine to the right and open both drawers so you can take out some colored crystals. Put a red crystal in the outer slot of the left gear, a white crystal in the inner slot of the middle gear, and a blue crystal in the outer slot of the right gear. Pull all 3 levers, then take the propeller that is revealed. Place this propeller on top of the drone.

Look at the screen to the left of the drone. You need to plan a path to repair the 3 broken elements with your limited fuel. From the starting position, make these moves:

  • Head right (4)
  • Head up (2)
  • Head right (2)
  • Head left (3)
  • Head left (1)
  • Head down (1)
  • Head left (2)

Read the note on the top of the furnace, which mentions weighing various tools. Weigh the saw (4 kg), wrench (2 kg) and hammer (6 kg) on the nearby scales, then enter the code 426 into the lock above the furnace. Now pick up the shovel and use it to put coal into the furnace until the doors close again. Look left tot he moving view-screen, and use the ropes on either side to move it around so you can follow the 4 pipes from the top to where they exit to the sides. Press the 4 buttons corresponding with the exit points:

Take the gear from the drawer that opens below. Insert this into the panel next to the other side of the door. Rotate the 4 gears so that their touching numbers match:


Take the disk. Look at the device hanging from the ceiling in the main room. Press the eject button, then insert the disk and the device will lower, showing you 2 computer screens. You need to use one screen that shows the top-down view of a maze, and the other to move through the maze from a first-person perspective (in cooperative mode, one player can look at each screen). Once through the gate, you can pick up a valve. Attach this to the exit door and use it.

Stay in the room to find 8 hidden tokens:

  1. On the left side of the door before leaving the first room
  2. Inside the helmet hanging on the wall near the exit door
  3. On the rotating part of the drone stand
  4. On the left edge of the compressed fuel engine
  5. On the board holding the tools in the furnace room
  6. On the back side of the door between rooms (close it while in the furnace room)
  7. On the blade of the shovel closest to the furnace
  8. On the drone while it is hovering near the furnace

The Greenhouse

Pick up the Super Plants book on one of the benches and read it - this provides guidance for the first half of this room. Look at the microGMO 400 machine just to the left. You need to move the slider to each hybrid fruit and press the 3 fruit buttons that contribute to this hybrid:

  • Left: Banana, carrot, pineapple
  • Middle: Grapes, strawberry, cherries
  • Right: Apple, strawberry, carrot

Grab the seed from the top compartment once it opens. Place this into the middle of the Capacitator 2850s machine on the next bench. Watch the sequence of electrical impulses, then press the matching sequence of buttons:

  1. Heart
  2. Circle
  3. Star
  4. Square
  5. Diamond
  6. Moon
  7. Triangle
  8. Hexagon

Retrieve an enhanced seed, then put this into the Alloy Mixer 3000 just to the right. Based on the values in the book, flip up the switches for gold, copper and graphite, then press the Submit button. Pick up the shielded and enhanced seed. Put this into the middle of the growing pot in the floor.

Pick up and read the note on the small table next to the chess case. Pick up the slider box, which is beneath the first bench. Based on the note and the fixed values, set the sliders on the box as follows:

  • S: 5
  • L: 2
  • I: 6
  • D: 1
  • E: 4
  • R: 3

Place the slider box on the pedestal with circles around the growing pot. Next get the chess box from one of the bench seats. Find the 4 pieces from here in the larger chess case, and indicate their positions on the chess box: E2, C8, E1, F4. Place the chess box on the pedestal with triangles around the growing pot.

Next head to the series of valves and gauges along the wall. Turn the valves until you have revealed the numbers next to each valve (4, 1, 2, 5). If you order these from lowest pressure to highest pressure shown on the gauges, this is 5, 4, 1, 2. Pick up the valve box from the first bench and enter the code 5412. Place the valve box on the pedestal with squares around the growing pot.

Pick up the star box from beneath the chess case. Press the red button behind the pot-plant on the bench seat to lower the telescope. Look through this and adjust the focus so you can make out 3 shapes: crab, giraffe, bow. Press these 3 buttons on the star box, then place the star box on the pedestal with stars around the growing pot. Look at the lines on the tree roots and the letter in the middle, then climb the ladder and notice the branching pattern. Look at the first control panel here and press these buttons corresponding to the tree's features:

After the leaves appear on the tree, look at the second control panel. Climb back down the ladder and read the note on the bench beneath the pressure gauges. Climb back up and count the tips (7) and vein splits (5) on the leaves. Enter the code 3512 into the second control panel.

After the flowers appear on the tree, look at the third control panel. Examine the 3 types of flowers on the tree, then climb down the ladder. Look at the flower images over the first bench. The flowers are Nerium Oleander, Aethericum Liliago and Zenobia Ambigua. Climb back up and set the dials as follows:

  • Top Dial: NO (Nerium Oleander)
  • Left Dial: AL (Aethericum Liliago)
  • Right Dial: ZA (Zenobia Ambigua)

Grab a large blue fruit from the top of the tree. Climb back down and press the red button behind the books near the chess case. Go to the Fruit Energy Extractor on the other side of the exit door and insert the blue fruit. Take the key and use it on the exit door.

Stay in the room to find 8 hidden tokens:

  1. On the inner aspect of one arm of the telescope
  2. Inside the pot-plant from the bench seat (break it first)
  3. In the wooden crate beneath the second bench
  4. In the lamp over the second bench
  5. Beneath the raised platform (over a pot-plant)
  6. Near the bottom of the pipes near the rocking chair
  7. Over the exit door
  8. In the lowest circular hole on the wall divider near the chess case

The Helm Room

Go over to the small oscilloscope and turn the red knob until the picture is clear. Next go to the Main Power panel on the right and turn the valve at the bottom. Press the buttons here corresponding to the low and high points on the oscilloscope picture (-2, 2), (-3, 1) and (-4, 3):


This will reveal the Power Station handle. Search in the 4 cupboards beneath the large map table to find a coil setup cube, magnetic sphere, route diary book, pneumatic mail manual book and pneumatic tube canister. Take a second magnetic sphere from on top of the map table, and look in the open shelves to the left of the stairs to find a third magnetic sphere. Look at the Radar Power board and insert your 3 magnetic spheres. Now examine the coil setup cube in your inventory, and press the red button on the top. Look at the positions of the markers on the 4 sides of the cube. Examine the Radar Power board again, and flip the switches so the magnetic spheres are in the same positions:

