The EscaperThe Escaper

Game Details:  Puzzle, 2020

Links:  Moby Games, Steam

Walkthrough Updated:  6/28/2020

Suggested Listening:  Help Me Out (Ash 25)

Escaper is a first person escape room puzzle game. It contains 4 separate room escape challenges, which can be played with or without a game timer. There are 16 Steam Achievements, all documented in the walkthrough below.

Room 1: Vintage

Follow the tutorial: examine the sofa, move the pillow to the side and take the green pentagon key, then use this to open the top left desk drawer so you can pick up the sheet music from inside. You will now be able to see a timer high up on the wall to the right and the game will begin.

Look at the purple lamp on the wall. Lift up the cover and unscrew the bulb to take it. Now look beneath the desk and pull the small golden handle here. Open the bottom left desk drawer and take a green key from inside. Look down on the floor to the right of the desk and slide the vase to the right, then plug in the electrical cable. Now look up at the lamp on the top of the desk. Insert your purple bulb, then pull the cord to turn on the lamp. Look at the world map above the desk and notice there is an image of a clock with a time of 1:45, as well as four Roman numerals in the corners.

Turn right and look at the wall to the right of the door, taking the postcard of the pyramids from here. Next look at the tall cabinet just to the right. Move the vase to the left so you can take a counterweight from behind it. Use your green key on the small box in the middle of the cabinet, then open it and take the semi-opaque slide from inside. Next look at the butterfly picture in the right of the cabinet. Slide all 4 latches on the back to the sides, and it will reveal a message of "dm". Look at the sheet music in your inventory to see the pattern for this key. Now look at the books in the top left of the cabinet and push in the 2nd, 4th and 6th books to open the small cupboard below - take the gramophone from here. Place this on top of the table with the phone, then examine the legs of this table to see Roman numerals. Set these according to the values on the world map (from left to right, III, V, II, VI). Look in the drawer that opens and take the letter opener.

Use the letter opener on the stitches in the green chair to find a blue square key, then use this to open the bottom right desk drawer and reveal a 4-digit combination lock. Look up at the markings on the top of the desk, and use your semi-opaque slide. Draw this until they overlap and reveal 4 numbers. Look back down at the combination lock and set the numbers to 5637. Pull open the drawer above and take out the small magnifying lens. Examine the world globe in the cabinet and attach the small magnifying lens, then spin the globe and slide the lens until it is centered over Egypt (based on the postcard you found earlier). Pull open the cabinet below and take the red triangle key, then use this to open the main part of the desk.

Take the vinyl record and examine the typewriter. Try all of the keys to find out that these ones are broken: F, L, O, W. Enter FLOW as the code in the combination lock to the left, then take the head statue from the opened compartment beneath it. Place this in the empty stand to the right of the world globe in the cabinet. Now carefully rotate this left and right so that it goes down and is fully inserted - a picture on the wall will also slide down. Go over to it and take the wooden piece. Look at the picture of the ballerina on the wall above the small table. Now look at the bottom right of the tall cabinet and insert your wooden piece. Drag the wooden pieces so they line up with where the ballerina's arms and legs are pointing in the picture:

Once correct, the panel will open, showing a 6-digit combination lock. Turn around and open the drawer beneath the typewriter to see a framed collection of 6 butterflies, all of different sizes. Go back to the combination lock and enter 462 across the top and 135 across the bottom, based on the sizes of the butterflies. Take the winding key that is revealed.

Turn around and approach the grandfather clock. Insert the counterweight, then set the time on the clock to 1:45 (from the world map above the desk). Insert the winding key into the clock face, then turn it to start the clock. Look down at the pendulum and take the key from behind it, then use this to open the small door at the base of the clock. Take the gramophone part from inside.

Now look at the gramophone. Open it and insert the vinyl record, which says "Play Monday to Friday". Attach your gramophone part, then turn it on. Drag the arm to each track and take note of the numbers and days mentioned on each of them (Monday 8, Tuesday 7, Wednesday 2, Thursday 4, Friday 3). Now make sure you play each of these 5 tracks in order, and a small compartment on the side of the gramophone will open. Take the coin from inside.

Insert the coin into the phone and dial 911 No easy way out. Now dial the number from the gramophone 87243. Take the key, then use this on the room door. Take back the broken key and turn around to look at the air vent in the opposite corner. Use the broken key on the air vent low down to the right of the tall cabinet, and you will head through Room 1 Complete.

You will get extra achievements for escaping the room within 30 minutes Quick Escaper Room 1, and within 15 minutes Flash Escaper Room 1.

