Escape From SchoolEscape From School

Game Details:  Mystery, 2021

Links:  Moby Games, Steam

Walkthrough Updated:  1/4/2022

Suggested Listening:  Give Up Now (Ash 25)

Escape From School is a solo or cooperative escape room game. You find yourself stuck in a school classroom, and must solve puzzles to be able to escape to freedom. There are 7 Steam Achievements, all documented in the walkthrough below.


There is an achievement for starting the game the first time Bad Start.

Play the tutorial level and go through all the instructions, then exit EZ Tutorial.


Open the blue book on the desk in the front row and take the key from inside. Use this on the padlock on the locker at the back of the room. Take the USB key from the stack of books in here, and put it into the laptop computer near the front of the room. Wait for a bit, and the computer and projector will turn on, displaying a grid on the board.

Look at the piece of paper in the front right desk to see a series of 5 riddles:

  1. What has to be broken before you can use it?
    An egg

  2. You walk into a room that contains a match, a kerosene lamp, a candle and a fireplace. What would you light first?
    The match

  3. You see a boat filled with people. It has not sunk, but when you look again you don't see a single person on the boat. Why?
    All the people were married

  4. How many letters are in the alphabet?

  5. What are the next three letters in this combination - OTTFFSS?

Matching the riddle numbers and correct answers will give you the code GTTSB. Go to the combination lock on the door, which shows a symbol of a USB key. Open this with the combination GTTSB.

There are 2 notes on the back of the door. There are also similar notes in the drawers on the right side of the room, and in the shelves on the left side of the room. These all have a number on the front, and some letters on the back. The letters correspond with elements on the periodic table, and require you to do some basic arithmetic:

  1. Li (3)
  2. Rh-Y (6)
  3. O (8)
  4. Mg-Be+H (9)

Find a combination lock on the high wooden cupboard, which shows a symbol of an envelope. Open this with the combination 3689. Inside you will find an green stone and a dark flashlight. Go and turn the lights off in the room.

Look at the dark sheet of paper in a desk in the back row to see that 4 desks have been marked, each with a Roman numeral. With the room lights off, use the dark flashlight to examine these desks to see a series of numbers: 8, 7, 5, 2. Drop the flashlight and turn the lights back on. Find another combination lock on a small metal box on the wall, which shows a symbol of a light. Open this with the combination 8752. Flip the switch inside The Classroom.

Go back to the door and head through.


Count the number of each color of container in the shelves here:

  • Red: 5
  • Yellow: 7
  • Green: 4
  • Blue: 7

Approach the combination lock on the door, which shows a symbol of 4 colors in the same order. Open this with the combination 5747. Go through to a hallway with 4 sets of blue and yellow lockers. Search all of the lockers to find the following items:

  • First Set: 1 glass cube and pink stone
  • Second Set: 2 glass cubes
  • Third Set: 2 glass cubes
  • Fourth Set: 1 glass cube

One of the glass cubes in the third set of lockers can be rotated to display the numbers 3786. Find a combination lock on a blue door near the end of the hall, which shows a symbol of a cube. Open this with the combination 3786 The Hallway.

Go through the door.


Pick up the blue card from the low bench on the left and use it to open all of the toilet stalls. Take the magnetic rod from inside one of the toilets. Enter the first shower stall on the left and use the rod in the drain to lift out a hook. Grab the hook and inside it on the far wall, where there is a hook missing. Before leaving this area, you can also find a red stone within one of the urinals. Now head through the new opening Bathroom.

Ritual Chamber

There are 3 metallic urns here. You need to find a colored stone to place in each of these:

  • Red Stone: In a urinal in the bathroom
  • Pink Stone: In the first set of lockers in the hallway
  • Green Stone: In the high wooden cupboard in the classroom

You can place each stone in any of the 3 urns. Once all 3 stones are in place, step on to the pentagram and then off again, and a portal will open up The World Beyond. Step into the portal The School.