Look at the radar and note the series of 3 codes: E0, C2 and H2. Enter these into the visor to the left, and look at the symbols on the air balloons. Press the corresponding 3buttons on the Radar Setup board:

This will reveal the Radar Station handle. Now go and read the note just below the rudder. Head over to the pneumatic tubes, and read the pneumatic mail manual in your inventory. Examine your pneumatic tube canister and set the top section to "Request New Code". Send this to the Deck, Crew Quarters and Greenhouse, each time opening the tube and taking out the code that is sent back. Now set the top section to "Request Equipment" and press the buttons from the 3 codes (gear, cross, 5-pointed star). Send the tube to Engineering, then open it when it comes back and take out the goggles. Wear these, then look around carefully for hidden messages. Follow the 4 instructions, setting the rudder to these positions:

  1. Half astern
  2. Full ahead
  3. Slow ahead
  4. Full astern

This will reveal the Throttle Station handle. Pick up a #4 helm plate from the open shelves to the right of the stairs, and a #2 helm plate from the cupboard to the left of the stairs. Pick up the note from on the map table, which mentions the starter plates and a code. Next to the oscilloscope, pull both engine levers down and flip all 3 fan levers to the right. Now look at the ceiling fans and the propellers outside to see the numbers 7, 3 and 4. Open the chest near the exit door with the code 734, and collect the remaining helm plates. Now using the code from the note you found, enter the helm plates around the helm. In a clockwise order they should be: N, 8, 4, 7, 0, 3, 6 and 2. Now the helm will be active.

Go over to the map table. You need to use information from the route diary in your inventory and the blackboard, to move the guides around the edges of the table. Start from (0, 0) each time. If you follow Route 1 you will end up at position 35E 15S, which shows numbers of 3 and 2 on the guides. If you follow Route 2 you will end up at position 15W 20N, which shows numbers of 4 and 9 on the guides. Go to the end of the table and enter the numbers 32 and 49. Take out the gear and examine it in your inventory. Spin the inner disc until you can see 3 instructions, then look at the back for helm calibration instructions. Head up to the helm and spin it clockwise 2 times, counter-clockwise once, and clockwise 3 times, without letting go of it. This will reveal the Helm Station handle.

All 4 of the handles now need to be pulled down in this order:

  1. Power Station
  2. Radar Station
  3. Throttle Station
  4. Helm Station

If you have multiple players, you need to coordinate the pulling of this handles.

Stay in the room to find 8 hidden tokens:

  1. On the side of the oscilloscope
  2. On the right engine (behind the propeller outside)
  3. On the right side of the telescope over the radar station
  4. Turn the valve above the telescope and it will fall to the floor
  5. On the binoculars on the map table
  6. Near the X in the middle of the map table
  7. Inside the pneumatic tube canister after sending it anywhere with the token button pressed
  8. In the hidden writing beneath the sofa that reads "slow ahead 3" (must be wearing goggles)

Wild West DLC

The Jail

Take the hat from the coat hanger. Count the marks on the walls (45 + 34 + 23 + 25), then enter the sum in the padlock on your cell door (127). Pick up the harmonica from the small table and take the note from inside, then read it for a clue. Grab the flask from the shelf and open it, then take the bobby pin from inside. Take the coat hanger from where the hat used to be, then grab the shiv from the hole in the wood. Use the bobby pin and shiv in the gate lock, and the gate will open.

Grab the cell key from the desk, then use this to open the second cell. In the second cell, pick up the soap from the small table, and break it until you can take out a map pin. Lift up the bed and take a note from a hidden compartment beneath the bed. Also pick up the lock-box from the floor. Look at the writings on the wall in this cell, then open the lock-box by pressing 3 buttons:

  • 1st button from the middle on the vulture side
  • 3rd button from the middle on the snake side
  • 7th button from the middle on the coyote side

Take the wooden cube from inside the lock-box. Go back out to the main area and take notes from the left middle and right middle drawers of the desk. Grab another note from the top of the desk. Pick up a map pin from the middle wanted poster, and another from the map on the wall.

From the notes you have collected, look at the one that describes where wanted men have likely chosen to hide. You also need information from another note that shows average humidity and average temperature for the various states. You need to place map pins on the map corresponding to these three locations:

  • The Scorpion: Cave in the northern tip of Otoxoco
  • The Gator: Town in the western tip of Laurilee
  • The Bear: Train station on the north coast of Frorado

You can take a Deputy's Badge (1/2) from the compartment that opens beneath the map. Open the top drawer beneath the large chest. Read the note inside, which gives the combination for opening the chest: 7-11-2-5. Take the liquor bottle and Deputy's Badge (2/2) from inside the safe. Next read the note you found on top of the desk - on the back it indicates there is a locked compartment, accessed by opening combinations of drawers. These drawers are based on the wanted values on the posters over the desk:

  • The Scorpion: Open all 3 left drawers, and the top right drawer
  • The Gator: Open the top left drawers, and the bottom right drawer
  • The Bear: Open the top left and bottom left drawers, and the middle right drawer

Take a Sheriff's Badge (1/2) from the secret compartment. Next open the doors on the glass cabinet to reveal two rifles and 3 pictures of hats with associated types of bullets. You already have 1 hat from earlier; there is a second hat on the rack near the desk, and one of the wanted posters shows the third hat. Count the number of bullet holes in each one, then pull the triggers on the guns in the cabinet:

  1. Lower rifle 2 times
  2. Upper rifle 2 times
  3. Lower rifle 3 times

The cabinet will open more fully. Now you need the information from the note beneath the second cell's bed. Set the switches according to the markings next to each of the revolvers, so you can press the badge to rotate the guns as follows:

  • Gold Revolver: Aim left
  • Silver Revolver: Aim up and left
  • Black Revolver: Aim down

Now you can take another Sheriff's Badge (2/2). Find 3 photographs showing a Sheriff and a Deputy (one in the second cell, two near the desk). For the picture in the standing frame, undo the clasps on the back and slide it out to see that "In the eyes of the law, the Sheriff comes above the Deputy". Insert your 4 badges in the plaque on the wall. Now you need to arrange the badges in date order, based on the information from the photos:

  • Top Row (Sheriff): 6-pointed star, shield, 5-pointed star
  • Bottom Row (Deputy): 5-pointed star, 6-pointed star, shield

Take out the tobacco box. Also grab the playing card from the desk, and pick up the note beneath the exit door. This note mentions 3 vices, and you have objects with numbers pertaining to each of these:

  • Alcohol: Liquor bottle (2)
  • Tobacco: Tobacco box (63)
  • Gambling: Playing card (8)

Open the combination lock on the furnace with the combination 2638. Put the wooden block into the furnace, then take the skeleton key. Use this skeleton key on the exit door.

