Escape From Mystwood MansionEscape From Mystwood Mansion

Game Details:  Mystery, 2023

Links:  Moby Games, Steam

Walkthrough Updated:  11/12/2023

Suggested Listening:  Caught Up in the Panic (Ash 25)

Escape From Mystwood Mansion is a first-person escape room game. You are trapped within Mystwood Mansion, and must explore and solve puzzles to make your way to freedom. There are 20 Steam Achievements, all documented in the walkthrough below.


Turn around and take the package from the truck. Carry this up to the entrance to the house and knock on the door. Head inside and place the package on the carpet here (don't throw it). Read the note, including the back. Inspect the green briefcase and open it with the code 347. Take out the key and insert it into the bottom-left lock on the door to the left. Also examine the blueprint in the briefcase to see the location of a hidden button.

There is no hidden button on the table holding the briefcase, but head over to find a similar table in the small room to the side, and press the button here. Take the key from the drawer - while you are here, notice the year 1423 on the painting. Return to the main room and insert the key into the top-left lock on the door in the first room.

Go upstairs and find a key hanging on a hook on the wall. Bring this back downstairs and insert it into the top-right lock in the door.

Now notice the 3 spaces on the wall here to hold small pictures. Go half way up the stairs and find 3 pictures to match these spaces:

  • Blue and white parakeet at the top of the left group of pictures
  • Owl at the bottom of the left group of pictures
  • Red finch at the top of the right group of pictures

Go to the small opened cupboard beneath the stairs. Look at the blueprint which shows the plaque at the base of the painting you saw earlier. Open the locked box with the code 1423. Take out the key and insert it into the bottom-right lock on the door.

Pick up the package again, then head through into the office Let the Escape Begin.


Place the package on the red carpet. Go over to the small TV in the shelves and take the note from it. Put the note on the desk next to the telephone, then lift up the phone receiver and dial the number indicated on the note (16557) - 2 batteries will come out of the phone. Take the TV remote from the top right desk drawer, insert the 2 batteries into it, then use it on the TV to turn it on. While you are here, take note of the green gemstone (1/5). Look at the base of this, find the matching symbol on the clock behind the desk, then place it on the V pedestal in the shelves.

Examine the cup on the desk, noting that it has IV written on the bottom.

Find a small hidden compartment near the floor to the right of the door you came through (based on the image on the TV). Take out a stencil from here, then go down to the lower area near the fireplace. Move the books and the cup & saucer from the small table (note that the cup has I written on the bottom), then place the stencil here. Move it around to see the words TWO EIGHT FOUR. Open the safe in the shelves here with the combination 284. Inside, you will find a piece of paper with a series of triangles, and an orange gemstone (2/5). Look at the base of this, find the matching symbol on the clock behind the desk, then place it on the X pedestal in the shelves.

Go to the dumbwaiter and open the door. Now press the up and down buttons according to the paper you just found: up, down, up, down 3 times, up twice, down, up. Inside you will find a teal gemstone (3/5). Look at the base of this, find the matching symbol on the clock behind the desk, then place it on the I pedestal in the shelves.

Examine the lock on the large chest to see it has 4 colored symbols. Go around the room and count the number of books with this color and these symbols:

  • Red: 2
  • Blue: 5
  • Yellow: 4
  • Green: 1

Open the chest with the combination 2541. Inside you will find a pink gemstone (4/5). Look at the base of this, find the matching symbol on the clock behind the desk, then place it on the III pedestal in the shelves. Also in the chest you just opened, there is a book with the Morse code for N on the back, an a plaque with the word "Secret". Go and place this on the right shelves in the lower area (above the 4 rotating letters). Just beneath this you will find a book you can open and take out a roll of tape.

Look at the heart picture on the wall - if you just focus on the blue parts of the numbers you will be able to read the numbers 5718. Go over to the small locked cabinet in the corner and unlock it with the code 5718. Open the cabinet and repair the broken wire with your tape. Close the cabinet and plug the power cord into the wall. Head over to the desk and turn on the lamp, then convert the flashing into letters using Morse code (there is a book to help you in the shelves on the right in the lower area) - it spells RIGHT.