Room 2: Basement

Take note of the tic-tac-toe pattern on the wall here. Look at the floor beneath the table and pick up a fuse, then look in the crate on the floor to the right and take the wrench. Also pick up the dirty cloth from the floor in the corner of the room to the right, and the paint brush from beneath the pipes on the right wall. Open the bottom of the boiler unit and take another fuse. Keep turning right and open the metal cabinet on the wall, then take the temperature gun from inside.

Look down at the pallet below and drag it to the left, then simplify the equation written on the wall to get x = 60. Just to the right, open the soap drawer of the washing machine and take another fuse. Take the detergent box from the open shelves further to the right. Open the fuse box on the wall and pick up another fuse. Now insert the fuses as per the tic-tac-toe pattern:

Look at the washing machine again. Use the detergent box on the soap drawer, then close it. Open the main compartment and put the dirty cloth inside, then close it again. Set the temperature to 60, then press the power button. After the wash finishes, open the door and retrieve the cloth with a colored pattern. Turn right and look at the paints and bricks, then use your paintbrush on the paints to create the following pattern:

Open the toolbox just to the right and take the fishing hook from inside. Examine the small drain in the middle of the floor and use the fishing hook on it to retrieve a green key. Use this to unlock the locker next to the washing machine. Pull open the door and take the wooden crate and part of the heat boiler from inside. Also pay attention to the pattern on the back wall of the locker. Insert the boiler part into the bottom of the boiler unit, then press the green button to turn it on.

Now look at the pipes above. Attach the wrench to the top right pipe connection (where there is a handle missing). Turn the top-left handle to the right, the bottom-left handle down, the middle handle to the right, and the wrench up. Now use your temperature gun on the 4 bars of the radiator and get these readings: 52, 49, 43, 35. Go back to the fuse box and rearrange the fuses as per the pattern in the locker:

Look through the opening in the bottom of the exit door and take the machine belt. Put the wooden crate on the floor here, then back out and look through the opening in the top of the door. Note the order of the flashing red lights: 4, 2, 3, 1. Back out and retrieve the wooden crate. Now look at the other locker that has a combination lock. You need to enter the 4 temperature readings, but in the order of the flashing lights: 35, 49, 43, 52. Open the locker and take the machine belt pulley.

Look at the red machine on the table. Add the machine belt pulley and then the machine belt, then press the small red button to turn it on. Take the pneumatic tube from the right, then open it in your inventory to get a red key. Use this to unlock the metal box on the wall here, then open it. There are 4 dials, with numerical hints as to how they should be turned from their initial up position:

  • Top-left dial: turn half way anti-clockwise (down)
  • Top-right dial: turn quarter way clockwise (right)
  • Bottom-left dial: turn quarter way clockwise (right)
  • Bottom-right dial: turn half way anti-clockwise (down)

Turn around and put the wooden crate into the small elevator opening, then press the button on the wall. Take the yellow key that appears. Open the padlock on the wall vent, and you will head through Room 2 Complete.

You will get extra achievements for escaping the room within 30 minutes Quick Escaper Room 2, and within 15 minutes Flash Escaper Room 2.

Room 3: Egypt

Look at the rock on the ground to the right of the door and push it down, then take the small shovel. Turn right and spin the plain column so you can take the jar full of water. Look at the mural on the wall behind this and spin the disc so you can take the blank parchment. Turn further right and pick up the sack full of sand in the corner of the room.

Examine the pyramid on the table to the right. Spin the segments so the pictures line up, then take the projector slide that is revealed. Look at the small blue generator and pull the red handle to turn it on. Look at the spotlight, and place the projector slide over it to indicate 4 symbols on the wall (arm, cup, hill, wave). Turn right and adjust the 4 symbols on the pillar to match these from top to bottom. This reveals the wooden crate in a secret compartment in the wall.

Look at the candle on the small table, and use the blank parchment on it to reveal a picture of a boat. Look at the boat model, and adjust the positions of the oars to match the parchment. From left to right they should be: left, right, left, middle, right. Take the handle with a hexagon base from the opening in the boat. Go over to the wooden crate and use this handle on it, then rotate it clockwise. Take the remote controlled robot from inside the crate.

Use the robot on the shaft to the right of the small table. Go forward along the shaft until you see a symbol on the wall - rotate right to see it clearly. Rotate back to the left and proceed to the end of the shaft, where there are 2 handles on the wall. Press the grab-release button, then rotate the right arm so the handle points to the right, and the left arm so it points to the top-left. Back in the room, look at the ground where the light is pointing, then use the small shovel here. Use your jar full of water on the bowl to reflect the water further. Go through the door to reach a second room.