Stay in the room to find 8 hidden tokens:

  1. In the tall cabinet (first move all 5 switches up)
  2. Between the handcuffs (move the handcuffs to the outer hooks to reveal it)
  3. Inside the hanging frame sheriff picture (lift the clasp and remove the photo)
  4. Inside the kettle on the furnace
  5. Beneath a can in the bottom drawer under the large chest
  6. On the window ledge in the first cell
  7. Under the corner of the bed in the second cell
  8. Hidden inside the lock from the inside of the second cell

The Saloon

Grab the fan from the barstool and examine it. Go to the barber's station and unlock the padlock based on the symbols on the fan (square, triangle, circle = 356). Take out the barber brush and the diary. Read the diary, then go and get the metronome from the top of the piano. Set the rate to 80, then move the pendulum 3 times and take the piano key that is revealed. Use the piano key on the lid of the piano to reveal the keyboard.

Go to the bar area and open the bottom left cupboard, taking out the book on gambling machines. Read this book, then go over to the Dewey Slot Machine in the corner. Pick up 4 coins from the tray at the bottom, then play the machine as follows:

  • Insert 1 coin in black, then press the spin button
  • Insert 1 coin in black and another in green, then press the spin button
  • Insert 1 coin in yellow, then press the spin button

Now take the poster handle from the opened compartment in the front of the machine. Next go to the cash register in the bar area. The note on the top says to buy one of each, so add up the cost of each item on the nearby board ($9.73). Press the buttons on the cash register until this total is displayed. Take out the silver horseshoe and service key. Back at the barber's station, look at the time of moustache appointments. Turn around and set the time on the wall clock to 2:00, then 2:30, then 4:00. Take the slot machine gear. Grab another one from the bucket beneath the barber's sink.

Go over to the Mills Slot Machine on the bar and open the back with the service key. Insert your two slot machine gears, then spin the dials to 3 horseshoes are shown on the back. Go around to the front of the machine and insert the service key in the slot, then pull the handle. Pick up the gold horseshoe. Behind the bar, insert your poster handle on the right side of the poster, then rotate it to display a musical sequence. Go over to the piano and play the corresponding keys:

  1. Middle A
  2. Middle B
  3. High E
  4. Low E
  5. High E

Take the shaving cream and the Faro table key. Insert this into the side of the Faro table, then take out the Faro game note and bottle. Throw the bottle on the ground to smash it, then take and read the note. Go back to the piano and play the middle black key 10 times, then take the revolver. Go around to the padlock in the bar area, which mentions 3 Faro outcomes. Combine this information with the game note you just found:

  • Edgar's Win: 6
  • Dead Bet: 5
  • Gabe's Loss: 2

Open the combination lock with the code 652, then open the cupboard. Go to the barber's station and take a tap handle from the top left drawer. Insert this into the beer dispenser on the bar. Read the note on the bar and follow the instructions:

  1. Pull the 2nd handle down, then push it back up
  2. Pull the 4th handle down, then push it back up
  3. Pull the 1st handle down
  4. Pull the 3rd handle down, then push it back up
  5. Pull the 3rd handle down

Take the 3 bottles that are revealed. Pick up more bottles of alcohol from the Faro table, the barber's station and the piano. Get the note from the shelves behind the bar, and insert the bottles as directed:

  • Liberty Bell: Left side, bottom-left corner
  • The Eagle: Right side, bottom-left corner
  • Timeless: Right side, right of middle row
  • War Horse: Left side, right of middle row
  • The Buffalo: Right side, top-left corner
  • Muerto: Left side, top-left corner

Take note of the card suit symbols and numbers that are revealed. In your inventory, take the lid off the shaving cream, then use the barber brush in it. Now use the brush on the picture on the wall near the barber's station. Go back to the piano and play the 4 notes indicated:

  1. Low G
  2. Low D
  3. High B
  4. High E

Take the bronze horseshoe. Go and use the barber brush on the picture at the bar. Based on the information both here and on the horse race numbers on the opposite wall, place your horseshoes on the rings to the left:

  • Gold: Sunshine
  • Silver: Bolt
  • Bronze: Whiskey

Take the revolver chamber from the opened compartment to the left and put it in the revolver. Use this to shoot the padlock on the exit door.

Stay in the room to find 8 hidden tokens:

  1. Inside the broom (move it, and the token will fall to the floor)
  2. On the back of the metronome from the top of the piano
  3. On the rotating barber pole
  4. On the sole of a boot at the base of the barber pole
  5. Inside the abacus (move all beads to the outsides to reveal it)
  6. On the beer dispenser (pull each of the 4 handles from left to right to reveal it)
  7. On the buffalo painting over the piano (use the barber brush on it first)
  8. On the side of the cash register

The Bank

Open the drawer in the far side of the central shelves and take out the post key. Use this to unlock the gate to the postal office. Go through and take the 3 letters from the green shelves. Examine the green box on the bench, which has symbols of horses and cacti. Count the number of horses and cacti on the stamps on the letters, then open the green box with the combination 15-14. Take out the state seal and a note regarding lockers. Based on the note and the portrait of President Theodore Cleveland on the wall, open locker 401 with code 1856. Take out the bank key and use it to unlock the gate to the bank.

Find a birthday card at the central shelves. Based on this, the calendar on the wall in the postal office, and note regarding lockers, open locker 202 with code 1876. Take out the microfilm reader lens and son's postcard. Read this, then use the information to open locker 301 with code 1210. Take out the federal seal.

In the bank, pick up the bank seal from the marble counter. Go to the desk and use each of your seals on the ink pad, then stamp the paper with them. As well as stamping them individually at different locations, stamp them all at the same place so they overlap. Look closely to see GOV written in the overlapped version. Open the lock on the desk drawer with combination GOV, then open the drawer. Take out counterfeit bills A and C.