Search the top left desk drawer to find a train ticket (1/3), then go and stick this beneath the blue pin on the map on the wall. Search the bottom left drawer in the shelves behind the desk to find another train ticket (2/3), and stick this beneath the yellow pin on the map on the wall. There are also 2 logs in this drawer - place them both in the fireplace Log-ical Fueling. While you are here, turn left to see a hat in the shelves on the left. Pick this up (noting that it has F in Morse code written on it). Drop the hat, then take the train ticket (3/3) from the shelf. Go up to the map and stick this beneath the red pin. The train tickets should be in date order from left to right. Now examine the map. You need to place pins along each of the paths indicated by the train tickets, and note the numbers that are formed:

  • Yellow: Warcoa City, Terlin, Locksfield, Newshire, Fea (4)
  • Blue: Fea, Terlin, Leawood (7)
  • Red: Terlin, Locksfield, Warcoa City (1)

Open the suitcase near the desk with the code 471. Take out the blue gemstone (5/5). Look at the base of this, find the matching symbol on the clock behind the desk, then place it on the XII pedestal in the shelves. Now that all of the gemstones have been placed on the pedestals, take the key that appears. Look behind some book in the shelves near the desk to find a small locked compartment. Use the key to unlock this. Take out the letter dial.

Go down to the lower area again and insert this in the empty slot in the shelves. Turn the dials to show the word RIGHT. Look down to see a drawer has opened below. Take out the plaque that reads "Fire" and place it beneath the letter dials. Now also pick up the key. Press the button on the right of the fireplace, and a secret passage will open behind the fire. Use the key to unlock the fire extinguisher cabinet, then use the fire extinguisher on the fire. Climb through to a new area.

Behind the Fireplace

Examine the large rotating discs on the wall ahead. You need to create a path from left to right with no extra branches (start with the arrow on the outer ring pointing down). Now look at the fuse box on the wall - the yellow sign is missing a large portion, but there is an image of a bookcase. Climb back through to the main room.

Look up at the top of the bookcase next to the dumbwaiter and grab the yellow sheet. Return behind the fireplace and add this to the fusebox. Now you need to interpret the sign, based on the letters you have already discovered:

  • Hat: F
  • Cup from desk: IV
  • Book from chest: N
  • Cup from small table: I
  • Missing phone number: 0

Set the dials in the fusebox as follows:

  • 1st Dial: 5
  • 2nd Dial: 9
  • 3rd Dial: 0

Set the switches as follows from left to right: up, middle, down, up, middle. Now pull the big switch No Loose Ends. Climb back through to the main room. Go and pick up the package, then open the new door and head down the stairs Out of Office.

Wine Cellar

Read the note here, which mentions the number 83, and has capital letters that spell out "LIGHT BULB". Go back up the stairs and take the light bulb from the fitting, then insert it into the one near the gate. Once the gate opens, pick up the package and head through. Put the package down on the floor in the middle of the cellar.

Go back and close the gate, then press the eye in the middle of the wine bottle in the picture. Grab the piece of paper that is revealed for your first secret (1/3) Observant. Turn around and go forward past the wine barrels to reach a brick wall with some darker bricks that poke out further than the others. Using the clue just to the left, you need to push the bricks in this order:


Take out the small magnet. Examine the pillars at the ends of the racks and you will find a cork in one of them. Remove the cork, then use your magnet in the hole to get a key.

Next examine the note on the entry table, which resembles the trapdoor in the middle of the floor. Locate 6 gems around the room and place them in the top of the trapdoor as follows:

Look at the pattern of lights shown in the opening. Go back to the bars near where you entered, and adjust their heights to recreate this pattern:

Now you can take out the 4 bricks from behind the bars. Place these in the spaces with the other bricks in the shelves in the middle of the room, to start forming the image of a spider. Next read the recipe book down the other end of the room. You need to recreate the secret house wine recipe. Follow these steps:

  1. Get a 5 unit cup and fill it from the L barrel, then pour it into the left glass cylinder.
  2. Get a 5 unit cup and fill it from the B barrel, then pour it into the middle glass cylinder.
  3. Get a 3 unit cup and fill it from the B barrel, then pour it into the middle glass cylinder.
  4. Get a 5 unit cup and fill it from the M barrel, then pour it into the right glass cylinder (twice).
  5. Get a 3 unit cup and empty into this from the right glass cylinder, then empty the cup into the drain below.
  6. Get a 3 unit cup and empty into this from the right glass cylinder.
  7. Turn the valve beneath the glass cylinders.

Take the bottles from the crate and look at the symbols on the top of their corks. You need to find grapes, barrel and wine glass, and place these on the 3 pedestals with matching symbols. Look at the numbers behind each of the bottles, then open the cabinet here with the code 271. Take out another 4 bricks and complete the spider pattern. Look at the numbers on the back of the bricks now that they are in position. Go back to where you found the recipe book and take the spider painting off the wall. Set the code on the dials here to 0728. Inside here you will fine the Braille alphabet, and a small map. Stand in front of the trapdoor and turn right, then decipher the Braille letters indicated by the wine bottles here: TRAP. Go to the tall cabinet in the corner of the room and unlock it with the code TRAP.

Open the cabinet, then use your key in the small lock inside. Open the secret door. Pick up the cork from earlier and carry it through.

