Escape From the 70'sEscape From the 70's

Game Details:  Mystery, 2022

Links:  Moby Games, Steam

Walkthrough Updated:  10/3/2022

Suggested Listening:  Caught Up in the Panic (Ash 25)

Escape from the 70's is a mystery game where you are sucked through a time portal into the USSR in the 1970's. By solving a series of riddles and puzzles left to you by your professor you must escape back to the present time. There are 4 Steam Achievements, all documented in the walkthrough below.


Answer the phone when it rings, to receive a message from the professor. Open the briefcase just to the right and take the postcard (1/8). Go to the kitchen and take the button from the table. Now go back down the corridor into the living room. Open the small cupboard by the door and take out a box. After automatically inserting the missing button, slide the buttons around to complete the pattern. Take out the key.

Go back to the corridor and open the locked door, which leads to a bedroom. Find another postcard (2/8) in the bedside table near the door. Search the top left desk drawer to get a coin.

Answer the phone when it rings, to get a message about secret messages on paper. Go back to the living room now and search inside a vase in the display cabinet to get some film for a projector. Return to the bedroom and use this film in the projector on the desk. Take note of the code shown on the screen here.

Make your way back to the living room and solve the "Fifteen" sliding puzzle on the coffee table WINNER. Go to the top left shelf in the display cabinet and find a code wheel. Rotate the discs so that the numbers lining up with the arrow are 9, 2 and 4 (from outside to inside). Press the red button, then take out the paper.

Go to the kitchen and search the top left drawer to find the next postcard (3/8). Search the top right cupboard to get some matches. Use these on the candle and you will automatically reveal a secret message on the piece of paper. Now it is time to leave through the apartment door.

Go up the stairs, then climb the ladder to reach the attic. Look at the large green chest. You need to rotate the dials to match the secret message you just revealed:

  • Top-Left Lock: Circle to bottom-left
  • Top-Right Lock: Circle to bottom
  • Bottom-Left Lock: Circle to bottom-left
  • Bottom-Right Lock: Circle to bottom

Once the chest opens, take the strange mechanical key from inside. You need to rotate the components of this key so that it matches the appearance on the inside of the chest lid. Now climb back down the ladder. Head all the way down the stairs to the front door of the building, but it is locked. Look in mailbox 2 to the left to find another postcard (4/8).

Open the gate here and go further down into the basement. Go to the end of the corridor and pick up the screwdriver. Turn around and go through the only unlocked door down here. Use your screwdriver on the 4 screws in the metal box here. Insert your assembled mechanical key, then take note of the 8 numbers and matching symbols that are displayed here.

Head back to the front door of the building and open mailbox 6. Now you need to press the buttons in the order just indicated:



Turn left and follow the road around to the left. Enter the small building near the exit gate and answer the phone. Take the key to garage 3 from the board here. Leave the small building and turn right to find the garage. Unlock and open garage 3, then head inside. Look up on the right wall to see two gauges set to 65 and 35 - you will need this information later.

Search the dark grey cupboard on the left to find the next postcard (5/8). Pick up the wrench from the green bench, then use this to remove the lever from the workbench in the middle of the room.

Go back to the playground outside the starting apartment and look for a postcard (6/8) on top of the shade in the middle. Find the other playground area and stand on each of the carousels - one of them will start spinning CAROUSEL.

Now go to the very back corner of the apartment complex to find a gap in the fence that you can go around. Follow the path to find a tall narrow building. Open the first shutter and rotate the discs as follows to connect both top wires to the bottom wires:

Go around to the far side to see a series of red and black lines. Now open the shutter on the side. Insert the handle you picked up earlier, then pull down the 2nd and 5th handles (based on the red and black lines). Take note of the symbols shown over the handles: left, left, down, right, XV.

From here, turn right and follow the path through a hole in the wall. Approach the train station and look on the bench seats to find another postcard (7/8). Go around the back of the train station and look at the base of the narrow monument to find the final postcard (8/8) POSTCARDS. Enter the train station and go to the lockers. Find locker 15 and turn the dials to point left, left, down and right. The locker will now open if you have the coin from the apartment. Pick up the beacon. Based on the information from the garage, set the bottom gauge to 35 by moving the slider, then press the round button when the top gauge is on 65 ENDGAME.