Next look at the post on the wall titled "Hierarchy of Authority". Look at the 3 seals you have stamped, and the red one on the wall:

  • Treasury: 1794 (4th digit = 4)
  • Federal: 1781 (2nd digit = 7)
  • State: 1810 (1st digit = 1)
  • Bank: 1820 (3rd digit = 2)

Now open the lock on the cabinet to the right of the desk with combination 4712. Take out counterfeit bill B, telegraph wire and a safe note. Still in the bank, attach your microfilm reader lens to the microprint reader on the marble counter. You need to examine all the features of the 3 counterfeit bills based on the poster over the desk:

  • Bill A (M2918B): Wrong treasury seal
  • Bill B (E1993F): Wrong treasury seal, wrong microprint
  • Bill C (K6127A): Wrong portrait, mismatched serial numbers, wrong microprint

Go to the postal office and connect your telegraph wire to the telegraph machine. Based on the safe note you need to send the combination B27. Use the Morse code chart on the wall to send the correct message (– • • •, • • – – –, – – • • •). You will receive a message back that reads 514. Now go back to the bank. Grab the magnet from the marble counter and examine the safe. Use the magnet on these points:

  1. Top right corner
  2. Bottom left corner
  3. Just below the dial

Take the crowbar from inside the safe. Based on the message on the postal office desk, go and set the dials on lockers 203, 303 and 403 to 0. Take the scale spring from locker 404. Open the compartment on the front of the scale in the postal office and insert the spring. Now you need to assess each of the 4 packages to work out their postage costs:

  • Paris, weight 0.4kg, cost $1.6
  • Otoxoco, weight 2.0kg, cost $2.0
  • Laurilee, weight 2.8kg, cost $2.8
  • Frorado, weight 1.6kg, cost $3.2

Open the lock just to the right with a combination based on the highest price and the lowest price (3216). Drag out the suspicious crate and open it with your crowbar, then pick up the dynamite. Pick up the lighter from the marble counter. In y our inventory, light the lighter. Use the dynamite on the vault door, then light it with the lighter.

Stay in the room to find 8 hidden tokens:

  1. On the portrait of President Theodore Cleveland
  2. Inside the pumpkin pie from the central shelves (after removing a slice)
  3. Inside locker 103 (after setting the dials of the top row of lockers to 1, 2, 3, 4)
  4. Inside a drawer in the central shelves
  5. In the green shelves in the postal office
  6. On the fan on the desk in the bank, after turning it off with the button
  7. On the cupboards beneath the marble counter in the bank
  8. Use the telegraph to send the message TKN (–, – • –, – •)

The Train

Read the Conductor Notes book on the entry bar. Open the small drawer here and take out the lighter. Grab a billiard ball from inside the end of the billiard table. Go and search the big pot-plant in the corner to find a key and a purple rock flower. Use the key to open the snake-oil briefcase on the floor. Pick up the briefcase and search it to find gold emulsifier, solvent, mortar and pestle, a totem segment (1/4) and some kindling. Take the book from the right part of the briefcase and read it. Based on the map inside, open the chief's briefcase with this combination:

  1. Grass
  2. Mountain
  3. River
  4. Trees
  5. Cave

Take out the poster pin (1/4), peace pipe and totem segment (2/4). Examine the peace pipe and take out the echo sage. Search the small shelves on the sides of the train car to get a projector card, a poster pin (2/4) and a totem segment (3/4). Go to the corner with the tea set and pick up another totem segment (4/4) from the blue bench seat. Arrange the 4 totem segments in the order shown on the photograph on the table here. Take out the gold nugget.

Now follow the instructions in the book from the snake-oil briefcase:

  1. Put the purple rock flower in the mortar and crush it with the pestle
  2. Take the crushed petal and put it into the solvent (remove the cork first)
  3. Put the gold nugget into the gold emulsifier (remove the cork first)
  4. Add the emulsified gold to the solvent
  5. Add the echo sage to the solvent

This will create a super solvent. Use this on the rusty chain holding the door to the next car closed, then open the door. Drag the inventor's briefcase down from the top shelf, then examine it. Turn the dials to match the symbols above, then press the buttons to show the letters mentioned in the Conductor Notes book at the beginning of the level:

  • A (showing at bottom)
  • C (showing at top)
  • D (showing at right)
  • C (showing at right)

Take out another projector card and a billiard ball. Pick up another poster pin (3/4) from the small table in this train car. Also grab the book and pamphlet from the seats in here. Read the pamphlet and note the numbers associated with the wheels on the train. Now examine the toymaker's briefcase. For each stage of the opening, pull the lever on the right, then press the wheels in a specific order:

  • Dreamspring to Tombrun: 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 1st
  • Pinestone to Goldbranch: 3rd, 1st, 2nd, 4th
  • Tombrun to Pinestone: 1st, 3rd, 4th, 2nd

Take out a toy train and 2 more billiard balls. Go back to the first train car and read the Lighthouses of the Coast book, noting the heights of the 6 lighthouses. You need to drag the lights on the side walls do different positions matching the relative heights of the lighthouses. From lowest to highest position:

  • Crooked Tooth: Tooth symbol
  • Foam Rise: Dollar symbol
  • Proud Wolf: Wolf symbol
  • Scorpion's Peak: Scorpion symbol
  • Feather Point: Feather symbol
  • Grand Water: Train symbol

Once correct, a projector will lower from the ceiling, pointing towards the second train car. A panel will also open in the wall of the first train car, containing a painting handle. Take this and insert it next to the painting on the wall in the second train car, rotating it to show a white screen with a billiard table and some arrows. If you insert each of the projector cards you have collected, you will be able to piece together a series of 4 images. You need to put your 4 billiard balls in the pockets indicated by the 4 images, if standing at the end with the ball return:

  1. Far right
  2. Near left
  3. Middle left
  4. Far left

The billiard table will transform into a model railway. Pick up the railroad note and read it. Also pick up the final poster pin (4/4) from next to the note. Examine the toy train in your inventory and open the top of it. Insert your kindling. Light the lighter, then use this to light the kindling. Put the train on the model railway, in front of the other carriage, and it will start moving around the track. Use the various switches to make the train follow this path:

  • Train Station
  • Jail
  • Saloon
  • Bank
  • Train Station

Once complete, you will see numbers on each of the buildings. Put your 4 poster pins on the wall poster here, and 4 dials will be revealed. Turn the dials to match these numbers:

  • Jail: 1
  • Saloon: 3
  • Bank: 5
  • Train Station: 8

Take the exit key and use it on the door.