Press the button to the left of the closed door to reveal some ropes with circular markings. Pick up another sack full of sand from the corner of the room. Look at the wall to the left and slide up the panel to reveal a small chest. Examine this and move the wings of the beetle gradually upwards alternately, switching when the lights get brighter. Eventually you can open the chest and take the ceremonial knife from inside.

Back out and place your two sacks of sand on the pallet being suspended from above. Now look at the coffin and take the small key. Look at the patterns on the wall above the coffin, and in particular note the top right one. Use the small key on both locks of the briefcase, then open the briefcase and take the cog and book from inside. While you are here, use the ceremonial knife on the inside top of the briefcase, and take the hieroglyphic alphabet.

Turn back towards the door. Insert the cog in the hole on the right. Examine the ropes in the hole on the left, then slide them into this arrangement (based on the patterns above the coffin):

Press the button and the door will open - notice a golden key within the cogs. Press the button again, then quickly take the key from the cogs. Press the button a third time, then head through to return to the first room. Use your golden key on the chest, and take another sack full of sand. Go through to the second room and place this on the pallet, then the coffin will open. Look inside and use your ceremonial knife on the mummy. Based on the information in the book you found earlier, leave the red jar lid where it is, and take the other four out. Look at the jars on the ground and place the lids as follows:

  • Baboon: on the top jar (north)
  • Human: on the bottom jar (south)
  • Jackal: on the right jar (east)
  • Falcon: on the left jar (west)

Go over and look at the open panel on the wall above the jars. Using the alphabet you found earlier, you can read the caption at the top: "Symbol of Life". Set the code to ANKH (bird, water, cup, square spiral). Take the ankh symbol. Insert it to the left of the door, then head through Room 3 Complete.

You will get extra achievements for escaping the room within 30 minutes Quick Escaper Room 3, and within 15 minutes Flash Escaper Room 3.

Room 4: Lobby

Go forward and take the small magnet from the base of the lamp. Turn around and take a purple post-it note from the base of the pot plant. Go back to the entry hall and use the small magnet on the labyrinth on the wall. Drag the magnet to the purple exit and take the silver key that is revealed. Turn the door handle, then go through to the next room.

Flip the switch on the wall, then look up and take the red post-it note from above the spinning fan blades. Look in the bin in the corner of the room; move the cans and take the green post-it note. Now examine the chair, spin it around, and take the orange post-it note. Examine the model car on the desk, open the hood and take a chess piece from inside. Look at the mug on the desk (remember the 2-key symbol on it), then move it to the side and pick up the semi-transparent slide filter from beneath it.

Return out to the hallway and look at the key picture. Move the keys to recreate the symbol from the cup, then pick up the screwdriver that pops down. Head out to the lobby and look at the watch on one of the armchairs. Use the screwdriver on it, then take the small battery. Examine the chess board, and place your white queen immediately to the right of the black king. Take the set of throwing darts.

Go back to the side room and use the set of throwing darts on the dart board. Drag one of them into the middle of the board Bullseye!. Now move them so they are on the 4 numbers indicated by the post-it notes you have collected (24, 18, 16, 8). Retrieve the wooden ruler that appears. Look down at the cabinet to the left and read the yellow post-it note for a clue.

Head out to the lobby and use the wooden ruler on the picture above the chessboard. Measure and add up the gaps between the buildings (140 mm). Return to the side room and open the cabinet with code 140. Take the xylophone mallet from inside. Next look at the sofa. Use the small battery on the Highway Run games console, then pick it up and play it. Score over 200 while playing the game High Score!. Examine the small xylophone on the desk:


Use the xylophone mallet to play the theme music from the Highway Run game (3, 5, 1, 3, 5, 3, 3). Take the floppy disk. Insert this into the computer on the floor, then take the quiz (answers are b, b, c, c, d, c, c, c, d, d). You must get at least 5, but there is an achievement for getting all 10 correct Genious!. Select both options after completing the quiz. Look down at the computer and take the key from the CD tray. Use this key on the locked lower cabinet drawer, then open it and take the VHS tape from inside. Use this on the VHS player, then drag your semi-transparent slide filter over the TV screen to find a hidden number in each of the 4 rooms (5, 3, 7, 2).

Go out to the lobby and approach the elevator. Open the small panel and enter code 5372, then enter the elevator Room 4 Complete.

You will get extra achievements for escaping the room within 30 minutes Quick Escaper Room 4, and within 15 minutes Flash Escaper Room 4.