Storage Room

Find a large vase against the wall here, and use your cork in the opening on its side Cork Recycling. Turn the tap over the vase, and an apple will float to the surface. Read the red message on the main wall, in particular noting the words indicated by the red hands: "use picture four and seven". Go up the stairs and look at these two pictures. Now you need to find the 5 objects indicated and put them on the small podium here. From left to right, add these objects:

  • Apple (from inside the vase you filled with water)
  • Ink pot with quill (from the desk around the corner)
  • Candle (from the shelves around the corner)
  • Cheese wedge (from the shelves around the corner)
  • Red perfume bottle (from the nearby shelves)

Take the key that is revealed, and use it to open the large chest. Inside you will find a piece of paper: combine the information from this with the paper on the back of the door in this room to get this message: FLIP A3 B5 C1. Take the key from inside the large chest, then go back to the previous room.

Use the key to open the panel near the exit door. Based on the instructions you just read, flip switches A3, B5 and C1. Go and pick up the package, then carry it through the door, up the stairs, and through the next door Cellar Conqueror.

Winter Garden

Turn right and put the package on the carpet near the flower door. Examine the flowers and count the petals on each (including those that have fallen to the floor). Open the lock with a combination based on these petals: 5684. Open the door, then pick up the package and carry it through. Put the package down on the tiles in here. There are 5 statues around the fountain, with a bronze statue on top of each. You need to rotate the tops of the pedestals so they point to the food sources:

  • Bird points to snake
  • Snake points to frog
  • Frog points to beetle
  • Beetle points to grass

There is an achievement for doing this before proceeding to the next room Food Chain Expertise. Go to the base of the tree and look up. Open the latch on the bird house, then open the door to find an angled pipe (1/4). Now continue forward to the green doors with another combination lock. Look above the doors to see the combination, then enter 6254. Go through the doors.


Head over to the blackboard in the corner of the room, and flip it until it stops turning Nosy. Now focus on the contents of the blackboard. There is a riddle, a series of butterfly photographs, and a grid of numbers and trees. Find a small locked green cupboard with tree symbols and open it with a code based on this grid: 6738. Inside you will find a compass with strange symbols. Place this on the end of the bench in the middle of the room. While you are here, solve the 3 small jigsaw puzzles, then make the appropriate changes to the bench based on each of them:

  • Puzzle A: Turn the lights over the bench off, on, off, on, off
  • Puzzle B: Flip the green levers to left, up, right, up
  • Puzzle C: Turn the red valves so one spoke is up, down, down, right, left

This will reveal another angled pipe (2/4) in the middle of the bench. Now focus on the butterfly photographs on the blackboard. You need to place this in order and use them to rearrange the butterfly pictures back in the garden. You can find the missing picture in the bottom of the tool cabinet in the greenhouse. If the greenhouse doors are at the top of the picture below, arrange the colored butterfly pictures as follows:

Take the small map from the nearby pillar. Return into the greenhouse. Look at the wide glass cabinet to see pictures of 5 flowers. Just to the right you will find 5 pots of baby plants - you need to match the baby plants with the flowers, using the full-grown plants with flowers at the other end of the room. From left to right:

  • Yellow: Thin stalk with leaves
  • Blue: Dark green fern
  • White: Light green leafy plant
  • Red: Flat, broad leaves
  • Pink: Lily in water

You will now have access to 5 pouches of seeds. Grab the small shovel from the bag of soil to the right. Dig in the near right corner of the opposite garden bed (as indicated on the map earlier) to find another angled pipe (2/4). Now return to the pouches of seeds. You need to put the correct seeds in the correct labeled pots on the bench to the right, based on the riddle from the blackboard:

  • P: Rain
  • L: Lightning
  • A: Sun
  • N: Snow
  • T: Cloud

Start by putting some soil in each pot, then add the correct seeds. The chest to the right will open when you are done. Take the key from the chest, and use it to open the tool cabinet. Put the small shovel on the hook in here. Go back out to the first room and find a broken saw behind a pot in the corner, then also put this in the tool cabinet. Arrange the wrenches in the correct order. Grab the piece of paper that is revealed for your second secret (2/3) Organized.

Now look at the next door and the herbs on the shelves just to the left. In particular pay attention to the first letter of each herb, then enter this word on the door: TROPICAL. Bring the compass you found earlier into the next room.

Dining Room

There are 6 positions on the compass, and six positions at the dining table. You need to search the cabinet to find 6 different green plates with symbols matching the compass, and then use the compass to put each plate in its correct position. Once you are correct, you will find the last angled pipe (3/4).

Grab the crowbar from the tool cabinet and return to the starting area. Move the large pot plant to reveal a secret passage you can climb through. Open the door and use the crowbar to remove the extra boards.