Stay in the room to find 8 hidden tokens:

  1. On the wall behind the big pot-plant in the first train car
  2. With the cookies on the small corner table in the first train car
  3. Inside the snake-oil briefcase
  4. Outside the windows on the right, as a silhouette on top of the rocks
  5. At the bottom right of the closed curtains in the second train car
  6. On the corner of the inventor's briefcase
  7. Inside a vase on the table in the second train car (break it first)
  8. On the saloon building in the model railway

Portal DLC

Portal Escape Chamber

Look in the middle drawer of the corner desk and take out the projector roll. Insert this into the projector in the middle of the room and press the power button on the back of the projector. Lift up the projector screen to reveal a panel of 6 buttons. Rotate the projector roll so that the projected image starts at the bottom left and goes up to the top right. Now press the buttons in the order following the arrow:


Go through the door that is now active. Turn right and approach the screen with 2 pressure plates. Step on either of the pressure plates to start Test 1/3. For this, just step on the pressure plate matching the one shown on the screen. Search through the rat food that comes out of the tube on the right, collecting a lemon and an orange. Step on either of the pressure plates to start Test 2/3. This time, work out whether the player on the screen can safely exit the level and indicate your answer by stepping on one of the pressure plates. Search through some more rat food to collect a banana, a potato and a lime.

Return to the first room and go to the other corner desk. Plug each of the fruit into the testing device on the desk to work out the value for each fruit:

  • Lemon: 100
  • Lime: 300
  • Banana: 330
  • Orange: 340

Examine the padlock on this desk and open it with the value for banana plus orange (670). Open the drawer and retrieve a USB. Enter the second room and plug the USB into the device on the corner desk. Use the monitor here and select the Security Camera Feed option. Look at each of the numbers on the infra-red display (08, 26, 34). Next look at the camera showing the falling cube and pause the display so you can see the symbols on the corners of the cube. Now head to the cube pattern on the far wall. Drag the markers around to recreate the symbols you just saw on the cube. Label the symbol positions as follows:


Move the markers to these positions:

  • Top-Left: 2, 3, 6, 9, 8, 7, 4, 1, 2, 5
  • Top-Right: 6, 9, 8, 7, 4, 1, 5, 9, 6, 3
  • Bottom-Left: 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 8, 9, 5, 1, 4
  • Bottom-Right: 5, 2, 3, 6, 5, 4, 7, 8, 5, 1

This will unlock the function of the large gear on the wall. With this, you can recreate the vent system by aligning the various tubes above you:

  1. Engage gears A, B, D, E and rotate to align the tube over the far wall
  2. Engage gears A, B, D and rotate to align the central tube
  3. Engage gears A, B and rotate to align the tube over the near wall

Go to the monitor in the corner of this room and press the bottom right button. Now you can enter the smaller glass room in the corner. Open the box on the wall and take out the crowbar. Return to the first room and use the crowbar on the hatch in the ventilation tubes. Remove all the debris, then return to the previous monitor and press the top left button.

Return to the smaller glass room and enter the 3 infra-red numbers on the small monitor here (26, 34, 08). Take the LED array from the pod that opens. Also grab the radio from the left. Examine the radio, pressing the small red power button, then using the dials to adjust the blue wave so it matches the orange wave. Go to the printer in the first room and take the test results. Read this carefully to see the rules for the test, then go and scan it on the screen with the 2 pressure plates. Indicate your answers to the questions by stepping on one of the pressure plates. Search through the remaining rat food to get a portal gun core (1/2).

Go to the large mousetrap in the opposite corner of the room and set it off. Now use the computer monitor on the desk to reset the mouse trap, and quickly go to take the ocular piston from the mouse trap.

Return to the first room and look at the clipboard on the desk. You need to work out whether the puzzles here can be solved or not, and then enter the appropriate 0 or 1 answers on the terminal. The top row should be 0110, and the bottom row 0101. Next you need to collect a whole lot of parts:

  • LED Array: You have already picked this up from the pod in the smaller glass room
  • Ocular Piston: You have already picked this up from the mouse trap
  • Gyrometer: From inside a personality core on the floor in the first room
  • CPU: From the top desk drawer in the second room
  • Battery: From inside a personality core that part of the debris in the tube system
  • Battery: Use the "Drop Parts" option on the computer in the first room, then search the fallen personality core

Pick up the personality core from the desk in the corner of the first room and attach it to the device on the wall here. Insert all of the parts you have collected, then take the active personality core. Use the computer here and select "Open Retina Scanner", then plug the active personality core into the reader next to the other door and it will open.

Enter the third room. Pick up the companion cube from the floor and put it on the nearby pressure plate. Rotate the nearby mirror horizontally to direct the laser beam to the circle sensor. Go to the opposite wall and pull the lever down that has been revealed, and you will have access to the tower controls.

Move the right tower half way up and turn the mirror here to deflect the vertical laser horizontally into the tower controls area. Now move the right tower all the way up and the laser will hit the dot sensor. Rotate the two available mirrors to deflect the horizontal laser into the triangle sensor. Pull the next lever down to activate the elevator controls.

Go up in the elevator and pick up the storage cube. Remove the companion cube from the pressure plate and put the storage cube here (it has a hole through the middle). Rotate the nearby mirror horizontally to deflect the horizontal laser back to the circle sensor. Move the right tower back down to half way, then rotate this mirror horizontally so the vertical laser goes through the storage cube and hits the moon sensor. Go up this new elevator and press the button, then take the portal gun core (2/2).

Return to the second room and use the computer in the corner, selecting "Raise Central Platform". Put both of the portal gun cores into the gun.

