Escape 2088Escape 2088

Game Details:  Puzzle, 2020

Links:  Moby Games, Steam

Walkthrough Updated:  6/3/2022

Suggested Listening:  Where There's Smoke (Ash 25)

Escape 2088 is a first person escape room puzzle game. Set in a futuristic environment, you must explore your surroundings and solve puzzles to make your way to freedom. There are 6 Steam Achievements, all documented in the walkthrough below.

Chapter 1

Look at the brown armchair. Pick up the spark plug (1/4), then lift the back cushion to find a battery. Back out and look at the filing cabinet. Open the bottom left drawer to see the numbers 1, 4, 7, 11 written inside. Look to the wall on the left to see a poster. This has a total of 13 numbers written on it. If you read them in standard order (top to bottom, left to right), they are:

  1. 2
  2. FOUR
  3. FIVE
  4. THREE
  5. ZERO
  6. TEN
  7. ONE
  8. ONE
  9. FOUR
  10. ONE
  11. 6
  12. ONE
  13. SEVEN

Look back inside the bottom drawer and enter a code based on the 1st, 4th, 7th and 11th numbers from the poster: 2316. Now you can remove the locking rod from the top of the filing cabinet. Open the next drawer above and take out the spark plug (2/4).

Turn right to see some wooden boards, and pick up a calendar you can see behind them - this has several months circled. Turn right some more and find a dark crate on the floor near the exit door, then take another spark plug (3/4) from inside.

Turn right and examine the desk. Pick up the screwdriver, and notice the clock is stuck at 22:37. Pick up another spark plug (4/4) from the container behind the fan. Drag the speed slider of the fan to the far left Biggest fan. Look beneath the desk and press the red button here.

Back out and examine the controls on the wall just left of the neon sign. Insert your 4 spark plugs, then press the red button. Take out the black light. Insert your battery into this, then use it on the clock on the desk to see the time is now stuck at 24:46. Go to the keypad on the side of the filing cabinet and enter the code 2446. Now open the top left drawer and take out the blue rhombus key. Look back at the wall where you saw the poster, and insert your rhombus key in the box that has been revealed. Open the safe and take out the pliers.

Return to the desk and pry the fan cable from the socket, then cut the wires with your pliers. Look at the fan to see a series of numbers. Examine the keypad on the wall here and enter the code 2846. Open the panel and take the metallic key. Flip the switches in this panel based on the circled months of the calendar:

Back out and use the key on the small metallic box on the wall next to the safe. Press the second red button and take the remote from the dumbwaiter. Press the third red button and take the optical device from the dumbwaiter. Look at the filing cabinet again and notice the 4 colors on the top right drawer. Press the buttons on the remote in this order:


Open the top right drawer and take out the strange tool. Back out and use your strange device on the keypad beneath the neon sign (you will need to close the panel again) to remove the numbers. Examine the exit door. Use your optical device on the glass here, and drag it to various parts to see a series of 4 numbers (7539). Apply your numbers to the keypad here, then enter the code 7539 and open the door.

There is an achievement for completing this chapter within 30 minutes On Time 1.

Chapter 2

Take the small piece of wire from the top of the yellow barrel. Look at the two narrow lockers and take the power cell rod from next to them. Open the panel just to the right and try to use the small red switch, but it won't stay up. Use your small piece of wire near the bottom of this panel and a series of 4 lights will turn on. Next look at the two brown armchairs - take a bottle of absinthe from one, which has 8731 written on the bottom. Take an info tablet from the other, which shows a pattern of lines.

Open the right narrow locker with the code 8731 and take the scissors from inside. Open the left narrow locker with the code 2088 (from the name of the game) Metagame.

Look over to the shelves and open the large cardboard box at the bottom using your scissors, then take the red valve from inside. Use this valve on the pipe next to the yellow barrel, but you can't turn it yet. Pick up the battery cell from behind the left armchair, and insert it in the empty slot in the ceiling. Use your power cell rod on the battery cells and set their colors according to the lights on the panel on the wall: green, blue, red, blue. Now go back to the panel and move the small red switch up.

Press the large red button next to the roller door and it will rise up. Look on the boxes here and grab the satellite antenna. Back in the main room, attach this to the satellite dish over the TV screen. Turn the red valve clockwise, then look at the TV screen. You need to drag the symbols around so they are arranged like this:


Now look back in the second room and notice the green glowing symbols next to the keypad. Using the information from the info tablet, you can convert this to numbers. Enter the code 6713 on the keypad, then open the door.

There is an achievement for completing this chapter within 30 minutes On Time 2.

Chapter 3

Look in the black crate on the ground near the wire fence, and take the bottle of acetone. Look at the ground beyond the fence and pick up a battery. Open the right side of the large dumpster and look at the rusted table inside. Use your acetone on the two visible legs, then pull free two iron bars.

Look at the metal barrel near the fence, where there is a coil of wire. Add an iron bar and your battery Dr Science. Now pick up the magnet.

Go over to the opposite wall and take the red screwdriver from on top of the air-conditioning unit. Use this on one of the bolts on the edge of the vents on the wall here, then take the bolt. Look at the locked green bin and try to turn the key, but it will break off. Use your magnet here and turn it clockwise, then open the bin to see a broken wire cutter. Add your second iron bar and bolt, then pick up the wire cutter. Use this on the wire fence, then go through.

There is an achievement for completing this chapter within 30 minutes On Time 3.