Pipe Room

Pull the red switch on the wall to open a large entrance back to the main area, then bring your 4 angled pipes here. Insert these into the empty spaces in the pipes on the walls. Take the key that is floating in the central cylinder and use it on the door. Go and pick up the package, then carry it through the door, up the stairs, and through the next door Botanical Breakout.


Go down the stairs into the first part of the library, and place your package on the carpet. Find a hammer leaning against the pillar at the library entrance, and use this to smash the blue vase. Pick up the orange sun symbol from inside, and insert this on the front of the cupboard around to the left, then open the cupboard. Look at the ends of the shelves indicated on the map here, and enter the word that you find as the combination: ENIGMA. Take the torn piece of paper from inside.

Back in the shelves near the entrance, you will see a series of 4 symbols that look like clock hands, indicating the times 3:00, 6:00, 8:00 and 9:00. Find a combination lock in the shelves on the other side of the room, and open it with the code 3689. Take out the screwdriver.

Use the screwdriver to remove the 4 screws from the vent high up near the cupboard you opened earlier. Inside you will find 3 candles. Place these along with the other 3 candles you can find in the room in the shelf with the 6 candle holders, so that their wicks match up with the line drawn. The candles lining up with the 4 Roman numerals will be 6, 4, 5 and 1. Find the candle combination lock and open it with the code 6451. Take out another torn piece of paper, and combine this with the other one.

Next you need to search the library for a series of 9 books, each with a letter and a symbol on the front. You can work out the order by looking at the story of Red Robin Hood, then place them in the shelves closest to the gate:


Once they are all correct, you will see glowing green symbols around the top and left of the books. Examine the combined notes you have found. You need to use the numbered words from the riddle to work out the following: "The code to the gate is the opposite of". Now that you have the books in order, you can see that the 4 pairs of symbols at the bottom of the note indicate the word DEAD, so the code you are looking for is ALIVE. You can open the gate with this code, or you can use the screwdriver to remove a total of 8 screws around the edges of the gate so that it falls open Thinking Outside the Box.

Pick up your package and carry it upstairs. Open the dumbwaiter and put the package inside, then close it again and press the button. This will give you the final secret (3/3) Dedicated. There is an extra achievement if you didn't drop or throw the package the entire time Handled With Care.

Go back down the stairs and look at the desk near the bottom. Drag the black cards over the text to reveal the following phase: "use hammer on the fifth step of the left staircase". Pick up the hammer and use it on the step indicated. Pick up the code sheet from inside, noting the red symbol on the back. Continue upstairs and find a locked panel with the same symbol, then decode the symbols below: RED PLUS BLUE. Enter the code PURPLE. Take out 2 gold plaques and place them over near the dumbwaiter.

Further around the top level you will find a green puzzle that is blocked with a wooden board. Use your screwdriver to remove this board. Look at the back of the board to see a series of green symbols. The main green symbol in the puzzle is a combination of 4 of these symbols: 1000, 900, 80, 4. Enter the code 1984. Take out another 2 gold plaques and take them over near the dumbwaiter.

Next examine the black and white painting upstairs. Crouch in front of it and look up to be able to read it. Go over to the gold eye on the balustrade, and look just beneath it to find a hidden compartment. Open this and take out a small key, then use this on the grandfather clock. Take out all of the blue books in the bookcase to see a time indicated by shapes. Go back to the grandfather clock and set the time to 6:35. Once the bookcase moves, go through to get the final 2 gold plaques.

Back near the dumbwaiter, arrange the gold plaques to read "The end is near. Your key to escape is", and then the word MELLON will appear. Look at the final bookcase. Although it will open if you enter the word MELLON, you can also translate this from Elvish and enter the word FRIEND The Translator.

After the bookcase opens, proceed through the next door Literary Escapee.


Go down the stairs. You can now leave through the front door and head towards your van Mansion Escape. There is an additional achievement if you didn't use the hint system Look Ma, Ho Hints!.

If you found all 3 secrets through the game, then the mysterious green door in the entrance hall will be unlocked, so you can now go through.

Secret Room

Go upstairs and grab the cipher from the door, then bring it back downstairs. You can gradually work out the letter-symbol substitutions with the aid of the 3 framed pictures. These pictures read:


And the main cipher reads: OBSERVANT, WISE, ORGANIZED, PUZZLED, WISHFUL, DEDICATED. If you look at the times indicated by using the clock downstairs, you will get the letters UN, LO, CK. Open the door and look around the room, then sit in the chair First Day On Your New Job!.

Final Achievements

If you load the game from the Library chapter, you can play through this and select the other ending. If you start a new game, you can pick up the package and immediately throw it Wait... Did that say fragile?.