Stay in the room to find 8 hidden tokens:

  1. On the large 01 sign in the starting room
  2. Looking straight up into the ventilation tube in the middle of the starting room
  3. In the small round orange lights to the left of the door leading to the second room
  4. On the glass floor of the large rotating wheel in the second room
  5. Inside a figurine in the bottom drawer of the desk in the second room (press the red button on it first)
  6. Push a corner panel in the third room to find a hidden room, then look beneath the pillow
  7. Direct a laser to the cake chamber in the third room, then get a slice of cake and bite it
  8. Direct lasers to the triangle and moon sensors (adjust the setting on the high platform to activate lasers A and D), then open the matching cabinet

Among Us DLC

Among Us DLC

Start by picking up the emergency manual from the floor, which gives you an overall guide of what you need to do.

Collect 4 keys (1 from the captain's chair, 1 from inside the left vertical cupboard, 1 from inside the right low drawer, and 1 from the floor panel near the low drawers). Take the notepad from just left of the closed door, which shows you the cipher override setup. Look at the large CIPHER OFFLINE message, and slide open the panel beneath this, then put keys in the highlighted locks to enter the override code:

Pick up the course log from the right low drawer and put it into the empty space in the right console. Press the Download Data button here, then pick up the course chart and read it. Look at the course terminal just to the right, and select the 5 planets indicated by the directions on the course chart:

Press the Check Course button. Next take the notepad from the left low drawer. Using the information on this and the letters and numbers on the cipher terminal on the wall, you can work out a 4-digit code. Go over to the Orrery access keypad and enter the code 3632. Now that the Orrery is accessible, you need to align the 3 planets. Use the controls to move all 3 planets to the right side.

Next pull down the two red handles near the closed door, and the wayfinder will drop down from the ceiling. Look at this, then go over to use the central console, but you will see a message "Nav System Sabotage". Back out and look at the left console. Turn the dials so you end up drawing a line that goes through all of the red points and turns them green. Now look at the central console again to see that the first planet you need to find is at direction 300. Return to the wayfinder and find the planet at this bearing, taking note of its features. Go back to the central console and find the matching planet, then enter its ID. The planets you need to find are as follows:

  • Bearing 300: 10992
  • Bearing 225: 38066
  • Bearing 45: 21482

Take the storage access card from the right vertical cupboard. Swipe this through the keycard reader near the closed door, then go through to Storage. Pull down the two red handles on the power terminal. Find the alpha circuit tester on a green crate in this room, and the beta circuit tester in the right drawer beneath the red handles. Play with the buttons on each one, working out which pairs of buttons light up segments between them. Now highlight these segments on the 2 displays, and press the confirm buttons:

Go over to the ventilation shaft and hold down the handle to clear the blockage - it should now say "Ventilation Clear". Pick up Ro-Bot from the floor just to the left. Find a handle to pull on the side of the central platform, which will cause a lot of crates to appear. Grab the small orange cargo box, then look at the Top Cargo View display. You need to enter the layout as seen from above the crates:

This will display a 4-digit code. Open the orange cargo box with the code 2148. Take out the battery and insert it into Ro-Bot. Pull the handle to open the panel near where you found Ro-Bot, then put him inside, and a nearby window will open. You need to program Ro-Bot to roll over each of the red dots in the maze:

  • Rotate (blank) (blank)
  • Forward
  • Rotate
  • Forward (blank) (blank) (blank)
  • Rotate
  • Forward (blank)
  • Rotate
  • Forward
  • Rotate
  • Forward (blank) (blank)
  • Rotate
  • Forward

Grab the specimen room access card from one of the cupboards beneath the central platform and swipe this through the nearby keycard reader several times, until it flips over. Answer N to the question, click on all the squares, and swipe the keycard again to get the door open. Enter the specimen room and read the notepad on the table, and the blackboard on the right wall. Search the room, including the lockers and the container chest on the floor, to find all available specimens. Now you need to place the correct specimens in positions on the table to complete the family tree.

  • First Row
    - Orange skin, diamond eye, sphere antenna
    - Green skin, circle eye, cube antenna

  • Second Row
    - Blue skin, almond eye, cone antenna
    - Orange skin, circle eye, sphere antenna
    - Orange skin, diamond eye, cube antenna
    - Green skin, circle eye, sphere antenna
    - Green skin, diamond eye, cube antenna

  • Third Row
    - Orange skin, circle eye, cone antenna
    - Blue skin, almond eye, sphere antenna
    - Yellow skin, diamond eye, pyramid antenna

  • Fourth Row
    - Yellow skin, almond eye, pyramid antenna
    - Blue skin, diamond eye, sphere antenna
    - Yellow skin, almond eye, sphere antenna

Pull the handle on the far wall to initiate the test once all are correct. Read the genetic code from the display here, then enter 2R95TQ into the adjacent panel. Break the glass and take the reactor key. Go back out to the previous room and press both hand panels, then insert the reactor key. You can now enter the cafeteria.

Open the tray cupboard on the wall to find a key. Search the crew lockers to find a second key. Look inside the pizza box to find a third key. Examine the vending machine and see that the codes are all square numbers. Enter the code 049 and take the final key. Insert all 4 keys into the locks on the table, then press the emergency button.

Stay in the room to find 8 hidden tokens:

  1. Inside the vending machine in the cafeteria (enter code 081)
  2. In the tracks beneath the central chair in navigation (press both buttons on the chair)
  3. Behind the panel next to the timer in navigation (remove the panel using the plunger)
  4. On the crate-like space-ship out the window from the storage room
  5. Inside the ventilation shaft that you unblocked
  6. Inside the UFO toy on the small table in the specimen room
  7. On the back of the security camera in the specimen room
  8. On the antenna of a green specimen with a cube antenna

Magic DLC

Magic Shop

Pick up the lollipops and chocolate bar (1/5) from the cart on the floor, and look at the conversation rates on the pricing chalkboard on the counter. Go around to the combination lock behind the counter to see you must add up the costs of 3 of the lollipops in the lipus currency. The cost for each of the 3 lollipops is as follows:

  • Blue: 2 kunus + 1279 lipus = 1479 lipus
  • Pink: 2 aurus + 2 kunus = 1200 lipus
  • Orange: 1 aurus + 4 kunus = 900 lipus

Add up the 3 values and enter the code 3579. Open the drawer and take out another chocolate bar (2/5). Pick up the eternal shattervase from its stand behind the counter, then look at the combination lock on the cabinet for the Glove of Need. Look at the starting green version of the vase on notice the shape. Throw the vase to break it, then pick it up and notice the new shape and color. Repeat this until you have seen the green, blue and red versions, then enter their shapes on the combination lock. Open the cabinet and take the glove of need. Look at this in your inventory and take the next chocolate bar (3/5).

Look in the low drawer just left of the front door to get a chocolate bar (4/5), and in the bottom of the shelves directly behind the counter for another chocolate bar (5/5). Eat each of the chocolates, then put the wrappers into the front of the toy summoner box on the counter. Take the ghost map that appears. Open this and watch the path of Ulric Shadowstep around the room. Look at the objects where he stops along this path. Go to the shimmering picture in the archway and set the objects according to this path:

  1. Cauldron
  2. Pumpkin
  3. Book
  4. Candle
  5. Scroll

A new door will open. Go through here and upstairs. Take the enchanted broom from the holder on the wall. Grab the flying book as it comes near. Open it to find a wand (1/4). Back downstairs, pick up the starving grimoire and 3 different colored antigravity candy swirls from the corner shelves. Feed the candy swirls to the starving grimoire, then open it and take the wand (2/4). Pick up the eye book from the opposite corner shelves behind the counter. Holding this, walk around the room in the direction the eye is looking. Once you reach the front corner of the shop the eye will close. Open the book and take the next wand (3/4).

Next examine the combination lock on the cabinet for the Wizard Hats. Look up to the left and notice the scrolling colored symbols beneath the balcony. If you make numbers from the various colors indicated on the combination lock you will create the numbers 5, 3 and 8. Enter the code 538 and open the cabinet. Take out the 2 wizard hats here, and one from a stand in the window. Place each of the hats on the mannequin and watch the positions of the limbs. Now examine the combination lock on the cabinet for the Enchanted Striders. Set the combination according to the mannequin's limb positions:

  • Red (Sun): Both arms out sideways, one knee raised
  • Yellow (Moon): Both arms up diagonally, both legs out diagonally
  • Green (Gem): Both arms bent with hands up, one leg straight forward

Open the cabinet and grab the self-walking boots. Use your enchanted broom to clean up the mess from the 3 spilled potions on the main floor. Place the self-walking boots on the blue symbol with feet on the main floor, and they will start walking around between the symbols. Go upstairs again and look at the chest here. You need to set the correct symbols and indicate the number of steps taken by the boots to get between the symbols:

  • Circle with 8 broad arrowheads and 8 narrow arrowheads
  • 6 steps
  • Circle with 9 curved points
  • 3 steps
  • Circle with 18 angled triangles on a ring
  • 5 steps
  • Circle with 12 water drops

Once the chest opens, take out the final wand (4/4). Pick up and read the Book of Wands here. As instructed, use each of your 4 wands on the power grading trellis upstairs, then slot them into the large wooden board on the wall:

  • Plain Brown Wand: Middle slot in top left board
  • White Wand, Green Tip: Bottom left slot in top right board
  • White Wand, Blue Tip: Top left slot in bottom board
  • Black Wand: Top right slot in bottom board

Take out the demystifying lamp. Place this on the shelf where you found the enchanted broom. Move the translucent chest out of the way so you have access to 4 buttons. There are 4 cables associated with these buttons, so pick up the demystifying lamp and follow these to see where they end up. Return to the buttons and enter these symbols:

  • Crescent moon
  • Full moon
  • Half moon
  • New moon

Take out the wizard hat. Go back downstairs and use the demystifying lamp, placing it on a pedestal that appears near the middle of the room. Put the wizard hat on the dark mannequin and you will see it point upstairs. Take the demystifying lamp upstairs to see a birdcage has been revealed. Open this and take out the key. Go downstairs and use this to exit.

Stay in the room to find 8 hidden tokens:

  1. Inside the gold cauldron in the window (beneath a candy box)
  2. Inside the brown potion bottle on the counter (after breaking it by throwing it)
  3. Beneath the bell on the counter (after ringing it 20 times)
  4. On the right plate on the wall at the top of the stairs
  5. Inside the ceiling light fixture upstairs
  6. Use an antigravity candy swirl on the hole in the ceiling near the level clock and a token will fall to the floor
  7. From inside the toy summoner box on the counter after inserting the extra 5 chocolate bar wrappers from upstairs
  8. On the far wall upstairs (place the demystifying lamp near the opened wooden chest)

Chronomancy Hall

Read the note on the round platform in the entry hall, then pick up the nearby red time staff. Go through to the second area and use this on the glass cabinet on the desk to reveal some numbers inside. Enter the code 8106, then take the clock frame from inside. Go to the blackboard in the opposite alcove and place this on the number 25 (if you put it elsewhere, it tries to get towards 25). Move the other clock frame to the number 12. Turn around and set the time on the clock to 12:25 (make sure the correct shapes are used for the hour hand and minute hand). Take out the chest dial piece (1/2).

Look at a narrow glass cabinet in the corner of the second room and take out the green caterpillar. Use your red time staff on this twice to turn it into a butterfly. Look at the patterns on the 4 wings, and set matching patterns on the 4 corners of the wooden chest on the table. Take the blue time staff from inside.

Use the blue time staff on the 4 candles just to the left, so they are all alight. Switch their positions so that the flames are all at the same height. Take out the time echo crystal (1/3). Still in the second room, pick up the old key from the central marble stand. Use this on 2 of the locks in the wall near the candles, but then it will break. Use the blue time staff on the key to fix it, then use it on the third lock. Take out the next time echo crystal (2/3).

Take the sigil lockbox from the top left drawer of the desk. Go over to the sigil display board in this room and use your time staves to see the correct order of sigils. Open the sigil lockbox with this order:

  • Crescent moon
  • Mountain
  • Overlapping up/down arrows
  • Star with triangle opening

Take out the final time echo crystal (3/3). Take the note from the top right drawer of the desk to see the various positions of animals around a clock dial. Pick up the mouse statue from the wooden crate in the second room, then place it on the number V on the clock in the first room. Drag the heavy cat statue onto the number IV on the clock. Use your blue time staff on the large broken owl statue, then drag it onto the number IX on the clock.

Place your 3 time echo crystals into the 3 holders on the round platform in the middle of the clock. Look at the glowing figure to see the hourglass is almost empty. Use your red time staff on the large hourglass in the entry hall, setting the sand level in the top to the second gold bar from the bottom. Press the gold button around the edge of the round platform, then you will see a glowing figure near a fire. Use your red time staff on the large picture on the wall twice to change it to a winter scene. Press the gold button again, then look at the glowing figure to see it pointing at the Grimmour crest. Pull the rope twice to change the banners to match this. Go back to the round platform and use the lever on the top to open a box.

Take the chest dial piece (2/2) as well as the dragon crystal and griffin crystal. Place the dragon crystal in the mouth of the large dragon statue. On the panel that rises up, enter the time 12:58. Cross the room and place the griffin crystal in the mouth of the large griffin statue. On the panel that rises up, enter the time 12:56.

Go to the chest in the second room and insert your 2 chest dial pieces. Use your time staves on the dials so they all align, and the chest will open. Take out the sun model and sundial. Go back to the entry hall and insert both of these on the central platform. Now you need to rotate the sun model and sundial to create silhouettes that match the 3 symbols on the top of the platform. Take out the sun sigil. Insert this into the marble stand in the second room.

From the starting position, with the controls set to Mover, press the large segment 1 time and the small segment 2 times. Now switch to the Rotator setting. You need to select 3 symbols that add together to make the central blue figure. Follow these steps:

  1. Right (anti-clockwise) 1 time
  2. Left (clockwise) 2 times
  3. Up (inward) 2 times
  4. Left (clockwise) 3 times
  5. Down (outward) 1 time
  6. Left (clockwise) 1 time
  7. Down (outward) 1 time

Go and grab the key, then use this on the exit door.

Stay in the room to find 8 hidden tokens:

  1. From the large cat statue (after dragging it clockwise from I to XII on the clock in the main room)
  2. On the bottom of the mouse statue
  3. Inside the glass cabinet where you found the caterpillar
  4. On the bottom of the third candle in the candelabra
  5. At the top of the blackboard where you placed the clock frames
  6. Inside the apple in the top right desk drawer (after using the red time staff on it)
  7. On the bottom of the left Rainbard banner in front of the dragon statue (after pulling the rope in the entry hall)
  8. At the bottom right of the autumn picture (after using the time staves to change it to autumn).

Potions Garden

Go over to the raised area around the cauldron. Pick up 2 beehive pins from the first desk. a note from the second desk, and another beehive pin from the shelves further around. Find the beehive on the floor of the lower section of the room, and pick up the beehive pin on the top here. Based on the drawing at the base of the Fertilizer Potion recipe, place the 4 beehive pins in this order:

  1. Wooden pin horizontally, below the center
  2. Metal pin from top-left to bottom-right, above the center
  3. Wooden pin from top-right to bottom-left, above the center
  4. Metal pin horizontally, above the center

This will release the bees, and they will hover over the plate to the right. Open the small cabinet on the desk near the cauldron to release butterflies over a separate plate. Read the note about the Fertilizer Potion in your inventory, then go around the rooms and find these matching plants:

  1. Bell flower (red, from a desk with 3 pots near the cauldron)
  2. Dragon flower (blue/pink, from a desk with a locked chest near the cauldron)
  3. Star flower (yellow, from the plant on the large table with shelves near the cauldron)

Put these into the cauldron in this order, then pick up the Fertilizer Potion. Back in the lower part of the room, use the Fertilizer Potion on the 3 pots on the wall, and each of the plants will grow into the shape of a number. Go to the locked chest on the desk and enter the code 8571 based on the relative heights of the pots. Take out the 3 seed packets and open each of them, then pour them into the soil trays. Use the Fertilizer Potion on each of them.

Near the beehive, pick up the Size Potion note. Locate the 3 mushrooms in the planters to the right that are needed for this potion, then put them into the cauldron in any order:

  • Tall, narrow, bright pink
  • Short, round, orange
  • Conical, purple, blotchy

Now you can pick up the Size Potion. Use this on each of the seeds that you fertilized before, then pick up the giant keylike carrot, giant token turnip and giant hearty radish. Use the giant keylike carrot in the doors, then go through. Grab the ladder from the small gnome, then use the Size Potion on it. Place this near the pots on the wall, then climb up, open the cabinet and take out the giant left ear. Next place the ladder near the blackboard and climb up to get a happy mandrake. Also get a normal mandrake from the second room, and an angry mandrake from the raised area in the first room. Put the 3 mandrakes in the appropriate pots here. Take the nose from the opened drawer.

In the second room, pick up the Potion Weekly booklet from the bench. Collect the 4 aquatic plants from the water fountain, and look at the photo to be able to identify Aethercrest. Use the information in the booklet and the scales to compare the aquatic plants and identify each of them:

  • Aethercrest: Blue and yellow, ovoid
  • Oceanthorn: Red ball in a white cage
  • Pearlpetal: Small blue flower
  • Soulbind: Large yellow flower
  • Whisperwillow: Bright pink coral

Read the booklet again to see the Raincloud Potion. Place the Whisperwillow, Pearlpetal and Soulbind into the cauldron in that order, then take the Raincloud Potion. Go and use this on the magical fire in the second room. Turn the 4 corner pieces that are revealed so the cabinet top opens and you can get the potency detector. Just to the right, pick up the note about the Duplicate Potion. Look at each of the flowers, mushrooms and aquatic plants with the potency detector to work out which of each class is the most potent, then place these into the cauldron in any order:

  • Flower: Red, bell-shaped (bell flower)
  • Mushroom: Short, round, green with orange dots
  • Aquatic Plant: Bright pink coral (whisperwillow)

Take the Duplicate Potion. Use your Duplicate Potion and Size Potion to end up with a normal nose, a giant nose, a normal left ear and a giant left ear. Put these on the gnomes in the second room, then take the key from the opened box. Use this on the door.

Stay in the room to find 8 hidden tokens:

  1. On the far side of the cauldron
  2. Part of the giant token turnip
  3. Beneath the window to the right of the doors leading to the second room
  4. In the top-right drawer of the desk in the second room
  5. On the top of the affinity scale (after clicking it 4 times)
  6. Under the water in the right side of the aquatic plants tank
  7. High on the wall (after placing the ladder to the left of the beehive and climbing up)
  8. On the small table next to the cauldron (take 2 apples from the crate beneath the mushrooms, duplicate one, and put all 3 into the cauldron)

Divination Towers - Coming Soon


Stay in the room to find 8 hidden tokens: